Stop Spreading Fake Heroic and ‘Red Meat’ Stories About Trump

By Rachel Alexander Published on May 31, 2016

There has been a surge lately of fake stories going around the internet crediting Donald Trump with everything from helping the military to championing Christianity. He has already made quite a few “red meat” statements to appeal to conservatives, so making up more stories seems silly and overkill.

Why are these false stories being spread? Perhaps it is a modern version of folklore, a way of spreading positive information about someone in order to make them into a popular legend. Notably, many of the satire news sites they emerge from just popped up recently, such as Fail Much News, which launched last year and hides behind the legitimate sounding name “Burrard Street Journal.” Do they have ties to the Trump campaign, or is it just another entrepreneur trying to make a buck off of a phenomenon?

Just because a good friend sends you a story over email does not mean it’s trustworthy — most of us have been guilty of not only believing them but then forwarding them to other gullible people who continue the chain. There are certain websites known for posting these types of fake articles; there is a list of the most common ones at the end of  this article. If someone sends you an article over email, with no website to check, please look it up on a site like Snopes which exposes these stories.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest stories that have cropped up portraying Trump as a hero to the right and the alt-right:

Donald Trump’s Tower Air supplied flights home for Gulf War soldiers in 1991 when they faced otherwise long waits for military transportation.

According to Snopes, there is zero truth to this email that started circulating in February. Trump doesn’t have any association with Tower Air. Snopes claims that conservative Fox News talk show Sean Hannity was fooled, posting the story on his website on May 19.

Donald Trump said that he doesn’t like Muslims because they killed Jesus.

Snopes says this article came from a site that solely produces satire and fiction, The Evening Harold. The story started circulating on the internet in March.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau banned U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering Canada.

According to Snopes, the site running the article, Hot Global News, is a satire site. The story, which emerged in late December, probably got legs due to critical remarks Trudeau has said about Trump and two petitions calling for Trudeau to ban Trump from the country.

Donald Trump said that as president he would build a wall along the U.S.-Canadian border.

Snopes says the satire site Fail Much News posted a doctored video on March 22 that made it deceptively look like Trump was saying this.

Donald Trump said that he would revoke U.S. citizenship from all Puerto Ricans if elected president.

Snopes reveals that this was posted on the parody site The Adobo Chronicles in February, where it was then picked up as legitimate news by several Spanish news sites.

A stranger who stopped to change a tire on a disabled limo was rewarded for his efforts when the vehicle’s passenger, Donald Trump, paid off his mortgage.

Snopes says this is false, reporting, “Reputed to have come from Donald Trump’s publicity people, the following tale found its way into the news media via the magazine Forbes in February 1996.” Curiously, Snopes says when Trump was asked about it on his TV show, The Apprentice, he responded, “That’s true.” Apparently this is a common story that floats around about celebrities, with slight variations.

Snopes will probably not have a close relationship with Trump if he is elected president.

If you want to spread a kind, charitable story about Trump, go with this one, which Snopes has verified is true,

Trump’s 79-year-old mother was mugged in 1991, suffering broken bones and severe facial bruises. A passing truck driver who witnessed the assault brought down the mugger and handed him over to justice. (The robber was later sentenced to 3 to 9 years in prison). The Donald had dinner with the rescuer, his sister, and his son; offered the Samaritan a better job; and gave him a check for an undisclosed amount.


Sites with fake news (maybe not satirical but a lot are definitely fake) (seems to be a mixture of satire/real news with no obvious way to tell which is which) (News lifted straight from The National Reporter) (News lifted straight from The National Reporter without checking them) (potentially fake stories) ( – mixture of real and fake news

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  • HugoTheImpaler

    Should add Fox News to your list. Even the most conservative of us are tired of the continued false information.

  • MiniZorg

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE, thank you for exposing these sites! But, You missed prntly, one of the absolute worst offenders….

  • Jlgwn

    The Clinton Charity gave generously to children’s charities in 2015. How’s that for fake stories?


    Excellent list, thank you!

  • So Cal Guest

    Isn’t the left the closest thing you’ve seen to Jesus? Not, these jerks are evil, pure evil.

  • Saltbeef

    Thanx for the warning, seems there is no depth to the sewer the left operates in.

  • thefinalstand

    How come snopes, the New York Times and the Huffington Post are not listed as fake news sites?

  • Good article but the only thing I’d recommend changing is the nod to Snopes for fact checking. At one time, they had a stellar reputation for fact checking, but as of the past year or so, it seems they’ve fallen under the dark liberal (ie-paid shills) influence as so many media sites have. They have been exposed on several occasions now of pro-Hillary bias by a couple of new writers. I no longer trust, use, or recommend Snopes as a reliable source. Check for yourself but they may as well be on the list of fake news sites now.

  • Get back to us when you have something other than snopes, which should be an entry on the list, as your source of “debunking”. Snopes has a blatant leftward tilt; just checked there earlier this week, and every anti-Trump “fact check” was rated as at least “partly true” or at worst, “unconfirmed”, while every anti-Hillary check was rated “mostly false” or “false”. Snopes labeled the Family Research Council as a “hate group”, which is an outright lie.

    • Gedoff Mylon

      >>>”Snopes has a blatant leftward tilt”

      Reality has a liberal bias.

  • Mister Duke

    Snopes is not a reliable fact-checking org, and there really are no so-called “fact checkers” that I know of that haven’t been undermined by leftist trolls. We have to filter through the garbage and find out for ourselves.

  • Takiwa

    ‘Truth or Fiction’ is more reliable and non-partisan than snopes.

  • CoffeeShopGhost

    When it comes to Trump, Red State is nearly fake.

  • This was a pretty good piece until Snopes became the major source of information…

  • Charlie

    Great list of sites to avoid.

  • John

    So here we have it folks. When progressive/liberal scum can’t control the Free Press, they will do this kind of stuff and try to make a MOCKERY of it. “It clearly can’t be of value if it’s not under our control”, is the thinking. This is the same kind of thinking that will drive what the Obama administration is going to do when they leave office. That’s right, I’m predicting (and accusing them) before they even do it. They are going to (physically) trash the White House residence. They will leave it damaged and vandalized, similar to how a dog marks it territory. Obama was here. Mark my words.

  • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

    Using SNOPEs which is another left fake and the owner was allegedly arrested for fraud, just cost you your own credibility.

    • AsleepNoMore

      I saw that piece but when I went to verify it, it was satire. Which is not to say that the liberal biased Snopes hasn’t been caught in lies “debunking” facts.

  • Aftersun

    Not surprised by this. Nothing is lower and dirtier than the liberal press. This article needs to be shared all over social media. The actions of these left wing scum backfire on them.

  • Andrei Vyshinsky

    You should add TheNewYorkTImes and TheLosAngelesTimes to the list.

    • gragor11a

      Don’t forget the Washington Post. They are the most egregious Fake News site in the MSM.

  • Thesecondrckoning

    I’ve heard of snopes. I was never stupid enough to read anything from it. ALL of the lying media should be punished accordingly. We aren’t buying the propaganda. You’ve lost MSM. You are too stupid to figure it out, thats what makes this so funny.

  • TonyMonterey

    Um…Snopes should be one of the Regrssive fake news sites on the list not used as a real fact checking resource.

    • Jas

      Yep, maybe this site should also be listed

  • The Babylon Bee is another one. The name alone should give it away as a satire site, and it makes no pretense whatsoever of being anything other than a satire site, but I have found it impossible to share one of their stories (some of which are hilarious) without some readers thinking that it’s real news and commenting indignantly on it.

  • Alan Cater

    They forgot HuffPO and MSNBC (Most Socialist Narcissists For Clinton)

    • Lady MAGA

      They forgot CNN (Clinton News Network).

  • Lockstein13

    Duffel Blog
    The People’s Cube
    are CLEARLY satire sites.

    Please REMOVE them from your list.
    You’re not trying to prevent people from enjoying their humor, are you?

    • ZigZ

      The Onion and The People’s Cube are my go to sites before forming any opinion while I pine for the glorious world of next Tuesday.

  • JohnZ

    The people at Veterans Today have also outed World Net Daily as disinfo along with Alex Jones.
    VT prints and shares news features no one else dares. No one. The editors there are connected to people within the intelligence circles and around the globe, inside nations where others fear to tread and exposing the lies, propaganda of the CMMM – Controlled Mass Mainstream Media owned and controlled by the zionists. There, I’ve stated the truth.
    Deal with it.

    • Lockstein13

      Whoa…and I’ll bet you believe every word from CNN.

      • JohnZ

        Just like you believe everything on Fox Noise.
        You see, I gave up on the CMMM a long time ago.As I said it is owned and controlled by the zionists.

        • David Burton

          Lol the Jews again. Are they reading your mail, too?

    • John

      You might want to watch the video at YouTube, called
      “Dilbert Creator Talks Hillary Threats / Trump Landslide”

  • ZigZ

    Really? The Onion posts fake news stories? Who knew?
    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jas

    Snopes?? lol They only ‘debunk’ stuff on the right, sometimes with their own lies.

  • Rube Goldberg

    “The People’s Cube” is the most reliable, trustworthy news site on the web

    • The Palmetto Cynic

      Da comrade, they are fine purveyor of current truth.

  • MrLogical

    Uhh, you forgot ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, PBS and OFA, the nation’s very own propaganda channel.

    Just sayin’.

    • Dave Klein

      Spouting channel names that don’t match your views?
      Breitbart, Fox….these should be at the top of your list.

  • Victor Cachat

    I watch fake media all the time.
    Then I go to Drudge, American Thinker, Breitbart, Junkscience…

    I only trust the MSM to tell me the weather (not climate) and Snopes to debunk low level rumors that have nothing to do with politics.

  • The Palmetto Cynic

    Debunking fake news with a fake debunking site like Snopes…brilliant!

  • Banana Puddin’

    You can’t tell the difference between satire and lies?

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