Will Pro-Lifers for Trump Get Dumped — Like Ivana and Marla?

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on January 26, 2016

“If he’ll cheat on her, he’ll cheat on you,” is what Southern mothers tell their daughters, warning them that stealing away a woman’s husband isn’t just gravely immoral. It also means you’re as dumb as a box of rocks. A man who proves that he’s willing to be unfaithful this time is pretty much promising you that he’ll be unfaithful next time, when you’re the victim. The only safe response to a man like this is Carrie Underwood’s: “The next time he cheats/it won’t be on me.”

And that’s what we’d like pro-life Americans to think about as they consider Donald Trump. Not Mr. Trump’s personal life [warning: graphic content] — the fact that he abandoned one aging wife (Ivana) to take up with a younger woman (Marla), then dumped her just shy of the date when their pre-nup would have expired, chivalrously breaking her the news by leaking it to a newspaper, and leaving a copy of the paper on her bed. No, that’s strictly personal stuff, and there’s no way we can learn about a man’s promise-keeping habits from irrelevant data like that. Instead, let’s think about Trump’s stated, public record on life issues, and what it means.

But first please walk on a little imaginative journey with us. Pretend, for just a second, that the pro-life movement acted as an effective pressure group, like the gun lobby. Imagine if in addition to its spiritual uplift mission, the pro-life movement were disciplined, rigorous and political. This would make sense on the face of it, since its stated goal is to change the laws of this country. (For more, see  “The Pro-Life Art of War.”)

Yes, we do hope to change Americans’ hearts, and restore the dignity of sex, and build up a wholesome culture that sees life as meaningful and beautiful. But that is really a job for the churches, one which too many good-hearted people have piled onto the pro-life movement because their churches aren’t bothering with it. That sad fact makes it all too easy to lose our focus on the movement’s stated goal, which is to legally protect a whole class of abandoned Americans from lethal violence. Period. If that has the happy side effects of strengthening marriage, curing the “hook-up” culture, increasing respect for women, and helping souls to accept Jesus as Lord — and we think it will — then all the better.

But first the laws must change. There is no substitute. If we had never outlawed slavery,  you can count on it people would own some. If segregation in restaurants had never been outlawed, it would still prevail in many places. The law is a great teacher. It tells citizens what is really, really important — important enough that if you flout the law, there are people in uniform who will come to your door. We wouldn’t settle for a nation that had changed its heart, but not its laws, on slavery or segregation, and we can’t when it comes to abortion.

The Margaret Sanger Argument Against Abortion

If you were pro-life in the same way that the head of the NRA is pro-gun rights, would you settle for a candidate who had spent most of his life as a radical anti-gun advocate, supporting the seizure of all private weapons? Well, Donald Trump favored abortion on demand until … some point after he decided to run for president. In 1999, he expressed support even for partial birth abortion, the destruction of near-newborns who could survive outside the womb. By 2011, Trump claimed to be pro-life, recalling that he knew “a friend had a child who they were going to abort, and now they have it, and the child is incredible.” In a GOP debate, Trump upped the ante, calling that lucky child a “superstar.” Jamie Weinstein of The Daily Caller, as a good journalist, asked Trump the obvious question:

Would Trump have changed his view on abortion if the child had become a total loser?

“I’ve never thought of it,” Trump said in our interview. “That’s an interesting question. I’ve never thought of it. Probably not, but I’ve never thought of it.”

Margaret Sanger couldn’t have said it any better. In fact, Trump’s view echoes her slogan: “More children from the fit, fewer from the unfit.” He would realize that if he ever took the time to think about it, which he admits he has not. That’s how important the deaths of a million American pre-born children each year are to Donald Trump: unworthy of two consecutive, logical thoughts, bridged by an inference. Would the NRA settle for this kind of callous “conversion” from a lifelong gun-grabber? Why should pro-lifers?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that when every pro-lifer in America was reeling from the gruesome footage obtained by journalistic hero David Daleiden, which proved that Planned Parenthood doesn’t just kill unborn babies, but cuts them up for parts, Donald Trump was one of the few Republicans to openly say that the government should go on funding that ghoulish group. He argued that the taxpayer should pay for all the non-abortion stuff (like imaginary mammograms) that Planned Parenthood is supposed to do — a distinction which he understands is meaningless. If your son is a heroin addict, you can’t make a deal with him that you will pay all his other bills, but will not pay for his drugs. Of course, you’re just freeing up his other money for … buying drugs! A man who has navigated four bankruptcies unscathed, while his investors lost tens of millions, surely understands basic accounting better than that.

We all know the way that abortion was legalized for all nine months, for any reason, in 50 states, against the wishes of voters — by unelected judges. In the same way, same-sex marriage and countless other evils have been foisted on us, and carved in stone out of voters’ reach. Trump knows this too. He knows that vast power has been seized from the citizens of this country by a cabal of judges, the presidents who appoint them, and the senators who confirm them.

This travesty of democracy which perverts and degrades our Constitution is one of the main complaints of the entire conservative movement — including immigration restrictionists, who note that “birthright citizenship” was only applied to illegal immigrants by virtue of a crackpot Supreme Court decision made in 1898. The greatest disappointment to social conservatives of three Republican presidents has been their mixed record of choosing Supreme Court appointees. Notice that Democratic presidents never, never disappoint the abortion lobby. Why do you think that is? Because they wouldn’t get away with it. Republican candidates know that they can, so they do. Since up to four Supreme Court seats might become vacant in the next presidential term, this issue matters more than ever, and more than most. The next four (or eight) years of presidential Court appointments could change America radically, revoking gun rights and gutting the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion.

So you’d think that the fervent pro-life convert Donald Trump would be keenly attuned to the need for appointing solid Constitutionalists to federal courts, especially the Supreme Court. But you would be wrong. When asked about this issue, Trump didn’t offer some mealy-mouthed speech about avoiding “litmus tests,” as too many weak pro-life politicians do. No, he didn’t hint with a wink that he might betray us. He outright promised to. Trump cited as the kind of judge he’d appoint to the Court his left-wing, judicial activist sister, who in the Trump tradition supports partial birth abortion. Some were tempted to write this statement off, even excuse it, as a mere example of charming, roguish nepotism. Really? Would Wayne LaPierre of the NRA settle for such an excuse? So why should we?

Lately, it seems that someone who knows the pro-life movement has gotten to Mr. Trump, and helped him to hire a ghostwriter. We’re glad that writer found work, but it’s hard to take seriously an op-ed like Trump’s recent piece in the Washington Examiner, which flies in the face not only of what he was saying in recent years, but in recent months. Given what he has said over many years, and in unguarded moments when there was no ghostwriter at hand, we must take Trump’s pro-life promises no more seriously than he took his business debts, or “till death do us part.”

If pro-lifers accept at face value Donald Trump’s half-hearted, fingers-crossed, nod-and-a-wink conversion, then they really are as clueless as Donald Trump thinks all Republican voters are. He boasted just this weekend that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” If voters choose such a man as the legal champion of innocent unborn life, then they deserve to be betrayed. But those unborn babies don’t.

Or maybe some “pro-lifers” just don’t care. They are so concerned with winning, with sidling up to the big dog, with walling off the border or stopping goods from China, that a fig leaf’s enough for them. Ann Coulter, with her famous good taste, responded to Trump’s vague immigration plan by Tweeting:

Pro-lifers who share her priorities will nod at Trump’s empty promises, and pretend that they believe them. Then they’ll bat their eyes, sign the prenup, and give The Donald what he wants.

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  • Andy

    Yup. In this case, I’m not sure he is “the lesser of two evils”, which my friends will insist I’m obligated to vote for. I’d rather have a sworn enemy than a backstabber. If THIS is what the Republican Party comes up with as the nominee, then we/they deserve to lose again. And again. And again. Until the party either reforms, or dies and is replaced by something that I can actually belong to in good conscience.

  • BTP

    Yeah. But the American Bishops have been very mushy about this for a while now — they loved Obama even though everyone knew what he was about on this issue.

    But, suppose this is an issue for someone (not the way it is for our bishops, but for realz): is there someone who is NOT likely to betray the pro-life side? Indeed, is there likely to be any sort of abortion question before the next few SC terms? I don’t know.

    • john

      Most of the American Bishops play no part. They are useless. The only guide to their conscience is $$. They grab money hand over fist from the government so they can continue in their lavish lifestyles. They tell us to accept the Muslim murderers so they can keep the cash cow flowing. This will one day backfire on them. The Catholics who are true to the Faith and are continually mocked for not buying into their VII death spiral, will not be there to help them when they beg for someone to come to their aid when their Muslim “brothers” show up on their steps with their machetes.

      • Andy

        Ooh, a Vatican II reference!

    • FAM22

      In my opinion, Cruz is the least likely to disappoint.

      • Jerry

        Wrong. Cruz is the only one who won’t disappoint. Will not compromise his christian principles

    • Allan Daniel

      A couple of the aged Supreme Court judges will be leaving by retirement or death and we need someone in office who will fearlessly make good choices. The pro-life movement has been stymied by bad judges.

  • BillXR3

    Values are heavily missing in this country.
    Narcissist, corporatist, socialist – it won’t matter. Cruz or Rubio will not be able to resist donor influence. The Enslavement will continue.

    • Aloha12

      Cruz has done nothing but resist, what makes you think that would change?

      • O’Pinyon

        Have you seen Cruz’s fundraising emails? They are indicative of a character problem.

        • Aloha12

          Afraid of Meghan Kelley.

          • O’Pinyon

            Are you referring to Trump?
            He does have his own character issues.

          • Allan Daniel

            We all have our own character issues.

          • gregoryvii

            Meghan Kelley has not changed her stripes. She always has been, and continues to be, a liberal feminist.

        • Jerry

          Cruz puts God first in everything. The only candidate who does not compromise his christian principles.

        • Allan Daniel

          Why do you say that?

          • O’Pinyon

            Especially after dealing with my elderly mother’s mail, I have a very low opinion of anyone who lies and manipulates in order to separate someone from their money.
            Here are exact quotes from emails I have received from Mr. Cruz’s campaign:
            1) “Your name keeps coming up in conversation (O’Pinyon), and I’m worried that because you haven’t officially joined the team that you might not have received my messages? Warmly, Heidi”
            2) (a list of how much other campaigns have been spending), followed by:
            “Please, will you help me make up this spending gap with a special gift by CLICKING HERE today?”
            Note: This was a spending gap, not an contribution gap. If they wanted to spend more money, they could have done so. It was their choice not to spend more money.
            3) “(O’Pinyon), I tried to reach you last night, but it was late. I’m worried you might have missed my email (below). It’s important you read it.
            – Ted
            Sent from my iPhone”
            I contacted the Cruz campaign to see if their email address list had been hijacked. They wrote back that anything with “Paid for by Cruz for President” on the bottom was from them.
            These all passed that test.
            Just to compare, I signed up for several other candidates’ emails. No one else, including Trump, Carson, Rubio, Fiorina, Christie, Kasich, and Santorum, has sent me communications of this type.
            I don’t mind appeals for money.
            I mind dishonesty and manipulation.

      • Allan Daniel

        If it is true that Cruz has done nothing but resist, his efforts have been unsuccessful. Maybe not his fault, because his efforts have been within the framework of the existing system. That system is broken and not responsive to the needs of the people. This is why I choose Trump over Cruz. We need someone who finds it advantageous to break some of the woodwork.

  • ThirstforTruth

    It is demographically impossible for the Republicans to ever win the Presidency again so
    who their nominee is in 2016…he/she will lose! Between the illegals, the “freebies” and the
    number of registered Democrats, Republicans are simply spinning their wheels. Independents are not numerous enough to make up the demographic difference, even
    if they all voted Republican. This is what Hillary knows and Obama is counting on to
    get a third term. As long as Obama controls Hllary’s fate ( and he alone can decide whether she gets indicted or not) she is tied forever to his side. Currently he is playing cat and mouse with her and when he tells her to “Jump”..she can only respond, “How high”?
    The only chance and it is miniscule, is if the FBI Director refuses to play along. It is all
    over folks!

  • I.C.

    Make no mistake: You guys are making the case for Hilary to become the next President by taking pot shots at her most worthy opponent. And if your case gains traction with the gullible in the pro life community, rejecting Trump, you’ll be to blame for all that Madame President will do with her term. Southern Mothers don’t want their daughters to make stupid decisions. How about you?

    • LgVt

      And make no mistake: There is ample reason to believe that on the issue of abortion, Donald Trump is every bit as bad as Hillary Clinton. If he is nominated, it really does make no difference who wins in November–the pro-life movement gets screwed over, either way.

    • FAM22

      With all due respect, Senator, “what difference does it make?”

    • Florian

      Worthy opponent? Really? And others are taking ‘potshots’ at this worthy opponent? You mean the opponent who answers serious disagreements with words like you’re stupid, you’re fat, you’re ugly, etc??? And then flies into a hissy fit if anyone dares to come back at him?

      • JTLiuzza

        You’ve got it backwards, which is exactly how the media and Trump’s hysterical opponents want it. Trump doesn’t punch. He counter punches. The media was all over Trump saying RINO McCain was no hero. What they didn’t point out (and you obviously missed), was that McCain started in by calling Trump supporters a bunch of “crazies.”

        The media made a big deal out of Trump giving out Lindsay Graham-nesty’s cell number. What a dirty trick! What they buried, and you obviously missed, is that Graham-nesty started in by calling Trump a “jackass.”

        Nobody says anything about the base tactics of establishment RINOs like those two characters. But when Trump responds, he’s having a “hissy fit.”

        What I like about Trump is that he’s ticking all the right people off, both left and right. His marriages? I’m sure the authors could have come up with something better than that. Then again, maybe they couldn’t.

      • Gabriel

        I like Trump. The other candidates seem like run-of the mill politicians who already make up Washington or have zero chance of effectively leading the country. They sound good and proper, well rehearsed for the debates, but in Washington they are slaves to big donors who funded their campaigns, keeping promises to lobbyists and not the voters. At least with Trump he tells it like he sees it, unafraid of the media or political correctness, or subservient to big money. In history, real leaders were movers and shakers who drove the conversation and were men of action; they weren’t always the goody-two-shoes. The Republican establishment dismissed candidate Ronald Reagan an amiable dunce, and painted Theodore Roosevelt a clown. I believe Trump would defund Planned Parenthood.

      • Allan Daniel

        One must consider whether the people he spoke about were fat, ugly or stupid. If there were, it was just truth in advertising.

  • Is it a fig leaf or has Trump changed? I recall him saying recently that for the last few years he has “tried to be very good.” Could it be like Putin renouncing his Communist past and castigating the memory of Lenin recently? Counter-jihadists like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are wary of Trump’s statements about dealing with the threat of Islam.

    I like both Cruz and Trump.

  • FAM22

    Great article. This is the problem with the Donald. He has no credibility and cannot be trusted. He is just chasing his “bucket list.” He will be just as bad as B.O. if he ends up elected.

  • Florian

    Jan. 27th…Trump is not now nor has he ever been pro – life. In fact, he energetically declared he was even for partial birth abortion…Trump is not seriously committed to anything or anyone but himself. Now he drops out of the debate because he wanted Megyn Kelly out and when he didn’t get his way, he dropped out. That is what a spoiled rich kid does when he doesn’t get his way…he refuses to play. Can you imagine Trump in the Oval Office dealing with world leaders who may disagree with him? He’s put them all out….Trump dropped out of the debate because he never does well in a debate. His answers are non-answers or silly faces. If he decides he wants back into the debates, Fox should refuse…with Trump out, the debate can be substantive and other candidates will have a chance to express their views. Trump’s antics suck all of the oxygen and intelligence out of a room…enough is enough!!

    • Gabriel

      Trump is a leader, and he’s fearlessly driving the conversation, and that includes all the debates. The other candidates are run-of the mill politicians who sound good, but who already make up Washington. People are tired of business as usual, and it’s the reason Trump will probably win..

      • Aloha12

        Stalin and Hugo Chavez were leaders as well…no doubt they ‘drove’ the conversation. There are plenty of leaders in the world, the trick is choosing a wise one.

        • Gabriel

          Trump is not a communist nor a socialist; so a better comparison would be Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt. If you recall, the Republican establishment dismissed reagan as an “amiable dunce”, while Teddy Roosevelt was a wealthy man who was dismissed as a clown.

          • Aloha12

            Trump has donated to many socialists and the positions he’s held (until his most recent ‘conversion’ at the age of 70) could be considered socialist.

          • Gabriel

            What he’s said is that as a businessman he’s funded and donated to different causes. Though the fact that he’s a businessman and wants to cut taxes and simplify the tax code is not a socialist position. I suppose one could bring up the fact that Reagan became pro-life later in life too.

          • Aloha12

            Donald has effectively used the argument that yes he’s donated to the bad guys but it was only for business purposes don’t you see. Greasing the skids (bribery), Which is troubling on its own; his business success was more important than the well being of the country apparently. But funny how his $ never finds its way to conservatives. At the end of the day it comes down to faith. Do you have faith that Donald really follow through on the these new found beliefs or is it all just to win the nominee. Btw, Reagan switched to pro life when he was much younger, not right before a GOP primary season.

          • Gabriel

            I trust that he will cut taxes and simplify the tax code and defund Planned Parenthood. But realize that my candidate happens to be Rick Santorum, despite the fact that he probably won’t win in the primaries, as his poll numbers are hardly registering. If I listen to Cruz, then according to Cruz, Rubio is a hypocrite and aliar; If I listen to Rubio then according to him, Cruz is a hypocrite and a liar. Christie, Paul, Huckabee, Kasich, etc. all great men, and if any one of them –including Rubio our Cruz s is the nominee, I will support them against Clinton. Though I do not believe they have what it takes to win the general election. Mitt Romney should have beat Barack Obama, and he probably did fig truth be told and voter fraud was investigated. Thus, there’s a good reason why people like Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, Laura Ingram and other political conservatives support Donald Trump. Ultimately the Republican nominee must be someone who can beat Mrs. Clinton, overwhelm voter fraud, and be savvy enough to push back against a biased media that will be ready to tear down the Republican nominee. If Trump is the nominee, we will have to support him against Hillary Clinton for the sake of lower taxes, the economy, broken borders, repealing the Obamacare, and for a respite from Political Correctness. Trump has said he would defund Planned Parenthood, which would be more than what conservative candidates have done for the cause in decades. People are tired of candidates who say the right thing and are wonderful debaters, but when they get to Washington they become part of the system where promises are broken and where big money is driving the candidates. At least trump won’t owe anything to anybody except the voters who support him.

    • Allan Daniel

      Trump has won every debate. Trump can win. You have no reason to believe he will not keep his agenda.

  • Gabriel

    The problem are all the conservatives running as pro-life candidates who get to Washington and only give the pro-life movement lip service. They are the ones with no credibility. The Republicans have the Senate and the Congress yet President Obama moves forward. They are owned by the big money donors; they are the two-faced politicians who are well rehearsed in debates and speeches, but in action they don’t deliver. I believe Trump would defund Planned Parenthood

  • aguest

    You boys expect Trump to do what most of our own Bishop’s won’t even stand up for? And pretty much the Pope as well? Could the Pope at least have sent a Tweet in support of all the young people across America, usually nearing a 1/2 million, that March for Life every year?

    If God Forbid, there is a Hillary or Sanders in office, freedom of speech (never mind religion) will be chipped away at, starting with the “terrorists” in front of abortion clinics. If you’d pay attention to the other side, they have laid the ground-game for this.

    And then there’s the issue of SCOTUS appointments should H or S win, and if they do, there will never, ever, ever, be any limits whatsoever on later term abortions. In fact, should one of them win, and thus the ACA continues (or something even more socialistic be enacted) I can assure you limits on the number and spacing of births per woman are soon to follow. (And even the Pope is a bit on board with those restrictions, to save Gaia.)

    So Trump has been married a few times, had a mistress etc., in this Year of Mercy I’m willing to let that go, as I’m not looking for him to be marriage material, I’m looking for someone that loves liberty, America, and the Christian roots we were founded on. Yes, his ego is big, but his love for this country is just as big. He’s the only shot we have at taking the office–Cruz simply cannot, I repeat,
    cannot, win the general. And sadly, there is no one else that has come forward that can.

    Mr. Jones, I recall your recent heartfelt and tragic story of losing your daughter to abortion when you were not married. You’ve gone on to do great, wonderful, positive things, so why can’t you believe that Trump is capable of the same? (Again, I say Trump only because he is the only one that can win the general and stop the horrors re increased abortions, at any and all stages, that is sure to come if a Dem is elected. They may even prevail at getting a constitutional amendment to enshrine the right to unfettered abortion.)

    • Andy

      That’s exactly how they sell us on PLINOs. “Vote for Lesser Evil, or the babies get it!”

  • Gabriel

    Trump said he’s defund Planned Parenthood; that would do more for the pro-life movement than anything any other politician has ever done for the movement.

  • Jerry

    Ted Cruz is Super Pro-Life and he has not changed and will not change. He also puts God first in everything.

    • Allan Daniel

      I would vote for Cruz in a heartbeat, but I don’t think he can win. That brings me back to Trump. I think Trump can win. I’ve spent some 30 years voting pro-life. It hasn’t happened yet. So now I will try the back-way in.

  • Allan Daniel

    The most important issue at the moment is immigration. Abortion is not going away unless the structure of Washington is broken first. Trump seems to be the guy to do the breaking.

    • leel004

      How can you believe that when he supports pro abortion politicians who WILL NOT defund PP, like pelosi and mcconnel? Are you ok with trump asting like obama and bypass congress? Lead us down a more totitarian gov?

      • Allan Daniel

        This is a totalitarian government. We live in a police state. We need to break the concrete so that new flowers can grow.

        I believe Trump is smart enough and feisty enough to keep his word. He knows his power is in his anti-establishment posture. It would serve no purpose for him to run as an outsider and then capitulate.

    • Drunken DunCan Dorfmann

      The most important issue is the lawlessness, corruption, greed, & Unconstitutional tyranny of our FED BEAST Pols, Judges & Bureaucrats & the humongous size of this umanageable & illegal monster & its illegal central bank, the FED RESERVE….Power must flow back to the states, including the power to create their own Gold-backed currencies!!!

      • Allan Daniel

        Rand Paul can’t win.

        Frankly I’m not sure voting is anything but a carrot on a stick used to lull citizens into believing it really matters.

  • Sandra

    So basically you would vote for Trump over God’s law maybe you should really pray about that. I think the most important issue right now is where this country is going and unfortunately voters who say they are Christian do not vote with Christian values. The word says that in the end times we will be deceived So how many Christians are deceived, or are they really Christians by God’s standards and not the worlds. These are the ones that we need to pray for and will make a difference in the polls. God left it up to his children to run this country and obviously there are many that talk but don’t do the walk. So search your heart and pray that God will lead you in the right direction.

    • Allan Daniel

      I think we need to understand that voting is more often than not a false hope that the average person can affect his destiny by voting. It’s a carrot on a string to keep you feeling happy.

  • Joe M Knight

    These are BS arguments at best. I’m not sure which one wrote this, Jason or John. But it is a very poor piece of Journalism.

    • leel004

      Spoken like a true follower of trump…no compromising morality here uh….?

      • Joe M Knight

        You obviously speak from knowing nothing. I only commented on the piece of journalism. But you had to blow it WAY out of proportion. I’m not a Trump fan, as you have so inaccurately accused me of. Maybe you should stick to the comic pages.

  • Sister Renee’ Mauser, O.L.T.

    As a Catholic, who prays every day for the conversion of sinners, I try not to judge or determine when someone converts. We can be saved by the truth and the mercy of Jesus Christ and His promises of salvation, if we are truly sorry and repent, go to confession for us Catholics and so on. We are all sinners! Let us not assume anything when it comes to someone suddenly changing to see things in a more loving way. Perhaps, give someone a break, for they may have made things right with God without asking us! If not, all my prayers are for nothing! SRM

  • Tziggy

    Ugh – It’s about time for a revolution.

  • rtwngr

    For me, Trump is the vote of last resort for many reasons, abortion being a primary one. His appeal is in not being ‘them’ which I get. You see the scurrilous Republicans that have secured our prolife votes in the past have played on our heartfelt convictions, taken our money, and abandoned us as soon as the election is over. Trump won’t be any worse than reagan who abandoned Judge Bork and appointed Anthony Kennedy, H. W. Bush who appointed Souter, of G. W. Bush who gave us Roberts who then solidified Obamacare and the abortion mandate.

    The political process will not carry the day on abortion. It will take a change of hearts. It is happenedng, slowly but surely.

    • BillinJax

      All true. Remembering how low we set the bar for a presidential candidate in 2008 makes it possible that even Hillary Clinton is deemed worthy of the office.However, if someone other than a democrat gets the job it would be nice if they offered her an ambassadors position in Libya.

    • Allan Daniel

      I’ve been waiting for 34 years for my pro-life vote to mean something. I support Trump.

  • If you are waiting for a Catholic Saint to run for president, it is not going to happen.

  • Drunken DunCan Dorfmann

    I have said from day one, I do not trust Trumpty-Dumpty at all…There is no way a monumental egomaniac/narcissist like Trump will ever abide by the Constitution!!!….I do not believe a word he says & many of his policy specifics so far have been ludicrous…Like this one” “We are gonna deport all the illegal aliens & bring back the good ones”…..Who thought of this, Chico Marx???

    Speaking of the Constitution…..Yes, slavery was a horror, but Lincoln CRUSHED the rule of law & the Constitution to not really end slavery, but keep the Union together by FORCE!!!!…..Slavery would have ended, but his way was severely wrong…The ends do not justify the means….But, to the LIB/PC/PROGRESSIVES like Obummy, the ends do justify the means & their lawlessness is not the way to end social injustices, etc..

    Speaking of segregation: The Civil Rights Act was another horror…Govt. has ZERO business dictating what private property owners & private businesses can & cannot do…Truth be told, if you own a property or business, you should be allowed to serve whom you want, rent to whom you want & hire whom you want to & not even have to explain yourself…This is the Libertarian way & it is in tune with Natural Law & the Constitution that is based on it….This is True Liberty & Freedom!!…Libertarianism is all about PERSUASION, not Govt. FORCE….If people do not serve homos or blacks, people can boycott or write letters, & certain groups can start their own businesses, etc…& try to change minds & people losing business might be persuaded to accept these people’s money, etc..

    “Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.”

    – U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater

    “A society that puts Equality before Freedom will get neither. A society that puts Freedom before Equality will get a high degree of both.” -Milton Friedman

    • Allan Daniel

      Is the Constitution important? It has been interpreted to mean anything anyone wants it to mean. It is useless.

      • Drunken DunCan Dorfmann

        YES, it is crucial…..Most of it is NOT open to interpretation, those who have like Lincoln & FDR have basically ignored it!!!….Take the same-sex marriage issue….It is clearly a matter for the states to define marriage, for SCOTUS to even hear the issue was Unconstitutional!

        • Allan Daniel

          It demonstrably does not work. Time to go on to something more useful.

  • gkfraz

    At this point in time, as Christians we must vote our conscience, but it really does not matter who we vote for. Very little in Wash. will change. For we “fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the directors of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in high places” Eph. 6:12 So no matter how much an elected official may WANT to do the right thing he is in the middle of a much larger war that is unseen. We all need to put on the armor of God and be ready to fight for a fight is coming. And it has nothing to do with who gets elected, but will come much sooner if Hillary wins, that is a guarantee.

    • Allan Daniel

      If you are saying better a rosary prayed than a vote cast, I agree.

  • FaithfulCatholic74

    This is exactly what Trump is doing….exactly! If anyone trust that Trump has converted on the issue of abortion, you have not learned his MO. He will say and do anything….change his opinion day to day, month to month. He cares about no one….just his interest. Right now it’s in his interest to make voters believe that he is all of the sudden ProLife…he’s not! Sadly, you’ll see it if he gets to appoint three Supreme Court justices. We will be stuck with that well past his time in office. God help the unborn….Trump could care less about them. It’s all about the Donald.

    • Allan Daniel

      You make Trump sound like every other politician.

      Aren’t you committing the sin of detraction by setting as fact things you have no direct knowledge of?

  • Älter und weiser

    So after 43 years, how are we doing with the convicted Republicans.
    Any roll back? Any progress? How are we doing with Pro-life judges?
    Can it get worse with Trump?

    • Edward J Baker

      You obviously know nothing about the pro-life movement if you are unaware of the hundreds of political battles pro-life politicians have won with no gratitude from pro-lifers as slavishly misinformed as pro-aborts.

      • Älter und weiser

        I think it is more likely that you are overly enamored with rather small victories. I’ve been pro-life since Roe v Wade and was old enough to be horrified by the ruling. Voted only Pro-life since then and sat out a few elections because of that. The “right” to an abortion is unabated. So, where are the victories? That is not to say that I don’t appreciate those who are committed. Cruz is committed, my congressman is committed. But they are not establishment Repubs who lie to me regularly. The Republicans in congress could defund all support for abortion. But they don’t. They are spineless and deserve no respect. They refuse to fight. The prolife movement does not need to be shackled to a corpse (the GOPe)

        • Edward J Baker

          You are shamelessly misinformed. I’ve been spit on as a sidewalk counselor since before Roe v Wade. It was legal in NY. It is ridiculous to say Republicans in congress can defund all support for abortion. They Can’t!!!!! Would that they could, but they can’t!!!!!!!!! It is spineless of you to sit back sanctimoniously and allow yourself to be so naievely misinformed and remain oblivious to this reality. Your attitude effectively supports abortion through a willful ignorance that undermines the efforts of the only small victories that are possible.

          • Älter und weiser

            Ed, try decaf tomorrow morning. The House creates budgets each year. All they have to do is not fund the pro-death lobby. The problem is that they have no will or no spine. If the president refuses to sign a bill with 99.99% of the budget funded, it is his fault. But the GOPe is too lazy to do the PR work to make this an issue. BTW, I laud you on your contributions. May God bless you abundantly.

  • Terry Mather

    I like your article and agree. I am saddened that Christians cannot perceive the truth. Mr. Trumps reversal positions might be more believable if he had ever asked God for forgiveness for his life choices that are against the word of God. He apparently has not found it necessary to do so. This might have convinced me he was being sincere about his new position on abortion. Now it just seems like it is the expedient thing to do.

  • Edward J Baker

    Trump is shallow and a fool. But he is less shallow and less a fool than Clinton. Even if the only practical effect of Trump as president is a single preferable Supreme Court nominee, the consequence is critical, and he deserves the vote.

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