Transactivism is Hurting Your Children

We owe it to them to speak up.

By Michael Brown Published on September 12, 2017

What you’re about to read will shock you. But first, let me do my best to be a voice of sanity in the midst of an ever more confused world.

When it comes to children (or adults) who struggle with gender confusion, I have a simple principle: We should do our best to help them find wholeness without imposing their struggles on everyone else.

This is both compassionate and reasonable. It’s how we handle other situations when a person suffers from a handicap or disorder. We do our best to help them, but we don’t turn the world upside down for them.

If a student is confined to a wheelchair, we make sure the school has the appropriate bathroom facilities. If there are several floors to the school building, we make sure there’s an accessible elevator or lift. But we don’t force all the other students to use bathrooms for wheelchair. Nor do we stop them from using the stairs.

If there’s a blind student in the school, we do our best to include the child. We have braille materials available. But we don’t force the other students to play games with their eyes closed or learn to read braille as well.

Unfortunately, when it comes to transgender activism, the world must be turned upside down to accommodate a struggling child (or adult). This makes little sense. When someone is struggling with gender confusion, we’re not talking about a tangible, conclusively diagnosable condition. We’re talking about a state of mind, a personal perception, something that could be here today and gone (or modified) tomorrow. How, then, can these struggles be imposed on everyone else?

Sometimes a Boy, Sometimes a Girl

Recently, in the UK, a couple reported that their six-year-old son returned “totally drained” from school. As his dad explained, “When he got home from school one day, he said: ‘Daddy I’m confused. There’s a boy in my class who says he’s now a boy but then sometimes he’s a girl.’”

One day the boy in question would dress as a boy, the next day as a girl, wearing a dress. This deeply confused the other boy, draining him emotionally.

“We have no choice, we have to accept this, otherwise I could even lose my job.”

How could the school impose the confused boy’s struggles on everyone else?

The mother explained, “We talked to the head, we talked to the teacher concerned and they basically said: ‘We have no choice, we have to accept this, otherwise I could even lose my job.’”

This left the parents with no choice but to remove their son, who was not suffering from a disorder, from school.

Such is the social madness produced by transgender activism. It’s embraced by the local school district as well. As a spokesperson stated, “Our schools are inclusive, safe spaces where pupils learn to respect diversity of all kinds.

“We comply with the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and believe that all should feel welcomed, valued and nurtured as part of a learning community.”

Really? They want all students to “feel welcomed, valued and nurtured”? Obviously, this excludes all students who are not at home with LGBT activism on their campus. They are outside the realm of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

Forced to Affirm Disorders

You might say, “Well, that little boy shouldn’t be so upset. His parents need to teach him to be more accepting.”

Really? Are you sure?

Certainly, we should teach our kids to be kind to all. And we should oppose bullying for any reason.

But we should not teach our children to affirm mental or psychological disorders. There’s no scientific evidence that the boy in question is a girl. Why should these parents teach their son to affirm that which is not true or real?

The vast majority of children who identify as transgender no longer do so after puberty.

Let’s not forget that almost all children who identify as transgender no longer do so after puberty. And there are psychologists who believe that we do these children harm by affirming their transgender identity.

Consider this recent case which is getting widespread attention.

As reported in the Daily Wire, “With guidance from medical professionals and his own mother, a 12-year-old Australian boy suffering from gender confusion began to transition into a ‘female.’ Just two years later, the young man told his mom he felt like his born sex again, and is now in the painful process of transitioning back, which includes surgery.”

Some would argue that the doctors who helped this young boy “transition” to female were guilty of medical malpractice, if not outright child abuse, however well-intentioned they might have been.

Yet in today’s upside-down world, the schools (and all students) would be expected to embrace this boy as a boy, then as a girl, then as a boy again — based entirely on how he felt and identified at any given moment. And woe to the teacher or parent or student who protests. One dare not be branded a transphobe.

Speak Up, Act Up

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, remember that just last month, “A first grader at a California charter school was sent to the principal’s office this week after she accidentally ‘misgendered’ a classmate in what’s being called a ‘pronoun mishap.’”

A first grader!

We’re talking about six-year-olds again — precious, little, impressionable, innocent children — who are being punished for their failure to embrace transactivism. This must stop, now. That means parents, educators, and legislators must act to protect these little ones, regardless of professional cost or consequence. Do we really have a choice?

Remember: Kids in nursery school and up are being indoctrinated with the LGBT talking points. Why should we surprised when they grow up so confused?

Rather than affirm the struggles of these children, let’s redouble our efforts to get to the root of their struggles.

If enough people of conscience speak up and act up, change will come. And rather than simply affirm the struggles of these equally precious, gender confused children, let’s redouble our efforts to get to the root of their struggles. Let’s help them find wholeness from the inside out.

And just how far will this radical LGBT activism go if we don’t stand up to it? How about drag queens reading to our two-year-olds in libraries? Should we applaud this too?

Or how about a scantily clad drag queen dancing in front of school children at a gay pride event in Canada? Perhaps we should celebrate this too?

To every parent, educator, and legislator reading this article, I urge you to get involved and do the right thing. You owe it to your kids.

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