Speaking My Mind About the Pro-Abortion Madness

By Michael Brown Published on February 4, 2019

There’s so much to say about the rising tide of militant, pro-abortion madness. Where does one start? How about Virginia?

We now know that the same day Virginia delegate Kathy Tran proposed a radical abortion bill she also proposed a save the caterpillar bill. In other words, let’s have compassion on the caterpillars while we make the womb into a tomb.

But this unbelievable double standard is not uncommon.

A Double Standard

Years ago, representatives from the far-left Greenpeace organization were going door to door in my neighborhood, soliciting contributions to “save the baby whales.”

They knocked on the door of my friend’s house and gave their pitch. He responded, “I’m interesting in saving the baby humans.”

They left instantly, and in a huff.

Why the love for baby whales but no love for baby humans?

Part of the reason is that many of these people don’t believe that human beings are created in the image of God. They don’t believe we are intrinsically different than a caterpillar or a whale (or a tree!). They don’t believe that saving a human life takes precedence over saving the life of an animal.

And once a biblical perspective is discarded, priorities get reversed and compassion becomes confused.

So, there is mercy for the caterpillar but no mercy for the baby in the womb. (Again, in Tran’s radical proposal, a woman who is 9-months pregnant and dilating could have chosen to abort her baby, even for alleged “mental health” reasons.)

But that’s just the beginning of the hypocrisy and double standards in Virginia.

Governor Northam’s Racist Past

Now that Governor Northam’s alleged racist picture from 1984 has surfaced, there is an outcry for him to resign, right from within his own Democrat party. (As of this writing, he is refusing to step down.)

Yet, as ugly and inexcusable as his alleged racist picture is, it’s far uglier and even more inexcusable to advocate infanticide, which Northam did quite explicitly. Why no Democratic calls for his resignation after that?

So, racism is inexcusable (which it is, although not unforgivable), but infanticide is not so bad (if bad at all).

And yet there is more.

Planned Parenthood’s Audacity

Planned Parenthood, of all organizations on the planet, had the audacity to demand Northam’s resignation, saying, “There is no place for Gov. Ralph Northam’s racist actions or language. He must step down as Governor.”

In response, I tweeted, “Memo to Planned Parenthood: As the world’s most prolific baby killing factory, you have no right to make a moral statement about anything.”

To paraphrase the sentiments of Planned Parenthood, “We condemn you, Governor Northam, for appearing in a racist picture in 1984. But we commend you, sir, for your courageous stand for the parental right to kill infants inside and outside the womb.”

But there is a silver lining to the madness.

The True Pro-Abortion Spirit

The mask is being removed. The fangs are being exposed. The nation is seeing just how extreme, just how deadly, just how murderous the pro-abortion spirit really is. (I will be addressing this in shocking detail in a book due out later this year. Be on the lookout for the name “Jezebel.”)

Perhaps this will wake up some of the “moderates.”

Perhaps this will shift some into the pro-life camp.

Perhaps, in the end, this will save the lives of babies.

We can only hope and pray that it will be so.

But there’s another, painful side to the story that must be shared, so we’ll turn our focus from Virginia to New York.

New York and the New Abortion Law

Things are now so extreme in that massively influential state that this tweet, from “Unborn Baby,” said it all: “Dear Mom … please don’t move to New York.”

Thankfully, pastors throughout the state are speaking up and speaking out. They are raising their voices in protest against the new abortion law, and well they should.

But my big question is this: Where were their voices one year ago or 5 years ago or 10 years ago?

Thank God for those who have been active in fighting abortion, privately and publicly. There are many, fine, courageous, and compassionate pastors in New York, and they are to be commended.

But, when it comes to fighting abortion, they are in the distinct minority.

Before the new bill passed, New York was already the abortion capital of America, killing one baby in the womb for every two born.

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Already, in New York City, more black babies were aborted than born.

Why so little outcry over this? Why so little outrage over so much slaughter for so many years?

It would be like pastors being silent during the days of the slave trade, only to speak up when a higher percentage of slaves died during middle passage.

Of course, it’s better late than never. And, again, I’m thrilled so many are speaking out and not waiting to take action.

But this is also a time for Christian soul searching — and not just in New York.

Our Soul Searching

How many of us have been silent (or, on the sidelines) while more than 60 million babies have been terminated in the womb since 1973? How many of us have done little or nothing to stop this modern-day fetal genocide?

There is no question that the pro-abortion extremists and the Democrat activists and Planned Parenthood and men like Governor Northam have blood on their hands. And they must answer to God.

But judgment starts with the Church.

Let us, then, first and foremost, repent for our indifference and inaction.

Then, let us stand together and, with God’s help, turn the tide.

It’s time for America to cherish life.

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