UConn Cancels Comedian Over Remarks on Transgender Children

Comedian Owen Benjamin didn't even make the remarks as part of his official comedy routine.

By Rachel Alexander Published on October 8, 2017

The University of Connecticut canceled a comedian’s appearance because he doesn’t believe allegedly transgender young children should receive hormone blockers. The drugs stop the child from going through puberty.

A college student asked Owen Benjamin during a speech what he thought of NPR host Jesse Thorn allowing his three-year-old child to choose its own gender. Benjamin called Thorn a “child abuser.”

Benjamin expressed his opposition to a three-year-old being given hormone blockers.

Benjamin reiterated his position on Twitter. He tweeted several times, “You are supporting a 3 yr old child in diapers choosing gender which will lead to hormone blockers. Publicly I want this noted.”

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The university’s Student Union Board of Governors canceled his October 25th show. SUBG condemned him for using social media “to express [his] views on certain marginalized communities.” They claimed his tweets “became increasingly negative in sentiment.” SUBG “does not believe that this comedian will garner the attendance of undergraduate students on the night of the event.”

Benjamin says he favors trans rights. He said at a recent event, “Being in favor of trans rights does not make you a liberal, which I am, I’m in favor of trans rights.” But he drew a line, “Am I in favor of preventing an 8-year-old from going through puberty because they want to wear a dress? Of course not. I’m so against that.”

A Dangerous Experiment

Many doctors believe puberty blockers will harm the children who get them. Three scientists objected in a paper titled “Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria” in the journal The New Atlantis.

In World magazine’s summary, the scientists challenge three claims. First, they argue that it remains unknown whether the treatment is reversible. Second, they challenge the notion that the treatment is harmless.

Finally, they do not believe it is merely “cautionary,” begun in case the child decides to changes his sex. In fact, they found that “hormone therapy often solidifies a child’s gender dysphoria.” It drives him or her to persist in identifying as transgender. “It doesn’t allow for the likely result: growing out of it.” This is concerning, since the vast majority of children with gender dysphoria grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood.

The vast majority of children with gender dysphoria grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood.

Benjamin wasn’t going to give a partisan lecture. He was merely going to perform a comedy routine. But because school left didn’t like comments he’d made previously, they canceled his comedy routine. Those comments were in response to a question, not part of his regular show.

Several well-known comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, have said that censorship on colleges campuses has made performing even comedy difficult. “There’s a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me,” he told Seth Meyers on Late Night.

When will higher ed stop being scared and start supporting free speech and encourage debate? Maybe U.S. News and World Report should add to their college ratings, “How committed is XX university to free speech?” Sadly, this type of censorship is starting to take place all around the country. It is usually directed at those on the right. Speech from prominent conservatives that the left-wing dominated universities don’t agree with is being shut out.

Benjamin has continued tweeting about the incident, defending his description of using hormone blockers on children as child abuse. The university said it will still pay him $7,500, honoring a cancelation clause in the booking agreement.

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  • JP

    He is right about that.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Benjamin should identify as a UCONN administrator and Kristin Allen’s boss, reverse her decision, and double the compensation. After all, who’s to say he isn’t?


  • Cynthia Cantrell

    I hate to point out the obvious here, but most people don’t look to comedians for medical advice. In countries where people look to their religious leader for medical treatment, we usually refer to them as “witch doctors.” We don’t really expect them to cure anything beyond what a placebo could fix.

    If you don’t have a medical degree in the relevant field, all you have is an opinion. Which as everyone knows, everyone has one, sort of like a colon.

    I’m an electrical engineer. My 25 year career has been spent mostly in the Telecomm end of the business. If your local power plant goes down, you might ask my opinion, but I know enough to know what I don’t know. I’d leave fixing the plant to the experts who have experience in that field.

    If your newly installed ADM is showing continuous pointer slips on the traffic payload, I know how to help you.

    Science is a thing folks. It has helped us learn the skills we need to make computers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and instant pudding.

    If you want a comedian to treat your cancer, go right ahead. But don’t blame others when they go to the best medical advice they can find.

  • A. Castellitto

    Look how sad things have gotten…. I think it’s good you are on top of this… But I wouldn’t have the patience or the stomach to cover this nonsense…. The libs and their impurity tests they deem acts of tolerance…. Its all so upside down…. As far as universities, they are the problem and will never be part of the solution

    “The conspiracy — in its metaphoric dimensions — represents nothing so much as a giant mowing machine, never deviating from its decades-old goal of smashing America’s constitutional, cultural, economic, and political infrastructure.

    The take-down of America from within has been sought through more than one avenue, but arguably none so pivotal as the Frankfurt School. Breitbart focuses on that phenomenon in his 21-page chapter Breakthrough.

    The author/activist discovered the long-term Marxist crusade to tear-down the United States did not end (as many Americans assumed) when the Berlin Wall came down.

    Aside from the Soviet empire and the 100 million people killed at the hands of Communist brutality, Marxism has always had its cultural warriors. Nothing impedes their advance so much as the United States of America.

    Our enemies long ago concluded that bringing the U.S. to its knees would involve control of the culture — the everyday lives, and the everyday thoughts, of the citizens.

    Breitbart saw those forces at work as a student at Tulane University — what he calls a cultural fascisti. What he saw was campus thought control: elites who decided “what was okay to think and what to write, what words meant, and who was allowed to say them. There were (and are) tribunals without oversight, as kids have been thrown out of college for uttering the wrong sentiments.”

    But Tulane was a mere microcosm. Cultural Marxism was (and is) pervasive in the mainstream media, Hollywood, education (K-higher ed), and straight on into the government.

    America did not simply wake up in the mid-sixties and suddenly embrace the rebellious counter-culture that would define the era. No, those seeds had been planted decades earlier.”

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