The Brew: The Left Wants to Dig Up Our Graves and Blot Out Our Past, to Control Our Future

By John Zmirak Published on December 15, 2022

Al Perrotta has the day off.

National File reports:

Richmond, Virginia’s BLM-aligned mayor, LeVar Stoney, ordered crews to dig up the remains of Confederate General AP Hill, which were buried beneath his former monument. The digging up of the General’s remains was a long-time goal of Stoney and BLM, as they’ve sought to remove all traces of the Confederacy from Virginia’s capital city, where monuments to Christopher Columbus and other White historical figures unrelated to the Civil War have also come under attack.

The desecration of General AP Hill’s resting place came after the BLM-aligned Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, LeVar Stoney, ordered his remains and monument removed from city property, along with the rest of Richmond’s Confederate relics.

Black Lives Matter supporters with a propensity for violence gathered around the area of the exhumation, even threatening violence against John Hill, a descendant of the General who was on the scene to personally lift the General’s remains out of his resting place and ensure their respectful care.

“I’ll beat you like your daddy should’ve,” a bystander can be heard shouting at Mr. Hill, in between other varying threats, in video posted by local news station NBC12.

In addition to threatening Hill, the BLM’ers issued threats to a wide variety of White people who were in attendance … while police on the scene stood down, and did nothing about it.

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Such historical desecration is contemptible, and never ends with Confederates. What argument can we make for keeping our nation’s capital named after a slaveowner, George Washington? Or keeping a Constitution which was partly authored and ratified by slaveowners? No surprise that icons of Jefferson, Madison, and even Abraham Lincoln have come under attack by self-righteous mobs that mostly support aborting black children today.

I warned back in 2018 what these vandals and historical obliterationists have in mind:

They don’t want us to learn from history. Like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, they want to hit the “reset” button. To start the calendar again at Year Zero. To paint the past as a dark and appalling void from which we can learn absolutely nothing, except the pre-cooked and pre-packaged mini-lessons that our new masters distribute to us. They’ve read their George Orwell. They know that to control the past is to dominate the future.

They want to shove the past, the entire past, into the memory hole. To delete it. To leave the pedestals empty, the statues beheaded or wrecked, the inscriptions sandblasted and vacant. In that bleak empty space where history once stood, they’ll scrawl instead the crude and easily memorized slogans they would force us to live by.

A Trick to Turn Georgia Blue Forever

Remember Brad Raffensberger, the “Republican” secretary of state in Georgia who was so uninterested in investigating Democrat vote fraud in 2020? Now he’s promoting the same scheme that’s helping Democrats sweep elections in mostly GOP Alaska, as the Georgia Record reports:

Raffensperger wants ‘rank choice voting’ in Georgia, so America First candidates can be frozen out of ever winning again, like what just happened in Alaska.

A little bird told us Raffensperger is pushing for RCV because the courts are about to hold that GA voting machines are unconstitutional as they don’t provide a verifiable ballot, something that was decided in the ‘Curling vs Raffensperger‘ case but relief was never provided to GA citizens.

If the GA legislators vote to allow this, they need to be recalled.

What are Raffensperger’s motives? Maybe he’s just a RINO, so desperate to stop populist victories that he’d rather see Democrats win. (See Mitch McConnell.) The Georgia Record suggests something more sinister:

Captain Seth Keshel is right by declaring — “Pretty obvious Raffensperger is a Trojan Horse Political Arsonist sent to destroy Georgia’s elections.” — on his Telegram channel yesterday.

We have detailed in-depth Raffenspergers attempts to destroy the chance for Georgians to have a verifiable ballot.

We have detailed interesting connections Raffensperger has to individuals with connections to the Chinese Communist Party. We have also conducted open records requests with these connections and the results came back 90% redacted, raising serious questions.


Mitch McConnell Would Like to Elect Different Voters

Senate Republican leader Senator Mitch McConnell is disgusted with his political base and how they vote. Conservative Treehouse reports his complaints about them:

As noted by Mitch McConnell, ‘Our ability to control the primary outcome was quite limited in 2022 because of the support of the former president. Hopefully in the next cycle, we’ll have quality candidates everywhere.’ Unless and until the Republican Party can figure out how to get around the voting, installing the correct type of Republicans will always be problematic.

The ability of the American people to vote is THE major hurdle for the Republican Senate leadership to overcome.

Watch McConnell for yourself:


Canada Will Save Money by Euthanizing the Poor

Creative Destruction media warns that the government in Canada looks at the prospect of mass euthanasia and sees … dollars signs dancing before its eyes:

While mental health care in Canada’s public health care system is sorely lacking, it is not preventing the expansion of the country’s Medical Assistance in Death (MAID) euthanasia practice to include people with mental health issues.

Canada’s Globe and Mail became the latest in a succession of voices raising growing concerns regarding the expansion of the MAID program, writing, ‘This country is on the verge of providing publicly funded euthanasia for people suffering from diseases for which there is little publicly funded care.’ The publication is joining the ranks of people and organizations expressing concern that the law which allows for euthanasia by request is being used to target certain sects of the population.

The newspaper, which had previously supported the MAID program and the right of people who are mentally ill to have it as a “last resort” after years of failed treatment, has now become concerned with the expansion that it will encourage Canada’s impoverished population to choose suicide rather than finding the financial support needed to get the mental health care that might prevent them from choosing suicide in the first place. [emphasis added]

Remember how I reported back in October on the government of Belgium, which won’t execute Islamist terrorists, but is happy to euthanize their victims?

Secularism, for all its happy talk and feigned noble motives, is a cold-eyed killer.

Along The Stream:

Make a cup of coffee and read reflectively the beautiful new meditation by escapee from Communist China Chenyuan Snider on why God gave us free will in the first place: to make love possible.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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