The Brew: Texas ‘Won’t Back Down’ From Border Fight, Plus Why Are Parts Falling Off Planes?

By Al Perrotta Published on January 24, 2024

Happy Wednesday!

Perhaps Today’s Brew should be a Texas Tea. But first …

New Hampshire Primary

Former President Donald Trump won the “First in the Nation” primary in New Hampshire last night. How decisive was the win over Nikki Haley? What else interesting happened? We wrote all about it in a fresh Resolute called “New Hampshire Sends a Message.”

What’s Nikki Haley’s next move? One way or another, she’s heading home to South Carolina … with either her campaign finished or her campaign hoping for a rebound in her home state with next month’s big primary.

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In the meantime, Trump heads out of New Hampshire flying high … which is more than we can say for the airline industry.

Nose Wheel Falls Off Plane, Just the Latest Airline Near Disaster

Last year, air travelers experienced a series of close calls, with planes nearly colliding. Now, we’re seeing close calls with planes falling apart.

The latest happened at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. A Delta Boeing 757 was preparing to take off when the plane’s nose wheel decided to take off on its own. The thing fell off and went rolling down the runway. If that wheel had broken off while the plane was accelerating down the runway … in other words, just seconds later …

Last week, a Virgin Atlantic flight from Manchester to NYC had to be cancelled when a passenger awaiting take-off noticed that several bolts were missing from the wing.

This on top of the harrowing Alaska Airlines incident where the door and a chunk of the fuselage blew out in midflight. Thankfully in all three incidents nobody was seriously hurt.

The rash of near disasters comes as the airlines face increased scrutiny for pushing DEI instead of mere excellence.

We pray for those who have to fly while the airlines get their act together.

Texas Vows to Continue Fight to Protect Its Border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott insists his state will continue to fight to protect its border … our border … from the tidal wave of illegal immigrants smashing into our country. On Monday, the Supreme Court sided with the Open Border Biden Administration, ruling 5-4 that, for now, Texas had to remove the razor wire it had put up to stop the flow of illegals. The lawsuit over the barriers continues.

Abbott declares “Texas will not back down.”

And sure enough, on Tuesday, the Texas National Guard was spotted putting up more barbed wire.

This all just days after Biden himself (to the horror of those radical anti-border, anti-Americans running his life) admitted that the border was not “secure.”

And an illegal immigrant from the Middle East said “hold my beer.” Actually, he confidently, malevolently declared “You will find out who I am very soon.”

The Feds make you and me show ID and take our shoes off when we get on a plane. This guy can get on a plane without ID and a Biden official will give him a foot rub.


Mexico Wants to Know Why Cartels Have U.S. Military-Grade Weapons

We know this administration has conceded much of the border to the drug cartels. But are they doing even more than that? I’m not the one asking. The Mexican government is.

The Blaze reports the Mexican government is demanding an immediate investigation to explain why U.S. military-grade weaponry is in the hands of the cartels. We’re talking belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades. Weapons not available for retail to Americans.

Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Alica Barcena said that Mexico’s “Defense Department has warned the United States about weapons entering Mexico that are for the exclusive use of the U.S. Army. It is very urgent that an investigation into this be carried out.”

We don’t know where the weapons are coming from yet. But for those who don’t think the U.S. government would deliberately (or incompetently) allow weapons into the hands of the murderous cartels, we have two words for you: “Fast” and “Furious.”

In-N-Out Abandons Oakland Over Crime

This is what woke prosecutors are all about. The wonderful (and Christian-owned) In-N-Out hamburger chain is pulling out of Oakland because of the never-ending crime.

The chain said in a statement, “Despite taking repeated steps to create safer conditions, our customers and associates are regularly victimized by car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies.”

It’s the first time ever In-N-Out has permanently closed a location.

A Final Bit of Burger Business

In other fast food news, we saw this headline from Fox News: “What You Should Order at McDonalds, According to Nutritionists.”

That’s simple. An Uber.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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