Why We Still Remember the Holocaust

A man lays flowers next to the names of concentration camps during the annual ceremony on Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Thursday, April 12, 2018. Israel is commemorating its Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of the 6 million Jews systematically killed by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II.

By Michael Brown Published on April 12, 2018

The Nazi slaughter of 6 million Jews is one of the greatest atrocities in world history. The number represents two-thirds of Europe’s Jews and includes 1.5 million children and babies. And it occurred in the midst of “civilized” (and “Christian”!) nations.

Yet it is not only out of respect for the victims that we commemorate the Holocaust every year with Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is because the Jewish people continue to be the object of murderous hostility. And it’s because the nation of Israel faces an ongoing existential threat.

The Continuous Threat

Numerous maps depict Israel’s precarious situation, despite its formidable military arsenal and defense forces. The Jewish state looks like a tiny sliver in the midst of the surrounding Islamic nations, quite a few of which still want to see Israel wiped off the map.

And Israel’s enemies are quick to predict the utter destruction of the nation. In the words of an Iranian army chief last year, “We will destroy the Zionist entity at lightning speed, and thus shorten the 25 years it still has left.”

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All threats aside, at any given moment there are tens of thousands of rockets pointed at Israel. (In 2015, Israel estimated that Hezbollah alone had 150,000 rockets.)

Israel’s enemies are also quick to use Holocaust language when threatening the Jewish people. In 2009, pro-Hamas demonstrators in Fort Lauderdale, Florida called for “bigger ovens” for the Jews.

The On-Going Anti-Semitism

On a regular basis, our pro-Israel YouTube videos are greeted with the most profane, hateful, and even murderous comments. (We delete or report them, but not until we take screen shots.) These comments share common themes, including:

  • The Holocaust never happened.
  • We need to finish what Hitler started.
  • Today’s Jews are not really Jews, but they are responsible for all the world’s problems.

The most recent post I spotted referred to the Jews as “disgusting evil lying people.” It claimed the Holocaust was a Jewish myth, branding it the “holohoax” and “the lie of the century.” It suggested that Jews today need to repay Germany for Holocaust reparations. And it ended with this incoherent line: “if you scream Hamas in a Tel Aviv street they start hiding under tables but they wouldn’t hide from the Nazis.”

As for Hamas, despite its relative weakness when compared to the IDF, it is noteworthy that protesters in the recent Gaza uprising displayed a swastika sandwiched between two Palestinian flags.

As for life under the more moderate Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, three children’s schools are named after Nazi collaborators. More than two dozen schools are named after recent Palestinian terrorists. In that sense, the memory of the Holocaust is hardly distant.


Last month, Jews around the world were shocked to learn of the brutal slaying of an 85-year-old, female Holocaust survivor in France. Her murder comes just “a year after an Orthodox Jewish woman in her sixties was beaten and thrown out of the window of her Paris flat by a neighbor shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ (God is greatest).”

I’m aware, of course, that some of our people overuse the Holocaust, depicting us as little better than helpless and hapless victims. To the contrary, we are hardly defenseless today. And, to the Palestinians, the Israelis are perceived as the powerful occupying presence.

But the reality is that the modern state of Israel was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust. And it was born with the mantra of, “Never again.”

If you’ve ever studied the Torah, or if you’re familiar with Judaism, you know there’s a strong emphasis on “remembering.” That includes the good and the bad. So, we do well to continue to remember the Holocaust, since it is rapidly fading from the memory of others.

In the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel, “Much of what the Bible demands can be comprised in one imperative: Remember!”

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  • Stephen D

    I don’t doubt the holocaust. But the figure of 6 million seems incredible. Something like 3000 per day for one year gives 1 million per year. Surely this was not possible?
    I agree that we should remember the holocaust. But I think we also need some way of remembering the Armenian genocide, and the communist regimes that slaughtered millions.

    • BW

      How hard is it to kill 3000 people per day with a massive army and multi country war. The numbers are verified and proven many times over.

      • Stephen D

        OK thanks. I’ve checked the figures on the website of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The figure of 6 million is attested there as an accurate estimate.

        • Anne-Marie Spiess

          In light of 50-80 million people dying in WW2 (statistics vary) most land somewhere around 70 million. It is for sure possible , that 6 million were Jewish, from all over Europe : Italy , Hungary, Poland, Etc..

    • tz1

      There were 5 million others.
      No “Holocaust Memorial” or museum even acknowledges them. Gays, Gypsies, Catholics (St. Maximillain Kolbe).
      Do these 5 million goyim matter, or are they disposable?
      Do the hundreds of millions killed by Mao, Stalin, Pohl Pot, or “The Young Turks” (Armenians – Calling Cenk Uhrgyur) matter?
      Or are they just dirty, disposable goyim?

      Why is “remember the Holocaust” ALWAYS framed in forgetting every other genocide or atrocity?

  • tz1

    We don’t remember the Armenian Genocide – Hitler quoted it.
    We don’t remember the Holodomor, and Duranty still has his Pulitzer for covering it up.
    We don’t remember the Rawandan Massacre of the Tutsis by the Hutu, often by being hacked to death with a machete.
    We don’t remember Pohl Pot.
    We don’t remember Stalin’s tens of millions of dead.
    We don’t remember Mao’s tens of millions of dead.


    Is it because the dead are filthy goyim, and their deaths don’t matter?

    If Planned Parenthood was stopped before it slaughtered more innocents than Hitler, and if American Jews didn’t vote 70% for Obama and Hillary, I might be able to hear you.

    But the silent screams of the dead innocent dismembered babies is too loud, not to mention the far greater number of dead which many Jews excused, ignored, if not applauded.

    Why do we remember this one genocide that happened in Europe over 70 years ago? Because we don’t want to look in the mirror or down the street to the deathcamp murdering the unborn. We can virtue signal saying “we are the good Citizens” (where were the good Germans?).


    Otherwise you are just as contemptable as the Church where when the Jews were in rail cars screaming being taken to the death camps, the pastor told the choir to sing louder.

    Yes, sing louder about Hitler. But ignore Margaret Sanger, or the Abortion Clinic a few miles away you could at least publically oppose (oooh, I might get arrested! I don’t want to go to jail like Martin Luther King! Jail is awful, Paul could handle it but I can’t).

    • I agree. If life really begins at conception, and hormonal birth control does not prevent conception, than American women have murdered more children in a year than Stalin and Hitler ever did.
      I was told about 80% or women in the US use birth control. I was further told that between menarche and about age 35 a woman has a about a 20% chance of becoming pregnant. So that is a little over 2 dead babies per year for each woman in that age group. Lets say the younger girls are not sexually active until they reach 20 years of age.
      I certainly don’t want to disagree with you but that seems like a lot more than 60 million, but maybe I am wrong. But any way you look at it, American women kill far more efficiently than any genocidal maniac ever has. And all for convenience.
      God Bless America

  • William B Travis

    The only thing I know about the Holocaust is it didn’t happen. No one has ever been able to prove the existence of gas chambers. The alleged eyewitnesses have proven to be liars. Worse yet, the World Almanac cites the worldwide Jewish population at 15.3 million in 1933 and 15.7 million in 1948. How do you lose 6 million Jews and have an increase in Jewish population? Its impossible.

    A good place to start is to search for “Six million Jews in news” on YT. That’s a wake up call for anyone.

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