Tune Out the Table Pounding

By Mike Huckabee Published on May 5, 2019

It’s possible you’ve had a hard time this week keeping up with the shrill Democratic attacks on Attorney General Bill Barr (is it really an impeachable offense to allegedly not include in your four-page summary every nuance of a 400-plus page report that had already had been released long before the hearing?) If so, then a good way to catch up with the Democratic leadership’s public descent into infantilism would be to read the excellent summary of this week’s Mueller report-related events by Harmeet K. Dhillon at Fox News. It will fill you in quickly on what happened and what’s likely to happen next. 

Leaving a Sinking Ship

If I had to guess the next stage of Democratic reaction after anger and panic, I’d say it will be the “rats leaving a sinking ship” phase. People who engaged in illegal activities to spy on, undermine and frame Donald Trump and his staffers will start offering to implicate higher-ups in exchange for immunity deals. Fear of that is the real reason for the ever-more-hysterical attacks on Barr, as well as the media’s helpful amplifying of those attacks and their efforts to get the most damaging information out with the most positive spin on it, to try to soften the shock and anger when Barr’s finding go public.

Remember, these media outlets could have done their job as journalists, dug up the truth and published it two years ago, but they were too busy trying to convince you that the President was a Russian agent who was about to be arrested.

Claims of Obstruction of Justice

If pressed for a second prediction, I would say that Trump’s approval ratings will continue to rise, for several reasons: Now that Mueller has admitted there’s no evidence of Russian collusion, the Democrats have been forced to fall back on claiming obstruction of justice. The lap-dog media are pushing this nonsense hard, so polls show many Americans now believe Trump obstructed justice. But as a famous Republican once said, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Americans will eventually start to question why, if Trump obstructed the probe, Mueller was never fired and instead went on for two years, blowing $35 million of our tax money investigating something that never happened. If Trump obstructed the probe, then he turned out to be just as bad at obstruction as he is at being an asset to Russia or an anti-Semite.

Childish Behavior

I suspect the embarrassingly childish behavior of the Democrats in Congress also won’t wear well with Americans, who want Congress to move on and get some things done to help the country, not listen to endless tantrums over nothing. You can disagree with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, you can even stupidly claim that America was never great, but it’s become obvious to all but the most blind partisans that Trump is at least trying to do things that he thinks are good for America.

All the Democrats are doing is pushing socialist pipe dreams and attacking Trump, even as he tries again and again to get them to stop their pointless “resistance” and work with him for the good of the nation. 

The Economy

Also, the economy isn’t just running like a well-oiled machine, it’s roaring like a jet engine. By virtually every measure and in every demographic — unemployment, rising wages, GDP growth, manufacturing jobs — the numbers are the best in half a century. Trump didn’t claim to “create” those jobs, he just removed the choking regulations and taxes that liberal policies put on the US economy.

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Democrats are trying to claim that the economy is terrible — and if it isn’t, well, then Obama is to thank for it. Really? As I pointed out earlier this week, in Trump’s first 26 months in office, 399 percent more manufacturing jobs were added than in Obama’s last 26 months in office. With their choice of jobs, their taxes down and their pay rising, will Americans really vote to put the chains and anchors back on the economy?

No Credit

There’s a lot of debate about why Trump isn’t getting credit for the great economy, but consider that he’s had over two years of relentlessly hostile, negative media coverage drowning any good news out, most of it about something that we now know was a hoax. I don’t believe Americans will be dumb enough to keep listening to the people who sold them that hoax.

The more they tune out the biased media, the more they’ll realize that Trump is nothing like the cartoon ogre they’ve been told he was. As Scott Adams pointed out, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) claimed that by now, we’d have a depression, nuclear war, prison camps and an insane Russian puppet in the White House. Now, they’ve been reduced to screaming that Trump almost impeded a witch hunt, but didn’t.

Voters’ Decision

Finally, there’s the comparison factor: with the election nearing, voters will have to consider whether they really want to trade the guy who unleashed this economy for anyone in that clown car full of socialists, political neophytes, wet-behind-the-ears media darlings, and Congressional blowhards whose greatest legislative achievements are in the field of renaming post offices. 

So if you ask me why the Democrats are so terrified that they’re screaming and making federal cases over nothing (i.e., they didn’t like the summary of a nothingburger report that had already been released), it’s all explained by that famous legal maxim:

If you have the facts on your side, argue the facts; if you have the law on your side, argue the law; and if you don’t have the facts or the law on your side, pound the table. Expect to hear a lot more table pounding between now and 2020. Just learn to tune it out. 

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