Video 5: Planned Parenthood’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Richard Land is right: These videos could bring down America's abortion industry.

By Jason Jones & John Zmirak Published on August 4, 2015

Not even 24 hours after the Democrats voted nearly lockstep to keep on pouring $500 million of taxpayer money yearly into Planned Parenthood’s baby-organ-trafficking business, the fifth and most devastating undercover video appeared from the heroic truthtellers of the Center for Medical Progress — documenting yet again with clear, continuous video the fact that Planned Parenthood evades and violates federal law.

Planned Parenthood takes orders for particular pieces of unborn babies (brains, eyeballs, livers and lungs) of particular ages (as late as 22 weeks, the same age as many premature infants now thriving in hospital ICU wards) and even for intact corpses of otherwise viable unborn babies. Then it kills the unborn babies to order, in particular ways that suit the needs of organ businesses, and delivers them for pre-arranged prices, to enhance its “revenue stream.”

The fifth video could not be more timely.

Planned Parenthood and its baby-parts customers are scrambling like “plumbers” in the Nixon White House to staunch the flow of information, venue-shopping for judges with close enough ties to President Obama to issue corrupt gag orders that hide the truth from the public and even lawmakers. Leading Democrats are trumpeting their firm support for Planned Parenthood as a crucial provider of “women’s health care.” They know better than anyone what Big Democratic Money demands on the abortion issue: unconditional fealty.

That’s what Sen. Robert Casey, Jr., of Pennsylvania offered them when he voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood, betraying the voters who’d believed he was really pro-life and mocking his father’s memory. We remember when faithful Catholic Robert Casey, Sr., a beloved senator from a key swing state, was frozen out of speaking at the Democratic Convention in 1992 because of his pro-life convictions. Appalled at this quashing of free political debate, the secular pro-life atheist and civil liberties leftist Nat Henthoff of The Village Voice arranged for Casey to give the same address at a shrine of free speech, New York’s Cooper Union, where Abraham Lincoln delivered a famous anti-slavery address in 1859.

One of us showed up for Casey’s speech, but again it was censored. Henthoff and Casey tried again and again to speak, for more than an hour, but pro-abortion hecklers shouted, catcalled, chanted and finally wore those good men down. Henthoff unplugged the mike and, with Casey, shuffled offstage, their eyes cast down at the floor.

That’s how abortion stays legal in America: through a reign of political thuggery, silence, denial and lies. Our country now suffers like Narnia under the Witch: It is always winter, never Christmas, for a million babies each year who fall into Herod’s clutches.

But no winter lasts forever. Silence was meant to be broken, even the silence of the grave — the nameless, faceless shambles of medical waste dumpsters where dismembered Americans are dumped like spoiled cold cuts, once their value has been extracted and transferred to medical labs.

The tomb of Jesus was equally unmarked and obscure. But it was explosive enough that Pilate and the Sadducees had to garrison it with guards, in the hope of corking the Truth via naked force. That gag order proved futile, and so will Planned Parenthood’s. As Shakespeare wrote, “Truth will out.”

The last time America was smeared, from head to toe, by a profound moral evil, that sin too was carefully maintained by silence and lies. Throughout the slave-owning South, it was illegal even to emulate George Washington and voluntarily free your slaves. And those who printed anti-slavery books and newspapers could go to prison, and have their presses seized by the state, while abolitionists were hunted, beaten and killed.

Hundreds of scribbling journalists and authors churned out idyllic pictures of the master/slave relationship, comparing it to parenthood, to mentorship, to the storied courts of feudal Europe. Slave state capitols like the one in Baton Rouge were built like Camelot castles, to bolster the fantasy that the slave-owning South was the honest heir of the Middle Ages, and that enslaved American blacks were like the subjects of King Richard the Lionheart.

Similarly today, the Democrats and their enablers sell a happy-clappy lie — that Planned Parenthood is a noble organization devoted to promoting women’s health care among the poor. They accept awards named for Margaret Sanger, whose racist views and ties to Nazi eugenics are a matter of clear historical record but which is also carefully whitewashed. They plant their clinics in ghettos and abort 94 percent of the babies they encounter, then pretend that they serve the poor and honor African-Americans. Now we know that they harvest the children of the poor and cannibalize them for parts, like stolen cars in a chop-shop.

But the pretense continues. The slogans keep getting repeated, with almost robotic discipline: Keep talking about the mammograms — it doesn’t matter that PP doesn’t offer them. Keep using words like “health,” “choice” and even “adoption.” Who cares if PP’s ratio of abortion to adoption is 117 to 1? Just stay with the spin, and wait the opposition out. The money will keep on coming.

Planned Parenthood’s Cabin

It doesn’t always take an army to shatter an empire built on lies. Sometimes all it needs is a single, bold truthteller who finds an honest audience. When Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she could not really have dreamed what kind of impact her novel would have. She was simply an author with an agenda: to tell the truth. She knew that the folksy paternalism of pro-slavery Southern rhetoric masked a rat’s nest of inhuman truths: That black women were routinely raped, with no legal recourse. That black men were flogged, sometimes to death, with no one punished for the brutality. That even well-meaning slave-owners, when their gambling debts needed paying, routinely had black children ripped out of their mothers’ arms and sold “down the river” to perish in the brutal cane-fields of Louisiana, or be prostituted to sate the lusts of “honorable” Southern gentlemen. She knew this, and wrote it, in words of fire that changed a nation.

Southern states outlawed her book. They believed in gag orders, too. But it was too late, and the institution of slavery sat on death row, counting its days.

Don’t think that in raising slavery and Stowe that I am calling for civil war in America. A civil war is in fact already underway. The most basic unit of community we could possibly imagine is that irreducible dyad of a pregnant mother and child. It is the root of human life, the most intimate possible bond. When a woman is pressed to destroy that, it is like goading her to suicide. But our Culture of Death has invaded that sacred, intimate realm, sowing enmity and violence between mother and child.

If our country is to enjoy any kind of lasting civil order, we can’t allow cynical profiteers of human suffering like Planned Parenthood to foster this discord and violence, to pile up millions of dollars by selling their victims. Like slaves.

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