Some Candid Questions for Evangelical Supporters of President Trump

By Michael Brown Published on August 12, 2018

Do you remember when candidate Trump said that he could stand on Fifth Avenue in New York City and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose any voters? It was quite a statement, but there was some truth to it. Trump’s loyal supporters are doggedly loyal. The question is: Are his evangelical supporters just as loyal? The deeper question is: Should they be?

For the record, while I strongly opposed candidate Trump during the Republican primaries, I did vote for him over Hillary Clinton. And I’m glad I did. If the elections were held tomorrow and it was Trump vs. Hillary, he would have my vote without question.

No Undivided Loyalty

But he does not have my undivided loyalty. Why should he? As I wrote previously, President Trump didn’t die for my sins and he is not my Savior and Redeemer.

Of course, every evangelical Christian could echo those words. (We do not worship Lord Trump.) Yet sometimes I wonder: What would it take for some of us to differ publicly with the president? What would it take for us to say, “He’s my president and I deeply appreciate the many good things he has done. But I wish he didn’t say (or do) this.”

So, to repeat my question: What would it take for some of us to differ publicly with the president?

A Missed Opportunity

Cal Thomas recently offered some unsolicited counsel to President Trump, suggesting that rather than attacking LeBron James via Twitter, he should have invited him to the White House.

It’s true that James has been openly critical of the president. And it’s true he made negative comments about him on CNN, speaking with Don Lemon, no less.

But what he said this time was hardly outlandish. (His exact words were: “He’s dividing us. And what I’ve noticed over the past few months [is] he’s kind of used sport to kind of divide us, and that’s something that I can’t relate to, because I know that sport was the first time I ever was around someone white, and I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them, and they got an opportunity to learn about me, and we became very good friends.”)

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And part of the CNN interview focused on James’s education initiative is to help at-risk kids.

What a great opportunity for Trump to say, “Let’s unite to help these kids. Let’s put aside our differences for the sake of young Americans.”

Instead, our president ignited a fresh firestorm, mocking both James and Lemon. (His exact words were: “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”)

I really wish he hadn’t done that. Yet I’m sure some of you reading this (I’m referring specifically to evangelical Christian readers) were glad he did: “I’m glad he put that basketball player in his place! Who does James think he is, speaking against the President of the United States?”

Trump’s Tweets

To my surprise, I’ve heard evangelical leaders defend Trump’s harsh tweets, saying things like, “Well, he’s the president, not a Christian leader.” Or, “It’s about time someone put politics aside and spoke his mind.”

But when I hear this, I wince. Yes, it’s true that Trump is not a Christian leader, but we are still Christians. And some of us are Christian leaders. (As for Trump if he is a Christian at all, God knows; but he is clearly not a Christian leader.)

Does the nasty rhetoric not bother us at all? Do the insults never offend us? Do we never think to ourselves, “He could get even more done if he didn’t constantly alienate people?”

And this leads to another question: Have we ourselves become caustic? In our reaction against the savage, unrelenting, often unfair attacks from the left, have we decided to defend the president no matter what, even if it means compromising our values? Has the “this is war” mentality hardened us rather than honed us?

A Christian’s Duty

A colleague of mine forwarded to me an article by Pete Enns titled, “Is it OK for Christians to protest against their political leaders?”

His answer: “It is the Christian’s duty in civic affairs to hold powers to account when they see injustice done.”

He adds, “In my opinion, nowhere do Christians have a more visible and obvious responsibility to be salt and light, to embody the will of God, than when other humans are disenfranchised, treated unjustly, or unfairly — which is to say, treated less than fully human.”

He even writes that, “Christians should never say to someone like that, ‘If you don’t like it, move to Denmark,’ or ‘He’s your president and you owe him your allegiance.’”

Perhaps his article will step on some toes. Perhaps some will feel he made a good point but took it to far.

At the least, though, as evangelical followers of Jesus who support Trump, we should ask ourselves some honest questions. First and foremost would be this: Has my allegiance to Donald Trump in any way compromised my allegiance to Jesus?

That’s the biggest question of all.

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  • Jacob Miller

    >> Has my allegiance to Donald Trump in any way compromised my allegiance to Jesus?

    That’s between Dr. Brown and Jesus. But, I hope not.

    But Evangelical support for Donald Trump has make a mockery of our former and future moral stances.

    For a guy who claims to be “a voice of moral revolution” Dr. Brown seems un-concerned about this moral crash-and-burn.

    • john appleseed

      You should read the article.

    • James E..

      More trashing of Michael Brown, Jacob? You gotta learn some new skills, man.

    • Patmos

      Go away you worthless troll.

      • Jim

        You first

  • tz1

    I could say something similar about Netanyahu, that he could shoot someone on a Jerusalem thoroughfare and still not lose the support of evangelicals. Or Israel. They could used and celebrate their use of poison gas to kill everyone in Gaza and I’m really not sure Evangelicals here would not celebrate the rapture drawing nigh. All I hear is excuses, or the Palestinians deserve it, or it is Israel’s land (though wasn’t for 19 centuries). Israel and even specifically Netanyahu gets a pass greater than Trump. Netanyahu may have fraud problems. Another recent post asked if Israel was going toward the Torah or Gomorrah. If it went full Gomorrah with abortion on demand, gay marriage, etc. would Evangelicals even suggest God might not be pleased (see Numbers 25).

    They supported the bumbling Bush Brothers – then we all watched as they washed their hands in Pontius Pilate’s basin – passing “Terri’s law” and flying back to sign a meaningless paper and Terri was horribly dehydrated to death in a scene right out of an Auschwitz starvation bunker (see St. Fr. Maximillian Kolbe).

    There also should be a statute of limitations – many of the bad behaviors are from years if not decades ago, and things like normal business practice (e.g. bankruptcy) weren’t applied to Romney in 2012, nor his governing which was toward the left in Massatuchets including speaking to Planned Parenthood and accepting Gay Marriage. Ron Paul was pure both personally and on the Constitution. Evangelicals also supported Ted Cruz in 2016 and I can enumerate his flaws too.

    Why when for most of my adult life the Evangelicals have compromised and basiclly said VOTE FOR (the lesser) EVIL, and suddenly with Trump it becomes an issue? Where does Hypocrisy rank as a sin? Where does false witness fit like the “political promises” that were broken almost as soon as the inagural ball?

    Why are principles that are preemptively unilaterally unconditionally surrendered somehow considered superior to keeping – last count several months ago – 2/3 of the promises and making progress on the rest and being a man of your word?

    • john appleseed

      The vast majority of US evangelicals don’t know about Netanyahu’s scandals.
      Israel has huge flaws, but they clearly are the most moral country in the Middle East.
      Who blindly supports the Bushes? The first lost his re-election bid, and the second would have been trounced if he could’ve run for a third term.
      You criticize “compromise” in supporting these men, but embrace it in defending Trump.
      And then you had the gall to use the word hypocrisy.

      • tz1

        I don’t defend any man, they are all fallen.
        It is irrelevant if they are the “most” moral, as in having only 90% contamination or toxins instead of 98% is hardly an endorsement.

      • Chip Crawford

        All Christian camps familiar to me embrace the scriptural injunction to support Israel. It’s big in the heart of Charismatics, Word of Faith particularly. They carry a strong sense of God’s heart for that nation that comes from his age old covenant with them, not focused on the men on the ground. God has plans for that nation, their revival and return to him and has called forth supporters of them to be on hand in this day.

    • Daylo


  • john appleseed

    Trump has done many very good things as President.
    He has also been egotistical, petty, hot-tempered, and childish at times.
    40% of Americans hate my first sentence.
    40% hate my second sentence.
    Because 80% are not fully honest about President Trump.

    • john appleseed

      Of course the 40% and 80% are guesstimates. You know what I mean.

    • Daylo

      Honestly, we know his faults, and I believe that he was placed into office for such a time as this!

      The “alternative” was Bernie or Hillary.

      God raises up leaders that HE chooses. You are not rightly giving OUR CREATOR the Title that HE is in charge. HE, GOD is always in charge.

      • Nick Stotzer

        I agree that God raises up leaders. Just remember that also means the Hitlers, and Stalin’s of the world as well. Just because he’s raised up doesn’t mean it’s they are a vessel of honor.

        • Daylo

          Absolutely not. Truthfully, God knows the heart of each man; He even knows the number of hairs on our head. Nonetheless, God is in control. His purposes will be accomplished. Therefore, pray for our leaders that they might do right in the sight of God.

          • Nick Stotzer

            I agree, we must pray. But don’t be blind to the evil a man is committing because you like his policies.

  • Nick Stotzer

    As a follower of Jesus, Pastor, and conservative, I am disgusted at our President, and infuriated at the white evangelical church that supports his antics. They continue to lose the trust of a nation with every tweet of the President. You want to know why people are leaving the church? This is your answer!!! You chastise and demonize only those you disagree with, and make claims of grace and understanding for those that align with your beliefs. YOU BROOD OF VIPERS!!!! Well done Dr. Brown for calling to task our brothers and sisters in the faith… more should do so…

    • Kevin Quillen

      “You want to know why people are leaving the church? This is your answer!”
      People have been leaving the church long before Trump.
      People are leaving the church because of hypocrisy and silly doctrine.

      • Nick Stotzer

        That’s exactly what I am saying… you don’t find it hypocritical that white evangelicals lost their minds over Obama being in Rev Wright’s church? Yet trump retweeting racist propaganda goes silent. You think that the blind support of a nations leader is theologically sound? Thank God Dietrich Bonhoeffer didn’t have that theology…

        • Terry Lewis

          Obama (when he wasn’t (mis?)speaking about his Muslim faith) did profess to be Christian. Trump, to my knowledge, does not. Why should a Christian be surprised or alarmed when a non-Christian acts like a non-Christian? And no, I don’t support his “antics” as you call them… I’m just saying that we have no reason to expect anything different. It’s foolish to expect Trump to hold to a standard that he does not embrace.

          It is my prayer that Trump would become a true Christian, and allow God to transform him. While I’ve been a fan of most of his policies so far, I would love to see a change in his behavior and his rhetoric! However, God has proven that he can work even through the folly of his enemies to accomplish His purposes… that’s the whole reason we can have salvation after all! He certainly can use Trump, who is not overtly hostile to Christianity to bring about pro-Christian changes.

          That being said, it would certainly be a shame to be a pen in God’s hand used to write His will across the American landscape, and then to die not knowing He who has been guiding your steps.

          • Nick Stotzer

            He claims to be a Christian and good Godly men, like Franklin Graham, and many others, have supported his claim. Hence my harsh remarks. We can not allow this. We are losing our witness of the character of Christ and His good news because we won’t tell truth to power.

          • Daylo

            “WE” cannot allow. What sort of self-righteous remark is this?

            For we are ALL sinners!

            When someone called Jesus “good”, he said there was ONLY ONE good. That was the Father. Christians SIN DAILY and if we don’t, then those must be perfect. Yet there WAS ONLY ONE WHO LED A PERFECT LIFE AND THAT WAS JESUS! The Son of God said He, himself was not good. Yet, you are worried that “good” men favor President Trump. Even God knows our sinful thoughts. Do not flatter yourself.

          • Nick Stotzer

            Who said anything about flattering myself… And the scripture commands us when one of us has sinned against a brother in the house of God to deal with it in private, and if they will not repent in private to take it to the church. This is not self righteous speaking I know many people who have spoken to the president of the United States and he has not headed their call to repent. Of course God knows all of our sins that’s why we live a life taking up our cross daily. But when somebody proclaiming the name of Jesus in the name of his people slanders and back bites and no one says anything that my friend is not of God. The church in America has no power because it does not come from Sin. I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination that people need to go around checking everyone who sins. That’s why God gives us grace. However when somebody in a position of power who is not humble to himself to words in private and continues to use his position to belittle others under the banner of being the son of God that sir needs to be dealt with.

        • Daylo

          WRIGHT is no “Reverend”.

          • Nick Stotzer

            Wright is theological off and is misguided in so many ways… to which I agree… he is no reverend, but that is his title, so I will address him as such

          • Daylo

            No. You will NOT see word, ” “Reverend” on Wikipedia. Just “pastor”. What gives this “pastor” the right to damn America? That’s God’s job, if He sees fit.

        • James Blazsik

          What racist propaganda?

    • Patmos

      If you’re a pastor I feel sorry for your flock, because they are headed right for the ditch you are already in, making generalizations like that. What a joke. Probably just another fake Christian troll, like we need any more of those around here.

      • Nick Stotzer

        If you were even close to right (to which your not) and were a follower of the scripture, then your response would be to pray for me being a “fake”Christian. Obviously you are more interested in throwing personal accusation with no facts… hmmmm sounds like someone I know…

      • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

        Hiding behind a obscured name has appeared to make you loose with your language and words you use on others. Perhaps you might consider unhiding yourself and becoming more accountable for your own words. Look at the record of your comments. If they are the image you wish to portray, then great, but wow. Hidden identities only embolden cowards and make them more contemptuous. Just an opinion for you to ignore. But my goodness, monitor yourself.

      • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

        Also, I have nothing more to add to this or to you. I limit my exchanged to 2 max with hidden identities for EXACTLY this reason—they lack self control.

    • Cody

      People are leaving churches like yours because seeker friendly churches have no evidence of Jesus there just a little tickling of the ears.

      • Nick Stotzer

        Lol… I am no seeker friendly minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ… but you are acting just like Trump… and I tickle no one ears… these petty small remarks against someone you don’t know with no evidence of its validity sounds familiar… #realfakenews

    • James Blazsik


      • Nick Stotzer

        I am no troll… I am a preacher of righteousness and truth… and this President continues to speak against all things that Jesus teaches. He is rebellious and the scripture says rebellion is as witchcraft…

        • James Blazsik

          Take away his tweets, this President has done a lot that would please Evangelicals. What has this President done that he has spoken against all things that Jesus teaches?

          • Nick Stotzer

            He is a lying slandering gossiping adulterous man. How can anyone even think he ascribes to the teachings of the holy Scriptures; just because he passed out some evangelical candy? The scripture speaks it best, ““ ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.’ ””‭‭ – Matthew‬ ‭15:8-9‬

          • Daylo

            What did YOUR life consist of before coming to Christ?

            Do you know the date President Trump came to Christ? How long after becoming a practicing Christian did you become perfect?

            Lastly, only God knows the heart of man.

            Sheesh! Are you a Pharisee?

          • Nick Stotzer

            So as your judging me about being judgmental, where then do you fall on the Pharisee scales? I’m sick of a president belittling everyone who doesn’t agree with him like he is a 3 year old, and evangelicals saying, “it’s ok, let’s not judge him”. Except when Obama was in office (a man i never voted for or like his policies) was evisertaed at every level. He was even called a monkey at Republican rallies. And your mad that I am saying that’s wrong? Smh… insane…

          • Daylo

            Please tell me which Republican Rally this happened at, and I would condemn that.

            Be aware that Obama told the American people he was a Christian. I saw him in an interview with George Stephanopoulos where Obama stated “My Muslim Faith”…he was the corrected by Stephanopoulos “You mean…your Christian faith. Obama replied “Yes, I mean my Christian faith.”

            Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m no fool! That was a BIG TIP OFF! When anyone lies to you, do you continue to trust them?

            NO. Time is a teacher. 8 years of teaching. That’s why we HAD to have a man who LOVED the people AND his/our country.

            Who else? Weak Jeb Bush? Hillary, a known liar, Kasich the Commie? Bernie the Socialist?


            I wrote my Sebatirs and House Representatives concerning all kinds of different policies. They ignored my questions about immigration, why ANERICAN TAXPAYER’S MONEY was being given to illegal aliens. No answers. I eas not alone. Tge people we put into office would not answer our questions. They knew better…in comes candidate Trump. Niw we know about FRAUD veyond what we could imagine from the FBI, DOJ, et al.

          • Nick Stotzer

            You said, “When anyone lies to you, do you continue to trust them?”, ummm… with all do respect, sincerely; how then can you trust trump who literally has lied continually almost everyday in office. Listen, I am no Obama fan, and he lied tons, and everyone called him out for it. Hillary was a total crook and manipulator, and created a Middle East infistructure that was idiotic at best. Yet, evangelicals won’t even say to trump, please stop lying and cursing the citzenry that opposes you. We now live in a nation that has someone in the office of President commenting on how people should be fired, locked up, or disgraced. That sounds far more far left socialist crazy then anything Obama has ever done. The government commenting on and personally attacking a private citizen… super fishy…

          • Aloha12

            You apparently didn’t read the article as you don’t seem to get the thrust of it which is: the author and most of us are grateful for Trump and the job he’s done. Yet, as Cal Thomas wrote about, it would have been better if the president had invited Lebron to the white house for a chat then ridicule him on Twitter. I and most if not all commenters here agree with that. Trump would be better sometimes if he didn’t hit back so reflexively. Although, we have no idea what it’s like to be slandered 24/7 by the media, Dems and Hollywood. Talk about needing thick skin.

          • James Blazsik

            What Republican rally? Show proof.

          • James Blazsik

            You haven’t mentioned anything he has achieved while President.We knew who we elected. We believed that he would do what he said he would do.
            He made two great choices for the Supreme Court. He is filling empty benches with great judges in the lower courts. He cut funds to planned parenthood. He signed Executive Orders to protect religious freedom. We have a roaring economy with record low unemployment, including minorities. A tax cut. The Dakota and Keystone Pipeline are a go. Anwar is opened. We are becoming an energy powerhouse. Manufacturing is back. There is more I know that I am missing.
            All this while under incredible opposition.
            He is not perfect.But he is doing a great job.

          • Nick Stotzer

            The point of the article was the mans character issues and the evangelical church losing its witness by blindly following Trump and not speaking up about his massive character flaws. I won’t even get into the things that you listed as accomplishments, not because I am not informed, but because it’s would take to long. In short, there a far more polices that he has bungled than succeed at. That included the economy. He has created a short term bubble that will burr and leave us worse off than before. There is no foresight to his policies. Last thing I will say is this… if we as a church can’t look past our political allegiances and actually see the pain being inflicted on the nations poor and vulnerable, then I dare say where is the conviction of our Holy God over us.

          • James Blazsik

            You are skipping over his accomplishments or dismissing them. Do you pray for him? Voting for Hillary would have been a disaster. Pray for him – a lot of people have it better because of him.
            Properly see you responsibility, do your ministry, and stop complaining like a whiny baby. That’s not befitting of a pastor. Or, are you a democrat and pushing for your party?

          • Aloha12

            King David was an adulterer and murderer yet loved by God. Trump hasn’t murdered anybody.

    • nickstuart

      How do you feel about white Evangelicals who voted for Clinton? Who support the Democratic party, the party of abortion, homosexuality, Antifa, illegal immigration, throttling the 1st Amendment, … ? That’s OK by you?

      • Nick Stotzer

        I feel like they were deceived if they voted for Clinton, either of them. I hate the spirit of behind the Democratic Party and increasingly see the same perverse spirit creeping into my party, the Republican Party…

        • Aloha12

          He’s pro life, appoints pro life God fearing judges, supports Israel (to a greater degree than any president in our lifetime), etc. Mainly, his policies are more Biblical than any president since Reagan. Interesting ‘witchcraft’ he’s practicing….

  • Up_Words

    “ [God] delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked (for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)” (2 Peter 2:7-8).

    Lot is here called “righteous” but only escaped Sodom by “the skin of his teeth”—and, at that, with questionable morals of his own (i.e. incest initiated by conflicted offspring). Within extremely perilous times for the souls of women and men, it is important to take time to step back and reflect—and to withdraw from the fracas within the confusion of Sodom to intercede for our society along with Abraham. Thanks for this article, Dr. Brown.

  • I’m truly happy to read this article from Dr. Brown.

    I would only suggest that, when it come to the morally distasteful, politically dangerous, and socially unacceptable things Trump does and says, our criticisms need to go way beyond, “I wish he hadn’t done that” (which actually is what many do say). He deserves a much more heated, yet mature, criticism more in the line of rebuke for the things he does and says.

    Or are Evangelical supporters of Trump actually waiting for him to shoot someone on 5th Avenue before they give any strongly worded protest, if any, beyond the typically tepid, “I wish he didn’t do that.”

  • Zmirak

    I agree with Dr. Brown’s concerns. But for perspective: How many politically active conservative Christians were asking such questions while George W. Bush was president? His squeaky clean image and Sunday school manners actually made it harder to, I think. Yet Bush was much less active on the pro-life front, and conducted the Iraq war with less concern for the safety of Christians than Vladimir Putin, a murderous dictator, has shown. Consider that in God’s providence, the flashy/sordid/blunt side of Trump is HELPING most of us to see him in proper perspective–merely as Caesar, instead of as a Christian cheerleader. That will let us hold him MORE to account than we were willing to hold Bush.

  • Chip Crawford

    I frankly am puzzled by the phrases “support Trump” and allegiance to him. To me, the issue was settled when I began to have a strong sense that God was going to use him to accomplish some things, rectify some things I had thought were gone. Instead of going further down as a nation, we have been given a surprising uplift and repair on some things Obama put in place and other embedded negatives. There have been some firm lines drawn and held, religious freedom spoken for, Americans in trouble overseas given support again. I noted that Mr. Obama was the first president I know about who was very slow and reluctant to help out in some cases of American individuals being in trouble overseas, only giving into pressure in some cases, and letting as many others go if he could. Phillipians 4:8 says: Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. That almost seems like a lightweight admonition, but it is actually formed in the way commands are given by the Holy Spirit. I celebrate what God is doing, some legal underpinnings of adversarial laws and policies removed. Many of those are likely to stay removed. Those adjustments may carry much more significance in the days ahead than they appear to do now. Despite Mr. Trump’s personal immaturity and offenses, he is being used as a force for good. We need to realize that God does that. When we take off the rose colored glasses, we will see that many leaders in the Bible that were used were not exemplary. We can always celebrate perfection in our God, but not expect it in men, so we should get the habit formed of handling it that way.

    • Caitie

      I stand in agreement.

  • Andrew Mason

    Part of the problem is probably that the MSM etc hate Trump so much that any public criticism no matter how mild runs the risk of being hijacked. That’s not quite the same thing as always defending Trump though.

    • Sharon

      I feel similarly. I believe Christians should challenge Trump to behave in a more appropriate way. But I feel like the rhetoric against him is so overblown I don’t even want to listen to the media’s criticisms.

  • Patmos

    I stopped listening to what politicians say a long time ago, and try to pay attention to what they do. All that being said, Lebron called Trump a bum. Lebron is pretty much the face of the NBA. I have zero problem with anything Trump has said, or tweeted, or whatever. It’s far better than giving line after line of BS like Obama did for 8 years while he aided Iran, stabbed Israel in the back, and helped give us an “Affordable” Care Act that merely funnels money to the pharmaceutical companies who have by far the biggest lobby in DC.

    • Daylo

      Yes, totally agree with all you say. Let’s not forget that back in August 2017, Kevin Durant stated he would not go to the Trump Whitehouse. He said he didn’t “respect” who was in the White house…from there, the word was spread to refuse in solidarity, because these athletes are just FULL OF THEMSELVES. Then as President Trump is highly trained in reading people, he understood that to rescind that invitation would be better for all. The POTUS is not obligated to invite these overpaid athletes. It was deemed an honor by every athlete to get invited. It seems after Obama got into office, there was no honor. President Trump or ANY REPUBLICAN would have been treated the same way.

      These men are just athletes. Many are illiterate, but because they have been told how wonderful they are by their fans, they intended to use their popularity to sway politics, no doubt, at the suggestion of ither “celebrities “. It’s a PILE-ON folks. No doubt in my mind.

      Interestingly, the writer wants to force President Trump into accepting THEIR terms.

      THAT would be a sign of allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

  • Patmos

    Also, for perspective, Trump is an old school New York New Jersey guy. I know NY has changed a bit in recent times so people might not understand this, but try to go up to an old school New Yorker and talk smack to him, and see what happens. It won’t be pretty. Add in that Trump is not a career politician, and so doesn’t have that used car salesman aura about him, and I just kind of shrug my shoulders at what he says. If anything his words have only helped expose how psychotic most of the left is. At a time when our culture is having trouble determining whether a man is a man or a woman, it’s about time somebody grew a pair.

    • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

      I am “old school New York New Jersey” as is my entire immediate family and ancestors back four generations. We do not behave, or rather, misbehave, like Trump. My Grampa, a NYC cop and educated to the fourth grade would be stunned at how ungentlemanly our President is. As for me, I have absolutely ZERO friends as crass as the president.

      • Juan Garcia

        So in other words you could be friends with Frank Reagan but not Danny

    • Juan Garcia

      Amen! I worked with old school Naw Yakkas in the 70’s. They talk smack and you don’t talk smack back you get no respect. After awhile you grow to love them. You always know where you stand. No sweet talk followed by a knife in the back. Salt of the earth people. People you can trust. Read the words that Jesus spoke. He wasn’t exactly politically correct and always tactful. He didn’t read from the focus group prepared script.

  • Anne Fernandes

    We Christians expect a lot from a man who may or may not have a relationship with Christ. Cannot even speculate on the man’s salvation. However, he didn’t become president on his good looks OR on his own. WE the people voted, but a supernatural warfare was begun long before Mr. Trump became a contender. Several things occur to me: first, Mr. Trump’s a worldly guy. I could watch Fox News, The Housewives of Any Town, Law and Order and whatever the most recent tripe about Las Vegas is and NEVER see the same worldliness Mr. Trump has seen. I have not been of the world for a very long time, and certainly never like Mr. Trump. Secondly, Mr. Trump does not KNOW that if God is for him, he doesn’t have to fight back. Romans 8:31 ” What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Those of us who have walked with Christ for a long time know to shut up, and let Him do the fighting. Thirdly, back to worldly. Mr. Trump, I think, believes himself a winner, maybe at all costs, and he does not, yet, understand that he’s part of God’s plan, a mistake ANY novice Christian might make, again, not saying Mr. Trump is or is not a Christian. Remember 9/11, and its aftermath? Churches were filled, Patriotism was awakened, most of the country was in “protect” mode. Could those of us Christ-followers, who have walked for a while through the trials our own personalities bring to us, give Mr. Trump the same grace in which Jesus affords us? I still say thoughtless, stupid stuff ALL the time, and I’ve been saved since 1980. Please remember that the Lord called Mr. Trump, and others, to task, but He also called us to task for the POTUS. Is our prayer for Mr. Trump fervent, and consistent? Personally, I can do better. And pray for Mr. Trump to have a revelation re: pride. If God is for him…..

  • James Blazsik

    Imagine being attacked everyday like this President – it’s absolutely amazing he has done what he has done. We wanted a non-politician and we got one. Yes, he is a bull in a china shop and we need to support him.
    He has done a lot for Evangelicals – and be thankful for it.

  • upis

    Honestly, I don’t see any reason for this article. Should we all Christians desert him in the next election because he tweets some bad words and support a democrat ? What is the point about this article when this same man is severely criticized everyday, every hour and at every opportunity by the so called liberals. We should add our own criticism to the already saturated atmosphere of misrepresentation , insults and aspersions just to show we are not irrevocably loyal to him as Christians. Enough of these subtle anti trump write ups and questioning of evangelicals who support trump from Michael Brown.

  • Caitie

    I think many of us Evangelicals have been wearing rose colored glasses when we watched our supported representatives proclaim Christian values attending religious ceremony talk the talk but publicly NOT walk the walk with the vigor close to what we see from this President. Watching the power of Hollywood grow with its openly anti Christian rhetoric wasn’t addressed by any Christian group or push back from GOP. I hate to keep going back to Hollywood in my posts but Christians sadly underestimated the impact it’s subject matter had on the views of so many generations. We retreated …as a sign of disgust but then it came into our homes and by placing key messages in character development and story development they defined what was hate and negativity and it was Christianity bolstered by liberal academia. When Ronald Reagan with others alerted the government to the socialist agenda systemically moving its way through Hollywood …and that it was a huge threat he saw the future. The thing is Ronald Reagan with the help of Pope Paul did something about it all while being ridiculed for his Bonzo movies. Now we have President Trump doing absolutely the right actions for our country, following through on promises, meeting with and staying in council with Christian leaders, picking good Supreme Court judges, picking a solid Christian running mate, vocally stand against Christian Persecution. Nothing in my lifetime is so black and white as the choice we have going into midterms as Christians …as Americans. So many were imperfect in Scripture but God worked through them for his glory. The left keeps wanting us to focus on his imperfections …as a man that’s their argument not ours. Jesus was perfection President Trump is a sinner …as are we all though his sins are being broadcast to the world by Dr Brown …and others repeatedly. The secular targeting is understandable I get it but Christian leaders I do not. I ask you where were you in your active life keying in with what was happening in America? Were you taking up the full armor of God …as only defense or were you fighting back the enemy as diligently as you continue to question those of all races who support this president who feel I was Blind but now I see. Praise God I’m no longer in a spiral of silence
    I’m taking an active Stand by Faith by trusting God.

    • Anne Fernandes

      Amen, Caitie!!!

    • Starlord616

      I believe that we got to see got to call out evil when we see it. I question everyone because I don’t believe in blindly following anyone but Jesus. I don’t see the president as anyone following because he has shown a callous disregard for human life . That out weights anything he has done for Christian freedom

      • Caitie

        No he hasn’t shown a callous disregard for human life at all. Add a matter of fact he was the first president to speak at the march for life where thousands of high school and college kids marched through the streets of Washington. It was a wonderful gathering. Yes we do have to call ot evil as well as liars and pay for them. He hasn’t shown any evidence of evil as far as I’ve seen or heard. Examples?

        • Starlord616

          The main examples is how he okayed the use of asbestos for construction. That causes lung cancer. And okayed the use of pesticides that have been linked to cancer and miscarriages. And he lessened mine safety regulations. Sent refugees back to places where they face death because of natural disaster occurred or Political violence upon their return. Oking the use of chemicals that cause the death of bees. That affects are food supply. He could be making foreign policy decisions based on business

  • Caitie

    I also would like to share this tid bit. A Congressmens wife started sending prayer cards from her town to President Trump on index cards. Praying for him. Positive encouraging prayers sent scripture.Then a teacher did the same. She just asked the children to be positive. He received hundreds of not thousands placed them in a plastic bag on a shelf in the oval room. One day the congressman came to the oval office he along with others. President Trump recognized his last name and he admitted it was his wife who started the prayer cards effort. President Trump said we use the …as he pulled the bag from the shelf. We use these! VP Pence was standing behind the Congressman as he turned and reiterated No We REALlY use them. When things are getting tough on dark days The president reaches in the bag pulls out a few cards and reads them and gets encouragement from Gods children. Now this is the story not being told. This is the voice being silenced except for CBN and the Stream. This is the man we elected. Though still not without fault not without questionable rhetoric in social media he is unpolished being horned in the fire. How else why else would he take it and stay?

  • Yossi

    Like the attitude I would have toward anyone in any position of leadership, I would support things that person does that are good, and oppose things that are bad. I would also be open to the possibility of my being in error on what I would evaluate to be good and bad, and where I believe that person is wrong, pray that God would restrain them and cause them to go in a right direction. I support the President on the policy issues he has acted upon — particularly life, religious freedom, Israel, and taxes, and while there are people (on both sides) that are, to a fault, over-the-top gung-ho loyal to their favored leader (i.e. “I’m for this person no matter what they say or do”) that doesn’t mean that all strong support for someone is of that nature.

  • DBC

    Dr. Brown, I was just about to give up on you and your “wet noodle”
    slaps to Trump, but I still have a ray of hope left now. Great piece,
    but the old saying goes, a day late and a dollar short.

    The problem is – This should have been written after month one of his presidency, not now.

    Believers have lost all of our “saltiness” with the lost. And that is
    the real issue here. Paul clearly tells believers to not even have a
    meal (1 Cor 5:11) with someone who behaves badly in public and claims
    Christ! Why? For this very reason – we have lost our saltiness.

    And what did Jesus say about those who lose their saltiness? May I never lose my saltiness. I tremble for that.

  • Diane A. Straley

    Dear Dr. Brown, Thank you for this article. I enjoy reading all of your articles. I can tell you without one shadow of a doubt my Allegiance is and has been since I was 9 years old to The Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God every day I was blessed to be born in America. My sister, former leader in the Tea Party*Dallas area, was with me the day Trump announced he was going to run for President. We looked at each other at the same moment and agreed we liked the idea. One of the reasons I liked it is because he is not and never will be a politician. When we voted in November 2016 we literally had 2 choices. Of course I voted for Trump. I am a Christian who believes our Lord answered prayers that day. I have a book by Lance Wallnau , God’s Chaos Candidate. He describes in detail one meeting he was in during campaign where Trump was present. In that meeting I believe God was There leading. I realize not all believe as I do. We should never place our trust in any man the Word tells us. I pray for Trump every day. I also have made a vow to myself to never tweet or pin anything negative about Trump due to the almost total Negative press coverage. I think it is around 90% or more. I also realize Pres. Trump is not perfect but we will never have a perfect president. I do believe he loves America.

    • Starlord616

      I pray for him too even though I didn’t vote for him. I knew he would win .I have had a strong feeling that we are heading toward a period of time similar to 1930s Europe . I been praying that I’m wrong

  • Kepha Hor

    Dr. Brown has admitted that he voted for Trump as did many of the rest of us–and he’d vote for Trump again in another Trump-Clinton contest. I think a lot of us may answer about our support of Pres. Trump in a way that is similar to his.

    First of all, no Christian may see any political leader as “God’s Anointed” over Jesus Christ, the original and true Anointed one. That is a given and non-negotiable. Similarly, we may not place the justices of the Supreme Court or members of Congress over Christ, either. We cannot put the Constitution of the USA over the Bible, as well–and we should be humbly grateful to God that the wisdom of our national founders wrote a protection for conscience into our First Amendment.

    We Evangelicals voted for Trump to get a bodyguard, not a pastor or ruling elder. Under the Obama Administration, and in the stated positions of Mrs. Clinton herself, “lawfare” was encouraged against employers who didn’t want to pay for abortions and small business owners who didn’t want to celebrate sexual perversion. We saw, under Obama, the political weaponization of the IRS against the Tea Party–which was first of all for fiscal responsibility and not for racism (as the slavish Mainstream Media would have it). Yet trying to weaponize the IRS was the second of the articles of impeachment being prepared against Nixon back in the 1970’s!!!

    Back in the late 1970’s, the major, Democrat-controlled media invented the meme of an international “fundamentalist” reaction against all that that the Left wing of the Democratic Party wanted–as if there was some secret tunnel connecting various Evangelical Bible Schools and Seminaries to Qom, Iran. The hatred that the Obama administration showed towards Evangelicals and the bigotry which people like Mrs. Clinton casually express culminated in the Obama years. A vote for Trump–regardless of what we think of him as a man or moral example–was a vote to roll that back.

    Don’t forget Cyrus the Zoroastrian Persian! (Is. 40)

  • What does it mean to support Trump? Few are saying that it means to support everything he says and does. Most of us would say that we support the stand he takes on issues important to Christians. We continually point out the inappropriate statements he tweets or speaks. We are constantly advising that he learn what it means to be “harmless as a dove but wise as a serpent.” He still has not learned this principle and it will dog him until he does. In the meantime, his support for Christian principles is having a very positive effect on our struggling country.

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