The ‘Pro-Choice Community’ Cannot Speak or Think Honestly About Abortion

If Roe is corrected, a deep wound will be inflicted on the Left’s ultimate conceits: self-divinization and the usurpation of Deity’s throne by the state.

Madonna performs on stage during the Women's March rally, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in Washington.

By Rob Schwarzwalder Published on February 4, 2017

Why did so many women gather in Washington against the presidency of Donald Trump?

Why did so many women (and men and children) march in Washington days later in support of the unborn and their mothers?

It comes down to a battle over radical sexual autonomy.

Hearing the words of such profound moral philosophers as Madonna and Scarlett Johansson as they opined from the podium left no doubt that abortion was the central issue for their large collation of women. That pro-life women pointedly were excluded, even disinvited, from the event further makes the point.

The “Right” to Abortion

Feminism in our time is no longer about equal treatment under the law but about protecting the “right” to abort one’s child at any time throughout pregnancy. This is the source of rage and fear emanating with such profane vehemence from the feminist Left since Mr. Trump’s election in November.

Similarly, multitudes of people who streamed up Pennsylvania Avenue during the March for Life were there to protest the debasement of human personhood known as elective abortion.  They refuse to concede the fundamental argument of their opponents, that the child within the womb has no value apart from her mother. For this, they are castigated as “anti-women.”

It all boils down to this: Surgical and chemical abortion enable sexual autonomy. Birth control doesn’t work? There’s a “women’s clinic” nearby to take care of the “problem.” Abortion is the ultimate safeguard of unrestricted sexual volition.

A Supreme Court that reads the text of the Constitution as the document’s words require means that the “right” to an abortion will be terminated. The imaginary penumbraic emanation out of which this erstwhile right flows will be found to be no more real than the horsey or kitty my children, when small, found in the clouds.

A malignant kidney will never have a face, hands, feet, a brain, or a beating heart. An unborn child always does. 

Were abortion a mere surgical procedure, indistinguishable in moral value from the removal of kidney stones or the excision of an unsightly wart, the right of a woman to govern her own health and well-being through such medical actions would be undisputed. But abortion is not health care.

Moreover and once again, abortion is unique in the medical world in that two persons are involved. A malignant kidney will never have a face, hands, feet, a brain, or a beating heart. An unborn child always does. 

The Problem With Roe v. Wade

When, in 1973, Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in Roe that the Supreme Court was agnostic about the personhood of the baby in the womb, he employed intellectual legerdemain to make his case. As one scholar has written, Justice Blackmun said “the Court had no way of deciding whether or not an unborn child was a person to be protected by law, and then, in an incredible leap of illogic, declared that an unborn child could not be protected by law — a conclusion warranted only if one assumed a certain answer to the very question on which the Court professed to be agnostic.”

In other words, if the Court had no way of knowing if the developing person in the woman was a person, how could the Court rule it had no authority to declare the possible person’s possible life of no value?

The Selfishishness of Unrestricted Abortion

Constricting unrestricted access to abortion on demand is terrifying to women who feel relief that such an option is always open to them. Inherent in this sense of fear is not so much the threat of going under the knife of an unqualified abortionist in an illegal side-street “clinic” as the realization that carrying one’s baby to term would, with rare exceptions, be demanded by the law. 

This kind of demand would inhibit the combination of professional attainment and sexual preferentialism that the culture of radical autonomy heralds as central to a free and happy life. And this the Left cannot have. 

A society in which babies are welcomed into life is one in which families will be formed and the need for state intervention will be substantially dissipated.

A society in which babies are welcomed into life is one in which families will be formed and the need for state intervention — that is, federal programs whose benefits are addictive and whose protections become subtly suffocating — will be substantially dissipated. Competitors of state power, the churches and synagogues, myriad private charities, community organizations, and religious-based philanthropies, will thrive. The Left’s robust nurture of an ever-more powerful, centralized, invasive, and controlling government of the liberal elites will become weak. Leviathan will not die but its gigantism will shrivel.

The Harmful Effects of Abortion on Women and Society

The grand and tragic irony in so much of the “rights talk” of the recent Women’s March is the victimization of women by the abortion industry. So many “clinics” in inner cities; so much profit for abortion “providers;” so many women in crisis being persuaded that abortion is the best choice. 

Or consider a 2015 study by the Jacobs Institute on Women’s Health at the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Biotechnology Information. It concludes that “nearly one-third of women” reported feeling pressure from an “intimate partner” to have an abortion.  

If these things don’t spell pain and even predation, let us all become linguistic deconstructionists.

The “pro-choice community” can never speak honestly about abortion. To concede that the unborn child has any value, any smidgen of dignity distinct from her mother’s discretion would validate the claim that there is a baby in the womb, a fatal blow to sexual hyper-autonomy of his mother.

If Roe is corrected, a deep wound will be inflicted on the Left’s ultimate conceits: self-divinization and the usurpation of Deity’s throne by the state. 

The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court fevers the minds of abortion proponents. If Roe is corrected, not only will extemporaneous sexual intimacy be constrained and male unconcern with his partner’s potential pregnancy be jarred into a sense of caution, and not only (and most importantly) will the lives of about 3,000 unborn children a day be protected, but a deep wound will be inflicted on the Left’s ultimate conceits: self-divinization and the usurpation of Deity’s throne by the state. 

“You shall be like God,” the serpent promised Eve and, through her, Adam. The self-exaltation, the rush of power felt when we defy the Eternal and destroy the lives He creates through us, will be ended as chastity, duty, and the sanctity of life are again restored, in great measure, to American public life and personal conduct.

Lord, haste the day.

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Over 40 yrs of deliberate self delusion doesn’t promote objectivity. Flying in the face of moral ,ethical , scientific & cultural precedent these proponents of “choice” so called, have chosen their misconstrued agendas over the most fundamental tenant of human experience. This subjugation of the personhood of a yet born child to the personal interests of the mother is the personification of premeditated self deception. It’s no wonder this “community” can’t come to grips w/reality. They have been avoiding it for over a generation. The elephant is in the room. Yet it remains as imperceptible as their own hubris is among themselves …

    • G Hazel

      the “40 years” comment brought to my mind the immense mountain of guilt that would have to be “accepted” for Roe v Wade to be not only overturned, but for people to acknowledge that they’ve in fact been killing babies all along – well over 50,000,000 abortions since 1973.

  • Autrey Windle

    The whole idea of 5 judges deciding a baby is not a baby is NUTS! Wake up, America. God is paying attention and those who intimidate (the unwed mother) advocate for murder (the father, the parents, Madonna and her murderous allies, judges,etc.) and the actual murderers (doctors, nurses, planned parenthood, etc.) are in for a huge dose of Hell’s reality. And if they think believing something or not believing something determines what truth is, let them tell God that as they are marched into the fire. Thank fully, HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!

  • Dean Bruckner

    There is a rational link between unfettered sexual autonomy and the availability of abortion, as the article states. But there is a deeper current in the heart that is not entirely rational, by which abortion becomes an end in itself. Simply put, death draws to itself more death. One of the two mechanisms by which this happens is the human conscience. A violated conscience does not die. As J. Budziszewski wrote nearly 20 years ago in The Revenge of Conscience, it instead drives us on to more transgressions; it becomes a factory of evil deeds.

    Those who have violated their consciences, but do not humbly admit the wrong and make a U-turn, increasingly attempt to wrench the moral axis of the universe to match the crazy tilt of their own consciences. Like a shipboard magnetic compass that has fallen off its binnacle (compass stand), it no longer points north. We can set it back on the stand, but we have no power to adjust the magnets back to where they were. It can point anywhere, and we can do absolutely nothing about it. But the damage to the compass cannot be admitted, lest the Captain find out. So we keep silent, live in fear and loathing, and follow the faulty compass. And instead of slowing down, we inexplicably increase to flank (maximum) speed to try to obtain grim comfort.

    To many, it may seem there is no way out. But that is because they do not know the Captain. He is kind, and loving, and merciful, and his greatest desire is to be awakened by a call from the ship’s bridge whenever the watch is in trouble, indeed whenever they even think they are in trouble! The typical Captain’s standing orders read, “If you are debating whether or not you should call me, that itself is sufficient reason to do so, and at once.” Why do we acknowledge the truth of this in the real world in a life and death situation–ships at sea–but deny the exact same principle in our own moral and spiritual lives?

    Jesus nailed it (as he always does): “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that, through him, the world might be saved.” – Gospel of John, chapter 3, verses 16-17

    “A broken and contrite heart, O Lord, you will not despise.” – King David in Psalm 51, when after nearly a year of misery, he admitted his sin to God–the sin of sleeping with a married woman, thereby conceiving a baby, and then murdering the woman’s husband to cover it up.

  • fullerhonda

    When I was 24, maybe 25, living in California and in the military, abortion was in the news. I wrote a letter to the local newspaper in support of abortion. My reasoning was that a child unwanted would live a terrible life from mother-hate. The newspaper declined to print the letter because it was too caustic. I was incensed.
    I’m reminded of a young woman friend I had in California before I joined the Air Force who was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. She was about five months along. He wanted her to have an abortion. She didn’t want it, which is why she was so far along. I can’t remember the details but I think he wouldn’t support her or maybe threatened to leave her if she didn’t abort the baby. She had the abortion. I didn’t see much of her after that. Either I went back to Michigan or the group I was associated with dispersed. I think about her now with sadness. I’ve learned that aborting a baby can be a life-long trauma for the mother. I think back on how nonchalant I was then; truly not one capable of providing comfort or good advice. All I knew about life was what I heard from others, my age of course.
    Just yesterday morning I for some reason thought about my great grandmother. She became pregnant by the son of a wealthy family she worked for. I’d known this story since I was a girl because it was my grandfather she birthed. Part of the story was how cruelly my grandfather had been treated by the man his mother married and had children with. Perhaps that’s where the idea of an unwanted child living a terrible life came from. But I don’t know that his mother didn’t want him. The step-father didn’t.
    But what I was really thinking about recalling this family history is that I wouldn’t have any history had abortion been sanctioned back in the day. Had my grandmother aborted her little boy I would not be. Which made me realize abortion isn’t the loss of just one baby but of generations. So that statistic of a billion aborted babies since the 1920s is not an accurate count. One has to allow for the generations most of the babies would have spawned had they been allowed to live. It’s very troubling and much more of a human tragedy than we are willing to admit.
    We hide our evil from ourselves by calling it good. My Lord, let us seek You that we might learn Your ways. Scour the ugliness from our minds that we might hear Your voice. You can make us clean if You want to, and You have said to us, “I do want to.”

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