Why Can’t I Be Transracial?

If Bruce Jenner is a woman and Rachel Dolezal is black, why can’t a Caucasian American be a Filipino?

By Michael Brown Published on November 14, 2017

Speaking at Oberlin College in 2001, transgender activist Lynn Hyckman stated:

The basic assumption of transgenderism is the transgressing of gender norms. Whether that means completely passing from one end to the other, or finding a space that combines or defies the binary in our society, it comes down to exploring outside of the norm you were assigned because of the discomfort that you feel in it.

This prompted me to ask in 2011:

But why stop with combining or defying sexual categories? Why not create self-identified categories of race or color or nationality? How about, “Even though I was assigned the ethnic identity of a white American at birth, I identify myself as a black Viking.” Why not? Perhaps on the inside I really am a black Viking! Or why limit our self-identification to earthly categories. Why should that boundary be sacrosanct? Why not identify yourself as an extraterrestrial (or maybe “interterrestrial,” combining both earthly and alien identities)? Are ridiculous concepts such as these all that different from “the transgressing of gender norms” and “def[ying] the binary in our society”?

Of course, I understood the parallels were real but inexact:

I do realize, of course, that there are people who truly struggle with their sexual identity, and I’m fully aware that others are born with indefinite (or dual) sexual identities. In no way do I intend to minimize those struggles. Given the choice, however, of embracing the philosophy behind this transgender, genderqueer, omnisexual rhetoric seriously or of raising my voice to saying that something is seriously amiss, I take the latter choice.

White to Filipino

Well, as outlandish as these words may have sounded in 2011, they can hardly sound outlandish today.

Not with the massive strides made by transactivism in the last few years. Not with a white woman (Rachel Dolezal) identifying as black, hence transracial. Not with some people (allegedly hundreds of thousands) identifying as part animal, hence transspecies. (Just look up otherkin or therian.)

And not with the news that “a man in Florida who was born white now identifies as Filipino as part of a reportedly growing ‘transracial’ community.”

Note the last three words of that sentence carefully: a growing ‘transracial’ community.

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The man was given the name Adam at birth but goes by Ja Du. He “said he’s part of a growing ‘transracial’ community in which people are born one race, but identify with another.”

He explained that “he truly identifies with the Filipino culture. When he’s around its music and food, ‘I feel like I’m in my own skin.’”

“I’d watch The History Channel sometimes for hours,” he went on. “You know nothing else intrigued me more but things about Filipino culture.” And this is part of the reason he now identifies as Filipino.

Why Not?

But why not? If Bruce Jenner is a woman and Rachel Dolezal is black (with supporters), why can’t a Caucasian American be a Filipino?

If desire is substituted for reality, there’s no end to the social madness that follows. (This video on “The Man Who Became a Woman Then a Dragon” documents some extreme examples.)

There are even medical professionals who affirm the possibility of being transracial. After all, if it makes you happy, why not?

It’s one thing to enjoy a culture. It’s another thing to imagine that you are biologically part of that culture.

In the words of psychologist Dr. Stacey Sheckner, “If someone feels that they feel at home with a certain religion, a certain race, a certain culture, I think that if that’s who they really feel inside, life is about finding out who you are. The more knowledge you have of yourself, the happier you can be.”

She added, “If that’s who they are, and they want to celebrate it and enjoy it, then you have to think what harm is it doing? All they want to do is throw themselves into that culture and celebrate it.”

But it’s one thing to enjoy, throw yourself into and celebrate a culture. It’s another thing to imagine that you are biologically part of that culture. Is there no such thing as “reality check” anymore? In many circles, the answer is no.

It’s Got to Stop Somewhere

That’s why there are women’s schools accepting male-to-female transgenders. That’s why male-to-female athletes are breaking women’s sports records. It’s why women’s prisons are housing biological males who identify as women (but are still attracted to women). Is it that far of a leap, then, to imagine white identifying as blacks or Caucasians as Asians?

Transgender identity, or gender dysphoria (formerly called gender identity disorder) is determined by psychological evaluation alone. There is no biological test for it. So why not something similar for being transracial? If I can convince the doctor that I really identify as a black Viking, why not?

Again, I don’t mean to minimize the pain of those who struggle with gender identity. Nor do I mean to denigrate Ja Du’s love for everything Philippine. I’m just saying this has got to stop somewhere, and it has got to stop soon. Otherwise, we might all have to identify as Martians and go populate Mars. Unless, of course, we actually are Martians.

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  • Trilemma

    All this trans stuff is solid evidence for reincarnation. The reason Ja Du identifies as Filipino is because in a past life he actually was Filipino. A trans woman actually was a woman in a past life. A person who identifies as a cat actually was a cat in a past life. And so on. I’m going to get the government to give me an obscene amount of money to investigate this further!

    • Paul

      They’ve probably already done so

    • GPS Daddy

      >>All this trans stuff is solid evidence for reincarnation

      Your all over the place in your worldview, Trilemma. There are two worldviews that promote reincarnation. Buddhism is atheistic. It says all that exists is the physical world. What can be reincarnated when the body dies? When the body dies it goes back to the ground. What goes on to the next body?

      But you have acknowledged to me that you do not know that the spiritual world exists. Yet in Hinduism the physical world is not real. Its an illusion. Everything is Brahman. From a tree to the rocks to every human we all are nothing more than Brahman. Individuality is an illusion. A Hindu’s goal is to escape the process of
      reincarnation and achieve nirvana. When nirvana is achieved all individuality is gone.

      Now maybe your being an American in which you think you have a cafeteria of ideas and your choosing a bit of this and a bit of that. We do need to be critical of ideas and test them. But to take the American cafeteria approach is really committing the error of being your own god. In either case reincarnation ends you up in inconsistency and contradictions.

      You also ignore other explanations that I would say give a better explanation of why we are seeing trans issues.

    • Ken Abbott

      The same way that paranoid delusions are solid evidence for actual conspiracies?

  • I don’t know if there’s such a thing as racial dysphoria, but gender dysphoria is a very real thing, and probably a little more common than people think. Being snarky about such things isn’t going to win you any friends.

    • Charles Burge

      Regardless of whether it’s real or not, what do you think the proper approach should be? If someone’s perception does not correspond to reality, does it make more sense to change the perception, or to change reality? The answer should be self-evident.

      • Eunice Forcet

        You cannot change the reality of someone’s biological make-up. You can change your erroneous perspective or continue in your cognitive dissonance without encroaching on the right of others to see things from a different reality.

        • Vince

          In other words, go along with someone’s lie.

          • Eunice Forcet

            Quite the opposite! But that may just be the most humane thing to do if it means so much to them.

          • Paul

            Reading this reminded me of some twisted pervs, grown men who acts like a baby. I think your bad advice would fall on deaf ears if one of those pervs asked a church nursery volunteer to change his diaper.

          • Conr

            I see your point about being humane. Alot of this depends on your worldview though.

            From my perspective the loving (humane) thing to do would be to be their friend yet suggest they get help. The message with that is “you are my friend and I care for you which is why I really want you to get help”.

            To lie to them by “being humane” would essentially say “I don’t love or care for you enough to tell you the truth so I’m going to compromise my beliefs and understanding of science and leave you to suffer while I turn a blind eye.”

            A true friend is not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear

        • Conr

          When I am forced to go along with someone’s perception of reality, that’s a clear encroachment on my rights to live reality as I see fit.

        • GPS Daddy

          >>You can change your erroneous perspective

          Aside from the true physical deformity of inter-sexed humans are binary sexually as you clearly state. It is not an erroneous perspective to refer to people according to their biological sex. If your female biologically then your addressed as female. If your male biologically then your referred to as male. The person does not have the right to force others to address them differently. Being male I do NOT have the right to force others or expect others to address me as anything BUT male.

          So the “cognitive dissonance” is on your part.

    • Andrew Mason

      Race is a societal construct, sexuality is an individual’s choice.

      • Nobody Specific

        I was going to say something along these lines. There is still really no case for separating sex and gender. We spent decades establishing for example that some females/women liked to play with trucks and do math, hated sewing, preferred pants to skirts and were still normal healthy girls. How do be transgender if you have male sex chromosomes? You put on a dress! Trying to separate sex and gender is rather silly. I might go as far as to agree they can be different ideas, but can’t get behind the idea that one isn’t tightly coupled to the other. i.e. It’s not reasonable to have male sex characteristics and female
        gender it does not really work that way. None the reasoning about gender in any other context makes sense if you allow otherwise.

        So with sex and gender linked, we have pretty solid biology to explain who is male, who is female, and identity the extremely rare exceptions. It’s not in most cases possible than to be “trans” only confused.

        Race on the other hand is little different. Race biologically speaking is less of a thing. certain historic groups share a recognizable group of traits as rule of thumb but there always exceptions, because we are all branches of the same genetic tree. There isn’t a phillipino gene, just a set commonly but not always present in members of that group. It’s not clear for example when you are not phillipino, do both your parents need to be, one,
        Is a grandfather enough? What if you have “White” skin?

        It’s not simple like XY or XX.
        Culture is not to race the way gender is to sex. If an American adopts a Chinese baby and raised him in Texas few would say he is a Chinaman, few would argue he isn’t a Texan.

  • JP

    Michael is absolutely right. The trans have shown us the way how to get more rights than ever before. To think that a guy can now chose what bathroom or locker room based on how he feels is truly a gift.

  • Paul

    I have a friend who is transracial, he is from Spain and moved to the IS, in the EU he was white but now is deemed hispanic.

    • kwame_zulu_shabazz

      Hispanic is someone from a country colonized by Spain. It’s not a race.

      • Paul

        White isn’t a race either, but that doesn’t stop the race baiters from saying it or demanding people check it on their stupid forms

        • kwame_zulu_shabazz

          White is a racial category.

  • Vince

    What a bunch of goofballs. And the liberal media go along with all the nonsense. A guy calling himself “Andrea Jenkins” got elected to the city council in Minneapolis. Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines won’t even reveal the guy’s real name, which is a bit odd when you have candidate Roy Moore being accused of events that supposedly happened 40 yrs ago, and yet a trannie candidate in Minneapolis has his slate wiped clean by the media who won’t even acknowledge what his birth name is. If you identify as a victim, the mainstream media will gladly serve as your propaganda machine.

  • tz1

    There is also body dysphoria where the person identifies as an amputee and wants to have his limb or limbs cut off at a certain point. Ought they be allowed to do so, or should it be refused and attempts made to change their mind.

    The greater evil is wit children, where someone not even near puberty asserts they feel like the opposite gender – and some are getting treatments to prevent puberty or worse.

  • RC5

    Logically, this could very easily go a step further and people would become eligible for race-based college scholarships or claim “racism” just because of how they identify, not how they physically are. Those that have truly been discriminated against would, yet again, be pushed to the side. Most likely, pushed to the side by a white person claiming to be a minority because that’s how they identify. Give it 5-10 yrs and all race and gender-based, affirmative action-like laws will disappear. I suppose this is an illustration of the snake eating it’s tail when given enough time. It’s really sad to think that our society feeds these dysphoria’s rather than treat them. Social science has lost it’s mind…kind of ironic, when you think about it.

    • Andrew Mason

      Too late. There are already White folk in Black only roles because of how they identify. There was a case in Australia a while back where a columnist pointed out how some ‘Whites’ were riding the gravy train all the way home. The offended ‘Blacks’ sued and won. One irony I still recall is that even within one family there was a clear difference as to how to identify.

  • Louise Carole Sumrell

    Ok, I get the comparisons some are trying to make, from a position of,(fully understandably), ignorance. From “the outside, looking in”, so to speak.
    I am,(in the current vernacular), a “trans-woman” .
    Now, I, obviously, can’t know the true feelings of another person, however, I can compare the issue to my own experience…
    As a child, there were regular attempts to, “make a man of me’! My entire life was a life or death struggle to be a “man”. If it were not for excellent, professional, psyciatric care in the ’90s, by Dr. Kurt Buis, (“bise”), I would have drank myself to death by now.
    I’m no expert, but, how serious are these people’s NEED, (not just desire), to be a different etnicity?

    • Irene Neuner

      Why couldn’t you just be a very feminine man so as not to confuse anyone? Did God give you male body parts and some male hormones?

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    The longer a culture rejects identification w/their Creator, the easier it will be for those so inclined to embrace a persona alien to the singularity of their natural particularity. In other words, apart from a revelation of who God created them to be & how they are to behave before Him & their fellow man, nothing a man can imagine is beyond the scope of this delusion. Though those of us who maintain at least a minimal grasp on reality should be able still to distinguish fact from fiction. That should tell us something about those who in the face of evidence contrary to the facts insist on promoting this fiction while they rage against those unwilling to compromise truth in the face of all that is unreasonable. Seems like these folk have given a whole new meaning to the concept of “self denial ” ..!

  • Joshua Taylor

    What trans racial pronouns are we going to be forced to use? Are we going to be forced to accept people who are transage or trans-species like that 52 year old Stefani who thinks he’s a 6 year old girl which pedophiles can use this term to protect their child grooming? Or that Swedish woman who thinks she’s a cat? Are we going to use transage pronouns like 4chan proposing (cl, clir, climself)? We are entering Lewis Carroll’s world of nonsense? Liberals are sounding like Alice.

    “If I had a world, there would be nothing but nonsense.”

  • El Jefe

    Two-legged, sick, twisted, freak shows.

    I want to identify as African American even though I am Caucasian.

    Hell, I’m from South Africa and hold dual citizenship. Why can’t I?

    • Kevin Carr

      You actually are. I however an American that happens to be black but not African American. What do you call a black person from Trinidad or Jamaica?

      • El Jefe

        Trinidad has a number of ethnic groups. Depending on ancestry, Indian, African, Multiracial -non-Dougla, Dougla (Indian-African), Amerindian, European, Chinese, Arab, Hispanic, or even Latin.

        Jamaica is mostly African with a significantly distant second of mixed race.

        It falls to your ancestry m

      • El Jefe

        Caribbean American?

  • Irene Neuner

    I think of myself as white because that is who I grew up with and am mostly around but because I am mixed race (Pakistani/Polish American) others wonder if I am …Mexican American? … but no Mexican has my large Polish nose so I simply identify with everyone that I love.

    My Mexican housekeeper, Hortencia, called me a Mexican because I insisted on feeding our family rice and beans(cooked Mexican style) several times a week.

    My German American husband wants to eat Curry twice a week and loves be served by his wife so lots of my family consider him to be a ‘Pakistani’ man.

    The truth is that we are biologically what we are but our culture and preferences can be chosen to a great extent.

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