The Brew: Gaslights and Proofs of Life

By Al Perrotta Published on March 7, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

We seem to have a theme today! Government-sanction gaslights. 

The J6 Tapes Expose the Gaslighting of the American People

A supposed insurrectionist being escorted around the Capitol like royalty. A Capitol Hill police officer vigorously walking inside the Capitol after supposedly being murdered. A senator vindicated after being laughed off as a coward. A likely Fed embraced by the J6 committee proven to be a liar.

And that was just night one of Tucker Carlson’s review of the January 6 tapes.

Last night, Carlson began dismantling the official J6 narrative by showing us some of what Nancy Pelosi and the FBI didn’t want us to see. No insurrection. No threat to democracy. Worse than 9/11? It wasn’t even worse than what happened at the police training facility being built in Atlanta the other day.

Please check out my full run-down of last night’s revelations on “‘They Are Liars’: J6 Narratives Blown Sky-High By Tucker Carlson’s J6 Tape Revelations”

But it looks like government gaslighting and stonewalling is our theme this morning.

Fauci Commissioned Paper to Dismiss Wuhan Lab Theory…Then Used It to Dismiss Wuhan Lab Theory

Not sure what bothers me more. That Dr. Anthony Fauci is a mad scientist playing God with the lives of hundreds of millions of people for fun and profit. Or that he played us for chumps.

According to the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, emails indicate Fauci “prompted” the drafting of a scientific paper that would shoot down the Wuhan Lab Leak theory of COVID origins, that the authors “skewed available evidence” to discredit the Wuhan Lab Leak … and that Fauci cited the paper from the White House podium to trash the Wuhan Lab Leak theory.

Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins had been warned on February 1, 2020 the COVID-19 virus may well have come from the Wuhan Lab. Did they explore the possibility? No. They set out to squash the notion like a pesky cockroach … a cockroach that could expose Fauci’s funding of the very research at that very lab that could have been the very source of the very virus that killed very, very, very many people.

Even if Fauci had motive to launch a cover-up, at least the media would explore all possible origins right? Particularly CNN, since they were so invested in the COVID-19 story they were running a death count practically 24-7. Right? WRONG!

CNN Boss Demanded the Network Not Pursue Wuhan Lab Leak Theory to Spite Trump

A “well-placed insider” told Fox News Digital that CNN’s former boss Jeff Zucker ordered his staff not to pursue the Wuhan Lab Leak theory. Not pursue the news. Why? He thought the Wuhan Lab Leak was a “Trump talking point.”

When did Zucker earned his doctorate in virology?  He didn’t. He was a partisan operative who’d rather keep America in the dark than see Trump proven right.

Hundreds of thousands of people dropping dead all over the world and CNN was more worried about denying Trump re-election.

The Fox News article details the many times CNN would dismiss, in harsh terms, the Wuhan Lab Theory. But one in particular caught my attention. On May 5, 2020, CNN dropped an article headlined, “Anthony Fauci just crushed Donald Trump’s theory on the origins of the coronavirus.”

We know Fauci pressured Big Tech to censor COVID-19 origin stories not to his liking. We just learned Fauci directed the creation of the paper discrediting the Wuhan Lab Leak theory. It’s not mentioned in the Fox News article, but we have to wonder: Did Fauci convince Zucker to use his network to falsely “debunk” the theory? A theory, incidentally, we now know is most likely true.

World’s Best Tennis Player Denied Entry into the US Because He’s Not Vaxxed

Novak Djokovic, the world’s best tennis player, has been forced to withdraw from BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells because he’s refused to be vaxed. Yes, that’s still a thing. You can’t come into the U.S. unless you prove you’ve taken the jab. (Or you’re an illegal immigrant. But I digress.)

The U.S. denied Djokovic a waiver … even though the COVID-19 emergency declaration ends May 19, which will terminate the vax mandate on foreign air travelers.

Not for nuthin’, but what’s the risk? I played tennis in high school. I don’t think I ever got within six feet of an opponent … even the cute girl who played for Crossland High. 

Sen. Fetterman Update

John Fetterman’s chief of staff Adam Jentleson released photos and an update on the Pennsylvania Senator Monday. “Proof of life,” as Charlie Kirk put it. Said Jentleson, “John is well on his way to recovery and wanted me to say how grateful he is for all the well wishes. He’s laser focused on PA & will be back soon.” The photos show Fetterman looking at papers and talking with Jentelson. 

Good news if true. However, I hate to ask the obvious, but why couldn’t Fetterman say how grateful he is, if he’s healthy enough to take meetings? It’s been over two weeks since Fetterman was hospitalized with severe depression. Jeremy Renner was nearly crushed to death by a massive snow plow and he released personal messages within a few days. Heck, Damar Hamlin flat-lined on a football field and he was posting videos by now.

Hate to be suspicious, but the photos showing Fetterman having a conversation with Jentleson. Doesn’t he need a computer to process audio speech? You see a computer in that conversation?

Also fresh on our mind, Sen. Dianne Feinstein a few weeks back not even knowing that her office had released a statement saying she was retiring. (She has since been hospitalized with shingles.)

Again, we pray Fetterman beats back the severe depression, is healed of all effects of his stroke, and is bouncing around the Capitol with all the vigor of the J6 Viking. But the actions of his staff and family and the media the past year haven’t exactly instilled trust that Fetterman “will be back soon.”

Along The Stream

Mark Judge talks Alinsky in “The Marxist Takeover of the Democratic Party and America’s Abortion Gulag.”

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