The Brew: Where’s the Manifesto?

And why's Joe Biden joking about the Nashville shooting?

By Al Perrotta Published on March 30, 2023

Happy Thursday?

Boy, are we seeing some weirdness in the wake of Monday’s mass killing at Covenant Church.

So Where’s This “Manifesto”?

We were told Monday that Audrey Hale had left a trove of writings, a “manifesto” that would help explain her motive in killing Christian children and staffers at Covenant School. Hale herself told a friend before the massacre the writings would explain all. So where is this manifesto? When some cis nutball with racist motives kills people every scrap and scribble is splashed on the front page. But when the perp is a troubled transgender out for Christian blood, we don’t see it.

Nashville police said they won’t release the manifesto during an “open investigation.” What … worried it could harm a trial for the suspect? Tip the suspect off? The suspect is dead. In fact, the Nashville police released the video of Audrey Hale getting taken down.

We do know the department is under tremendous pressure from LGBTQ+ activists not to release the manifesto. Newsweek quoted several. Of course, a few wanted to shift the focus away from the killer and onto guns. But the underlying argument is the public can’t know the truth because it would feed transphobia hysteria and put them in danger. Organizations like CAIR used the same tactic to stifle efforts to reveal the truth about radical Islam after 9/11 and the subsequent flood of Islamist terror attacks.

But what’s got them worried in this case? The “manifesto” will reveal the rantings of an unhinged mind? Unlikely. The nuttier the better. Disconnects the act from gender activism. The worry is the writings will be rational — will echo the rhetoric of the activists and media — maybe even cite specific sources. And speak of “genocide.”

A Thirst for Vengeance

It seemed a bit peculiar in recent months to see ANTIFA attacking citizens protesting at drag queen shows for children. But then you hear about this weekend’s transgender “Day of Vengeance” in D.C., witness the horrific executions at Covenant Church, see the calls for more violence, see the meme retweeted by Katie Hobbs’ press secretary, and you have to wonder: Is there a subculture within the trans community committed to violence? That has gone from “I Am What I Am” to “I Am What I Am and If You Don’t Like It I’ll Slit Your Throat”?

Of course, we’re only talking about a fraction of the LGBTQ+ community. Unlike Islam, jihad isn’t a core principle within the community. But it’s there. And it must be exposed and addressed in partnership with the good-hearted among the LGBTQ+ community. It starts with releasing the manifesto. As always, it starts with light.

Wretched Hobbs Spokesperson

Want further evidence this subculture exists … and isn’t underground but reaches high office?

Hours after Hale executed six Christians, Josselyn Berry, the press secretary for Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs retweeted a meme calling for direct violence against “transphobes.”

The tweet is so offensive, over-the-line and ill-timed that even Hobbs knew Berry had to go. Wednesday afternoon, Berry resigned.

The Governor’s office released a statement:

The post by the Press Secretary is not reflective of the values of the administration. The Governor has received and accepted the resignation of the Press Secretary.

Interestingly, in the wake of the shooting, Twitter was plastered with a Christmas card of Rep. Andy Ogles and his family holding guns, blaming him for the shooting. He represents the district housing Covenant School. Where are those Twitter gnomes now? No such hounding of Berry.

Despite an open call for violence in direct violation of Twitter rules, Berry’s account is still up. As people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Post Millennial, Brandon Straka were temporarily suspended for posting about this weekend’s “Day of Vengeance” event. If you tweeted the graphic exposing the event, you got suspended. Sponsoring the event? You’re still good to go. The Trans Radical Activist Network account is still up.

Biden Makes Jokes When Asked If Christians Were Targeted

Joe Biden has had two successes in his political career. First, selling his offices to make tens of millions for his family. Second, selling the idea he’s a caring man of the people. You saw this most recently in his indifference to the suffering in East Palestine. You see it in his lack of interest in finding peace in Ukraine. Now we see it up close with the horror at Covenant School.

On Monday, the nation tuned in expecting a somber, broken-hearted response to the tragedy. Instead, we got a light-hearted riff on mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sweet talk for the girls, before he finally got around to Covenant. Then it was right back to fun and games.

Tuesday we saw a similar response. Biden was asked by a reporter, “Do you believe Christians were targeted in the Nashville shooting?” Biden waved it off with a curt “I have no idea.” No sense at all of grief. Could have been asking if the Commanders were going to pursue Lamar Jackson for all he seemed to care. The reporter then tossed in “Josh Hawley believes they were! What do you say to that?”

“I probably don’t then,” he cracked, bursting out laughing, before catching himself. “I’m just joking.”


Not the Time, Congresswoman

A day after the execution of six Christians by a disturbed transgender, Massachusetts Rep. Kathrine Clark decided to go on a rant against “politicians and preachers” and “right-wing extremists” over their treatment of the trans community. Part of a rather grotesque backlash against Christians you’re seeing for some strange reason since the shooting. Fox News has a report on the “subtle smears” and mocking of prayer.

Clark claims transgenders are “forced to fight for their very existence.” With semi-automatic weapons against 9-year-olds?!

As Washington Free Beacon reminds us, Clark has a transgender child herself. An adult who was recently arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Yo, Katherine. You might want to sit this one out.

Along The Stream

John Zmirak offers the powerful “My Pronoun is Legion: Satan and the Nashville Shooting.”

Mark Judge returns with American Psycho: The Hatred for Women That Lurks in Gay and Trans Culture.”

And tomorrow, we promise to work extra hard for The Brew to send you into the weekend with a chuckle.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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