The Year of Sanctimony

Some in the “Never Trump” movement have apparently adopted the moral hierarchy of the Left with respect to abortion.

By Joshua Charles Published on November 8, 2016

“The pro-life movement has a soul as well. Or it did, anyway, before it sold it for Donald Trump.”

Such were the words of a recent column penned by an ostensibly conservative, “Never Trump” Christian on the state of the pro-life movement in the 2016.

Such sanctimony has, unfortunately, become all too indicative of many in the “Never Trump” movement, and apparently because of what they call Trump’s misogyny and racism, which I shall address in turn.

Misogyny and Racism

In the face of such obstreperous and vindictive commentary, I ask the following: what in God’s name would they have to say to Daniel, who worked in the court of the man who slaughtered his own people, and tried to execute his three closest friends? Did Daniel sell his soul? And if not, how did he retain his, but the people most concerned with protecting innocent life have lost theirs?  Many of this stripe accuse Trump (rightly) of misogyny. But this leads to an absurd conclusion: Daniel, who worked for a bloodthirsty tyrant, retains his soul; but pro-life people who vote for a misogynist lose theirs.

Count me utterly confused.

This is just one example of the frankly unsophisticated and emotionally miasmic moral analysis which has become all-too-common in 2016 — an analysis often grossly over the top in its invective, and almost totally lacking in charity for others on whose behalf they claim to rant. And while I have seen it from those who are both voting for Trump, and those who are “Never Trump,” on a purely anecdotal basis, I have rarely seen sanctimony reach the heights achieved by the “Never Trump” movement.

Life vs. Death

Such pronouncements as I quoted above show absolutely zero appreciation for how many pro-life people feel as if they are in the grip of a vice in this election.  It seems to assume that only an idiot, would presume to support the candidacy of a playboy when the only viable alternative is Molech. It claims to recognize the horrors that a Clinton presidency would bring for the unborn, and then immediately forgets all of that, because, after all, Trump is a misogynist. In other words, it is predicated on accepting the Left’s hierarchy of values.

Let me explain.

No one I know wants a misogynistic President. But if the only viable alternative is a murderous one, then it would behoove those in the “Never Trump” movement to show some charity towards those who feel compelled to vote for the latter.

The case is even more compelling when it comes to the charge or racism.

Racism vs. Abortion

Be not in doubt: slavery was America’s original sin, but abortion has been its greatest sin. As of this moment, it is quite possible that a presidential candidate who has gone the furthest of any in our history toward justifying the slaughter of the unborn as late as their very day of birth, and is all too willing to continue, and expand, the funding of these satanic mills with our tax money, could be the next President of the United States.

Ah, we are told, but we shouldn’t forget Trump’s racism. He was, after all, endorsed by the KKK.

What the KKK calls its “lifetime achievement” (the lynching of 3,500 blacks over eight decades) Planned Parenthood calls a productive weekend.

And this is where, once again, some in the “Never Trump” movement have apparently adopted the moral hierarchy of the Left with respect to abortion.

They would have us believe that the KKK’s endorsement of Donald Trump, which he and his campaign have vociferously and repeatedly disavowed, is of greater moral significance than the fact that not only has Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary Clinton, she has endorsed them!

But it gets worse.

These same people proclaim that Donald Trump having to disavow and repudiate the endorsement of an organization that “merely” hates blacks is more morally significant than the full-throated endorsement by Hillary Clinton of an organization that murders blacks!

What the KKK calls its “lifetime achievement” (the lynching of 3,500 blacks over eight decades) Planned Parenthood calls a productive weekend.

The KKK is today nothing but an extremist and fringe entity of despicable buffoons. Planned Parenthood, however, is at this very moment running its abortion chambers at full capacity, and is quite possibly on the brink of having the most enthusiastic Commandant they’ve ever had occupy the Oval Office.

But apparently for some in the “Never Trump” movement, those who make such distinctions and act accordingly are not only in danger of, but in fact have already lost their souls.

The pro-life movement that has ensured that this country has more crisis pregnancy care centers than abortion mills, and which has thereby saved thousands, potentially millions of lives, has, for this “Never Trumper,” lost its soul, because when faced with a choice between the vulgar frat boy and Molech, it deigned to choose the frat boy.

And this is moral reasoning we are supposed to take seriously?

I happen to share many of the concerns of those in the “Never Trump” movement. The candidacy of Donald Trump, in my view, is emblematic of an ongoing moral catastrophe taking place in this country. That he and Hillary Clinton are the best that could be produced by the suffrage of our fellow-citizens speaks to a gaping hole in America’s moral fabric.

But this sort of sanctimony toward the pro-life movement coming from many in the “Never Trump” faction is not only bereft of rational coherence (considering the Clinton alternative), but of that charity which is due to those who, like them, are struggling mightily with this election, and have not only rational, but justifiable reasons for believing a vote for Trump, fraught with risk as it is, is morally preferable to a vote for Clinton. For pro-life citizens, it is a choice fraught with risk and dangers. But when compared with not just the risk, but the certainty, of what a Clinton presidency will mean for the unborn, it is a viable choice in a world that simply provides no other.

So what is at the root of such baseless, vindictive sanctimony on the part of some in the “Never Trump” movement?

I believe it is a set of faulty moral assumptions.

Faulty Moral Assumptions

Perfect choices, let alone good choices, are frequently unavailable in a fallen world. Life often confronts us with options which, no matter our choice, will taint us. This is the reality of 2016 — no choice is without moral taint. For every option, fear and trembling is not only justified, but necessary. For a pro-life person, a vote for Hillary is unacceptable. A vote for Trump is noxious. A vote for a third party will not only achieve nothing for the unborn, but is a vote that could have been brought to bear against the most radically pro-death candidate we have ever had in our entire history. Be not in doubt — none of us come out of this clean. To assume purity is possible in 2016 is to place the value of theoretical ideals above the reality of the dead unborn.

Those who accept this reality can justifiably walk into the voting booth and vote for Donald Trump, albeit with fear and trembling, trusting the rest to God (and with their souls intact, I might add).

Those who deny this reality seem to congregate in the “Never Trump” corner, a corner from which, supposedly in the name of conservatism, they call down fire and brimstone and engage in soul-excommunication against any who dare disagree with them.

But here’s the dirty little secret: they do this not according to conservative values, but to the values of the Left, where misogyny is worse than murder, and the endorsement by those who hate blacks is worse than the endorsement of those who murder blacks.

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