Finding Common Ground: Biden’s America in 2024

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) Gala, Thursday, September 21, 2023. He expressed his gladness at honoring the "Congressional Black Caucus."

By Todd Huff Published on September 24, 2023

No one voted for this.

Well, no reasonable person voted for this.

Yes, the Radical Left is committed to pretending everything is great in America today. It’s an election year, after all.

And it’s much easier to virtue signal, blame poor communication strategies, and try to gaslight the American people about the economy and overall state of the Union than it is to simply acknowledge the truth that they have created a massive, unmitigated dumpster fire.

But, fortunately, the average American lives in reality and not in a hypothetical Leftist utopia.

We know that Bidenomics is an abysmal failure because we have to do more with less each month.

We know that open borders wreak havoc in America because we see Democrat governors and mayors complain about the strain their respective states and cities are enduring.

We understand spending is out of control when we see our debt exceed $33,000,000,000,000.

We recognize it’s dangerous to have a president who cannot string together a single coherent paragraph.

And we absolutely know that using the Department of Justice as a political weapon is among the gravest threats to our ‘democracy.’

No one voted for any of this in 2020.

And no one is going to vote for any of this in 2024 either.

We should also take a moment to state this very important truth: the opposition we face is not because the American people reject the ideas that we as conservatives love and desire.

This is why the Radical Left, the Media, and the Democrat Party (forgive me for repeating myself) have invested so much time, effort, and money in driving people to viscerally hate Donald Trump.

They do not want to defend any of what is happening today because everyone — and I do mean everyone — knows how absolutely pathetic and terrible things have become under Biden.

And it’s infinitely easier to scare people away from Biden’s alternative than it is to attract them to his policies, track record, and vision for America.

What we are witnessing is absolutely indefensible, except for those who are blinded to the truth, committed to the Leftist worldview, or are too preoccupied with voting for this season’s winner of America’s Got Talent.

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Still, Americans are giving us all sorts of signals that they are not going to vote for this again in 2024. That’s why Trump actually leads Biden in recent polls conducted by CBS News and Harvard-Harris.

And Trump currently leads in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. Remember, Trump didn’t win the popular vote in 2016, so to be ahead in the polls at this point of the campaign, in spite of everything they’ve thrown at him from The Russian Collusion Delusion to Impeachment 1 to Impeachment 2 to The January 6th Witch Hunt to the most recent slew of indictments to the incessant doomsday coverage he’s given in the media.

My friends, there is absolutely no reason for Biden to be re-elected president in 2024.

Then again, there was absolutely no legitimate reason for him to be elected in 2020 either.

Americans share common ground in having not voted for what is going on in our country today.

This is going to be an incredibly bitter, highly intense election. But we’d better get used to it because this is what fighting for liberty and preserving our constitutional republic looks like.

And it’s going to look like this for the rest of our lives.

The journey before us is going to be an arduous one. And it isn’t for the faint of heart.

But I think we should also take a moment to state this very important truth: the opposition we face is not because the American people reject the ideas that we as conservatives love and desire.

No, the reason they generally oppose the truth is because they’ve been lied to, manipulated, and misled by a really scandalous group of people.

The vast majority of Americans really do share a common ground.

We may differ regarding the amount of mercy we think America should extend to illegal immigrants or asylum seekers, but no one wants open borders.

We may disagree about the size, scope, and implementation of certain social programs, but no one wants a cradle-to-grave welfare state.

Americans didn’t vote for the things happening in this country today.

Many people undoubtedly voted for Biden, but most of those votes were not really ‘for’ him as much as they were ‘against’ Trump. And the Donald Trump these voters voted against was a demonized, maligned, misrepresented man.

Americans share common ground in having not voted for what is going on in our country today.

But the real battle lies in persuading these voters of that truth.


Todd Huff of The Todd Huff Show is an entertaining syndicated radio show host and podcaster, a dynamic columnist, and an insightful political/cultural commentator. His journey began in 2015, podcasting from his closet, a testament to his grassroots approach. Hailing from the heart of small-town USA in flyover country, Todd embodies the spirit of common sense in today’s discourse, proudly advocating a conservative but not bitter perspective.

Originally published at Reprinted with permission.

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