The Uvalde Massacre Warns Us: This Government Won’t Protect You, Even in Texas

By John Zmirak Published on May 29, 2022

This isn’t your grandpa’s United States of America. Unless your grandpa was a secret Communist spy.

The government of the United States is no longer your friend, nor even your servant. It stares at you with cold, inhuman eyes like a Terminator, while shooting sparks out of its butt. Because while it may be hostile, it’s also deeply dysfunctional. Less like The Matrix and more like the dictatorship of Venezuela, on a much, much larger scale.

And probably your local government too. Not just if you live in a blue state either, though there it’s much more obvious. The Uvalde massacre tells us that the State is just barely functioning even in rural Texas.

Like the Last Days of Batista in Cuba in 1959

The U.S. no longer bothers to guard its own borders. It didn’t investigate the thousands of looters who trashed whole cities, firebombed courthouses, and threw firebombs at cops. It’s pouring $40 billion into a plan to kill lots of Russians and Ukrainians over some meaningless border disputes. But it can’t provide affordable gasoline, or baby formula at any price.

It’s putting resources instead into terrorizing political opponents, from the January 6 defendants to parents who attend school board meetings. Like a crumbling Third World regime, its sole focus is repressing domestic enemies, while the whole place crumbles into ruins. Batista’s Cuba in 1959 comes menacingly to mind. You might remember it as the setting for the best scenes in Godfather II. Except now there’s no America to flee to.

The Two Party Oligarchy

This is the world that the Democrats gave us. But not they alone. It’s equally the product of Establishment Republicans, who’d rather see the left triumph everywhere than treat their populist, Christian base as human beings with legitimate interests. They Deplore us as much as the Democrats do, maybe even more. The gay-led “conservative” magazine National Review is gaslighting us into a game of nuclear chicken with Russia, and still scorns solid evidence of 2020 election fraud. Now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to sell out our constitutional gun rights, to leave us completely at the mercy of this decrepit regime, which is run by extremists who hate us.

Are you paying attention yet?

No You Can’t Rescue Your Children

If you want to check the life signs of the American Republic, take the time to read this appalling report by Human Events of the massacre in Ulvalde, Texas. Read it all, every last bitter word. The shooter was permitted into the school with a deadly weapon, and allowed to terrorize and kill for a solid hour before police breached the building. Desperate parents were already there, some of them with firearms, begging the cops to act — or let them go in and rescue their children themselves. (As several cops apparently had, extracting just their own kids.) At least one mom (after getting out of police handcuffs) escaped their clutches, ran in, and came out with her kids.

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In case you have some fantasy of the parents suing the police, be aware that they’d lose. Solid court precedents from federal courts affirm a fact that might surprise you: The police are not legally obligated to protect citizens from crime, not even students in school. That’s right. Go read the decisions for yourself.

Surely, though you’d expect that Texas cops would want to risk their necks protecting students. Except that they didn’t, while 20 died. Not for an hour. Why?

Most cops are beaten down, terrorized by nuisance lawsuits and race-hustling politicians, and increasingly unwilling to risk their necks on behalf of a public that demonizes them. So they adjust their function. Instead of protecting us, their job is now to show up and prevent us from defending ourselves and our loved ones — and arrest us if we try.

Here’s video of the cops using the power of the State to keep parents from saving their hunted children. (Profanity.)


Anarcho-Tyranny Now

Our Oligarchs knew what they were doing when they hounded Jake Gardner to suicide, for defending his aged father against a maniacal black felon. It’s what they tried to do to Kyle Rittenhouse, too. And what they’re doing to the January 6 protestors in our Gulag on the Potomac. Make an example of them. Smack down any peasant who gets too uppity, and destroy him publicly to intimidate all the others. It’s how the Spartan regime kept its wretched helot population terrorized and obedient. And it’s the last task the U.S. government seems to consider indispensable.

We saw how much our Oligarchs care about preserving law and order, private property, or freedom of expression — when they let terrorists take over whole cities. About our rights to religious practice or free assembly when they locked us in our homes in a cooked-up pandemic panic. About our bodily freedom and privacy when they tried to force us to take new, unsafe vaccines made from dead babies.

And we saw how much they cared about innocent life when they inflicted the Blue State Nursing Home Genocide — dumping COVID patients on nursing homes, to inflate the death statistics and justify their lockdowns and fraud-ridden mail-in balloting. Family members were equally locked out of those facilities, kept back by the State from trying to save, or even see, their victimized loved ones. Every one of those nursing homes was as much of a crime scene as the shot-up school in Uvalde. Each one of those governors is no better than the school shooter.

Don’t Trust Your Life to the Weimar Republic

Uvalde is a scandal and a horror, all right. It tells us that we’re on the verge of anarchy, with a government devoted to suppressing every effort of citizens to protect themselves and their own.

That’s the last kind of government you want demanding a monopoly of deadly force. It’s the kind of government that ruled the Weimar Republic. Citizens who dutifully turned in their guns to Weimar didn’t know what was coming next.

We do. We have no excuse. Let Mitch McConnell and the other surrender monkeys in Congress know that “cold dead fingers” isn’t just a metaphor.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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