Undeniable Proof That America Has Gone Mad

By Michael Brown Published on May 21, 2017

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock the last few years, here’s a newsflash: America has gone totally mad.

To be clear, I don’t mean that all Americans are off their rocker. I mean that right is now wrong, the abnormal is now normal, and what was once was unthinkable is now celebrated.

Head-scratching Headlines

Think I’m exaggerating? Then consider some recent headlines.

  • Time magazine, September 12, 2016: “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”

This article was written by a woman who was describing her brother’s pregnancy — in other words, her sister’s pregnancy. The twist being that her sister now identifies as her brother.

  • Pink News, September 4, 2016: “This photo of a trans dad breastfeeding his son tells a great story of love and acceptance.”

This refers to the same story and features the same, heartbreaking picture of what appears to be a man (with a scruffy beard and chest hair) nursing a baby. Somehow, this man has women’s breasts. This is not a “great story.” It’s a tragic story. It’s something to be mourned, not celebrated.

  • Lifesite News, May 19, 2017: “Breastfeeding organization welcomes transgender ‘nursing men’.”

As the article explains, “A venerable breastfeeding advocacy group is floating the notion that men can nurse children.

“Nursing is not just for moms anymore, reports a blog post from the National Catholic Register this week about a policy statement from La Leche League International (LLLI).

“‘As the cultural understanding of gender has expanded, it is now recognized that some men are able to breastfeed,’ the organization also stated.”

Note those words carefully once more: “nursing men” and “some men are able to breastfeed.”

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 16, 2017: “Tampons in Men’s Rooms? It’s Just a Small Part of ‘Menstrual Equity,’ Campus Activists Say.”

Says the article, “Over the past year, several colleges have improved access to menstrual products on their campuses, including in some men’s and gender-neutral restrooms. That last detail has prompted some conservative websites to take note.

The American Conservative mockingly headlined its report ‘Social Justice Washrooms,’ from ‘tomorrow’s generation of American elites.’ Commenters on Breitbart’s report on the trend called it ‘academic insanity,’ pointing out that ‘men do not menstruate.’”

But these campus ideologues are committed to their cause, which is part of the growing “free the tampon movement.” This is “an effort to make college more fair for students who menstruate, a concept for which Jennifer Weiss-Wolf coined the phrase ‘menstrual equity.’

According to Lance Floto, vice-president of the student association at the University of Rochester, “We have smaller baskets in men’s rest­rooms, but the reason we do that is because there are some men on the campus who menstruate and so it’s just the whole idea of inclusion and making sure that nobody’s left out — it’s a very easy thing.”

Let me remind you that these quotes are not from a satirical website and that the “menstrual equity, free the tampon” movement really exists.

Coupled with this on our campuses is the “pronoun of your choice” movement, which I’ve documented elsewhere. (For the record, these pronouns include: they/them/their/themselves; tey/tem/ter/temself ;ey/em/eir/emself; e/em/eir/emself; thon/thon/thons/thonself; fae/faer/faers/faerself; vae/vaer/vaers/vaerself; ae/aer/aers/aerself; ne/nym/nis/nymself; ne/nem/nir/nemself; xe/xem/xyr/xemself; xe/xim/xis/ximself; xie/xem/xyr/xemself; ze(or zie)/zir/zirs/zirself; zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself; ze/hir/hirs/hirself; sie/sier/siers/sierself; zed/zed/zeds/zedself; zed/zed/zeir/zedself; ce/cir/cirs/cirself; co/cos/cos/coself; ve/vis/vir/verself; jee/jem/jeir/jemself; lee/lim/lis/limself; kye/kyr/kyne/kyrself; per/per/pers/perself; hu/hum/hus/humself; bun/bun/buns/bunself; it/it/its/itself.)

And let’s not forget the Obama Justice Department policy. It threatened schools that would not allow boys who identified as girls to share the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower stalls. What kind of social experiment is this?

Perhaps this one article from Everyday Feminism (with video) shows just how mad our nation has gone. (Thankfully, the responses to the video are mostly negative. That’s a glimmer of hope, at least for the moment.) The article is written by Riley J. Dennis, “a polyamorous, atheist, gender non-binary trans woman with a passion for fiction writing, feminism, and technology.” It’s titled, “Can Having Genital Preferences for Dating Mean You’re Anti-Trans?” In other words, if, as a man, you prefer to date or marry a woman who has female genitalia rather than male genitalia, does that mean you’re “anti-trans”?

The article asks: “Is it cissexist, or anti-trans, to say that you wouldn’t date a woman who has a penis?” The answer? Well, it’s “more complicated than you might think.”

Complicated? Really? We have lost our collective mind!

England is not far behind. This headline announces, “First British man to get pregnant has been bombarded with abuse and threats since revealing he is due to give birth.”

I’m truly sorry that this woman is suffering such abuse and getting ugly threats. I’m also sorry that she wants to be both the mother and father of her child.

Speaking of children, have you heard about the latest? It’s drag queens reading stories to little kids. Major media headlines celebrate it. “Drag Queen Story Hour Puts the Rainbow in Reading” says The New York Times. Early reading just got a lot more glamorous” says the Smithsonian. And Circa tells us, “Drag Queens Are Reading Books to Help Fight Gender Stereotypes

And who knows what’s coming next? Who can even imagine?

Three Possible Outcomes

As a God-fearing follower of Jesus, I can see three possible outcomes for the near future:

  1. Jesus comes back before we completely self-destruct
  2. We completely self-destruct.
  3. We have a great (and rude) awakening that saves us from self-destruction.

While I long for the Lord’s return, I also work and pray for a great awakening. We should all pray that the Holy Spirit will transform the people I mention above. If not, it will be a rocky ride.

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  • Gary

    No “great awakening” is prophesied in the Bible for the last days. So number 3 is out. That leaves 1 or 2 as realistic possibilities. Jesus is coming back for his church, its only a question of when. When number 1 happens, it only helps Christians. Number 2 is going to happen to society even if number 1 happens first. And we haven’t even talked about the wrath of God being poured out on this wicked world, as addressed in Revelation. In other words, the world is doomed, and there is no way to change that fact.

    • Ken Abbott

      That assumes we are actually in the last days. Christians have despaired of the culture many times before in human history, thinking the end surely must be imminent. But God has repeatedly intervened and brought revival, reformation, and restoration for a time. I am certainly not convinced he won’t do it again.

      • Gary

        I am convinced. I don’t believe there will be any “revival”. I believe things will only get worse until the Church is taken out. And I don’t mean the Catholic Church.

        • Ken Abbott

          I guess time will tell. Certainly when the temple of the Holy Spirit departs this world, all restraints will be gone; it will be hell.

          • Autrey Windle

            Open your eyes wide and tell me again that you don’t see what you described as coming as fast as a speeding bullet…

          • Ken Abbott

            That difficult, even perilous, times are coming is hard to deny. But to conclude this means the Parousia is about to occur strikes me as premature. As I observed above, the history of the church teaches us that there have been many hard days that provoked apocalyptic thinking, yet those times passed. Convinced Christians despaired over the gross immorality and drunkenness that characterized England in the early 18th century. Then God sent the Great Awakening, which many historians credit with sparing England her own version of the French Revolution. As bad as things may seem now, the Holy Spirit remains with his people and still restrains sin.

          • A sensible analysis of the situation.

          • Dant e

            Just a thought with regard the possible differences between previous times of apocalyptic thinking and today – Certain prophecies that many believe to have come to pass such as the return of the people as a nation Israel and the increase in knowledge unlike any other time in history, the blood moon appearances perhaps and in my opinion the extent of the immorality is to a far greater degree than in those previous times. Were for example in the 18th century, society, from positions of power and institution as well as large parts of the population(and more worryingly in far greater numbers the youth), pushing as a state of normalcy such things as the alphabet cults and such a great force in terms of the combined efforts of secular thinking and teaching alongside the fastest growing and most aggressive religion in the world?

        • Jeff Sherrod

          That is true there will be no such thing as a Revival in fact the Bible calls it a “great Falling Away”.

  • Yossi

    I’m not a “reconstructionist” or “theonomist” (e.g. R. Rushdoony, Gary DeMar, David Chilton), but I remember seeing a bumper-sticker that folks of that stream of thinking put out with the slogan “God’s law or chaos,” and I think they have a point: Once God’s revealed will for how things should work, what’s right and wrong, good and bad… is thrown out, the result is chaos and the madness the Dr. Brown describes.

  • B.B. Sigs

    Great article.
    Next to last sentence, “transformed” should be “transform” (I think).
    God bless you.

  • Autrey Windle

    wickedness wickedness every where and not a brain to think…The Lord is coming but He can’t come soon enough to keep us from crying a river of tears for the lost and deceived. These people are so lost and soon to be joining the monsters who are leading them straight to hell. God please let they who have any ears to hear…and please hurry, God.

  • Jones Howell

    I have been trying to tell people what is next, but no one will listen. Want to know?

    • RebelwithaCause


    • Cambria Fallon Santiago

      Please do tell! I’m lost as to where this world is headed – except to hell in a hand bag.

  • RebelwithaCause

    Mr Brown, unfortunately neither of your “three possible outcomes” are going to happen as I think you envisage. Obviously your terminology, unless specifically clarified, is open to interpretation: i.e.: What do you mean by self-destruct? Does “we” mean the USA or humanity, etc.

    What is going to happen is hell is going to descend on the West and the world. Blood will flow. Only till the blood flows will the faithful truely seek to amend their ways and ask for God’s Mercy and help. At the moment we believe in human institutions: the Supreme Court, politicians, reason, technology, the UN etc to deliver us peace. At the time of reckoning against Evil most Christians will denounce God, for the comfort and security of the now, offered by the progressive secularists. They will not be willing to die, let alone suffer, for Christ: By God’s Grace may I have the faith to remain faithful.

    Those who remain faithful will be persecuted: blood of martyrs will flow even in the USA as well as Europe. At the moment there are rivers of blood from the martyrs in the Middle East, Africa and Mexico. There has been spots in Europe: Fr J Hamel in France. Of course this will not be the blood of the officially recognised Christian “churches” that endorse abortion, gay marriage, transgender ideology, euthanasia etc. But the “hate” Churches of the faithful that have been outlawed as Evil:

    “It is to save them that God wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If you do what I tell you, many souls will be saved, and there will be peace.

    This war will end (WWI), but if men do not refrain from offending God, another and more terrible war will begin during the pontificate of Pius XI (WWII). When you see a night that is lit by a strange and unknown light [this occurred on January 28, 1938], you will know it is the sign God gives you that He is about to punish the world with war and with hunger, and by the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.

    To prevent this, I shall come to the world to ask that Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart (occured in 1929), and I shall ask that on the First Saturday of every month Communions of reparation be made in atonement for the sins-of the world. If my wishes are fulfilled, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, then Russia will spread her errors (militant atheism) throughout the world (as has happened), bringing new wars and persecution of the Church; the good will be martyred and the Holy Father will have much to suffer; certain nations will be annihilated. But in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph (Hope). The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me (this has not been done), and she will be converted, and the world will enjoy a period of peace. In Portugal the faith will always be preserved…”, as told to Lucia, by the Blessed Virgin under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary on the 13th July 1917 at Fatima.

    Ultimately victory of Good over Evil is assured through the Resurrection of Christ, but only when we cooperate with the Will of God.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    I remember riding the school bus in the days before all this convoluted gender bending reformation sillyness was possible. One bus driver was quietly referred to as “shim” by her prepubescent passengers. “Shim” was not one to put up w/any nonsense from those consigned to her route. One of the more rambunctious young fellows made the mistake of calling the driver out for her gender ambiguity. He yelled “hey Shim….” . We thought it was hysterical that finally the consensus was no longer a hushed sentiment. That is until she slammed on the brakes , pulled the bus over & got up out of her seat. Suddenly the effort required to keep us kids from cracking up was no where to be found. What happened next somehow escapes me. What I do recall is that the poor woman never set foot on that bus again. We were victorious, or so we thought. No more nasty Shim to bother our sensibilities. What we hadn’t considered was her replacement. Must have been a former marine drill Sargent or something equally unrelenting. Yeah, we sure did miss “Shim” …..
    The point of this story ? We thought it was cool to make that woman mad. Turned out we paid a price for our insensitivity. Fast forward to today. Pop culture thinks it’s cool that madness has replaced reasonable consideration towards those somewhat removed from the established norm. Both are inappropriate. Both can have severe consequences when pushed to the limit. Both can get you “kicked off the bus” …

    • Nobody Specific

      Yes its a fine line. One thing we should never do is be intentionally hurtful or unkind. There is nothing Christ like about that! At the same time we have a fine line to walk between tolerance and enabling. Doing what amounts to assisting someone to continue to do something harmful to themselves and possibly others when they are in positions of influence like teachers, scout leaders, etc is not loving either.

      its not easy but what is making it a lot harder is the existence of the ‘outrage’ brigade. We have outside people telling these “communities” what they should get upset about. I think they are doing it deliberately to make compromise impossible. Suggesting for example a person that considers themselves to be a “trans-woman” should be offended that someone might not want to date her do to her status is silly. People have always selected people to try and get dates with based largely on physical characteristics. Its after all the only thing you know usually know about them at first. We have articles though that are basically advising people they need to be upset about the fact I am not interested in a romantic relationship with some who has the same type of genitals I do. They are leaving no room for compromise here.

      I think its cynical plot involving a large number of “useful idiots” to make Christians and Conservatives look bad. To distract the LGBTQABCDEFG…. types with some token gestures why their puppet masters do nothing to really help them so a small group of elites can gain more power.

      • Nels

        “One thing we should never do is be intentionally hurtful or unkind. There is nothing Christ like about that!”

        If you really believe that sin matters, then you know what its result is. You must really hate the sinners if you want to let them go to Hell with their precious feelings unruffled. There is nothing Christ like about that!

        Jesus was very big on pointing out sin, and he hurt the feelings of a great many sinners.

        • Nobody Specific

          There is a fine line, and Messianic’s examples are on the right side of it. Think of it as the difference between putting Alcohol on a wound or salt. Both hurt a lot, the intent of Alcohol is to help though, its done to prevent infection. Rubbing salt in a wound is torturous and confers no benefit.

          That is what I am getting at. Its hurtful but helpful to explain to someone you can’t attend their homosexual wedding because you know marriage must between a man and a woman. This will no doubt hurt their feelings. They may however, eventually look at you and see how you have lived your life when they find themselves unfulfilled and make a choice to change.

          On the other hand if you picket their wedding you look to them at least like “a bitter clinger” and they are more likely to just harden their heart. As a Christian you want to be an exemplar. Yes sometimes that means you will have to state the unvarnished truth and the truth occasionally hurts, but you don’t have to mock, tease, or be nasty. That is what I was trying to get across.

          • Nels

            Certainly communication should be effective.

      • Was the Lord Jesus Christ intentionally hurtful or unkind when he warned that those who commit sexual immorality will end up in hell? (Mt. 5:27-32). Yes he was! Was the Apostle Paul intentionally hurtful or unkind when he told the Corinthians not to fool themselves about the severity of divine punishment on sexual sins (in I Cor. 6:9-20) and demanded that they expelled a fornicator from their congregation (in I Cor. ch. V)? Yes he was! St. Paul even required that such a one be delivered “unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus”. The Apostle used very strong language. But this was out of love and for the greater good of the salvation of souls. At times it is good to be hurtful and unkind to a person, in order to save him from spiritual destruction.

    • Knowledge Transfer

      Stop making excuses for tolerating the intolerable. Crazy is crazy. These crazies need help. Justifying their irrefutable insanity even in the slightest is unjustifiable because it gives credence to wrong doing. If these crazies want to play Halloween on their private properties no problem. When they prance and promenade craziness in public while rejecting the offered help, they should be rebuked and if necessary stigmatized. Free Will has consequences.

      • Howard Rosenbaum

        How did you get that I was making excuses for the “convoluted gender bending reformation silliness” I was referencing ?! Theres a distinction between recognizing human dignity regardless of how skewed it may appear in a particular individual , & the affirmation of that ones unfortunate proclivity towards the absurd ….

        • Knowledge Transfer

          Pampering perversion and pacifying perverts in any way [even in the slightest of ways] endangers not only the crazies but even more importantly the general welfare. Playing nice with crazy is how we have been so far seduced. Inch by inch enslavement becomes a cinch. What we have permitted is a puny 2.3% of the general population [who are authentically and abnormally sick in the head] to become even more crazy in their abnormality for the feckless fear of hurting their precious feelings….feelings that are not based on facts. When feelings are not based on facts, they can’t be hurt because they don’t exist. If our sissified culture really wanted to help these people, we would be leading or driving them out of and away from insanity not in any way making excuses for keeping them easy and comfortable in their abnormalities. We should help them because when we help them we are also helped. Perversion soils all. When they refuse the help offered, we must protect ourselves from their refusals to be helped or what we then will have is a malignant ever metastasizing hair on the tip of the dogs tail waging the entire dog ton death.

          • Howard Rosenbaum

            Again theres a difference between “playing nice w/perverts” as you reference it & representing a God kind of compassion towards those whose lifestyles we cannot affirm. Look everybody outside the Kingdom of God is one variety of “crazy” or another. The churched unregenerate will take their place alongside the more visibly perverse who share the same unrighteousness. Personally I’m no fan of the “Heinz 57 variety” folk who promote their brand outside their private property as you mention. Yeah, there are more viable concerns for the culture that embraces this particular kind of confusion. However, God has of yet to establish a theocracy on American soil. We don’t change the culture by persecuting it’s societal aberrations. There are plenty of regimes run by despots that do that already. We address cultural change only as a significant number of those inflicted w/this “madness” discover something greater than the delusion that they are operating under. Until then we all need to chill. Vote your conscious . Those called to outreach to that community , do it as unto the Lord. We have a voice , use it as appropriate. Support leaders both in the public & private sector who raise legitimate concerns, as Mr Brown is doing w/his platform. As the Lord leads, pray that he release qualified workers into that harvest field. Hey, maybe even you yourself may one day find the grace to represent the Master in the midst of this incredulous political correctness.

          • Knowledge Transfer

            Mushy message…playing nice with evil is evil. Clarity is charity. Psalm 97:10 “God loves those who hate evil.” You should run for office. You offer BLUR!

          • Howard Rosenbaum

            Well, should I be curious as to your definition of “protect ourselves from their refusal to be helped” ? Also, where did you find your translation of Psalm 97:10 ? That still small voice that i endeavor to hear when somewhat challenged by “adversarial thinking” inspired me to do some checking. You know for the sake of clarity. Seems like you’ve misquoted that verse. It reads ” You who love the Lord, hate evil’. Couldn’t even find a google reference to your version of that verse. You seem to be crediting our God w/this absurd notion that he needs some criteria for his “unconditional” love for humanity. Kind of like that oft quoted “God helps those who help themselves” non bible verse used to justify criticism of those who endure challenges while trusting God & His faithfulness. ( not a justification for lazy believers,btw ) God, as much as my sensibilities struggle w/this, even loves that “worm” responsible for the recent attack perpetrated on little girls. My apologies to worms everywhere. Though those worms are not wriggling through the “flames’ of hell unable to escape the torments this heinous crime merits. Even those who’ve escaped the reach of Gods grace & find themselves at the hands of a merciless tormentor did not earn that placement by their acts. They are w/out hope because w/out a redeemer they were already removed from hope. But I digress. Theres a distinction between God’s love & His pleasure. He gets no pleasure from so many that He has chosen to love first. Only those that reciprocate His love & walk by faith have the privilege of pleasing Him. When you misplace the emphasis upon us for a criteria for His love, you underscore your lack of clarity on the very foundation upon which we build a life of faith. I have yet to find any scripture which represents a requirement that we must love God , hate evil or anything else to deserve this so great a love. God can’t love you any more or love you any less than what He loves you presently. Pleasing Him is a whole different matter as are the rewards for doing so – & theres nothing “mushy” about that ..!

          • Knowledge Transfer

            As far as “we need to protect ourselves from their refusals to be helped.” As just one example, we need to protect ourselves from those who rape especially when they refuse to stop raping. Otherwise, good and evil will eventually become indistinguishable and one in the same. If we treat evil the same good, why ever be good? If we treat error the same as correctness, why ever be correct? If we treat vice the same as virtue, why ever be virtuous? If we treat ignorance the same as wisdom, why ever become wise? If we treat perversion the same as purity, why ever be pure or purer?

            Psalm 97:10 says: “The Lord loves those who hate evil.” Saying that “God loves those who hate evil” is saying the same thing since the Triune God – the Trinity [the Father; the Son; and the Holy Spirit] move as one. The cited verse is on page 530 within the the 1,247 page New American Bible + the 64 page Encyclopedic Dictionary and Biblical Reference Guide.


            Translated From the Original Languages
            With Critical Use of All Ancient Sources


            The Revised New Testament Authorized
            By the Board of The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine


            Approved by The Administrative Committee Board
            of The National Conference of Catholic Bishops


            The United States Catholic Conference

            Catholic Bible Publisher – Wichata, Kansas

            Also, please know that like all behaviors, all sins are not created equal. While all sins offend God, it is the grave sins – especially when/if they are publicly exalted and celebrated that when left in a state of insolent impenitence leads to perdition not paradise. Authentic love means leading or driving the so called loved ones out of or away from grave sins not in any way making them easy and comfortable in their continuance of their grave sin. That’s indifference. And indifference trats evil the same as good as in “Who cares” ! We are called to be Soldiers of Christ in order to become heirs to heaven. Soldiers fight. They don’t play nice with evil. They make evil fear good because God is all good and fully deserving of our unbending loyalty and because fear of the Lord is vital to peace on earth and good will toward men. Free Will without well reasoned fear of the Lord [fear of hurting God as in fear of hurting our earthy parents – not primarily fear of punishment] is like a Jet plane without landing gear.

            I offer the following to evidence that clarity is charity as compared to parsing; nuance; confusion; convolution; ambiguity and vagary:

            Acts 10:34-35: Then peter preceded to speak and said, “In truth,I see that God shows no partiality.” Rather, in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him.

            Amos: 5:15: Hate evil and love good, and let Justice prevail at the gate.

            Colossians 3:16: Let the word of God Christ dwell in you richly. As in all wisdom you teach and admonish on another. [Admonish means to warn. It doesn’t mean pamper; appease or acquiesce].

            Colossians 3:25: For the wrongdoers will receive recompense for the wrongs they committed, and there is no partiality.

            Ecclesiastes 8:11-13: Because the sentence against evil doers is not properly executed, therefore, the hearts of men are filled with the desire to commit evil because the the sinner does evil a hundred times and survives. Though indeed I know that it shall be well with those who fear God, for their reverence toward him, and that it shall not be well with the wicked man, and he shall not prolong his shadowy days, for his lack of reverence toward God.

            Ezekiel 33:8:10: If I tell the wicked man that he shall surely die, and you do not speak out to dissuade the wicked man from his ways, the wicked man shall die from his guilt, but I will hold you responsible for his death. But if you warn the wicked man, trying to turn him from his ways, and he refuses to turn from his ways, he will die for his guilt, but you shall save yourself. [Pampering perversion leads to perdition].

            Ezekiel 33:12-20: Is another good one.

            Isaiah 11:2-5: The spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him; a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, a spirit of counsel and of strength, a spirit of knowledge and fear of the LORD, and his delight shall be fear of the LORD. Not by appearances shall he judge, nor by hearsay shall he decide. But he shall judge the poor with Justice, and decide aright for the land afflicted. He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked. Justice shall be the band around his waist and faithfulness a belt upon his lips.

            John 14:5: If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

            John 14:21: Whoever has my commandments and observers them is one who loves me.

            I John 5:17: All wrong doing is sin, but there is a sin that is not deadly.

            Malachi 3:16-20: The they who fear the lord spoke with one another, and the LORD listened attentively and a record was written before him of those who fear the LORD and trust in his name. And they shall be mine says the LORD of hosts my own special possession, on the day I take action. And I will have compassion on them, as a man has compassion on his son who served him.
            For lo, the day is coming, blazing like an oven, when the proud and all evil doers will be stubble, and the day is coming will be set them on fire, leaving them neither root of branch, says the LORD
            of hosts. But for you who fear my name, there will arise the sun of Justice with its healing rays. And you will gambol like calves out of the stall and tread down the wicked: they will become like ashes under the soles of your feet, on the day I take action says the LORD of hosts.

            Proverbs 3:32-34: To the LORD the perverse man is an abomination [abomination means hate;
            Therefore, God hates those who do abominable deeds], but with the upright is his friendship. The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked, but the dwelling of the just he blesses; when he is dealing with the arrogant he is stern, but to the humble he shows kindness.

            Proverbs 8:17: Those who love me I also love.

            Proverbs 9:10: The beginning of wisdom is fear of the LORD.

            Proverbs 25:5: Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

            Like the apostle of common sense so cogently stated: “Tolerance is a virtue in men without convictions.” And as stated above the “compassion word” so loosely thrown around today obviously refers to those who earned compassion by their loyal behaviors not evil scaly waging behaviors laden with ingratitude.

            Prideful Satan hates God. He can’t get at God. His next target is man who was made in God’s image and likeness. Satan wants to rob God of immortal souls who God has destined for final redemption. Satan is clever and cunning. But he is not invincible. He knows our weaknesses and tendencies. Yet he can’t make us do anything unless we capitulate and surrender to the songs of weak men. His has convince far too many that he doesn’t exist just as hunters camouflage themselves from their prey. He has also been successful in conditioning mankind in all too many ways and in all to many places that God is some pampering pandering parent who is incapable of discernment when it comes to behaviors of mankind.

  • James

    What is now considered sophisticated was, not too long ago, literally the joke in a Monte Python sketch.

  • Jay

    Madness is quite accurate!

  • Peter L

    This is completely insane. It’s what happens when ideology is valued over facts, Hegel (19th century philosopher) at his worst. Hegel’s dialectic philosophy inspired Karl Marx, but this shows the poison he came up with, is still working. Once, when Hegel was lecturing, one of his students exclaimed, “But professor, what you say contradicts the facts!” Hegel’s cold reply was: “Too bad for the facts”.
    This is exactly what’s happening here.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    This is what happens when perversion is pampered and perverts are pacified.

  • Hope Assassin

    I really don’t see it getting better before it gets a lot worse and by worse, I mean a lot of destruction has already happened and the Lord pulls us from the brink before we completely self annihilate. Roman empire could not be militarily or economically overcome. It imploded on itself, primarily through moral decay. What makes us think the exact same fate doesn’t await us, is beyond me.

  • Mari Pe

    Great article. I am reading this and I could feel every shout of your soul from every exclamation ❗ I feel the same way, it’s unbelievable, I am as angry as sad for everything and everyone that is thinking that we are heading in the right direction. GOD HELP US! I am a 30 years Romanian girl and mom and I read about this’ equality ‘ in many countries, and although in our country the majority are conservative in these issues and do not agree with these policis and politics, we feel that huge pressure is made by our government, little by little to align with the most ‘civilizaed ‘ and educated’. The problem that I see here is that although we do not agree, accepting and being passive is a mistake, because when you give someone your finger, before you know it it will have taken all of your hand! If you understand what I mean. Bless you!

    • ktrimbach

      Keep strong and keep fighting! Civilization has to be preserved.

  • Mrs. Phillips

    Perhaps an outreach tract about the perversions practiced by rulers, leaders and citizens of Rome prior to that civilization’s collapse would provide a warning to those being unduly influenced by similar perversions today and the possible threat it poses to our own society.

    • QuestionMark666

      Are you serious?

      • ktrimbach

        Yes. The only civilizations in history that have normalized the sexual perversions that are becoming normal today have been in their final stages: Greece, Rome, Assyria, Celts, etc

        • stan schmunk

          And Israel. It had little houses in Solomon’s Temple to house homosexual prostitutes.

  • Kontbe Doxt

    We are now
    48 years after Stonewall Riots.
    43 years after activists pressured changes on the definition of homosexuality in the DSM III
    19 years after the first episode of “Will and Grace”
    9 years after the election of Barack Obama
    2 years after the first episode of “I am Jazz”
    23 months after Obergefell v. Hodges
    12 months after Obama’s May 13th Transgender Student Directive

    But now we are at
    6 months after the defeat of Hillary Clinton
    ? months since President Trump undid Obama’s May 13th 2016 Transgender Student Directive

    There is much work to be done after generations and generations have been indoctrinated into LGBT orthodoxy.
    One step at a time.

    • QuestionMark666

      LGBTQ Rights are here to stay. You really think there is a path to revoking same sex marriage? Among the under 35 year olds same sex marriage and gay rights gets a 65%+ approval rating. In that group nearly 40% are Nones without religion or a deity. The constituency for anti-Gay sentiment holds a majority only OVER 65 years old. Just dying off and fading away is your position’s dismal future.

      • Mo86

        @ QuestionMark666

        We will NOT bow to your bullying. Do you hear me? Do you understand me? We will not.

        Your choice is either to repent and turn to Christ for pardon, or face His wrath. But either way, know this. You WILL one day bow – either in worship, or in terror.

        • QuestionMark666

          We’re bullying you (Christians)? You are a little off in the head, aren’t you?

          Then you roll out your BULLY GOD to threaten me with superstitions about his “wraith”. Bow or face terror? That sounds like bullying to me.

          • Andy Doerksen

            It’s only bullying if, in fact, the One doing the threatening doesn’t have an innate right to demand our allegiance. You know – cuz He owns us, being the Creator and all.

            Bullying is something done by a person toward an equal, who s/he ought to treat as an equal, but refuses to recognize as an equal.

            And yes, LGB activists – I dropped the “T” because in reality there’s no such thing as a transgender human – are bullying Christians and other conservatives. The activists are demanding that we sacrifice our freedom of conscience in order to conduct business and make a living. When a person is coerced into giving up a natural freedom – doesn’t that constitute bullying by the coercers?

  • Mo86

    We are a nation under judgment. I hope Jesus returns soon.

    • Enjoy your wait.

      • Andy Doerksen

        From God’s point of view, it’s only been 2 days.

  • ktrimbach

    This an example of what Robert Bork spoke of in his book “Slouching Toward Gomorrah”. He starts with the example of defining deviancy down – acceptability of homosexuality, divorce, cohabitation, etc. This is a well-known phenomenon throughout history. (P.S. It doesn’t usually end well.)
    He then goes on to describe a new phenomenon: defining normalcy down. By this he means that normal behaviour is now being demonized. Virginity and Abstinence are ridiculed. Even not cohabitating or at least having sex with a partner before marriage is frowned upon. Not accepting homosexuality and now trans-genderism are “intolerant” and those with those beliefs are targeted for bullying, harrassment and, frequently, being fired from jobs (or just not being promoted.)
    Although the rising generation, Gen Z, appears to be rejecting the extremes of this ideology, they still accept many of its basic tenets: gay marriage, gender equality, etc. At best, I feel like we are in Nineveh in the days of Jonah: yes they repented for a time but within another generation God still had to wipe them out.
    As for Jesus coming back, people have been waiting for that for the last 2000 years. At least some of those statements I believe were fulfilled with the coming of the Holy Spirit, but people and cultures over history have been through much worse than us. I don’t see any reason for now to be the time except possibly that he says that “first the gospel has to be preached to all peoples and to all nations”. So maybe for the first time in history we are close to having done that. That’s my prayer and what I seek to do.

  • davol

    A year or so ago I would have disagreed with this writer because I was a man who experienced menstruation. I would have argued that men do indeed menstruate and I should mention that I was instrumental in getting tampon dispensers installed in my school’s mens bathrooms. I know it’s hard to accept but my problem was very real and the tampons did help immensely. Unfortunately I’ve now been to the doctor and as it turns out I have bleeding hemorrhoids.

  • Augie Janke

    Great article….I do pray that our Savior Lord Jesus comes soon!

  • Tina Gina

    Please… the Lord has been “returning” for decades. I remember back in 86 he was supposed to show up. Never did. He is not coming back because he is not real. Stop living in this make believe religious fantasy world.

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