The Brew: Congress Plays a Game, Joe’s Back in the Game, and Potential Blockbuster Deal to Bring Griner Home

By Al Perrotta Published on July 29, 2022

Happy Friday!

Feel the economy is on the right path? Someone does. 

GDP Falls .9, 2nd Straight Quarter of Negative Growth. Biden Insists Nation is on the “Right Path”

Did Biden’s infrastructure bill include a highway to hell? Sure seems like it.

As expected, the nation’s economy shrunk again. The GDP fell .9, marking the second straight quarter of negative growth. Traditionally signifying the nation is in a recession.

Joe Biden shrugged off the news as “expected,” and insisted the economy is on the “right path.”

Newsflash: Negative growth is only the “right path” if you’re looking for tumors.

An MSNBC business analyst is playing along. “This is not a bad economy,” declares Stephanie Ruhle. “It’s a complicated one.

Politico is all in on Team Biden. They’re declaring “Somehow, someway, Joe Biden is back in the game.”

“After enduring a brutal year dominated by economic angst, legislative setbacks and sinking approval ratings, the president is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround that, the White House believes, could salvage his summer — and alter the trajectory of his presidency,” Politico gushed.
Their idea is Biden is poised to have a run of legislative victories. As if the “victories” he’s already had in Congress haven’t already helped send the country into a tailspin.

Still, it’s good to know the White House is so concerned about Biden’s summer. And here we are thinking they’d be concerned about the nation’s summer. Unfair? Well, I was going to say that Biden’s summer began with him falling off his bike. So where can it go but up?

Radical “Climate” Protesters Try Crashing Congressional Baseball Game

Just a few short years after a fellow liberal tried to assassinate Republican representatives practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, climate protesters did their best to disrupt this year’s outing. One of the few remaining bipartisan bits of friendliness left in the Swamp. 

Stop here. Is there anything joyful and unifying and fun the left doesn’t try to wreck?

Three were arrested blocking the entrance, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. Fox News reports multiple left-wing groups were protesting the game, bemoaning “This is a climate emergency!”

Yeah. We heard. In 1970.

They were even crowing away in the stands with signs. Speaking of lots of drips, the game was also interrupted by a rain delay.

But the game went on, with the Republicans winning 10-0.

Oh, wait! An update. Seems like the Democrats picked up 11 runs overnight.

Meanwhile, a loud Bronx cheer to Dem. Linda Sanchez  of California. She really got into the bipartisan spirit of things by flipping the Republican dugout the bird when strolling past. 

Report: At Least 43 Abortion Mills Have Closed Since Roe v Wade Was Overturned

At least 43 abortion mills closed in the 30 days after Roe v Wade was overturned, with more likely to close. This according to research published Thursday by the abortion industry’s Guttmacher Institute.

How good is that to wake up to?

WNBA Star Brittney Griner Being Swapped for Russian Arms Dealer Known as the “Merchant of Death”?

Rumors are swirling the U.S. will be swapping notorious Russian arms dealer Victor Bout for jailed WNBA star Brittney Griner. Perfect trade if you’re interested in a run-and-gun offense.

The story is the U.S. offered a “substantial proposal” that would also secure the release of U.S. Marine Paul Whelan. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says “no agreements have been finalized.”  

While it’d be nice to have Griner and Whelan back, not much good can come from setting free someone nicknamed the “Merchant of Death.” 

Saudi’s Planning 106-Mile Long One-Building City

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a one-building city that’ll they claim will house 9 million people.

It was designed by the same guy who invented the clown car.

Okay. Maybe not. The building — called “The Line” — will be 656 feet wide, 1,640 high and stretch 106 miles along the Red Sea.

Cool or creepy? You tell me.


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