The Brew: Eric Metaxas Will Question RFK, Jr. Meanwhile, Catch-and-Release Illegals Approach 8 Million. Trump Crowd: ‘Send Them Home!’

By John Zmirak Published on June 20, 2024

Al Perrotta is off today.

Two loud but very different voices that spoke up against the public health dictatorship imposed across the world during the COVID Panic were Christian author Eric Metaxas and health activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when those two get together? Well, you can do even better than that if you can make it to New York City next week, where Socrates in the City is hosting an event featuring the third-party presidential hopeful. Livestream is also available via Socrates Plus — whose members can also view the full-length, hour-plus interview Eric did with me about my new book No Second Amendment, No First. After the first few minutes, our fake Yale-acquired accents fade away and we start tawking like two guys from Astoria, Queens.

Hitler Invaded Poland with a Force Half This Size

The invaluable Conservative Treehouse is sounding the alarm about the army of illegal aliens which the Biden regime has invited and turned loose on our country. It now numbers some eight million — more than double the size of Hitler’s Wehrmacht in 1939. And that’s just counting the illegals ICE has captured and simply released, with a wink and a docket, on the promise that they’ll show up in court someday to make their case for being “refugees” from countries where no one is being persecuted. Conservative Treehouse quotes Fox correspondent Bill Melugin:

The non-detained docket means “not in ICE detention.” It is made up of migrants who have crossed the border illegally and have been released into the U.S. with pending immigration cases/future court dates, as well as illegal immigrants who have already been ordered deported by an immigration judge but are still in the country.

The non-detained docket has added more than a million cases since October 1, largely due to mass catch-and-release policies.

Importantly, these numbers do not include the nearly 1.9 million recorded getaways that have entered the US during the Biden administration, as they have had no contact with DHS – yet overstretched ICE officers are also responsible for tracking down and removing this population as well.

Send Them Home

Gateway Pundit reports on Donald Trump’s campaign-trail response to Joe Biden’s planned mass amnesty for illegals, and the crowd’s reaction:

Trump took aim at Biden’s plan to welcome “a deluge of illegals” with “rapid citizenship so they can vote.” He quipped, “I think a lot of them are gonna vote for me if you want to know the truth,” citing the massive support he is gaining from minority communities.

“Crooked Joe is sending a message to the world that he rewards illegal entry,” said Trump on a more serious note. “Who can believe that they’d allow this to happen to our country?”

In the middle of his comments on Biden’s amnesty program for new Democrat voters and violent criminals to pour into our country, the crowd erupted, chanting repeatedly, “Send them back!”

The FBI Knew. It Let the Biden Sleaze Slide.

Yes, we know now (despite a near-total captive media blackout) that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was full of porn, drug-trip memoirs, and details of financial corruption, was real, since the FBI was forced to place it into evidence during the First Son’s felony gun-charge trial. But did you realize that the FBI also knew about Hunter’s squalid dealings with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma years ago? That stuff wasn’t even on the laptop, as Just The News reports:

The FBI learned as far back as 2016 that Hunter Biden and his partners had plotted to set up a new venture in tax-friendly Liechtenstein that would be capitalized by a whopping $120 million investment from the controversial owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, according to documents obtained by Just the News that have been kept from the American public for eight years.

The mega-deal was not referenced inside Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop or during the 2019 impeachment proceedings involving Ukraine, but was instead chronicled in a trove of 3.39 million documents the FBI seized from Hunter Biden and his business partners during an investigation of securities fraud nearly a decade ago.

The cache of documents was recently turned over by former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee as part of its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s conduct.

The new evidence shows the major investment plan was being built at the time when Hunter Biden was serving on Burisma’s board of directors and Joe Biden was still serving as Barack Obama’s vice president in charge of U.S.-Ukraine policy.

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Oceania Has Always Been at War with Eurasia

Do you think you’re hearing the whole truth about the progress of our futile proxy war that’s destroying Ukraine? Of course not. Now Western military leaders are straight up admitting that they want to keep the facts on the ground a secret. The Balkan broke the story:

General Pierre Schill, chief of the General Staff of the French Army and mouthpiece of the globalist establishment, has expressed his disdain for a free press, calling for mass censorship. According to Schill, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows that in modern warfare public opinion must be controlled by the authorities restricting what information people receive.

In a lengthy interview with Defense News, the French Chief of Staff said that the war in Ukraine has “changed the dynamics of fighting.” He pointed to the wider use of drones and the military adaptation of civilian technologies, but then added, ominously, that the crisis has proven that the flow of information must be controlled “in order to influence both national and international public opinion.”

Schill expressed his total disdain for the truth and for the public’s right to know, saying, “The army plays a crucial role in the information field. Without the capacity to persuade and counter hostile influence, any military involvement could fail. The emergence of social networks has reinforced this notion and has greatly accelerated the spread of information, whether true or false, while increasing its volume, scope and resonance.”

Want to Vote Twice for Corrupt Democrats? Come Live in Connecticut

The Connecticut Centinal highlights the fight to clean up elections in that state:

Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. (FVF) has uncovered significant irregularities in Connecticut’s voter rolls. FVF’s research revealed that 4,897 voters are double-registered and, in some cases, have egregiously double-voted. This finding spans 166 cities and towns across the state, prompting an urgent call for action to rectify these state and federal law violations.

In a detailed report provided to Governor Ned Lamont, Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas, and other key officials, FVF highlights the following critical findings:

Twenty-five (25) voters are registered in more than two states.

One hundred and five (105) voters have double-voted between 2016 and 2022.

Fifteen (15) voters have double-voted in two or more states between two to four times since 2016.

But remember, only cranks who inject themselves with bleach believe that the 2020 election might have been stolen.

Another American Hammered by Anarcho-Tyranny to Be Sentenced

The Gateway Pundit reports on one more American who dared to protest voter fraud in 2020 being persecuted by our Uniparty, Andrew Johnson. He has been bankrupted and pushed to the brink of homelessness by the relentless prosecution of nonviolent misdemeanors. The story includes video testimony, original footage, and minute-by-minute accounts of what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. You be the judge of whether Johnson and his fellow Americans were “children of the same foul spirit” as the 9/11 hijackers, as compassionate conservative George W. Bush once sneered.

Along The Stream

Later this morning, don’t miss Raymond Ibrahim documenting “the Great Replacement” as it actually happens, with Muslims finally conquering Vienna.

Tim Furnish offers learned speculation about what it means for our faith if aliens really do turn out to exist — not just “out there,” but among us.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. With Jason Jones, he also is coauthor of God, Guns, & the Government.

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