Surgical Barbarism: We Know Genital Mutilation Isn’t the Answer

By Michael Brown Published on August 29, 2023

I do my best not to overstate things, but what else can this be called but surgical barbarism? By “this” I’m referring not only to the genital mutilation of children (in the name of compassionate, transitioning care) but also to “gender nullification” surgery for adults. Procedures like this could one day give lobotomies a good name.

According to the David Plastic Surgery site, not all of the patients of Dr. Peter K. Davis “desire a complete transition.” For these “gender non-conforming patients, Dr. Davis also performs gender nullification, also known as male to eunuch or ‘smoothie’ procedures. The procedure includes a complete penectomy, orchiectomy, a reduction of the scrotal sac, and shortening of the urethra. The goal is to leave the area as a smooth unbroken transition from the abdomen to the groin.”

This is not some kind of sick satire. Nor is it the report of a fiendish experiment performed by Dr. Mengele.

This is a sought-after procedure in which a man, by his own choice, seeks to become a eunuch (in the most extreme way imaginable), with all signs of his male anatomy being nullified. The man has become a smoothie, not male, not female, just smooth. Is this not surgical barbarism? (We’ll put aside the biological fact that no amount of surgery can turn a male into a female or vice versa.)

The “Nullectomy” — A New Form of Surgery for Expressing Body Hatred

The QueerDoc website explains, “Nullectomy is the removal of internal and external genital structures to create a smooth appearance from the abdomen to the groin. Glans (penile or clitoral) and nerve tissue can be ‘buried’ in the mons to retain a focused nerve center for sensation while maintaining a smooth appearance, can remain present as an ‘outie,’ or can be removed.”

So this is for women as well as for men. Is your stomach turning yet?

A headline on the Vice website notes, “Trans People Are Seeking Nonbinary Bottom Surgeries. Across the gender spectrum, some patients are looking for mixed sets of genitals, or none at all. Actually receiving this affirming care isn’t easy.”

May we have the privilege of living to say, “…Thank God those days are long gone and people receive the truly compassionate treatment they need.”

So, you can mix them or match them or remove them. Whatever makes you feel better (and wherever a buck can be made), there’s a surgery for you.

All of this, of course, underscores the pain and confusion with which many trans people live, and it is certainly nothing to take lightly. Personally, I can’t begin to imagine the torment that they experience, so on that score, my heart goes out to them.

But this surely cannot be the solution — trying to create sexual identities and non-identities by mixing and matching and adding and removing and smoothing and obscuring. Certainly not.

Common Sense: Removing Healthy Body Parts Isn’t the Answer to Emotional Issues

It is really no different than removing the healthy limb of someone suffering from BIID (Body Identity Integrity Disorder, sometimes just referred to as Body Integrity Disorder, or BID), as many others have pointed out over the years.

The sufferer might testify to a greatly improved life sans hand or foot or arm or leg (or even sans eyesight). “At last, I feel whole!” But most of the rest of humanity says, “Surely there must be a better way. Surely we must help these people from the inside out.”

With good reason Christopher Rufo entitled his August 24, 2023 article, “Barbarism in the Name of Equality,” with the subtitle reading, “An Austin-based doctor performs ‘non-binary’ genital surgeries.”

Rufo notes that, “Curtis Crane is one of the doctors leading this movement. Crane is a University of Iowa and Dartmouth College-trained urologist and plastic surgeon who specializes in transgender medical interventions, including experimental non-binary surgeries.”

Thinking The Male-Female Reality of Human Biology is an Oppressive Social Construct

And how, exactly do Dr. Crane and his colleagues justify such surgeries, which are 100% elective in nature?

Rufo writes, “Through the politics of ‘equality’ and ‘recognition.’ Last year, in a keynote speech for the Equality Alliance, Crane laid out his philosophy of transgender medicine. ‘Our history has been riddled with inequalities,’ he said, and the West, in particular, has propped up a false gender binary — that of man and woman — that denies the basic right to recognition of individuals self-identifying as transgender, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, genderqueer, and gender fluid.”

Rufo then observes, “Crane styles himself as a champion of science and equality, but he more closely resembles Dr. Frankenstein,” adding, “A reckoning might be coming.”

Yes, “In 2018, the feminist writers at 4thWaveNow discovered that a large number of transgender patients had sued Crane for medical malpractice. An anonymous ‘detransitioner’ came forward with accusations that Crane had needlessly removed her breasts while she was a minor. All of the former patients described barbaric surgeries and gruesome complications. The cases were dismissed in court, potentially as the result of settlements.”

The Coming Flood of Lawsuits

In the days ahead, you can expect to see a literal flood of lawsuits against doctors who performed these barbaric surgeries, especially those who engaged in the horrific and completely unjustifiable practice of surgically “transitioning” children.

Last year, Focus on the Family’s Jeff Johnston reported that, “The ‘Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act’ would allow adults to sue doctors who used puberty blockers, opposite-sex hormones and surgeries to ‘transition’ them when they were minors.

“The bill targets those who provide these disfiguring and medical interventions to minors, in an attempt to make them look like the opposite sex. When patients realize such procedures did not heal their mental health issues and that their bodies are irreparably damaged, they would have 30 years after they turn 18 to file a lawsuit.”

Johnston, however, noted that, “The Protecting Minors Act would only apply to surgeries after the bill is passed and signed into law, which seems unlikely given the current Congress and administration.”

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But on an individual level, we can expect to see such lawsuits increasing every year — if not every month, week, and perhaps day.

Lawsuits like this contributed to the closing of the transitioning giant Tavistock in the U.K., billed as “the largest pediatric gender clinic in the world.” As of August 2022, it was to “be sued by about 1,000 families of children who were allegedly rushed onto puberty blockers at the U.K.-based clinic, attorneys told The Times.”

The bad news, of course, is that here in the USA, the push to mutilate and sterilize children continues apace, urged on by the Biden administration. Some of this is driven by misplaced compassion and some of it (most of it?) is driven by greed.

The good news is that all this will turn on its head, witnessed by the increasing number of bills across America designed to stop the transitioning of children and the rising tide of anti-trans-extremism. Add in the coming lawsuits, including those for “gender nullification” surgeries, and the ship could quickly sink.

May we have the privilege of living to say, “There was a time when I was alive when these surgeries were not only performed but celebrated. What on earth were we thinking? Thank God those days are long gone and people receive the truly compassionate treatment they need.”

Hasten that day, Lord!


Dr. Michael Brown ( is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. His latest book is Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith. Connect with him on FacebookTwitter or YouTube.

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