My Pronoun Is ‘Legion.’ Satan and the Nashville Church Massacre

By John Zmirak Published on March 29, 2023

In a powerful forthcoming commentary, Mark Judge refers to womanhood as “God’s masterpiece.” There are countless ways in which this is true. We can most fruitfully consider them by thinking first about the Blessed Virgin, Jesus’ mother. And then about our own mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. Consider their courage, self-sacrifice, wisdom and compassion … the crosses they bear and blessings they bring.

But I know Satan’s masterpiece. That is, the thing he made to ape, attack, and pervert God’s Creation, which he hates. As an arrogant, lofty spirit, he loathes our bodies. As a sexless, loveless rationalist, he’s revolted by reproduction. As a metaphysical terrorist, he’s addicted to rebellion. So the Enemy who strives to destroy us (as proxies for a God he cannot harm) fixes his steely gaze on our soft and vulnerable parts — our hearts and loins and wombs.

To Make Us Little Satans

I mostly don’t mean that the Enemy tempts us to sins of the flesh. That’s true, and it’s quite serious. But as C.S. Lewis observed in The Screwtape Letters, the Accuser isn’t satisfied just trying to damn people by luring them to have sex too soon or too randomly. That’s rookie stuff for him, too easily repented. No, the goal instead is to comprehensively pervert, twist, and turn against God Himself the very structure of His creation. To turn us not just into disobedient children, but little demons ourselves — consumed as Satan is with loathing, revulsion and rebellion aimed at God’s exquisite handiwork.  

We see a strong streak of that in the works of the Marquis de Sade, the first pro-choice philosopher in history, and the father of the Sexual Revolution. His arguments were picked up by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, mainstreamed into Second Wave feminism, and repeated cluelessly by the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

De Sade didn’t favor mere sexual indulgence, but aggressive, violent perversion indulged in complete with blasphemy, incest, kidnapping, torture, and murder. It isn’t straightforward Lust that drives a man to imagine priests defiling the Eucharist in the course of raping nuns. That takes a spirit not of this earth, which hates the place and everyone in it. Sade was not insane. He was possessed.

After he died in squalid obscurity, the spirit in him moved on. It made sure that Sade’s tedious, sickening works began to fascinate intellectuals, who quoted it and reprinted it, making it somehow respectable. (Why were two high-budget Hollywood movies made lionizing this aristocrat who tortured impoverished prostitutes?) That spirit planted the seeds in subsequent centuries for the worldview we now see in bloom, its flowers of evil bobbing outside our classrooms and our libraries.

Bad Parents, Bring Us Your Kids to Groom!

We saw it outside what used to be my favorite late night spot in Dallas, Buzzbrews Restaurant in Lakewood, some months ago. Under new ownership, the place started hosting “all ages” drag queen brunches. That means, in plain English: “Bad parents, come bring your kids to be groomed by men dressed as strippers and prostitutes!” Such fun for all. When Christians announced a plan to pray and sing outside, the organizers of the drag event invited … Antifa, to show up in masks wielding AR-15s, to terrorize the Christians. The message was clear.

These activists hate us because they hate Creation and God, whom they hate because they’re possessed.

Love the Victims, Fight their Exploiters

I absolutely don’t mean to condemn the typical victims of Transgender madness, which is a mental illness morphed by ideology into a Gnostic grudge against God. The Stream has featured detailed, sympathetic stories of “de-transitioners,” of people whose emotional problems were misdiagnosed and mistreated by deluded or greedy doctors. To those people we owe only mercy, kindness, and welcome. As the Gettys put it in their exquisite song, “O Church Arise”:

With shield of faith and belt of truthWe’ll stand against the devil’s liesAn army bold whose battle-cry is LoveReaching out to those in darkness
Our call to war to love the captive soulBut to rage against the captorAnd with the sword that makes the wounded wholeWe will fight with faith and valour

But the high priests of this new cult of Cybele — the Mediterranean goddess who demanded self-castration — are servants of our Enemy. And that’s how they see us. No wonder that we’ve endured the first act of violence aimed at Christians by Transgenderists, in the monstrous Nashville school shooting — unleashed just days after Tennessee passed a law protecting children from Transgender grooming. That’s no coincidence, as we’d probably know for sure if the authorities ever released the testosterone-juiced transgender mass killer’s “manifesto.” (Spoiler: They won’t.)

A “Mostly Peaceful” Trans Day of Vengeance

It won’t be the last attack. They’ve promised that. What else do you think it means when we’re awaiting the Trans Day of Vengeance?

Not The Bee reported on an eruption of calls by Trans activists for more violence against Christians. The courageous Terry Schilling called things out as they are:

So Splendidly Satanic

What makes Transgenderism so splendidly Satanic, so much more baroquely evil than homosexuality, abortion, or any of de Sade’s other private hobbies? The answer isn’t simple. Instead, it has many layers of skin, like some infernal onion or fast-shedding snake.

First, this ideology pleases the Enemy because it targets children: bullied boys, autistic girls, the victims of molestation, these and others like them get herded by their teachers onto the castration conveyor belt, the fast track to steroid poisoning. The innocence, vulnerability, and helplessness of children has always attracted the most evil among us — such as the shooter in Tennessee, whose real name and fake pronouns I won’t even mention. Let her memory be accursed.

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Second, the Trans agenda weaponizes and perverts our sympathy for victims — which finds its highest expression in our tears for the suffering Christ. The main power move of the demon-driven Left in our time is Victimism, the manufacture of fake victims to be used as stalking horses and puppets in a quest for ever more power. We rightly feel terrible for anyone tormented by confusion over the most basic human reality imaginable — our nature as persons of either one sex or the other.

As Al Perrotta noted, “Something called the Trans Resistance Network released a statement that basically turns [the] mass murderer … into a victim.”

Once our eyes are clouded by tears, it’s easy to manage the sleight of hand that grants the Transgenderist high priests the whip hand over society. If you criticize the doctors, clinics, and drug companies making billions by mutilating children, the high priests reach into their hats and pull out … some tormented soul whom we are allegedly driving to suicide. They really are black magicians.

A Power Grab, Backed by Threats of Violence

Finally, the Transgender cult aims at staggering power, and quickly reveals its nature as a pretext for mass bullying and abuse. Allegedly in order to prevent an unproven wave of suicides induced by “transphobia” we must meet each one of the following list of demands (which grows by the news cycle):

  • Deny the importance and reality of biological sex. Women become “people who menstruate” or (as per some in Britain’s NHS) “Front Hole People.” Roll that around in your head, as you think about your mom.
  • Allow mentally ill or depravedly opportunistic boys to take over women’s sports.
  • Destroy women’s privacy in restrooms and locker rooms. Subject women prisoners to male rapists wearing wigs.
  • Force the entire population to speak differently, revising a basic part of speech, the pronoun.
  • Fully fund the mutilation of children’s bodies through government programs. Then offer the same to soldiers, even prisoners.
  • Shame as “transphobic” haters normal, heterosexual people who won’t pursue romances with crude, surgical simulacra who ape the opposite sex.
  • Cancel and censor authors, speakers, thinkers who dissent from all this Satanic madness.
  • Deprive parents of custody if they won’t enable this butchery to be practiced on their kids.

Transgenderism’s high priests are thuggishly trying to dominate us all, as part of a lunatic scheme to deconsecrate nature, and obliterate humanity as God saw fit to make it.

If there’s any worldview more openly diabolical out in the world today, I don’t want to know about it. I’m middling at prayer, and terrible at fasting.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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