Resolute: Haley Takes Dixville Notch, DeSantis Look-Alike Dean Phillips Gets Endorsement Over Biden. It’s Election Day in New Hampshire!

No, that's not Ron DeSantis. This is Democratic Presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips.

By Al Perrotta Published on January 23, 2024

New Hampshire goes to the polls, their top newspaper goes for Dean Phillips and Tim Scott puts a ring on it. It’s Election Day in the Granite State … and we are Resolute.

Nikki Haley Banks First Primary Votes in Dixville Notch

One of the sweetest traditions in politics dating back to 1960 involves a teeny-tiny hamlet tucked in the northeast corner of New Hampshire called Dixville Notch. Come Election Day, the locals gather at the stroke of Midnight to cast their ballots. How tiny? We’re now talking six voters — four registered Republicans and two Independents — gathered in a living room because their usual voting location is closed and awaiting restoration.

So how’d it go in Dixville Notch? A clean sweep for Nikki Haley. She took all six votes. This should not be too much of a surprise, ol’ Dixville Notch went unanimously for Joe Biden in the 2020 general election. Still, a win’s a win and Haley was grateful for it.

Last New Hampshire Polling Shows Trump Lead Widening

Will Haley’s Dixville Notch triumph translate through the state? Not if the polling is to be believed. DeSantis’ departure from the race has only widened Trump’s advantage over the former South Carolina governor. The Real Clear Politics poll average today shows Trump with a 19.3 point advantage over Haley. The worse news for Haley? The three most recent polls show Trump’s lead from 22 to 27 points. The Boston Globe/Suffolk Poll shows it a 60%-38% race.

Poll: Trump Still Beats Biden, Even if Convicted of Two of the Cases Against Him

Meanwhile, here’s a poll that must be given the strategists behind the lawfare effort against Trump fits.

According to a HarrisX poll, voters would still chose Donald Trump over Joe Biden, even if he’s convicted on the mishandling of classified information charges and the charges in Georgia of trying to overturn the election there. The only charges that would damage Trump’s chances are if he’s convicted of inciting the J6 Capitol Riots. Epoch Times has the details.  

Whoa! New Hampshire’s Biggest Newspaper Endorses Dean Phillips Over Joe Biden!

Now that’s a slap. Joe Biden and the DNC have been working to eliminate any Democratic primary contest, keeping rival candidates off the ballot, even forcing RFK Jr. to leave the party to run as an independent. But then there’s Rep. Dean Phillips. He’s still trying to force a legitimate primary and he’s running hard in New Hampshire. And today he got a boost. The state’s largest newspaper, the Union Leader, has endorsed him over the sitting President of the United States. And by sitting, I mean he’s sitting in his basement rather than campaigning for the nomination.

The Union Leader calls Phillips a “reasonable alternative” to the Big Guy. “For anyone who supports Joe Biden for his policies but would prefer a president born during the Vietnam War rather than WWII, they will not be disappointed with Dean Phillips. Most importantly, Dean Philips is on the ballot and actively campaigning in the Granite State.”

Nikki Drops Race Card

The other day Haley drop the race card, talking about how she was “teased every day for being brown” and even denied a place in a beauty pageant because she wasn’t white or black. First, she plays up being a woman, now she’s playing up being a person of color? Why go there? Why play identity politics? Why sound like Kamala Harris … without the cackling? At first, I figured Haley is starting to run the kind of plays you run when you’re down a few touchdowns and the clock is ticking. Grasping. OR she’s auditioning, not for the VP slot, but a slot on MSNBC.

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Then for kicks, I googled “Nikki Haley racism,” and I saw another possible reason. A slew of mainstream media articles and news stories in the past week, including The Hill, ripping her for her statement America has “never been a racist country.”

Ah. She’s more interested in answering the media than answering to GOP voters. That’s establishment thinking, Governor.

Nikki, Nikki, run your race. Don’t get sucked into trying to appease the media. You are turning off potential GOP voters in an effort to win over people who will destroy you the moment you pose a real threat.

Speaking of which, this Haley quote IS exactly the kind of thing you say when you are getting desperate.

Sen. Tim Scott Engaged … Will Trump Make Another Proposal?

He isn’t going to get the presidency, but he is getting a wife. Sen. Tim Scott proposed Saturday to longtime girlfriend Mindy Noce and he snubbed President Trump to do it. Scott told Fox News that Trump asked him to endorse him and appear at a campaign event Saturday and Scott told him, “I said, ‘Off the table. I’ve got something more important to do on a Saturday.’ It’s the second most important decision you’ll make in a lifetime. Making Jesus Christ the Lord of my life was number one, and the woman I’m going to marry – number two.”

So Saturday on a beach in their home state of South Carolina, Scott popped the question. And as he tweeted, “She said YES!”

Congratulations, Senator!

Scott’s name is being knocked about as a possible VP choice for Trump. Trump has been full of praise for Scott since he dropped out and threw his support Trump’s way. The former President has strongly suggested Scott … and Vivek … and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum will have roles in his administration. Will he pop the question to Scott?

Showing the Love to Kamala

You think Tim Scott was gushing over his fiancée, check out CNN talking to Kamala Harris. Cue the Barry White music. 

We, of course, will have the results of today’s New Hampshire primary later tonight or early tomorrow. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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