Tolerance Will Not Stop Terrorism

Islamic theology drives the terrorist. Jobs, education, and all the benefits of the West will not deter him.

(L-R) Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Home Secretary Amber Rudd take part in a vigil for the victims of the London Bridge terror attacks, in Potters Fields Park on June 5, 2017 in London, England.

By Michael Brown Published on June 7, 2017

At some point, leaders in the West will have to recognize that they share very little in common with the worldview of Islamic terrorists. At some point, they will have to take seriously Islamic theology and the mindset of a radical Muslim. At some point, they will have to come to grips with the fact that they cannot combat Islamic terrorism with tolerance.

Western leaders are always looking for other causes of Islamic terrorism. The problem is unemployment. Or poverty. Or lack of education. Or the history of Western colonialism in the Muslim world. Or something else. Anything but Islamic theology and beliefs.

Better Opportunities Won’t Combat Terrorism

In his significant new book, The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology, Ibn Warraq writes:

There are many contemporary political commentators and intellectuals who do not accept what seems an obvious starting point in trying to explain the behavior of Islamic terrorists, namely their beliefs, their ideology as laid down in tract after tract, statement after statement, interview after interview, and book after book — books that are the careful work of Muslim scholars of Islam, lavishly sprinkled with quotes from the Koran, which is the very word of Allah, the hadīth (the sayings and deeds of Muhammad and his Companions), the sira (life of the Prophet), all used to justify their heinous acts, even against civilians, including women, children, and the old.

Because of this, Western leaders are always looking for other causes of Islamic terrorism. The problem is unemployment. Or poverty. Or lack of education. Or the history of Western colonialism in the Muslim world. Or something else. Anything but Islamic theology and beliefs.

Just last month, former Secretary of State John Kerry advised graduates of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government that the way to solve the terror problem in Middle East was to provide better educational and vocational opportunities for the youth. He said, “Surely we can begin to prevent tomorrow’s extremism by offering young people the promise of modernity and good governance, not the destruction of strapping on a suicide vest and blowing yourself up and a whole bunch of innocent people.” (He said this in the aftermath of the Manchester suicide bombing.)

The reality is that many terrorists come up from upper- and middle-class families. Many have all the opportunities a person could ask for.

The reality is that many terrorists come up from upper- and middle-class families. Many are well educated (including Ph.D.’s and medical doctors). And many have all the opportunities a young person could ask for. (Remember that Osama bin Laden was a friend of Saudi royalty and came from a rich, influential Saudi family.)

It is Islamic theology that drives the terrorist, and jobs, educational opportunity, and all the benefits of the West will not deter him. He is at war with the unbelievers, whether he finds them in London or Algeria. His sacred duty is holy war.

Denying the Root Cause

Speaking of the Charlie Hebdo slaughter in France, Ibn Warraq writes,

After the massacre “White House press secretary Josh Earnest suggested that ‘these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism, and … later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam and their own deviant view of it.'” This sounds as if the Charlie Hebdo terrorists set out to commit a random act of violence, and then, when they realized they needed some justification afterwards, plucked “Islam” out of the air by sheer chance.

Precisely. This is what our “enlightened” leaders would have us believe. These attacks have nothing to do with Islam. If we can understand what is upsetting these people, then we can live together in peace.

Not so. What is upsetting them is their theology.

After the most recent terrorist attack in London, major security questions are being asked. How did these terrorists slip through the cracks? Some were already known to the police and national security. Yet they were able to operate freely enough to concoct and carry out their murderous plot.

One of the London terrorists previously appeared in a UK documentary called The Jihadis Next Door in which he was seen praying with an unfurled ISIS flag. Yet he was able to remain in the UK and, quite obviously, was not that closely monitored.

Do the British authorities want to stop terrorism? Of course they do, with all their hearts and souls. Do they care deeply about the wellbeing of their people? Without a doubt. I’m sure many would give their lives to save the lives of others. And I imagine their system is strained to the max as they try to stay one step ahead of the killers.

But that illustrates a large part of the problem. Any country that thinks it can tolerate the presence of thousands of jihadi Muslims is deceiving itself. Soon enough, blood will be shed — lots of it.

Italy’s Intolerance — And Safety

I just spent three days in Italy and Germany. While in Italy, I spoke with a colleague who served as a policeman for years. He had dealt with high-level security cases in the past and explained to me why, so far, Italy has not had a rash of Islamic terror attacks. (He is not boasting; rather, he is grateful.)

One factor is that many Islamic immigrants pass from Africa into Italy on their way to other countries, so they are not as likely to launch an attack. They want Italy to be a safe haven for them.

Another is how the military police and local police are involved in their communities, constantly gathering and sharing information.

Because Italy is intolerant of this terrorist ideology, the government combats it more aggressively.

Yet another factor (only in Italy!) is that in Sicily, where I was staying, the mafia controls the building industry, including access to explosives, and they are not going to sell explosives to terrorists.

Finally, there is Italy’s intolerance of radical Muslims. My friend explained that the moment someone is caught going in this direction (in other words, acting like the jihadi next door), that person is arrested and deported. This is also widely reported in the media so as to send out a warning as well.

Because Italy is intolerant of this terrorist ideology, the government combats it more aggressively.

This does not guarantee the nation’s safety, but it goes a long way to preserving it, since you cannot fight terrorism with tolerance. Quite the contrary. It is only a strategic, wide-ranging, and uncompromising intolerance that can combat Islamic terrorism. That will never happen as long as Western leaders refuse to recognize the Islamic roots of Islamic terror.

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  • Gary

    A muslim who is not a murderer does not take his religion seriously.

    • Jim Walker

      hahaha you crack me up again !

    • Nels

      A mohammedan who is not a murderer is apostate, an infidel, and the faithful mohammedans must murder him, too.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Right. The second most favored strategy proffered by the islamacist’s after terrorism is tolerance. Not that they exemplify anything approaching a reasonable stance towards those who they see as infidels. You know,everyone other than themselves. Seems that too many in the west have done almost as poorly in appropriating a reasonable stance towards tolerance as well. As Mr Brown implies, much of the west’s concept of tolerance plays right into the enemies hands . These western “infidels” are seen as targets meant to be either taken out or taken down. This they purport is their sacred duty. It’s Jihad. It’s war. Until that is clearly understood by a majority who at present seem only preoccupied w/self delusion & false piety, political correctness will continue to render them fair targets just awaiting the invaders knife, hammer, bombs or arsenal. It’s past the time for dialogue w/an enemy ( those who support Shariah ) who will not be persuaded by anything other than a force greater than their own waged against them. No one said it will be easy, but what has easy got to do w/it …?

  • Ryan Harding

    Whenever I stop to think about it, it always amazes me how Western elites will always defend Islam regardless, it seems, of how many of these heinous acts are committed by Muslims. Yet, if one Christian even says something they find offensive, all of Christianity is condemned and must be shunned from society. This flagrant bias just proves Jesus’ words about how the world will hate us because it hated Him first. For me, it’s just more evidence that Christianity is the truth.

    • Jim Walker

      Its because we don’t go around killing everyone.
      The aggressor always gets their respect one way or the other, the meek always get trampled on.

      • Nels

        Christians used to do that. It’s long past time for another Crusade.

        • Jim Walker

          The other religion has been killing infidels and their own religious brothers ever since their religion started. Read your history.

          • Nels

            Islam is a religion in the same sense that Nazism is a religion – that is, not at all.

            Christianity used to be militant. We must again be militant. It is time for another Crusade. Time to take back Constantinople.

  • Patmos

    Look at it from the globalist’s perspective and things become a lot more clear: They don’t really care. A few hundred people dying in terrorist attacks is worth it to them if it helps bring the world together under their Nicolaitan system, so they have no problem dismantling Muslim nation after Muslim nation. I have a hunch too that they think they can water down Islam to make it passive and malleable. Look at what they’ve done to Christianity after all.

    They won’t succeed though, as they operate under the wisdom of man. God has repeatedly made foolish the wisdom of this world.

  • Nels

    Why do we have mohammedans killing us in our own countries? Because we tolerate their murderous rampages. Because their satanic cult requires it of them. Because they can, because our governments have paid, with our money, to bring the
    mohammedans here so they can kill us.

    Diversity is our weakness. So is tolerance.

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