WHO Treaty Dead (for Now). What’s Behind the Quest for a Global Public Health Dictatorship?

An interview with Jason Jones, author of The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on June 4, 2024

For months, The Stream (like other freedom advocates around the world) has been warning against the staggering power-grab by globalists that is the World Health Organization Treaty. (The Biden regime, of course, was behind turning over national sovereignty to faceless, appointed bureaucrats.) The WHO kept making last-minute revisions to the treaty, and generally acting like a criminal conspiracy, until it finally got caught with its fingers in the virus jar.

The most recent eleventh-hour pig stuffed into a poke? As The Washington Stand reports, just before the final meeting to vote on the treaty, the WHO released

a new adolescent health study highlighting ways to “circumvent local barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic” to deliver abortion, potentially abortifacient contraceptives, and “comprehensive sexuality education” to minors. WHO believes adolescents should receive these “services,” which it classifies as “sexual and reproductive health (SRH),” without parental consent or notification. The new report also decries “gender norms” and promises young participants in Global Model WHO activities will rub shoulders with representatives of all “gender identities.”

Yes, that’s the kind of initiative the WHO was seeking the power to impose worldwide by decree, against the wishes of voters. And the “barriers” it’s talking about have nothing to do with the COVID panic and everything to do with the religious beliefs of billions of citizens worldwide who don’t want their kids groomed and corrupted.

Demonizing the Skeptics

As The Blaze recounts, the treaty thankfully fell at its last hurdle:

WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and other globalists were met with failure at the May 27-June 1 World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. Rather than win over critics with reassurances ahead of the next stage of his campaign to promote the failed scheme, Ghebreyesus instead doubled down, urging a crackdown on skeptics.

Ghebreyesus has spent several months promoting his “global pandemic agreement.”

In his Feb. 12 Dubai address, entitled, “A Pact with the Future: Why the Pandemic Agreement Is Mission-Critical for Humanity,” Ghebreyesus said, “We cannot allow this historic agreement, this milestone in global health, to be sabotaged by those who spread lies, either deliberately or unknowingly.”

The critics whom Ghebreyesus branded liars and conspiracy theorists include those who reckon the pact would undermine national sovereignty as well as those skeptical of the WHO’s competence.

Fauci Was Making It All Up

Meanwhile, on the same day that treaty crashed into the wall, our home-grown public health dictator Anthony Fauci was facing critics in Congress, including a few Republicans sufficiently well-informed and brave enough to demand to know why he deliberately misled the public about the origins of the virus (probably a lab leak from a project he’d helped to fund), the effectiveness of masks, the medical value of social distancing, and the disastrous demand for lockdowns. Republicans are also releasing transcripts of closed-door testimony Fauci gave them in January. As The National Pulse reports, Fauci admitted “that he reviewed no specific scientific data for masking children before recommending the policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

With so much truth leaking out all over the place, we decided to talk to one of the most persistent opponents of public health autocracy — and the first American arrested in 2020 for protesting the COVID lockdown: Stream contributor Jason Jones. He is author of the new book The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset.

Why We Fight the Great Reset

John Zmirak: On the surface, to those who weren’t scarred by the COVID panic and all the abuses that used it as a pretext, the idea of a global agreement among governments to coordinate responses to genuinely global problems like pandemics seems reasonable. People of good will who haven’t been paying attention might think that national selfishness, or short-sighted nationalism, motivates opponents of the failed WHO treaty. What are your key objections to such agreements?

Jason Jones: They represent the opposite of everything we hold dear: representative government, science, and genuine public health. The very reason the West outlasted the Communist bloc was that it rejected the rule of self-appointed, self-credential experts over every area of human life. We let businessmen, workers, and consumers decide things for themselves instead of imposing quotas, fixing prices, and imprisoning innovators. Likewise, science progresses when people can freely debate open questions like the origin of a virus and the best means for fighting it, and make their own medical choices.

But our elites, in the name of public health, imposed a lockdown not just on our lives but on our voices. They targeted, harassed, fired, and censored scientists — as I wrote over at the Substack of one such scientist, pioneering vaccine researcher Robert Malone. They deemed church services and Trump rallies “superspreader events” and sneered when good men like Herman Cain died. But they certified George Floyd riots as “mostly peaceful” and as “advancing public health” because they allegedly battled racism. They perverted our elections with medically useless (but fraud-prone) mail-in ballots.

These are the people we’re supposed to trust, and to whom we’re being told to hand the power to override our democratically enacted laws in secret meetings of “experts”? I don’t think so.

What’s the Real Hidden Agenda?

JZ: The slogans we hear from the WHO, the World Economic Forum, and nowadays even the Vatican all sound so fair and friendly. They want to implement justice, protect public health, prevent the most vulnerable from suffering disproportionately — or so they say. What do you think is the real practical agenda of the globalists promoting this treaty? 

JJ: They want the power to rule by decree, to outlaw dissent, to stigmatize the free exchange of ideas as a “threat to public health,” and to scapegoat their political and religious opponents. The Nazis labeled all Jews as “bacilli,” who allegedly infected cultures. The globalists today go almost to that extreme, tarring anyone who opposes their transgender surgeries, late-term abortion, or vaccine mandates as “dangerous.” Just look at the rhetoric we saw during 2020. Leftists called Gov. Ron DeSantis a mass murderer for reopening Florida’s beaches, while praising Andrew Cuomo for stuffing COVID patients into nursing homes, infecting the very people he claimed to be protecting.

JZ: Do these globalists have a coherent ideology? If so, how would you characterize it? Or is it just an opportunistic power grab?

JJ: In my new book, The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset, I identify five “ideologies of evil” which seem to me to be their MO:

  • Victimism. The systematic corruption of Christian empathy for the weak and the marginalized, and its transformation into a cynical, political tool for grabbing power, amassing wealth, attaining prestige, and leaving the real victims of our day forgotten and abandoned.
  • Gnosticism. The perversion of rational discourse and honest debate into a tool for elites to hide their abuse of power, intimidate their critics, and silence anyone brave enough to question their tyrannical agenda.
  • Transhumanism. The rejection of our human nature itself as God created it: an embodied soul, with two sexes, that lives in families and raises children to worship God and live in freedom. The perversion of that human nature into a frustrated, would-be ‘god’ which detests Creation and wants to replace it with the shabby works of man.
  • Antihumanism. The turn against humanity itself as something good, worth preserving and advancing. The replacement of benevolence toward our fellow human beings with invented, allegedly ecological visions of a planet thriving after the erasure of 90 to 95 percent of its human population.
  • Climate Cultism. The grab for central micromanagement of all political power and economic activity on Earth, via the seizure of energy supplies, allegedly to “save the planet” from climate changes that are largely natural, incidental, and beyond human control.

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JZ: What keeps you fighting and gives you hope, in the face of so much organized evil? How do you keep your faith?

JJ: I know that the truth is on our side — both the truth of human nature that’s wired into our bodies and written on our hearts, and the Truth that is Jesus Christ, who came to set us free. The principalities and powers behind our power-hungry elites have already been defeated by the Cross. It’s for us to claim this victory, to remember that it’s final, and to stand with those who are most vulnerable to the ongoing attacks of the enemy, in solidarity both with them and with Our Lord on the Cross.


Jason Jones is a film producer, author, activist, popular podcast host, and human rights worker. He is president of the Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization (H.E.R.O.), known for its two main programs, the Vulnerable People Project and Movie to Movement. He was the first recipient of the East Turkistan Order of Friendship Medal for his advocacy of the Uyghur people. Jones was an executive producer of Bella and an associate producer of The Stoning of Soraya M. His humanitarian efforts have aided millions in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Ukraine, as well as pregnancy centers and women’s shelters throughout North America. Jones is a senior contributor to The Stream and the host of The Jason Jones Show. He is also the author of three books, The Race to Save Our Century, The World Is on Fire, and his latest book The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset. His latest film, Divided Hearts of America, is available on Amazon Prime.

John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His upcoming book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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