There is Still Hope for America

As dire as our current situation is, all is not lost. Just look at how far we've already come.

By Michael Brown Published on August 16, 2017

America is in very bad shape right now. We are deeply divided along many lines and some of our most basic freedoms are under attack. We have massive national debt, we are enslaved to an ever-growing list of carnal passions, and we are increasingly self-centered, distracted, and superficial. Yet there is hope for America — and I say this as a realist, not a starry-eyed optimist.

This Isn’t Like the Civil War

Really now, are we as divided today as we were just before, during, and after the Civil War? Is it even fair to compare?

The secession movement had been growing in the South before the election of Abraham Lincoln. Once he was in office, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas left the union. That’s what you call deep division.

As for the toll of the Civil War itself, consider these devastating statistics.

The population of the USA in 1860 was 31,443,321, less than one-tenth what it is today. Yet roughly 620,000 soldiers died in the Civil War. In today’s terms, that would amount to more than 6 million Americans killed in a single military conflict.

That is pain on a level that we can hardly relate to. That is national agony.

Not only so, but those 620,000 soldiers who died in the Civil War represent almost half of all Americans killed in all the wars we have ever fought. That includes World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, our conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and other wars.

And even then, there’s a massive difference in the total number of Americans lost in battle. In the Civil War, it was Americans killing Americans. In some cases, members of the same family were on opposite sides of the conflict. Who can fathom such deadly division?

Yet we somehow emerged from this costly (and corrective) conflict stronger than we were before. Why can’t we emerge from the current divisions stronger than before?

America’s Fall … And Rise

There’s no denying that, in many ways, our nation is in a spiritual and moral free fall. The America of today is far less family friendly and innocent than it was just 50-60 years ago. (For a graphic illustration of this, see here.)

But when it comes to race relations and equal opportunity, would you rather be alive today or in the days of segregation? Surely we are closer to seeing Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech today than we were when he delivered it in 1963.

Or consider the pro-life movement. How much hope was there just after Roe v. Wade? How much unity was there, how much courage, how much fresh strategy? Today, pro-abortion activists are genuinely fearful that Roe v. Wade could be overturned, and state after state is standing up for the cause of life.

When it comes to race relations and equal opportunity, would you rather be alive today or in the days of segregation?

This is not for a moment to minimize our horrific guilt in the slaughter of more than 55 million babies. It simply reminds us that we have valid cause for hope for the days ahead.

In 2016, while spending some time in prayer one morning, I heard a quiet internal voice say, “Write a book on the fall and rise of America.”

Really? The fall and rise of America, not the rise and fall of America?

For years now, I’ve been documenting our nation’s moral and spiritual decline, focusing in particular on cultural issues for the last decade-plus. Have our families ever been in worse shape? Did we ever have to defend something as simple as male-female distinctions?

As far back as 1973-74, as a teenager preaching my first sermons, I talked about the critical days in which we lived while still believing in the possibility of national awakening. But to write about our nation’s fall and rise? Isn’t that a bit much?

Not Yet Destroyed

It was in response to that internal leading that I wrote Saving a Sick America: A Prescription for Moral and Cultural Reformation. I plan to share more about this next month when the book is released.

For the moment, though, let me say these four things.

First, to repeat, as dire as our current situation is, all is not lost and there are grounds for hope for a better tomorrow.

Second, the deeper the darkness, the greater the need for the light to shine. That’s why the last chapter of my new book, which is filled with examples from our history, is titled “The Church’s Great Opportunity.”

Third, the answer lies with us, God’s people, those who love Him and know that His ways are best. Every American can work for the betterment of our country, from devout atheist to fervent believer. But I’m convinced that the only true healing for our nation lies in the gospel. It’s a message of life, of transformation, and of liberty.

Fourth, while it may be impossible to find a human solution to the crises we face, all things are possible with God. And He wants to redeem us, not destroy us.

That’s why I say that there is hope for America. He hasn’t destroyed us yet.

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  • ncsugrant

    There is still hope. But it sure looks dark when you touch off a new round of name calling and worse by simply stating that the events in Charlottesville involved violent extremists on both sides.

    • Skillet Chitlins

      Public collective temper tantrums are the new normal. It is not periodic it is continual. Some are called to take sides about things they may not even understand while others watch their TV screens as if it were another sports event for their entertainment. It is a national sickness and it will kill America.

  • Concerned Christian

    America will fine. I think our biggest issues is that we’re going through a lot of change that terrifies people. But that change is going to come even if people are kicking and screaming towards it.

    As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

    The world for all its faults is in a much better place today than it was at anytime in the past. It has never been easier for Christians to evangelize and proclaim the gospel. It seems like we get discouraged when satan fights back. It’s a battle, it’s a competition, that we are well equipped to win!

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Absolutely. There is more hope for America than meets the eye. This nation was built upon more than the victory won against British troops & mercenaries over 200 years ago. This nation has weathered many storms, both from w/in & w/out. Probably could have imploded , exploded & been railroaded were it not for the grace of God “downloaded” upon the hearts & mind of those raised up for “such a time as this”. “Pity the fool” that can’t see this.
    Empires have risen & fallen in virtually every part of the world throughout history. America , while not w/out its own versions of “empire ” building has nevertheless a remnant who endeavor to affirm the purposes that God has desired for this nation. The sun “rises” in the east as surly as it sets in the west. The same can be said for this nations destiny. It may look a bit dark right now, but tomorrow will be a new day ….

  • Hmmm…

    How about an Awakening, like at the turn of the last century, the one where whole towns shut down so folks could go to the meeting when the traveling evangelist came to town. Have heard that revival stirs up the believers, an outpouring is usually about the Holy Spirit being received widely, but an Awakening affects the whole culture. There are groups that have been praying for this for years now, believing that only an Awakening (in whatever way today) can save our land. Soon, a group calling themselves “First of All” (from 1 Timothy 2:1-2) will come to the Washington Mall to pray and speak of the admonition for dedicated and sustained prayer for our leaders: First
    of All on the Mall.

  • Roberto Deramo

    I only read the first paragraph.

    More than ever before evil is no longer working in the shadows.

    What is happening, world wide, is simply the division of Good vs evil.

    Charlottesville was 2 sides of evil working in unison to accomplish 1 evil goal…. to persuade those whom “have not chosen who they will serve” (ie the sleeping masses) to make their choice for evil. It really is THAT simple.

    Look how the Left (evil) are shouting down Trump (and conservatives) at every turn and simply not accepting ANY voice other than evil to speak clearly. You do not need special glasses to see what is happening.

    Trust in GOD, HE is in control and GOOD and GOD will win out.

  • Patmos

    Where sin increase, grace much more abound.

    The long suffering of the Lord is salvation.

    Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!

  • Skillet Chitlins

    Is there still hope for America?

    I wish there was hope for our nation but I see no evidence of an ethic for survival.

    Most Americans are too scared stupid to stand up and say “enough!” to the shrill irrationals. Even our words used to communicate are corrupted to fit the mold of political correctness.

    There is of course hope for the individual in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that He can and will save because He has redeemed those who choose Him and He has authority keep them until “that day” however this is a personal salvation. The salvation of our nation would require the collective revival, repentance and humility of most Americans.

    God does bless nations that turn to Him, does anyone believe there is any evidence of this happening in our lifetime?

  • Benny Ehud

    It’s time for Michael Brown to acknowledge that Trump is not a good person. This has nothing to do with abortion, gays wanting to wed, making cakes for LGBTQ events; this is about this guy’s humanity. He is a deplorable human being.

    If Barack had been accused of saying or doing 1/16th of the things to Jews that Donald has said and done to nonwhites, Michael Brown would be speaking about it every other day on his show. Donald has a HISTORY of racism. It’s not new. Yet, Dr. Brown just wants to overlook it.

    • Concerned Christian

      could not agree more.

      • Chip Crawford

        How concerned are you actually? How Christian? 1 Cor. 13 tells us that love is ready to believe the best, hope the best. What’s with being so quick to judge?

        • Concerned Christian

          my concern is for the body of Christ. We keep waiting for God to do something that he has already empowered us to do.

          We don’t need democrats or republicans. God has given us everything that pertains to life and Godliness.

          All the Christians on this post have dreams, ideas, and desires. They were put there by God. If everyone acted, then we would then be the Light of the Word, Salt of the Earth. We would then be able to show God and we know that if God is lifted up, He will draw all men unto him.

          I can certainly love, pray and criticize. i do it with my kids all the time. My goal is to empower the body to take charge of our own individual destinies and collectively have our rightful impact on the world!

          • Chip Crawford

            Yes, use what we have been given for sure. I don’t get “criticize.” How about exhort, shine a light, build up added to being real about what is wrong. Criticize is about tearing down. Don’t see any support for that.

          • Concerned Christian

            i should have used the term constructive criticism. The reason, my harshness towards Trump is really directed towards conservative Christians. It’s the same thing I minister to parents about.

            You don’t help a child by not focusing on the reality of what they are. If the church would take a stand and say no more of this behavior, Trump would change.

            Trump’s most important base is the conservative church. The same as it was in the Jim Crow South. Jim Crow got it’s strength from the pulpit. The church has the moral authority to make him change. The churches stance would give republicans in congress the strength they need to confront Trump and make him a better president.

            I’ve seen enough struggling kids to understand that prayer without action requires a miracle. Prayer, using information gained in prayer, simply requires action.

          • Hmmm…

            If by prayer you mean a religious activity, fine, you are on your own, because God wasn’t involved. But if you talk to the Father, consulting his word about what he has already said on the matter if found, then he is involved. Then, as God, he can tell you what you really need to do and he knows exactly what that is. It’s what is desperately needed. We have God-sized problems, so we must have what God can do. We’ve already done what we can do and have messed things up royally. Faith without works is dead, but faith action is based on what God has and does say. What he tells you to do after and while you are praying. Using information gained in prayer indeed must be acted out. It’s called obedience also. But just doing stuff that seems good to us is a problem, not an answer. We must invoke the discipline of hearing God before we act, and actually, he’s giving us cues all the time. imho butting in here 🙂 could resist, but didn’t 🙂

          • Chip Crawford

            James Robison has talked very straight to Mr. Trump, and he listened attentively and didn’t push back, it was said. Whether or not he heeds that is another matter. He’s a brand new Christian, if one at all, and really not in a place to get a lot of good teaching. I bet people give him things, but he needs more direct discipling.
            Hey, none of us can be responsible for changing someone else … Whoooo … too heavy a load there. If the Lord sends someone, and they would know that, it would work.
            There’s an element here of timing, having to do with openness. Nobody hears harder truth about themselves without a readiness for it.
            I doubt too many actually stand up to him. I think Mr. Pence was really compromised with the awful hot mike thing, and watched how that would go. He saw the shame and repentance many were watching for, then he rebounded, which I thought was right.
            It will take the right moment. Mr. Pence will speak up rather than compromise, and I bet he has some, but not about correcting personal conduct.
            I’m not sure the nation doesn’t deserve what it’s going through.
            There’s worse than Trump’s stuff afoot. Yes sir, ma’am. This racism thing is a serious matter that counts tremendously, but the way it is being used and I mean USED by the opposition to the election results and against the current government should be exposed and NOT be alright with any person of moral fiber.

    • Chip Crawford

      Examples? He has many employees who would and have proven that wrong. Just personally, he has helped those within his reach. How many minorities or people in need do you help literally on a regular basis? DJT is careless in speech at times when describing particular situations, but there’s a huge rap on him just because he won over the disgruntled left. They would do that to anyone. There’s a housing story against him, but we don’t know all the details. Stop the hate BE; no American is guilty just because someone else has hate in their heart, like the MSM, leftists and those who believe anything negative when it suits them. There’s much evidence against what you are saying and you provide none. Hate is not proof. Actually, I believe from Dr. Brown’s demonstrated spirit that he would not be as swift as you to go with accusations and spread them all around. You are on bad ground with your slam.

      • Benny Ehud

        DJT is a RACIST! His history is known. Donald has plenty of examples.

        1.) He lied about his daddy being arrested for wearing KKK attire and attacking Catholics.
        2.) The TWO housing discrimination lawsuits. Yes, we do know the details. The government laid them out. You just don’t want to believe them.
        3.) John O’Donnell said Trump called black people lazy. Trump said “the stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true.” Trump said this in a Playboy interview in 1991.
        4.) A Jewish real estate broker said on TV…TV that Fred Trump and a young Donald came into the real estate guy’s office, and Fred Trump told him that they don’t rent to “n-words.” The broker said he looked at Donald, and Donald shook his head up and down.
        5.) The Central Park Five. Donald to out full-page ads in 4 newspapers against those boys. And when it was found out that they were innocent Donald didn’t even apologize. He came at them with viciousness. He still said they were guilty in OCTOBER of last year when DNA tests proved they weren’t guilty. The city paid the guys $41 mil.
        6.)Trumped called “Django Unchained” the MOST RACIST FILM ever b/c Jamie Foxx’s character said “I can kill whites and get paid for it. What’s not to like about it?” Django was a dramedy! It wasn’t even serious. Django was a SLAVE! Not to mention that the character was going after EVIL slave owners. That’s the MOST RACIST film Donald has ever seen?!! Really??!
        7.) Randall Pinkett who the Apprentice season 4 called Donald a racist. Randall said that he was the only black person to ever attend a manager’s meeting in his entire year with Trump’s company.
        8.) Miss Teen USA, who was black at the time, said that she was told by her handlers for the pageant that Trump didn’t like blacks and for her not to take it personally.
        9.) Kip Brown said all of the blacks were ordered off of the floor in Trump’s casinos when Trump came b/c Trump didn’t like blacks.
        10.) Trump publicly pitched what was essentially “The Apprentice: White People vs. Black People.”
        11.) He called an American judge a Mexican who couldn’t do his job properly b/c he was “Mexican.”
        12.) He asked for Barack’s transcripts. I haven’t seen Donald offer up his transcripts or those of his kids.

        Trump’s a racist! Get over it.

        • Concerned Christian

          whew! 🙂

          • Benny Ehud

            I didn’t even mention where Don Cheadle said that his friend said Donald Trump asked his friend’s father on the golf course if he had ever f**ked a n-word.

            Don Cheadle said that everybody in NYC knows about Trump. He said that it has been known.

          • Chip Crawford

            Oh yeah, don’t forget any stray bits of trash you might have overlooked. Hey, don’t throw it at me; I’m not a trash receptacle.

        • Chip Crawford

          You fail to mention Ben Carson, Omarosa (sp?), there’s a black woman who heads a vineyard the Trumps own, others and the passage of time and change in people. Everyone has changed about their attitudes toward black people from earlier days for one. Even if current, I hope you never mess up and need some mercy because you have sown judgment and accusation. It’s on your wheel coming right back around to you. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Now make a list of good things, strengths and positives about Donald Trump to at least cleanse your palate of all that bile. This article is about hope. People have to get on the positive side for hope to have a chance.

          • Benny Ehud

            Oh…please with Omarosa. And Ben Carson doesn’t work for Trump. Ben Carson works for in the U.S. govt.

            Mess up and need mercy? Donald has not repented! He still holds those views. HE’S DEFENDING CONFEDERATE STATUES TODAY!! The CONFEDERACY! He shouldn’t even be worried about that! They were treasonous individuals. There should never have been ONE statue erected in the U.S. of a confederate general. NOT ONE!

            I can’t think of good things he has done for nonwhites. I can barely think of any good things he has done for whites lol


          • Chip Crawford

            Oh hopeless one … so, some blacks don’t count, like Omarosa. Mr. Trump chose Ben Carson for his Cabinet, sir. You broad brush paint and insist on your own slant being applied regardless, so there’s no point in trying to discuss with you. And that’s bad when it’s like that. No one can relate unless they capitulate. Hey, I’m a poet … Bad M.O. BE, come on …

          • Benny Ehud

            Donald Trump is paying Ben Carson? I don’t think so. I think that is the govt. And Ben has a lower-level job. All of the high-level jobs went to WHITES.

            Trump is a HORRIBLE human being lol

          • Hmmm…

            Rank foolishness. You’re coming unhinged man. No one can credit your radical, unreasonable spew.

          • Benny Ehud


          • Hmmm…

            It’s your own hatred that should concern you, the only hatred you can do something about.

          • Benny Ehud


          • Gary

            Trump wasn’t elected by people like you. Or for people like you. You’ll have to endure his presidency like I had to endure the presidency of Obama. I hated every minute of it because Obama was opposed to everything I was for, and for everything I opposed. Thankfully, President Trump is trying to undo some of the damage Obama did.

          • Benny Ehud

            Trump is a racist! I’m not talking about his stances on abortion, gay marriage or whatever. He is a fundamentally awful human being. Obama isn’t. I didn’t vote for Bush, but Bush is not a bad person. I’m not talking policy. I’m talking character.

            Trump is a bona fide racist. His PRESENT and PAST shows that. His comments today show it.

          • Gary

            I don’t care if he is a racist. I care what policies he pursues as potus.

          • Benny Ehud

            That’s truth. That’s what Michael Brown needs to say and quit defending Trump’s character. Trump is an AWFUL human being.

            You are pathetic, as well.

          • Gary

            As if I cared what you think of me. By the way, Obama is a racist too.

          • Benny Ehud

            No, Obama’s not a racist. And you don’t have to care what I think. You’re a pathetic individual, anyway. You just wrote that you don’t care if the POTUS is a racist. However, I care if the president is a racist, ant-semitic, or a bigot. I don’t care if that president is implementing policies I am for.

          • Gary

            Of course Obama is a racist. So are you. You are either too stupid to know it, or too dishonest to admit it.

          • Benny Ehud

            I just listed out Trump’s racist actions and words. Go ahead and list.

          • Gary

            Define racist. Let’s see if we can agree on a definition.

          • Benny Ehud

            I don’t define it any differently than a dictionary. Google it.

          • Benny Ehud

            List ways that Obama is a racist. You made the charge. The guy told me to give examples. I gave examples.

          • Benny Ehud

            We don’t need to agree on a definition. The word is already defined.

  • Mo

    Thanks for your unwavering optimism in Christ, Dr. Brown. Some days, it really is hard to see it and hold on to it.

  • Gary

    I don’t believe there is any hope for America as a nation. It has too many unsolvable problems, which together are going to prevent its survival. It might last until the Great Tribulation begins, or it might not. If it does, its existence at that time won’t matter.

  • Jeremy L

    You sure like to plug your book.

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