The Brew: Valentine’s Day Brings a Beautiful Response to the #HeGetsUs Super Bowl Ad

Plus Biden, Bubulinsk and Build-a-Bear turning blue

By Al Perrotta Published on February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And still we wonder, wonder, umba-doo-ooo, who, who wrote the Book of Love?

Stream contributor Janet Boynes started off our morning with a dive into what love is and isn’t in, “It’s a Love Thing.”

Build-a-Bear Creeps for Valentine’s Day

Build-a-Bear is getting creepy for Valentine’s Day. The do-it-yourself bear maker came out with a “Build-a-Bear After Dark” adults-only collection.

Fox Business describes the line as “uncomfortably suggestive stuffed animals — like a monkey dressed like a male stripper or a bear wearing a robe straight from the Playboy Mansion.”

Build-a-Bear celebrated the collection in a news release last month. “Largely an adult-to-adult giving holiday, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to consider Build-A-Bear for a surprising, unique statement to make your recipient ‘LOL.’”

Are you laughing at yet another bit of innocence spoiled? Another chance for kids to get corrupted? (Who really thinks these are going to stay in the hands of adults?)

Besides, can we trust any corporation that includes “LOL” in their official news releases?

Senate Passes Ukraine Funding Bill in Dark of Night, “History is Watching,” Biden Warns Republicans … as Word Comes Biden Rejected Putin Cease-Fire Iintiative

In the wee hours Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that will put another $60 billion in Ukraine’s pockets, along with another $35 billion for Israel and Taiwan. Biden says opposing loading up the same country that loaded up his family with millions is “playing into Putin’s hands.” “Failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten.”

“For Republicans in Congress who think they can oppose funding for Ukraine and not be held accountable — history is watching, history is watching, history is watching.”

He should know, since he’s constantly talking to long-gone historical figures.

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Reuters reported Tuesday that in 2023 Biden flat-out rejected Vladimir Putin’s suggestion of a cease-fire in the Ukraine war. Did not even offer a counter to what Putin was offering through intermediaries. “Everything fell apart with the Americans.” a source told Reuters, adding the Americans did not want to pressure Ukraine.

Reports Reuters:

Putin was proposing to freeze the conflict at the current lines and was unwilling to cede any of the Ukrainian territory controlled by Russia, but the signal offered what some in the Kremlin saw as the best path towards a peace of some kind.

A Story in Two Tweets

Sometimes the ol’ tweetdeck pops out two stories in a row that tell a much bigger story.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer celebrating the Senate passing in the middle of the night a bill to shovel $60 billion more to Ukraine.


Any wonder Americans have Michael Jackson in their head? “All I gotta say is that they don’t really care about us.”

Sometimes two tweets in a row makes you laugh out loud.

Bobulinksi Buries the Biden “Brand”

Joe Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski testified Tuesday in the House impeachment inquiry. His message was clear: “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.” Bobulinski would know. He was a partner in the deal with CEFC China Energy. He has the emails, the texts, the meeting places with Joe that demonstrate the degree to which Joe was involved … and deliberately shielded.

Bobulinski accuses Joe Biden of “selling out” the country to our foreign adversaries, with the Biden family deals in China, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.

Said Bobulinski in his prepared remarks: “The Chinese Communist Party through its surrogate, China Energy Company Limited, or ‘CEFC’ — a CCP-linked Chinese energy conglomerate — successfully sought to infiltrate and compromise Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House.”

Bobulinski’s testimony comes as House Oversight released detail showing how Biden attended a CEFC meeting … and wouldn’t you know, not long after, the Communist-connected company is cutting the Bidens a $3 million check.

The Bidens have been riding the Biden gravy train since it pulled in from Delaware. So Bobulinski’s testimony is not exactly new ground. However, Bobulinski also remarked how nobody in the federal government, from DOJ, FBI, the D.A. investigating Hunter Biden has shown the slightest interest in the evidence he has had to offer the past four years.

Media Hails and Farewells

Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show after 9 long years. It took only one episode for the humorous political commentator to anger the left. As New York Post reports, liberals are mad at the liberal Stewart for knocking Biden’s mental fitness and arrival on TikTok, and going after Biden equally as hard as he did Trump. The nerve!

One of the best in the biz is now a free agent. Journalist … in the old, respectable sense of the word … Catherine Herridge has been laid off by CBS News, NY Post reports. CBS staff were part of the mass layoffs yesterday by parent company Paramount. Why target the highly-touted, straight-shooting Herridge?

The NY Post notes the award-winning investigative journalist reportedly clashed with the DEI-minded CBS News president Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews. Her ouster reminds us that two months ago Herridge was on Face the Nation warning that 2024 could see a “Black Swan” event. “This is a national security event with high impact that’s very hard to predict. There are a number of concerns I have that factor into that.”

Ominous stuff from an even-keel news vet. Will Herridge launch her own thing like fellow CBS News exile Sharyl Attkisson, or will she be snatched up by another news organization – one with a lick of brains? And will her prediction of a “Black Swan” event come true?

Stay tuned.

He Gets Us? Try “He Saves Us”

We’re going to leave you with a yowza.

You know the controversial “He Gets Us” Super Bowl ad that pushed Jesus as a nice guy washing feet, leaving out the rest? We’ve got Ryan Bomberger with “#HeGetsUs Doesn’t Get Him.” Also, John Zmirak is set to weigh in later this morning.

However, we’ll leave you with a breathtaking response to the #HeGetsUs ad. It’s the “The Christian Super Bowl Ad They Should Have Run.”

Along The Stream

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Don’t want to give any Republicans a heart attack, but yesterday’s “Resolute” lays out “Kamala’s Path to 2024 Victory or at Least America’s Gratitude.”


Al Perrotta‘s Valentine is Rusty Burns.

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