The Gods of Transgender are Calling for Child Sacrifice

By Tom Gilson Published on April 13, 2023

You probably thought civilized society did away with idol worship and child sacrifice forever. You were wrong. It’s back in full force. Not with fire this time, and not with moments of screaming terror followed by somber silence. Instead, this new religion spreads out its cruel torture slowly, over years of time. And the gods they’re meant to appease aren’t idols of wood and stone. They’re trans people.

I’ve said many times they act like gods. This one comes right out and says so. I urge you to view these 58 seconds of madness, not because it will shock you (though it will) but because it will give you a lot to learn.

(WARNING: Some Coarse Language)

Rotten Character

I have no idea who the man is, but clearly he represents the trans insurgency, and we can learn about them from this. We’ll get to the “god” part of the problem, but first, let’s start closer to ground level: What kind of character is he demonstrating here? Four easy questions will answer that.

  1. Do you suppose this man has ever said, “People should be more tolerant, less judgmental of others”?
  2. Have you ever heard anything more abusively intolerant, judgmental, condemning, and superior-sounding than this, your whole life long?
  3. And then, do you suppose he’s ever said it’s wrong to impose your beliefs on others?
  4. Have you ever seen anyone to match this for sheer pushiness imposing his beliefs?

This fellow isn’t just intolerant, judgmental, condemning, superior-sounding, and pushy to the point of bullying. He’s also either a rank hypocrite, or so blind he can’t see how he’s doing the same thing he assuredly also condemns.

Maybe he’s not a hypocrite: Maybe he’s just morally stupid, and doesn’t know enough to condemn those kinds of behaviors. You can still be sure that just about everyone else in his movement does, by lip service at least. So even by their moral standards of “tolerance,” this is one bad dude. (He’s not the only one.)

Rotted Reasoning

His reasoning is equally bad. It’s one thing to try to persuade a person with good reasons and good evidence. How does this guy do it, though? “Transness is the truth,” he says. He knows it’s the truth because “Cisness is the lie.” He’s right because he’s right. That’s as bad as “reasoning” can get.

I’d grade him higher on that if what he said had some real evidence behind it. But here’s the best he can offer: “We are 70% water.”

Here’s my most charitable read on what he’s trying to say there: We’re mostly water, therefore we are fluid. We are fluid, therefore we are gender-fluid. We are gender-fluid, therefore transness is the truth.

That’s the nearest he gets to offering “evidence.” Not near enough. Not within light-years.

Flailing Foolishness

His reasoning is so atrocious, I wish I could laugh at it. I can’t. It shows too perfectly where sex-worshiping “tolerance” takes us: Not to truth, but to flailing foolishness.

And I wish that was the worst of it, but This short little microcosm of the trans movement goes on to bring us naked power-mongering, idolatry, and child abuse.


How do you persuade someone to do what you want? You can either show them good reasons or you can show them force. There are no good reasons behind the trans movement, but there’s plenty of force.

I’m serious. If you can think of some real justification for trans control over our lives, please let me know. But don’t try the usual, “They need it because otherwise they won’t feel so good about themselves.” Feelings matter, I would never deny that. But do feelings justify the kinds of demands trans persons make?

If someone — anyone — needs emotional affirmation and support, then of course that person needs it. If we can help, we probably should. But their need doesn’t grant them power to control us. A wise helper determines whether the need is even real.

Trans people think they need their “inner gender” affirmed. That’s the hot controversy, but do not think it’s the only one. They think their need is so great, it can only be satisfied by forcing other people to do what they want them to do.

They Mean to Control You

Say it their way, or you’re toast. No, actually, it’s think it their way, or you’re toast. They want their grip on us all the way in to our inward thoughts: “You must not pay any attention to what your eyes see. Your eyes are wrong. Your mind is wrong. The only truth you may hold shall be the truth I command. The only language you may speak is what I allow you to speak.”

I am not overstating it. Just ask anyone who’s been caught “mis-gendering” someone. Their message is clear: “What I say I am on the inside matters, what you see on the outside doesn’t.” But how is that any different from, “I matter, you don’t”?

How is that any different from, “I matter, you don’t”?

The guy in this video doesn’t try very hard to hide his belief in his dominance, his sense of superiority.

It’s all built on a vapor. They have nothing to justify their pushiness except the social power they’ve managed to grab. That was quite the successful little steal, and now they lord it over the rest of us like they’re little gods. I won’t take it. I serve a real God.

“We are Gods, and We Demand Your Children!”

The guy in this video actually call himself that. He is the insurgency personified. Deified, rather, or at least he thinks so. He calls himself a god, and he’s not talking some squishy inclusive pantheism, as in “We’re all gods, and isn’t it lovely?”

No, “god is trans,” he says, and he’s got “cis” pegged to a much lower breed of creature. We are their minions, required to carry out their will.

To be trans is to be a god. (He said that, not me.) But the ritual that both seals that pact and appeases the deities is an ancient one: child sacrifice. He’d be incensed to hear me calling it that. He insists it’s good for them. What “god” wouldn’t say that?

His Plea for Child Abuse

What he’s calling for, to be more specific, is an abusive form of child abandonment. (If he’d brought up drugs or surgery we’d be talking another level of abuse on top of that.)

His message for children is, “Be whatever you are, baby.” That’s a literal baby he’s talking to there, as in infants, toddlers, etc. He goes on. “Be free, be water, be light, be sky, be god. Because guess what? That’s what we actually are.”

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The translation for parents is simple and plain: Abandon your babies. Don’t guide them. Don’t teach them anything about how to live life, especially anything that might smack of sex or gender. Your child is a god! Let them figure it all out on their own.

Sacrificing Children to Appease the Gods

That’s horrifically cruel. It’s a sure plan for years and years of disconnection, confusion, loneliness, and lostness. Being a god is way too much responsibility for any human to bear. To put it on a child, though? That’s seriously abusive.

It’s a long, slow, torturous service. No quick scream and it’s over. Still, if it’s for the appeasing of the gods, then in reality it’s a long, slow torturous child sacrifice. Make no mistake, they need this from children. If children aren’t free like water, maybe they aren’t, either. If children aren’t little trans-godlets, how can adults be full-size grown-up little trans-gods?

And you thought we were too civilized for sacrificing children to gods. How I wish to God — the real God — it were so. We can’t stand for this. We have to fight it. There’s too much at stake.


Tom Gilson (@TomGilsonAuthor) is a senior editor with The Stream and the author or editor of six books, including the highly acclaimed Too Good To Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality.

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