The Brew: D-Day, Bannon, and the Doctor Biden Is Charging for Exposing the Mutilation of Children

By Al Perrotta Published on June 7, 2024

Happy Friday!

Today’s Brew features the shocking case of the U.S. Department of Justice charging a Texas doctor who exposed how his hospital was secretly performing sex-change operations on children as young as 11. But first …

Biden Might Need Bracelet

We mentioned during yesterday’s Afternoon Tea that Joe Biden seemed baffled about what to do on the stage of the 80th D-Day commemoration, and how his wife immediately guided him away from the stage afterward rather than meet with the heroes standing near him.

As many have noted, it was hardly the first time Biden has left our military heroes behind.

Video is also going around of another moment when Biden seemed utterly at a loss as to where he was and what he was supposed to do when he arrived at Omaha Beach.

I wonder: Is Biden now forced to wear a bracelet that says, “If found, return to the U.S. Embassy”? We know he’s a grandfather (even if he refuses to have anything to do with one of his grandchildren). We ache with compassion on a human level at his painfully apparent decline. But we also have to be direct about the seriousness of the situation.

Biden used the 80th anniversary of D-Day to talk about all the Ukrainians who have died in the current war with Russia. However, Russia was one part of the Allied forces in World War II — the the event in Normandy was theirs, too. Biden also casually confirmed that U.S. weapons are being used right now against Russians in Russia — a 180-degree reversal of policy that puts our troops one step closer to an active war again in Europe.

That means Russian President Vladimir Putin is now considering getting Russian weapons into the hands of our enemies to strike U.S. targets. (Hello, Cuban Missile Crisis II: The Sequel.)

Having a president in this hour of history who has trouble knowing when to sit or stand, or turn left or right, is playing Russian roulette … with nuclear-tipped bullets.

Before we leave D-Day, in case you missed it, Stream founder James Robison recorded a special D-Day message yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, freedom is under assault at home…

Steve Bannon Ordered to Report to Prison by July 1

Former Trump administration advisor Steve Bannon is heading to prison after a federal judge ordered him to report by July 1 to serve a four-month sentence for refusing to comply with a summons to appear before Congress. U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols rejected Bannon’s request to stay his sentence while he pursues an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Bannon was found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to appear before the now thoroughly discredited J6 Committee. The Biden DOJ immediately acted on the criminal referral from the Democrats to go after the vocal Trump ally. Nobody, including Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder, who refused to talk to Congress about Obama’s gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, had ever been prosecuted for contempt of Congress before. Ever.

And what irony. Bannon faces prison for claiming executive privilege as an advisor to President Trump at the hands of the same DOJ that pushed Joe Biden to claim executive privilege to bury the audio of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Bannon vowed after the hearing that the slammer won’t keep him silent.

“There’s nothing that can shut me up and nothing that will shut me up,” he said. “There’s not a prison built or a jail built that will ever shut me up … we’re going to win on November 5 in an amazing landslide.”

For more background on the origins of the case, check out John Zmirak’s story, “The Show Trial of Steve Bannon: The Day Our Democracy Died.”

Zmirak is also planning to interview Sidney Powell about the Bannon case. Check back for it soon.

In other J6-connected, persecute-your-political-enemies news …

Good News for FBI Whistleblower

FBI whistleblower Marcus Allen is not only getting back his security clearance, but also two years of back pay. The Bureau pulled Allen’s clearances, which made him ineligible for assignments, after he publicly questioned the FBI’s handling of J6. After raising concerns within his chain of command to no effect, he went to Congress. There, he relayed his belief that FBI Director Christopher Wray had lied to Congress about the involvement of agents and human sources on J6. By raising questions, Allen’s clearance was suspended over “security concerns” and his “allegiance to the United States.”

As part of a settlement with the FBI, Allen gets his security clearance back, and admission it was unjustly suspended, 27 months of back pay, and benefits. He resigned from the Bureau on Monday.

According to a DOJ Inspector General report issued May 15, the Bureau retaliated against least 106 agents for daring to blow the whistle to Congress.

DOJ Charges Doctor Who Exposed Child Sex Changes at Texas Hospital

Not happy with only throwing political opponents in prison, or grandmas who sightsee at the Capitol or sing hymns outside abortion mills, Joe Biden’s jackboots have now reached another, even sicker, low.

They are charging a Texas doctor for exposing the fact that his hospital was still performing child sex-change surgeries on kids as young as 11, despite denying they were doing so.

The whistleblower’s name is Dr. Eithan Haim, who worked at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. City Journal‘s Christopher Rufo broke the story in 2023: The hospital was all in on mutating children in the name of gender ideology and big bucks until public pressure forced administrators to announce they were shutting down its child gender clinic. Except the treatments did not stop. Horrified, Dr. Eithan Haim went to Rufo with the evidence, but he was not named in the story.

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After Dr. Haim was identified as the doctor who spoke to Rufo, the Biden administration threatened him with prosecution — and this week they made good. According to Rufo, agents showed up at Dr. Haim’s door to haul him in on four counts of violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Rufo speculates that they did so to intimidate other medical professionals from coming forward in the fight against the mutilation and sterilization of gender-confused children.

Haim will learn more about the charges against him Monday.

Says Rufo:

The Haim case marks an inflection point in the debate on “gender-affirming care.” If Haim prevails, other courageous doctors and medical professionals will follow his lead and speak out. We will need all their voices if we are to succeed in shutting down the child sex-change business in the United States.

Our own Jay Richards, who is leading the fight at the Heritage Foundation against gender ideology and the mutilation of minors, put it much more plainly: “This is diabolical.”

If so led, you can help Haim in his battle by donating toward his defense at GiveSendGo.

Richards tied Haim’s plight in with the theme for today’s Brew:

It’s clear that the Biden administration is using its Department of Justice to punish its political opponents. It’s the very definition of abusive power. This attack on Dr. Haim is very unlikely to succeed. But in such situations, the process is the punishment.

On the bright side, this action is a sign of weakness. The administration clearly understands that if Americans understand what is happening with kids and gender medicine, Biden will go down in history as a one-term president.

Along The Stream

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Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Brown will give us “A Prayerful Response to Pride Month” later today.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington Bureau Chief and more crucially, the grand-uncle of Emily Perrotta, who will be marrying her longtime love, Mac, tomorrow in Annapolis.

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