This is Not Satire. An Open Pedophile is Running for Congress

We've been heading this way for a while. We shouldn't be surprised.

By Michael Brown Published on August 15, 2018

This article is not a spoof. I’m not making up these headlines or quotes. Every word you’re about to read is true.

The story is now more than two months old, but it just caught my eye this week, and I felt it was important to share with you. I trust you’ll agree as you read.

Congressional Candidate Wants to Legalize Incest ran this headline on June 1: “Candidate for Congress wants to legalize incest.” Yes, “Nathan Larson, an accountant who lives in Fauquier County [VA], thinks it’s okay for adults to have sex with children. A survivor of child sex abuse says Larson is a predator who should be locked up — not elected to high office.”

A widely shared article from May 31 on the Huffington Post carried this headline: “Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile.”

To make things even worse, he also “bragged in website posts about raping his late ex-wife.” Indeed, “In a phone call, Larson confirmed that he created the now-defunct websites and — chat rooms that served as gathering places for pedophiles and violence-minded misogynists like himself.”

And he admitted there was a “grain of truth” in an essay he wrote “about father-daughter incest and another about raping his ex-wife repeatedly.”

Yet this man is running for public office? He’s not ashamed of his attractions and proclivities? (Now you understand why I needed to state up front that this was not satire.)

Political Correctness?

In Larson’s own words, “A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it. People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Really? Not talking openly about being a pedophile is a matter of being politically correct? That’s the only thing stopping us from saying, “Hey man, no big deal that you identify as a pedophile as long as you keep your hands off my kids”?

How dare Larson chalk this up to political correctness.

Confronting Pedophilia

If you say, “Then what should someone do if he finds himself attracted to children?”

First, he should get help privately, and he should do so in a hurry. Second, he should renounce those attractions as perverted and unacceptable. Third, he should distance himself from any possible sources of temptation.

Should he choose to announce his struggles to the world, then he shouldn’t be surprised if he is shunned by parents with their kids. Would you feel comfortable having a grown man leering at your little ones?

Having said this, I’m not really surprised that something like this has happened.

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In my 2011 book A Queer Thing Happened to America, I included a lengthy, carefully documented chapter comparing eight major pro-pedophilia arguments with eight major pro-gay arguments. (For a summary, see this 2011 article, “Why Are We Surprised With the Push for ‘Pedophile Rights’?” As I stated emphatically in the book, I was comparing the arguments, not the actions.)

The author of a 2015 article on called for sympathy for pedophiles, stating that, “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster.”

He made clear that he would not act out his desires, but that left him “cursed” with a pedophilic sexual orientation.

And now, two lecturers on the widely viewed TED talks have called for sympathy and understanding for pedophiles. After all, we are reminded, they did not choose their feelings, and they are people like everyone else.

Sexual Anarchy

But again, this should not surprise us in the least. We have been heading in this direction for decades now, as we plunge deeper and deeper into sexual anarchy.

We have redefined marriage, a big reason being that, “We were born this way and we can’t change. Plus, our same-sex relationship doesn’t hurt anyone.”

We’re also getting increasingly used to polygamy and polyamory, while incest is becoming acceptable as well.

Why, then, why should we react so harshly to pedophilia? We’re not talking about adults raping children. Even pedophiles acknowledge that’s wrong.

But if sexual orientation is innate and immutable, and if pedophilia is a sexual orientation, should adult-child desires be considered sinful?

And if some adults (especially gay men) look back fondly at when older men “mentored” them sexually when they were young teens, maybe we should reconsider the age of consent? (I’m uncomfortable even writing these words, but they are all documented in the Queer Thing book, including quotes from famous gay activists.)

Should we be surprised that Peter Tatchell, known as England’s most prominent gay activist, has campaigned to have the age of consent reduced to 14?

Should we be surprised that the 1972 Gay Rights Platform called for the “Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.” (This was demand #7. The 6th demand called for, “Repeal of all state laws prohibiting transvestism and cross-dressing.” The 8th demand called for, “Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.”)

Stay Outraged

That’s why I say that I’m not that surprised to see this latest development. And, while Larson’s candidacy has produced shock and revulsion, it is just one more step towards desensitizing our culture. After all, he was born that way, right?

My counsel to each of you is simple. Stay outraged. Stay revulsed. Stay shocked. And let’s pray that Mr. Larson would turn to God and ask for mercy and transformation. Pedophiles, too, can be changed.

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  • Chester Courtland

    That’s good! That should be a seat for the Republicans.

    • porcupineman1454

      This is not good. Not by any measure.

  • porcupineman1454

    I find it rather intellectually dishonest that you seem to be pinning the responsibility for Mr. Larson’s pathetic, horrible existence upon liberals. This issue is decidedly not a liberal one. Larson’s views, and the cesspits from whence they come, are far more closely identifiable with alt-right circles. And I say this as a proud conservative myself. Sadly enough, this is one of ours. We must clean up our own trash.

    • Right wing

      Is Hollywood now alt-right?

      • SophieA

        Great retort!

        Anyone can claim to be a conservative within an online post. However, Porcupineman’s Disqus profile, although private, screams “troll” as it shows twice as many comments as upvotes.

        • PJ London

          So do you equate truth and insight with popularity and ‘follow the herd’ mentality?
          “Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds.”- Albert Einstein

          • Bryan

            You can use Einstein’s quote but you need to show the spirit to be highly developed. In this case and based on other interactions with porcupineman, I don’ t think that’s true.

          • PJ London

            As may be, but ‘up-votes’ on breitbart or other sites are hardly a measure of whether someone’s a troll.

          • PJ London

            I do not have a history with anyone, but I found his initial comment to be rational and reasonable. In most conversations people throw around labels : ‘Liberal’, ‘alt right’, ‘conservative’, ‘troll’ as though they mean something.
            Basically all they are saying is that they do not like what the other wrote, but having no argument, they call out a name and then claim that they won.
            The popularity of a comment or thought is hardly a measure of it’s validity or value. In fact I would argue that the less poplar a comment the more likely it is to be true.
            “Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.” ~Mark Twain

          • SophieA

            Another troll!

          • PJ London

            So anyone who questions your opinion is a ‘Troll’.
            Why are you here and not showing ‘Selfies’ on instagram and facebook?
            They get many more ‘upvotes’ than intelligent comments.

      • porcupineman1454

        What does this mean?

        • EpicMale

          You appear to be an amateurish sophist, one who argues against a premise or point not based upon the merits, but merely for the sake of appearing smugly superior. Would be sophists, lacking the intelligence required of an accredited sophist, pose a lot of questions that reveal their lack of insight and knowledge. Their behavior might be considered as a form of self stimulation we see in those sorely afflicted by the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          • porcupineman1454

            And you appear to be a pretentious ninny. Kay.

          • EpicMale

            So you are just stupid instead of being a whiny contrary sophist? Ok. I can go with that.

          • porcupineman1454

            Alright, ninny.

          • EpicMale

            Ok, perhaps I misjudged you. I guess you just have a serious personality disorder.

          • porcupineman1454

            Alright, bud.

    • Not Sure

      Liberals are the root of all of our problems. They are children in adult bodies.

      • porcupineman1454

        That’s a very childish and un-nuanced way of thinking, my friend. Grow up.

        • Not Sure

          Un-nuanced but true.

        • doctorivy

          Nuance is over rated. It’s the gateway to moral relativity.

  • LouEddie

    Watch D’Souza’s ‘Death of a Nation’. He very convincingly ties the ‘alt-right’ to liberalism. It has the ring of truth to it. The tie is made by the leader of the ‘alt-right’s’ own admissions. Very telling, imho.

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      D’Souza is a propagandist who has no regard for
      the truth. If you want to know what the Alt-Right is really about, read
      the book, “A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of its Members
      and Leaders”.

      When you say ‘a leader’s own admissions,’ are you referring to Richard Spencer?

  • Paul

    “Pedophiles, too, can be changed.”

    Sounds good in theory, but would you ever trust them to babysit your kids?

    • Skay


    • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

      The only way to change a pedophile is a lead missile between the eyes.

      • Paul

        As a Christian I believe even a pedophile can repent of their sins and receive Gods forgiveness through Christ. My earlier comment speaks more to the issue of whether or not others could forgive and reconcile and ever trust them with kids again.

  • Yossi

    The liberal media has made much of some Holocaust deniers running in a couple of Republican primaries as “proof” that Republicans are the racist party, but in America anyone can register as a member of a particular party and run for political office, no matter how evil and reprehensible their expressed views, or how much those views are in opposition to the official views of that party. Similarly, in this situation, no one can stop this guy from running for office (and he’s running as an independent, not as Republican or Democrat). It would be alarming if this guy were to get more than 0.1% of the vote in the election. I would agree with (what I think is) Dr. Brown’s underlying point — that the current societal trend toward viewing a person’s sexual feelings as being inherent (like skin color) and sacrosanct (to be respected and treated as valid) lead inevitably toward an “anything goes” situation, where even pedophilia must be accepted and respected.

    • EpicMale

      For years I have been advocating that the Republican Party grow some big brass ones. We need to boot some out. If they don’t fully support our platform, or espouse anti-capitalistic, anti-freedom, gun control, etc, they are not Republicans. We need to raise our standards. Plus we don’t want liberal moles diluting our primary elections with bogus candidates meant to exhaust the cash reserves of legitimate Republicans.

  • useyourhead2

    The demoncRAT Party of Vermont just voted a transgender to run for Governor as their nominee yesterday. That’s the same State that has a self-avowed Socialist elected to represent them in the U.S. Senate and but for the shenanigans of Crooked Hillary to use the DNC and others to engineer his defeat, Bernie Sanders and NOT Hillary Clinton would have been the demoncRAT Party nominee for President in 2016.

    I don’t recognize my Country anymore; a Country that less than 20 years ago, was applauding the fruits of their efforts in causing the collapse of the single greatest failure of Socialism/Communism known to man: The Soviet Union.

    Now we have one of our major political parties, i.e., the demoncRAT Party that is nothing less than a “Socialist Party”, supporting people like Alexandria Cortez and Bernie Sanders who are proudly out of their closets campaigning for political office while Venezuela is on full display to show what they would like to have here in the United States.

    Get off the couch this November; pay no attention to polls or the Poisonous Corrupt Communist Media; and don’t rely on your neighbors to do your job of VOTING EVERY DEMONCRAT OUT OF OFFICE.

    • Jim Walker

      2 thumbs up!

    • Jonney Quest

      In reality the people that vote for socialism pay no federal taxes (47% of US employed citizens) and hardly any state taxes. So yes they will vote for more free stuff even knowing its eventual destruction of the US. They just don’t care about anything else besides themselves and its become an epidemic throughout the US.

  • MikeyParks

    “Blessed are the freaks, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5.1

  • EastStreet

    This creep missed his calling, should have been a Catholic priest in Pennsylvania

    • ImaginaryDomain

      That’s just ONE state. Thousands of victims. Hundreds of priests, including priests now at the Vatican advising the current disaster pope. Spanning decades. The scope of this is still coming to light after more than 15 years of criminal probes and lawsuits. Wait until other states follow the same direction as PA. This is going to be truly mind-blowing. As a lawyer, my only regret for this catholic criminal enterprise is that the trial lawyers haven’t completely bankrupted the entirety of the catholic church in the US.

      I’m an ex-catholic. I walked away after the Obergefell case came down and my family heard NOTHING on the topic from our priest. Shameful. Stick with a bible-focused church. You can’t go wrong,

      • Ah, so you came to worship your ego and blamed the Churh for your own weakness.

        As a lawyer and now full blown devil worshiping lawyer, you now see attacking the Church as a chance to ascend yourself. It will only destroy you.

  • mike

    We kill mad dogs don’t we?

  • DukeofAnarchy .

    Not endorsing this guy, but age of consent laws are a barbaric injustice and do need to be abolished.

    • Paul

      That needs explaining, in that their abolition would empower this filths kind

      • Skay

        Lowering or abolishing the age of consent
        has been the goal of NAMBLA for years.

        • Joseph Laserbolt Rojas

          Lowering the boom on these disgusting, filthy, perverts should be a goal of ours.

  • PJ London

    What I find amazing is that someone says “They are attracted to children” and immediately the thumpers insert ‘sexually’. I am attracted to the colour yellow, but I don’t want to have sex with it. I am attracted to wealth, but I do not want to screw my credit card.
    Are they saying they are repelled by children?

    • Bryan

      If someone considers himself a pedophile, do you need for him to clarify that he is attracted to children “sexually”?
      If you’re referencing the question posed in the section headed “Confronting Pedophilia”, again why are you surprised that the word “sexually” is implied in an article concerning pedophilia?

      • PJ London

        I went to look at his actual words, not just what others have said about him, and as far as I can ascertain, he never said he was a paedophile.
        It came from a hearing and the counsel asked “Are you attracted to children?” Did not say anything about sexually. He admitted to liking children.
        There may be some source where he said something else, but I cannot find it.
        With regard to Rape, it was probably his (ex) wife (who wanted custody of his child) claiming that he had sex with her when she ‘had a headache’. Again to the best of my research, there was no claim of violence by him.
        When it comes to politics, no charge is too outrageous and truth is not even in the frame.
        As with Trump, “You can just grab them by the p*ssy’ becomes a charge that he did in fact do that.

        • Bryan

          “When asked whether he’s a pedophile or just writes about pedophilia, he said, ‘It’s a mix of both. When people go over the top there’s a grain of truth to what they say.'” This is from the linked HuffPo article. They could be mis-quoting him or making it up. Surely HuffPo is known for buying into sensationalist stories without examination of the facts. But this sounds like an admission to me.
          To you second point, I haven’t found the hearing transcript but if a question before or after that particular question indicated that they were discussing pedophilia or anything associated with that, the sexually part is of course implied and to question it is to either be naive or willfully ignorant of our current culture. It’s synonymous with it depends on what the definition of “is” is.
          As to the Left/Right issue, you, and others, are right, this is not a solely Left issue. Sexual perversion is prevalent on both sides of the spectrum. However, progressives (the term I would use in this discussion in lieu of “liberals”) have historically been the promoters of many sexual perversions and are not, as a cohesive group, opposed to this one either. The presenters of the TED talks mentioned were not right wingers, conservatives, or Alt-Right.

          • PJ London

            You are right, but finding a source that actually uses the words and gives context is impossible these days. Everything is about promoting agendas and preaching to the choir.
            He created chat-rooms apparently that someone decides were ‘ chat rooms that served as gathering places for pedophiles and violence-minded misogynists like himself’ No facts merely opinion.
            You might as well ask CNN for proof.

          • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

            Check out the Communist Manifesto, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the writings of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, they spell out how to decimate Constitutional Republics and other freedom lovers and self-governing nations.

          • PJ London

            Whilst you are correct, what has it to do with Larson?
            Are you claiming that he is a (drum roll please) “Communist”?
            Please check under your bed every night, Lenin may well be living there.

          • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

            The Communist Manifesto explicitly advocates “normalizing” homosexuals and any other sexually perverted behaviors. The New World Order proponents and those who defend Islam are driving all the violence, perversions, and destruction of America, Americans, and freedom everywhere.

    • EpicMale

      Another contrarian sophist that believes he is the smartest man in the room, while everyone chuckles as his juvenile sophistry.

      • PJ London

        ‘sophists specialised in using the tools of philosophy and rhetoric, though other sophists taught subjects such as music, athletics, and mathematics. In general, they claimed to teach ‘Arete’, predominantly to young statesmen and nobility.’
        Thank you, but the comment was aimed at statesmen and nobility.
        Clearly you are neither.

        • NobodysaysBOO

          you do some of the best responses to numnutz on the net,do a book of quotes and make a million.

          • PJ London

            Hi Boo,
            nobody reads books these days, especially books with big words and even bigger ideas.
            You have to either be ridiculous like Potter, or pornographic like 50 shades.
            I am looking for an editor or agent but only 1 in 300 submissions even get reviewed by them. So it is for my own amusement.

        • EpicMale

          …and they would argue incessantly about whether the sky was blue or whether up was up. That is how they fall so easily into the deadly trap of moral relativity.

          • PJ London

            And so little intellectual dwarf, is the sky Blue?
            Define sky, define blue. Why does the colour keep changing? Why is it sometimes red? Does it look the same to a bird or a fish as it does to a human. How can I be sure that another person is seeing the same ‘sky’ that I see? How can I be sure that another person is seeing the same ‘blue’ that I see? How do I even tell another person what blue is?
            Is ‘up’ the same for a person at the North Pole as it is for a person at the South Pole? If so please point to ‘up’.
            All morals ARE relative, unless you think that they are engraved in stone (probably clay actually) and are handed down for all people for all time. Even then, “Thou shalt not kill” – unless ……….
            In any event, please do not strain your mental capability

          • EpicMale

            Most folks grow out of that juvenile perceptive disorder. You did not. There are medications which will help you focus upon reality, though.

          • PJ London

            Calling someone juvenile when you cannot comprehend even the simplest of concepts is rather revealing.
            Your lack of understanding of reality is also revealing.
            What it reveals is for you to consider.
            “Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly. ” – Albert Einstein

  • Just One Voice

    Wow…at all the comments pinning this behavior solely on liberals. Who are we kidding, there is just as much sexual corruption on the right as on the left. Sin & temptation do not play favorites.

    Thank you Mr. Brown for your last paragraph. We must continue to hate all evil, no matter where it is found, and pray for Jesus to heal those that are enslaved to it. (Thinking of Mark chapter 5 where he heals the demon-possessed man. Also Romans 12:9 and Psalm 97:10)

    And for the record, my views (especially on gun rights, the sanctity of human life, etc) put me on the right. But I hardly associate myself with a political party.

    • EpicMale

      You are incorrect. Sexual assault is heavily dominated by liberals. The perpetrators are not fans of ‘law and order’, but rather ‘anything goes’, ‘do you own thing’, etc.

      • Just One Voice

        Ah! I am forever enlightened by your words! Thank you for pointing out the specifics of how/where I was wrong!

        Lol….seriously? At least give a source. I do agree with your last sentence though. Evildoers indeed do not care about law and order. I see every day on the news, sexual corruption on both sides. Plain as day. Give me a study or something. I like statistics and research! Sadly, a lot of it has become dishonest, but I still like reviewing them.

        • EpicMale

          Work on those critical thinking skills, sonny. “I see every day on the news, sexual corruption on both sides.” And you never see any media bias concerning Republicans or conservatives? LOL… For instance, a single word in a private conversation between two men dominates the news for literally YEARS, and that word is equated to a brutal sexual assault.

          I am your elder, so when I inform, you are welcome to go find evidence to confirm, but I don’t do your homework for you. You won’t learn how to educate yourself after I’m gone if I provide mental crutches for you. But some facts are so inherently obvious that I wonder if you are merely trolling, and not actually interested in the truth. For instance, you are surely aware that the vast bulk of criminals vote democrat, correct? After all, the party of fifth and sixth chances are far kinder to criminals than conservatives that would hammer the offenders into the ground for decades instead of giving them fifth and sixth chances. Surely you are aware of decades of studies showing convicts invariably voting liberal? Which is why liberal governors are granting convicts, and even parolees! to vote again!

  • SilverBelle70

    Let me guess…he is a democrat.

    • Bryan

      I believe he’s running as an independent and considers himself libertarian.

      • Skay

        some libertarians are just nuts.

  • ImaginaryDomain

    Hey that’s just one example in gov’t. This guy is a piker compared to the catholics. Sheesh, The catholics sure have cornered the pedophelia market. And their crimes and cover-ups stink all the way up to the pope.

    • Mike Stuhr

      I compare them to the FBI. Many every day bread and butter priest are going to suffer for the actions of bad leadership covering for the child molesters.

      • What “child molestors?” The scandal is sodomites and young men.

        What cover up? you mean the media using this to cover for what sodomites so so they can push sodomy as a political weapon?

        • Justista

          You know how to get a priest to sleep with a nun? Dress her as an alter boy.
          The church has hurt itself covering for all they have done to all ages.
          If that isn’t bad enough they transfer and hide the accused.
          It’s a shame those responsible for the cover up taint the church as much as the priest caught with a root in a young boy. Or a young man.
          I’ll give you a clue. The media isn’t the one making the Catholic church look bad. It’s the church itself. Give money every week? Look how they spend it,paying off little boys with sore butts.
          It’s not how I want to see my donations spent or how I want to see those mistreating children handled.

    • Chris C.

      A highly bigoted remark on your part. “[T]he catholics” are as outraged as anyone over the criminal misconduct of some priests while recognizing that by far, most are innocent of wrongdoing. In no case is a broad smear anything short of hateful bigotry any less so than one against a racial or ethnic group.

      • ImaginaryDomain

        Hey dude, I’m a lifelong (ex) Catholic. 12 years of Catholic school…the whole bit. My comments are not bigoted, perhaps a little glib, but not bigoted. My heart breaks, too. I have wonderful memories growing up Catholic and had great experiences at Catholic school…

        BUT, the Church has abandoned its moral compass, for so many reasons as I have stated in numerous other posts (if you care to read them). I have moved my family to a bible-focused church that is not afraid to teach biblical marriage, the devastation of homosexuality, etc. and all the things the Catholics run from these days. And as an added bonus, our pastor is not looking to get my son in a back room somewhere to molest him…

        Can you sense that the Catholic church sickens me?

        • you sicken yourself and you are projecting your own evil onto the Church. This is called the mortal sin of despair and the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy.

          I imagine you did run from the Church because of sexual sin, but not because of sodomites. you ran from the Church because the Church rightfully rebukes your sexual sin but you heard little about sodomy. I know your kind well as I have to deal with you daily.

          you lash out because of fear and you advocate for communist usurpation of God’s order out of weakness.

          The Church is the entire Communion of Saints: the Catholics on earth, those in Purgatory, and those in Heaven, along with God at the head. you attack one of us and you attack all of us.

    • RCG

      One example? Lol wow….

      • bowie1

        How about 300 priests abusing some 1000 children? It was on last night’s news.

        • RCG

          My ‘one example’ comment was meant to mock your reference to gov only committing one example of child abuse. I know about the 300 you mention and of course, condemn that as well.

        • Over 70 years. Most of which young men as sodomites groom young men.

          Now tell me what that has to do with the Church,

    • The scandal was sodomites and young men, so what pedophilia?

      sodomites are known for grooming the young to recruit as sodomites do not occur in nature, but what does that have to do with the Church who rightfully rejects sodomy as a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance.

  • Mike Stuhr

    I bet he has the Catholic priest vote sewn up.

    • Chris C.

      You are misinformed. The overwhelming majority of offenders are homosexuals who preyed not on prepubescent children (pedophilia) but adolescent boys. It’s an outrage to be sure and all responsible should face the consequences. The vast majority of priests are wholly innocent of wrongdoing and rightfully should not be lumped in with perverts. It would be outright bigotry not to make that clear distinction, no less so than generalizing against any other group based for example on race or ethnicity.

      • Mike Stuhr

        The leadership that chose to cover this up is as guilty as FBI leaders making the bureau look bad. every last one involved should be purged and prosecuted if possible.

        • Chris C.

          Agree fully that those involved need to be purged and prosecuted, however I’d recommend against “painting with a broad brush”. There are very many good and dedicated priests, some of whom have themselves endured persecution at the hands of the so-called underground “gay mafia” which has existed in numerous seminaries and dioceses. I stand with those dedicated, faithful priests who are faithfully serving the people of God and His Church. They don’t deserve to be thrown into the cesspool with others who clearly belong there.

  • Max

    No, pedophiles cannot be cured.

  • LMJ313

    All pedophiles deserve death. No exceptions.

  • Patmos

    Remove God from your knowledge and you will be given over to a reprobate mind.

  • BiffWellington

    If he’s running as a Republican, the people will literally set him on fire. Third party? Not a chance. As a Democrat? He’s a shoo-in.

    • disqus_qKVofJNoeH

      Along with the woman-beater they just nominated in Minn, as well as the woman who married her husband.
      Minn is lost, and the next Dem prez will pick the next state to infuse with refugees to change the makeup of the electorate because they can’t win elections on achievments – they have none.

      • Skay

        The woman beater is a Muslim running for Attorney General.

        • disqus_qKVofJNoeH

          Yes, Attorney General is a key position in the Creeping Sharia playbook for replacing existing laws.

          • Skay

            Soros organizations are putting money in many local and state elections for Attorney General and Secretary of State. I am sure he is behind Ellison since he is a Democrat and a Muslim.

    • James

      I don’t think the Party of Dennis Hastert has any right to throw stones.

  • Tanker Surfer

    This country is being driven down a very dark alley..Best turn on the high beams cause what your about to see will break your souls and spirits..By then it will be to late to turn the vehicle around..This is only a one way street when the passengers dont even scream. Sick Society spinning out of control

  • tz1

    I’m merely confused, but it might be the Stream’s occasionally erroneous title bot.
    Incest is between two persons who are too closely related, generally cousins or closer, but some go beyond.

    This article says Pedophilia, which applies to sex with chidren or more generally those under the age of consent. Statuatory Rape.

    • Paul

      Agreed, the changing titles at Stream are very annoying

    • Sgtsnuffy


      • tz1

        I’ve not read the Koran in detail, does the Goat have to consent?

    • PhilOFS

      The article was quoting a TV station report that said he was proposing legalizing incest.

  • James

    So is a swastika-wearing, card-carrying Nazi. Anyone who pays the filing fee can run.

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Luisa

    Please people don’t vote for this dangerouse pedophile.

  • Get out

    Pedo’s should get the death penalty.

  • grassy knoll ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    They said Vermont right? Isn’t that BERNIE’S state?

    • Sandra Leigh Olson Rogers

      No, Virginia.

  • Keely Swan

    Well then we, the general public, should not have to be “politically correct” either, and we should be allowed to openly call for pedophiles to be put to death.

    See that? Two can play this game, Mr. Larson.

  • NeverMueller

    When you destroy God’s moral law this is what you get.

  • Steve

    Massachusetts Congressman(D)Gerry Studds was for years commonly and publicly known as a “Chicken Hawk” at Dupont Circle in Washington without censure in Congress until his death from HIV. What is Barney Frank?

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