Sunny Side of The Stream: Man With No Legs Dances on Treadmill

By Aliya Kuykendall Published on March 18, 2023

Timur Mason, age 25, doesn’t have legs, but that doesn’t stop him from working out on a treadmill and even dancing on it.

@timmycripple hit the road jack #workout #dance #slay ♬ original sound – topsong_picks

He does cardio and arm workouts, but jokes on his Tiktok account that he skips leg day.

@timmycripple working hard but still skipping leg day 😮‍💨 #gym #workout #weights #slay ♬ original sound – user6989119637532

Mason moves around independently without prothestics and when he uses a wheelchair, it’s one he powers with his arm. Mason says he has one arm. The other is just a nub.

The man from Connecticut seems to be inspiring many, based on the positive comments and tens of thousands of views some of his videos receive. Many of his videos feature him dancing to music while he’s working out on the treadmill. He also answers questions from commenters.

Mason recently told WTNH he was born in Moscow, Russia, and adopted at age 3:

They say my disabilities are from radiation exposure from Chernobyl,” Mason said, explaining that his biological mother took him to an orphanage. “I have a letter where she says she didn’t want to raise a monster…I don’t have any anger or resentment towards that letter or her, honestly…without her giving me up, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have the amazing mom I do and the amazing family I have.

Mason’s determination shined in the interview: “I have two slogans, ‘I can and I will’ and that’s something my mom would always have me say,” he explained. One thing he can do is walk his dog, holding the leash with his arm stub and powering the wheelchair with his good arm. Impressive!

@timmycripple How I walk Cambridge!! #dog #walking #didabled ♬ [Standard] Healing music 10 minutes(1066638) – wiMu by Sho in Audiostock

While there’s a lot to love about Mason, I’m not offering an endorsement of his account. Mason’s Tiktok account contains plenty I don’t endorse or recommend viewing: sexually explicit music lyrics, foul language, homosexuality-related content and a sexually-explicit video with partial nudity near the bottom of the page. Let’s pray that God touches Timur Mason and he becomes a new man, full of the Holy Spirit and ready for the return of Jesus.

Despite this unwholesomeness, Mason’s life carries a message that brings God glory. Mason’s story highlights the power of determination, the beauty of adoption and the infinite value of life, regardless of disability. While many babies are aborted, killed or abandoned because of their birth defects, and his birth mother reportedly called him a monster, Mason demonstrates forgiveness towards his birth mother and thankfulness for his life and his adoptive mother. His life reveals the truth that regardless of health issues that may make some think a life is not worth living or raising, life is beautiful and enduring. New life comes with hope. Good can come from pain. Adoption is a beautiful option. And children in this world with disabilities need parents to adopt them and communities to rally around their families.

Some More Sweet Stuff

Beauty in the midst of pain:


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One person commented: “You guys missed it. God used his illness to bring all those kids and US into a place of LOVE, COMPASSION, HOPE, PEACE, etc. Kinda like the fruits of the spirit. God you are AWESOME, LOVE you ALWAYS.”

Lila Rose shares an inspiring scene from the movie Creed:

For the Laughs

Planned humor:

Unplanned humor:


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