White High School Girls in Arizona Pose With Racist T-Shirts, Post on Social Media

The photo has been modified here to blur out the faces of the girls and two of the letters. The original photo posted to social media was unblurred.

By Rachel Alexander Published on January 22, 2016

According to some students at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona, the student body was bracing for a race riot Friday.* The reason: six high school girls posed with racist T-shirts and posted the photo on Snapchat social media. Each girl wore a shirt with a letter that, combined, spelled out a common racial slur against blacks. There were also reports of an increased police presence on campus, and of parents being encouraged to pick their children up early from school.**

The seniors were to take a class photo of themselves Friday, and it is a tradition for them to wear T-shirts spelling out messages. The offensive shirts did not make it into the photo.

One student told me that a black student who was the boyfriend of one of the girls tried to defend her during lunch in the cafeteria, ending up in a fist fight with a white student. Another one of the girls has dated a black student. Desert Vista students received threats on Twitter the rest of the day.

The school has had several hostile race-related incidents in the past. Located in the Phoenix suburb Ahwatukee, sarcastically referred to as “All-White-Tukee,” the school has only a few black students.

The consequences will be harsh, as this is likely to make the national news and follow these girls around in the future. It is being reported that one of the girls has already lost a full scholarship to Northern Arizona University and was kicked off the soccer team, where she was the team captain. Parents are calling the school requesting that the girls be suspended or expelled.

One student told me this clique of girls had a reputation for taking photos of people and posting them on social media with cruel comments.

The district was quick to condemn the incident. “I cannot stress enough how upset and absolutely outraged the principal is, the administration is at Desert Vista,” said Jill Hanks in an emailed statement, who is a spokesperson for Tempe Union High School District, which runs Desert Vista. “It is absolutely unacceptable. It will not be tolerated, and we will issue discipline according to our district policies,” said Hanks. An inside source within the school district said off the record that the girls will be suspended for five days, which the school district has not officially confirmed.***

DV tweet


*This has been updated to clarify that students suggested they were bracing for a race riot.
**This has been updated to remove a reference to Phoenix SWAT; students reported seeing them but the administration says this is inaccurate.
***This has been updated to reflect the school district’s position that they have not confirmed the five-day suspension.

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  • Dean Bruckner

    Is what the girls did bad? Yes. Did they do it out of meanness and thoughtlessness? Maybe. Did blacks using this word regularly without any objections lead them them think they would be allowed to do the same? Perhaps.

    Should the girl have gotten kicked off the soccer team and lose a full scholarship? Definitely not.

    Ask yourself, what would have happened if the same girls had used God’s name or Jesus’s name in a curse with the d-word or the f-word?

    Absolutely nothing. In fact, the culture celebrates that very thing in center stage in songs, movies and half the TV channels you can buy.

    People of any race are important, because God created them. But until this glaring and blasphemous double standard is corrected, we should give such slurs on race no more attention or weight than we give to slurs against the name of God.

    For my part, I will tolerate neither. But does this profane culture really want to have that double-edged sword swung in its direction? I think not. As long as they can exhibit outrage over others’ sins but not their own, they like it that way.

    After all, that is how the Third Commandment and I see it.

    • coffeenocreamer

      Better yet, don’t say it. And they should be expelled.

      • neuterable

        How about this, when you piss them off enough, they will exterminate you down to the last little monkey and they will do it under a week. Your kind have never been difficult to get rid of, you live by their good graces alone. The last time they tried to kill you, it was almost a century ago, they hung three hundred of you in a single night. They did it because you took up arms to protect a rapist. Keep pushing ape, you deserve genocide.

      • neuterable

        They deserve a medal just for telling the truth and you deserve to be hung from a street lamp like the rest of your degenerate relatives.

        • coffeenocreamer

          I will be forwarding this

          • neuterable

            Good, the more people hear it the better. I want the last thing that goes through your head to be that somebody online, told you it would happen and that they would laugh about it.

            They will laugh about it, they will be laughing when they exterminate your “People”, they will film it on their cell phone cameras and share it online and everywhere in the world, people will watch you die and find it funny.

          • coffeenocreamer

            To the appropriate agencies

          • neuterable

            Right, whatever Michael Brown. Your entire country is going to fall apart because your stupid crap and won’t even try to protect ape degenerates like you.

    • The Evangelical

      The culture encourages Christian bigotry because they hate the light. Jesus told us this would happen and fighting for equal treatment when Christianity is insulted will not get us anywhere. As for racial slurs against blacks, these ladies knew better. The one deserved to lose her position and scholarship and is entitled to neither–they were awarded by the state and it’s in the state’s interest not to support people who encourage racial divisiveness. As for blacks using the word without objections: you clearly do not interact with the black community much, and your ignorance is simply reinforcing negative stereotypes against white evangelicals. The slurs against the black community are integrated with the sinful history of the US and represent both secular and Christian oppression to the black community. Regardless of the work of true Christians during that time, a large number of professing Christians supported slavery, segregation, and racism. Even today entire cities and states have their local government and infrastructure based on separating whites from blacks. Whites ignoring racial elements are ignoring history and reveal their lack of love for their neighbor through apathy.

      • Dean Bruckner

        Thanks for your comment. I agree with much of what you wrote. However, you should be more careful in throwing around charges of ignorance with people you don’t know.

        • The Evangelical

          Although I do not know you personally, this comment: “Did blacks using this word regularly without any objections lead them to think they would be allowed to do the same? Perhaps.” is a reflection of ignorance of the nuances behind certain racial slurs that can be easily explained through a civil discussion with black Americans. Scripture encourages us to judge rightly (John 7:24) and I made a judgement based on the information provided. To clarify, I encourage you not to take the comment as a personal insult, but as an opportunity for further understanding and sanctification in line with Psalms 141:5.

          • Dean Bruckner

            The system posted my reply after I wrote the first paragraph. Please see my full comment above.
            For some unknown reason, it went into moderation purgatory. Honestly, of all the disqus sites where I comment, this offers the worst and most unpredictable experience. Using common words used in the very article above the comments pushes the comment into moderation. Not only do comments inexplicably go into moderation, I can never remember a comment going into moderation and ever, ever coming out.

            I would also suggest that if a nuanced use of the n-word is a stumbling block to those outside the black community, then as a Christian they should ask God if it is something, like the Apostle Paul’s attitude toward eating meat, they should never use again.

          • The Evangelical

            Woah! That’s a lot more to respond to. I agree; it can really mess up discussion when it only publishes portions of the response.

            I agree with the other, larger societal issues that you mentioned and we must approach them with a consistent, unified perspective based on scripture alone with a heart for God. Abortion in particular has been exceptionally dangerous, damaging, and evil.

            As for current problems in the black american christian community, these issues are largely being addressed by God-fearing pastors like Voddie Baucham and a plethora of unknown pastors. I believe they even discourage use of such slurs because of the potential for misunderstanding, but many will continue to use it and we should not be a stumbling block by not trying to understand. Although I do agree that it can be potential stumbling block to us as well when we see double standards against Christians.

            Lastly, I mainly focused on that one point in your first post because I had a issue with it, but I completely agree with the rest. It saddens me when the name of our Lord is use inappropriately, and the inconsistent standards of the left is frustrating. Like iron sharpening iron, I pray that we may encourage and strengthen each other as we confront both small and large challenges each day.

          • Dean Bruckner

            Agreed, thanks!

            My prayers for this situation, and for you as you bring Christ’s peace..

          • BHill

            Why? Why do whites get punished for their thoughts?
            I hear cracker, honky, red neck, trailer trash…. yet those are somehow not offensive?
            I’m sick of blacks and j ews monopolizing suffering.
            There were more Irish white Catholic slaves than blacks in America from 1600-1725, but no schools teach this. Gee I wonder why?

          • neuterable

            Because the Irish eventually became productive people and don’t feel the need to blame ten thousand years of failure on other races that they are exclusively dependent upon for their survival.

      • BHill

        They didn’t spell a word. There was no slur.
        Might be nipper or niffer, 2 words in the English dictionary.
        Stop the nonsense.
        PC is intellectual terrorism – Mel Gibson

        • LH

          BHill, the word was spelled plain as day on one of the girls social media pages. The word is what they meant. There is no running away from it. Plus to think what they had to discuss after taking the initial senior picture to go inside and take that picture, with that word, is outrageous. They deserve to accept the consequences of what they have received and what they will receive.

          • neuterable

            When Blacks push everyone else far enough, they will find out why it was so easy to enslave them for five hundred years and they will deserve it when the next time, no one bothers to keep them alive.

          • LH

            Neuterable what you don’t seem to understand is Black Americans already know why “they” find it so easy. It comes from the very thing we’re talking about here, racism. What you’re talking about is the present while others who are against racism are trying to change the future. Hence the “push” as you call it. It is necessary to highlight these wrongs, for these are moments of learning for those who can’t see the forest for the trees.

          • neuterable

            You were naked fly covered savages when they were dragged from the jungle and forced to wear pants. Boo Hoo. Worse things happened to better people but they recovered because they are worth something. Everyone should be sick to death of listening to you whine and all the damage you do to their civilizations.

            “Racism”? RACISM? Is that your argument, at this point YOU DESERVE GENOCIDE.

          • LH

            The ignorance you’ve shown here is also reflective of your lack of knowledge regarding the people who lived among the rich resources of Mother Africa, specifically who they were and how they were taken over with acts of violence by people such as yourself. Just because you don’t have the compassion to understand a system that is set up to intentionally destroy a person of a different color but want to continue to be oppressive is a sign that this fight will need to continue. Plus you don’t know me, so once again your stupidity of assumptions are abounding. Instead of your continued hatred, find a solution to stop your kind of madness!

          • neuterable

            Africa is a disgusting disease infested shithole filled with fly covered parasite infected subhuman trash that should be exterminated for the good of evolution. You don’t deserve sympathy or pity or hope, you deserve a rope around the neck and perhaps a bullet in the head and all of your kind have that to look forward to. Civilization can no longer survive the burden you have placed upon it. We can no longer afford to keep you alive and you no longer provide us with a reason to let you live.

            Each and every last one of your should be killed for the good of the human race.

          • LH

            You speak of civility, none of which you or your “kind” has. You are a hypocrite to speak about others while really you are speaking about yourself, your ignorance and powerlessness. Your rhetoric proves you are a fool & a coward. You will surely find a way to “off” yourself on your own.

          • neuterable

            The best way to exterminate your kind, is to simply stop supporting you. We stop producing antiviral medication and several entire African countries die. The day we withdraw support, the apes will riot and within three days, most of the liberals will be dead. By the end of the week, the apes will also be dead and we will dump all of your bodies in landfills, to conserve the fuel that would be wasted by burning your bodies.

            Would you like to see pictures of your ape relatives burning and eating each other? They delight me, by serving my sense of justice. The world becomes a better place, every time one of you dies and you provide me with ample entertainment by killing each other and providing footage so every day I can watch dozens of you die horribly and laugh about it because it is funny.

            I laugh about it the same way people laugh at pictures of cats and dogs, because you like they are an animal and your deaths are a Meme.

            Don’t like it? I would suggest you Start acting human and stop doing these things, but you won’t, you can’t. You don’t have the ability to control yourselves.

            We will eliminate you but we will not eat your flesh the way you eat the flesh of each other, we will not needlessly beat you or burn you, but we will not care when you suffer and we will not waste time torturing you before you die. We are entirely indifferent to your emotions because you are Not Self Aware.

            Human Civilization is not about avoiding violence, it is about Mastering Violence, it is about Control and Discipline. When you kill each other it is brutal and savage and chaotic, animal mauling each other. When we kill you it is methodical, systematic and thorough, it only takes a few of us to make your entire horde extinct and your Horde Deserves to be Extinct.

            The Mind is the Ultimate Weapon and yours is too weak to be useful. You are inferior to the point that you should not even be consider human and killing your should not be considered murder.

            The numbers say it, the photographic evidence says it, history says it. You are not capable of arguing even in your own defense and you will not be capable of surviving the war that is coming for you.

            Your death and the deaths of your monkey children will make the world a better place. Your genetic throwbacks will be eliminated and the Human Race will Advance without you.

          • LH

            Support whom? The facts are caucasians in this country are mostly on government assistance. Facts are there is systematic racism because there are cops in this country that feel the same way you do & put people of color in jail for no reason or simply kill them by saying “I felt threatened” because they are filled with pure hatred because they are evil. Or like these girls who in their homes think it’s ok to use racial slurs. Your sense is flawed period. You are in no position to withdraw supporting anyone so do you even know what you are talking about? My mind? I graduated from college and have a great job, so did my husband who is an executive & my child attends an Ivy League college. So once again, who are you talking about? You clearly don’t know anything about “my people”. You don’t even know who “my people” are. Your ignorance continues to climb while you corral an entire race and stereotype the lot of them.

          • neuterable

            I know that Harvard will take Black “D” Students, Affirmative Action is great for you isn’t it? You need special help to achieve “Equality” and still you fail.

            If you can’t understand what the word “Disproportionate” means then you have just demonstrated the degree of your own inferiority.

            The fact is, you are a “small” percentage of the population and great big chunk of it’s crime and welfare.

            We are keeping your civilization alive by funding your dead country while we buy up your assets. We are utilizing Sun Tzu’s strategy, encouraging your vices, we have given you enough rope to hang yourself.

            We will withdraw our support, the civilization that has tolerated you and benefited you will die and then you will all be killed and you will deserve it.

            The fact of the matter is, they have the right to kill you, they have just cause to kill you and you deserve to be killed, because you gave them just cause.

          • LH

            Sorry idiot! They don’t! You have to have both the grades and high scores on standardized testing such as the SAT and the ACT. It’s apparent you are misinformed due to the ignorance you have displayed. And no, it had nothing to do with Affirmative Action. I’m sure your jealous but that probably runs rampant in your circle. Speaking of AA, just think if all administrators were hateful like you because those like you don’t distinguish between skill & color. They see color, they hate, & then deny or reject. People of color would not have a chance to showcase their talents. My son, who was top of his high school class would be doomed. My husband nor myself would have good jobs if people like you were in charge of hiring. You are pitiful. Don’t you get it??? You’ve proven the point why AA is needed.

            Your fruit will bear the same fate you speak on others because you are giving them plenty of rope to hang themselves with. The next time you and your kind sees a person of color why don’t you share how you really feel about them. Don’t hid, be yourself. Don’t be like some of these girls who are now apologizing for what said & did. Own up to your hate, take responsibility & enjoy the consequences….or NOT!

          • neuterable

            You are doomed you damn dirty ape and Harvard is being sued right now, because of their disgusting bias in favor of illiterate gorillas and the penalties they apply against Asians. Smart Races have to perform much higher than average to get in, while one of you apes that can’t even understand basic statistics, are welcomed in and as a result, the degree becomes worthless.

            Affirmative Action, means none of you accomplishments mean anything. You can maybe get the degree with special help, but you can’t do the job because you are still an illiterate idiot that can’t string together a complete sentence or comprehend basic mathematics. You have no talents. You are a burden and with a degree you don’t deserve, you are a burden with a worthless sheet of paper.

            I will never apologize for telling you the truth about what disgusting parasites you are, I will not apologize for pointing out that you and that son that you crapped out deserve to die. I will not apologize for telling you that when your country dies as a consequence of supporting you, you too will die.

            Your monkey son and his unearned degree, will be dragged in to the streets and killed and it will make the world a better place when neither of you are in it any longer. It will happen because you will chimp out, just like you always have, but next time, no one will bother to keep you alive. Your cotton picking services are no longer required.

    • Tenley

      Look, Travyon Martin was a 17-year-old who was wearing a Hoodie when buying Skittles — and he was killed. And a lot of people — a huge swath of the nation — turned him into a monster though he was the victim. These girls are the same age or older. Check how you’re defending them (and think about how you reacted to Trayvon).

    • Legal Lady

      Where the heck does the idea that black people “regularly” use it come from? What statistics are you referring to? did you have a conversation with 14% of the American population already to determine that the word is “regularly” used by blacks, or are you ignorantly assuming that because some black stars on television use it and some criminals on “Cops” have uttered that word then that reflects on the majority of black people? If that same principle were applied on white people, then non-whites would be justified in thinking that white people are just “regularly” gun-totting greedy sociapaths capable of murdering pregnant women and throwing them in rivers or serial killing and eating boys and stashing their bones under their beds on a regular basis.

      • neuterable

        When ten percent of the population commits sixty percent of the violent crime and one hundred percent of the interracial rapes, it is worth recognizing and anyone who can’t understand why, is demonstrating their own inferior math skills. Some stereotypes are actually true.

        • Legal Lady

          I would really like to know your source. There are many hate-filled people out there who simply spew unfounded statistics or those prepared by biased organizations, hoping no one will verify. So please, educate me by citing your unbiased source. But, I’d like to throw out other statistics from reliable sources that don’t necessarily have as an agenda the desire to undermine the dignity of a whole subset of Americans. I respond not to persuade you, because that would imply you have reasoning skills, but just to put some truth out there.

          First, based on the data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (as represented in their 2015 and 2014 Uniform Crime Reports – UCR, which are available online for anyone able to perform a google search), more than half of violent crimes against persons are committed by whites and only about a quarter by blacks, so not sure where your 60% is coming from.

          The UCR, along with the Bureau of Justice Statistics findings (also available online) show that blacks were offenders in only 23% to 27% of rapes in general as of 2014. Based on the latter source I cited, 78% of rapes are done by familiars (ie: women are more likely to be raped by their husbands, boyfriends or other family members). Considering that statistic and also considering the recent arrest of a white officer who raped about a dozen (if not more) black women, your 100% claim of interracial rapes just rings completely false to anyone with common sense.

          • neuterable

            I do not care about the statistical use of the word that the censors won’t let me write here. Word choices don’t matter to me.

            Rape Statistics are a problem for a variety of reasons, the definition of “Acquaintance Rape” isn’t based on what someone does, it is based on what someone “Feels” and that makes it a Relative Thing instead of a Fact Based Law. Not so for all rapes however.

            The BJS Figures on Interracial Rape have an * for White on Black Rape, because for SIXTEEN YEARS there wasn’t even ONE case. In case you wonder, the Duke case was a Hoax.

            I am actually very mad about the Cop, he ruined a perfectly good Sixteen Year Record.

            Blacks also have a Monopoly on Gang Rapes. Same figures, I think there was one White Accomplice in a football team that watched a Gang Rape after helping carry the victim.

            Now Hispanics Offset Black Crime Rates while confusing white crime rates, but the Slant becomes more extreme, the more violent the crime. As crimes become more violent, crimes become more disproportionately black. As repeat offenders, blacks also become more heavily represented.

            If you look at the 2008 compilation for homicides for example, blacks were 52.5% of murderers. The last year with complete is data 2012 and in 2014 they actually decided to stop reporting some of that so from now on the Data will not be complete.

            Which I guess might be a good thing for racists, since the Cop wasn’t caught until last year.

            Either way, ten percent of the population is severely disproportionately represented and if you can’t understand why that matters, you are not competent to make your own decisions.

          • Legal Lady

            You keep giving statistics without giving your source, You jump to conclusions without any supporting data, as though if A + B = C then it must also equal X, and then you insult people who disagree with your biased and horrible points. Good luck in life with that approach.

          • neuterable

            I don’t insult people who disagree with me, I insult people who can’t understand statistics but still feel the need to comment on them.

            The BJS figures are available on the BJS website. The 52.5% figure was from the 2008 compilation.

            The difference between the BJS Figures and the FBI figures is the BJS figures account for Convictions and Victim Reporting depending on which figures are being reported, these are cases that actually pan out and are consistent with actual crime reporting.

            The FBI figures just deal with arrests and some counties have very, very low arrest rates, especially in black communities where the victim and the perpetrator and probably the prosecutor are all black and the police receive no cooperation.

            So, you want to equate Gang Rapes and Murders with some college girl who regrets what she did when she and her boyfriend were both drunk, but think other people have horrible points?

            I can show you horrible, I can show you pictures of girls that were gang raped and burned to death and it barely made the news. I can tell you about who did it and when they will probably be released from prison to do it again. I can tell you the statistical probability that they will do something like it again and if I really want to insult you, I will find a victim that is a lot like you to use as an example.

  • FoolMe1ce

    90% of all hate crimes in the US are committed by black males against white males/females. 50%+ of all homicides are committed by black males. Black males make up 3% of the population of the US. Why are these and other shocking facts regarding black males little known facts? Because it doesn’t fit the left’s racist, anti-white attitudes toward whites and especially against white males. These facts don’t support the progressives plan for the destruction of the white race – hence they do everything they can to hide these facts – all the while portraying whites as the racist problem in the mass media.

    Hear about the two white guys recently set on fire by a group of black males?
    Hear about the pregnant pastor’s wife recently raped by five black males and then shot in the head, all in front of her young daughter?
    Hear about the young white girl raped in a park by a group of black males? After they raped her, they set on fire. She was found hours later, naked, walking aimlessly down a road, apparently in shock, by the police.

    Google “black on white” for more horrific stories that exemplify the left’s hatred of the white race and the rampant, purposefully hidden black on white crime permeating every aspect of our society.

    • Kristen Carpeno

      Seriously ? My college student son went to visit another college stood up for exchange student & got jumped by 8 black students while kicking him in his face & stabbed him in the back screaming racial remarks to my son but these kids make the news while our situation is hush hush because college doesn’t want a situation..

      • dumpyou dinoun

        Yeah you silly mutt. I don’t believe your story. You’re lying and you should kill yourself ASAP

        • neuterable

          You know what is going to be funny? When you are raped, set on fire and eaten by a pack of apes. I’ll get the pictures when it happens and share them on line.

    • dumpyou dinoun

      Your “statistics ” are a wrong and stupid as you are. Only idiot white trash follow these fake statistics. You are far too stupid and insignificant to even be useful to society

      • amomsview

        I agree 100%!!! What a hater!

      • neuterable

        His statistics were actually pretty close to correct. Blacks are more like 10% of the population and only responsible for about 60% of the violent crime.

        • coffeenocreamer

          Once again, reported by whites

          • neuterable

            Eric “Helping my people” Holder from the Justice Department is White? That’s News to that mustachio monkey. Find a Smart Jewish Person to explain math to you.

  • Legal Lady

    I can only guess how that idea came about…

    Betty-Lou: O.M.G. Why don’t we, like, spell out N***** and take a picture?

    Ashley: That’s, like, the awesomest idea. EVER.

    Amanda: AND, when we’re done, we should totally post it online.

    Ashley: Totally! Like, we’re so cool already but now we’ll just be, like, famous and cool.

    Jennifer: Yeah! it’s not like anyone will get offended, cuz, like, black people use it too, right?

    Amanda. Oh, yeah, all the time. Like, in their music, and, like, just watch any black movie.

    Ashley: Sooo true. And that cute short black guy and that Tyson guy use it all the time in their comedy skits, so it must totally be okay and so funny.

    Betty-Lou: Totally!

    Jennifer: Yay! Let’s do it! We’re, like, so smart.

    Ashley: Duh, we’re graduating high school, aren’t we?

    Okay. A caveat – The dialogue seems like “valley girl” speech. The stereotype that most white girls talk like this is bad and unsupported. The stereotype that most black people refer to each other or to others with the N* word is also bad and unsupported.

  • amomsview

    Another example of inner city white trash developed out of a lack of class and education. They deserve to be expelled. Their parents should teach them they are not superior because of their skin color! Yes I am White as they come, smart enough to know skin color has nothing to do with high school. Those girls are ugly inside and out. Valley girls or not these white girls are clearly trash. This karma will follow them for life. Those stats are produced by whites, fool. Actually most crimes against whites are whites. You are exactly the kind of person who supports racism. No wonder. Haters.

    • neuterable

      Will it help sooth your white guilt to be raped, burned and eaten by the apes? Because that is something that is very likely to happen at this point in time.

      • amomsview

        No guilt here but it might be a good idea for you to get into a 12 step anger management class so can figure out your obvious diranged thinking…it’s not about skin color! It’s about the wrong attitude…

        • neuterable

          I can’t really hate blacks any more than any other invasive species, they are not human, they can not know better. Humans that sympathize with them, deserve to be hated.

          You don’t want to admit that you feel you should flagellate yourself for the imagined sins of your ancestors against the monkeies, but you wouldn’t be condemning your children to be raped and killed by packs of apes if you didn’t agree with the gorillas that they have the right to take revenge on you.

          Would you like to see pictures of libtards like you and their unfortunate spawn that made the mistake of climbing into the gorilla pens? There is one picture I love more than dead shitskins and that is dead libtards that should have known better.

        • neuterable

          You should feel guilty, not because your ancestors were successful, but because you sacrificed your civilization to make it up to the apes they tried to help civilize.

          It is about color or more specifically, genetics. They think it is about color because their thinking is only skin deep. When they rape and kill your children, they will do it because you are white and you will deserve it, because you agree, that they deserve it.

          I know, because I have seen it, I have pictures of other families, just like yours and what happened to them. It doesn’t make me angry that they died, it makes me happy that people still make excuses for their killers.

  • coffeenocreamer

    it’s amazing how people are defending these girls no wonder they were able to do it

    • neuterable

      You know what else they can do? Lots of things you can’t, like Math, writing a resume, complete a background check, pass a drug test, clean up their lawn, wash their hair, name their children with proper spelling…

  • spikesacoward

    Except… they are not all “white”. Guess what else?? The boy who took the photo is African American

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