UpNext Podcast: Want to Know Why Women-Only Bathrooms Matter? Ask a Rape Survivor

By Anika Smith Published on October 19, 2016

Kaeley Triller never planned on becoming an activist. She was a communications director at a local YMCA when the LGBT lobby pushed to open women’s locker rooms and bathrooms to men who identify as women.

As someone who has captured sex offenders seeking access to women and children, and as someone who had been sexually assaulted herself, Kaeley knew that this issue was “non-negotiable.” And it cost her her job.

The Stream‘s Gabrielle Bosché interviewed Kaeley for her UpNext podcast this week, and it’s a must-listen:

Kaeley has a powerful word for the church. She says many Christians don’t know what to do: they don’t want to be unloving, but they know that allowing men into women’s locker rooms is dangerous. She urges believers to be brave because there are women in your pews who need you to take a stand for their safety.

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