The Brew: The State Department’s Drag Queen Diplomacy … and 1776 Gets the Woke Treatment

By Al Perrotta Published on October 11, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

The day starts with Democrats in trouble and ends with Thomas Jefferson having a sex change.

Four Weeks Out

We are four weeks out from the 2022 Midterm elections. You know what that means? Yes, just four weeks until all those campaign signs at every corner go bye-bye. But it also means it’s time to get serious. Have you registered? If not, here’s a good place to start:

So what is the landscape? Republicans have surged in the past week to a 4+ on the “generic congressional ballot,” according to Rasmussen Reports.” That’s not good news for Democrats, considering Republicans tend to go underwater in those surveys, even in years they do well in the actual voting. To the Washington Examiner, this suggests the GOP is nearing a “lock” on flipping both the House and the Senate.

However, Project 538’s latest predictions out yesterday make Democrats a slight favorite to keep the Senate.

According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden’s Disapproval rate is 53.5, and 66% of voters think the country is on the “wrong track.” The other 34% can’t afford the gas to even make it to the train station.


Dirty, Dirty, Dirty: Politico Exposing Black Conservative Candidate’s Sexual Assault in the Military

Imagine what would happen if a white conservative congressman smeared a black liberal’s military record and outed her as the victim of a sexual assault all to keep power? Think CNN would be talking about it? How about The View?

Guess what? It just happened. Except the target was a black Republican woman named Jennifer-Ruth Green, who is running against incumbent Frank Mrvan for Indiana’s 1st District congressional seat.

Politico was given Green’s military records. And not by a little birdie. On Friday, they published a profile of Green that not only blew up a few blemishes recorded in the files, but shockingly exposed her as a victim of a sexual assault by an Iraqi military man while stationed in Iraq.

Said Green:

I’m a survivor of sexual trauma in the military. I am being forced to share this information outside of my own timeline and for the first time publicly because my Congressman, Frank Mrvan, and his cronies illegally obtained my military records describing my sexual assault. His team fished the details of my assault to different news outlets, asking them to share misinformation to portray me as a failed military officer who lacks integrity. This is false.

Indiana’s 1st District hasn’t voted for a Republican in 92 years. There hasn’t been any major poll since May. At the end of July, Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” moved the race from leaning Democrat to toss-up. But Green must have a really good shot for Politico to be willing to out her as a sexual assault victim. Are we on the verge of seeing another conservative woman of color flipping a perennial blue seat?

As Biden Warns We Are Closer to Armageddon, State Department is Burning the Midnight Oil … For Transgenderism

Russia is threatening to use nukes. China is threatening Taiwan. North Korea is lobbing missiles into the Sea of Japan. The Third World is facing famine. Europe is facing an energy crisis that will result in people freezing to death. So naturally, the State Department is very, very busy … ensuring “gender dysphoria” and “gender transition care” for employees and family members stationed in foreign lands.

The focus on gender issues is part of the State Department’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Strategic Plan.”

This includes “gender-neutral restrooms and locker rooms in overseas facilities” and to “evaluate and ensure inclusion and safety policies and procedures for LGBTQI+ children at overseas schools.”

Curious to see how this diplomacy in drag goes over in countries not keen on the radical gender cult.

Broadway Revival of 1776: All Trans, ‘Non-Binary’ and Female Cast

It’s enough to make a Founder flip his wig. (Well, maybe not Ben Franklin so much.)

The musical 1776 has returned to Broadway. 1776 tells the gripping story of the 2nd Continental Congress in the weeks culminating in the 13 colonies declaring Independence from England. It is a celebration of our founding, warts and all. A musical love letter to our Founders, struggling to birth a new nation conceived in liberty. To see them as people.

You KNEW the woke could not leave it alone. Instead of tearing down the statues of men like Jefferson and Adams and pulling their names off buildings, Broadway has cast the revival entirely with women, transgender and non-binary actors.

After a run in Boston, the show opened Thursday at the American Airlines Theater. Here’s the official trailer. (Had to say that because this shot looks like a promo for Bridgerton.)

Why’d they do 1776 this way? You can’t have a musical on Broadway that honors a bunch of white men. In 2022? No way. Co-director Diane Paulus told The New York Times, “I want the audience to hold that dual reality, of what the founders were, but also a company of actors in 2022, who never would have been allowed inside Independence Hall.”

The cynic in me thinks it’s just a simple business decision by the producers to ride on the coattails of Hamilton. “Hey, they told the story of Alexander Hamilton using people of color, made a fortune. Let’s redo the smash musical about the other Founders using transgender people! We’ll make millions, baby!”

Not to dismiss the talents gathered to create the new production, but there’s nothing “edgy” about 1776’s stunt casting/re-imaging. In today’s culture, where the Founders are being trashed and tarnished and banished, where the same New York Times labors to convince Americans our true founding was in 1619, a straight staging (no pun intended) of 1776 would have been counter-cultural. Dare I say it, “revolutionary.” And dangerous.

Boldly state that men like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Franklin pulled off something amazing, historic, world changing and cancel culture warriors would fire at you like the British at Concord.

Oh, by the way. Those theater-goers in the trailer were wearing masks. How do we know that’s really what they said about the show?

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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