Democrats Outraged Against Gov. Northam — For Only Half the Right Reasons

Racism then, very bad. Support for infanticide today, wonderful.

By Rob Schwarzwalder Published on February 4, 2019

Democrats are outraged by Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s past racism. And about his inability to get his story straight: Did he or did he not dress in a Klan get-up or black-face three decades ago, when he was in med school? Then there’s his admitted black-face Michael Jackson costume shortly after graduating from med school.

They should be mad. We all should be. But only a couple of days earlier, Democrats and their allies in the media were rallying around Northam for his defense of infanticide.

The Silent Party

The Democratic party was also silent when, during the 2017 Virginia race for governor, Northam ran an utterly disgusting attack on Republican Ed Gillespie. Northam’s supporters ran a commercial “depicting a man driving a pick-up truck adorned with a ‘Gillespie for governor’ bumper sticker, and a Gadsden-flag license plate, attempting to run down a group of terrified minority children.” 

For more on Gov. Northam, see Al Perrotta’s Gov. Northam’s Racist Yearbook … and His True Sin and John Zmirak’s Would Governor Northam Have Whipped Uncle Tom to Death?. See also Sen. Marco Rubio’s Abortion Extremism Has Become Mainstream in the Democratic Party.

The irony is striking. Ed Gillespie and I, with our wives, were among the honorary sponsors of Northern Virginia’s major pro-life dinner a few years ago. I’ve known Ed since our days on Capitol Hill together. A more decent guy you won’t meet. He’s also been willing to stake out a solidly pro-life position for many years – and without apology.

It gets worse, though. A few days ago, Northam was asked about a third-trimester abortion bill (House Bill 2491) in the Virginia legislature. He said that a newborn baby, if she had certain undefined “severe deformities,” should be allowed to die if the birth mother and her doctor decided to let her. How severe? What is a “deformity?” A cleft palate? A missing arm or leg?

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Virginia’s legislature tabled the hideous bill, one so revolting that even Tim Kaine, Hillary’s 2016 running mate, opposed it. You remember Tim Kaine, right? The “I’m personally opposed to abortion” Virginia Democratic Senator who has a 97 percent lifetime rating from the NARAL Pro-Choice America?  If this tragic man, one who seals-off his conscience from his public life, can’t stomach HR 2491, that says a lot about what it actually would do.

But Northam got away with his advocacy of letting babies languish and die if their “deformities” are too great. How much is too great? Oops — we’re not supposed to ask that. Sorry.

Cuomo’s Near-Hysteria

And so it goes. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo refuses any logical or scientific discussion of his near-hysterical advocacy of his state’s new infanticide law. How does he get away with it? He reduces any argument against third-term abortions to “legislating religion.” 

And the media let him get away with it! What about every scintilla of evidence from anatomy, biology, genetics, and simple reason and common sense showing that an unborn child is a human being, a person? Look at an ultrasound, Gov. Cuomo — if you dare.

Every American should condemn racism. No exceptions. But every American should also condemn that dismemberment of fully-developed children, babies about to exit the wombs of their mothers into the world God has created for them. That one of our country’s two major parties is so morally incoherent it cannot do this speaks to its complete lack of courage and honesty.

Were it not for God’s great grace, I know I would be in the same leaky boat as what’s left of the party of Jefferson, sinking into a moral cesspool of hard-heartedness. But that doesn’t mean indignation isn’t fully justified.

I really can’t think of much else to write about this. My disdain for the screaming hypocrisy of the moment in which we live overflows the banks of English.

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