The Simple Truth That Can End Abortion

Genesis 1 tells us that human beings are created in the image of God.

By Michael Brown Published on September 13, 2017

A radio host in Detroit told me he was shocked one day when a caller referred to his child as a “carbon unit.” Yes, a carbon unit. That’s how a dad talked about his own kid.

This is not much different than referring to a baby in the womb as a “mass of cells” or comparing it to a tumor that needs to be removed.

This is the very mentality that underlies the pro-abortion movement. That a child in the womb, growing, developing, moving and kicking, looking more and more like mom or dad (or both) by the day, is not a human being. It is a thing, an appendage to be expelled if not wanted. As expressed by pro-abortion feminist Florence Thomas (speaking of her abortion in France in the mid-1960s), she felt “a relief. An immense relief.  This tumor went away, disappeared. I could go back to living.”

If the fetus is nothing more than a mass of cells, a tumor, then the baby (or even the adult) is nothing more than a carbon unit.

NARAL Upset by People “Humanizing Fetuses”

In keeping with this mentality, NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League), took strong exception to a silly Doritos commercial during Super Bowl 50 (2016). In the commercial a pregnant woman gets an ultrasound with her husband present. He mindlessly munches Doritos — to his wife’s consternation. Then he dangles one near her belly. We’re led to assume that the baby made a premature exit from the womb, eager to grab that Doritos chip.

What was so offensive to NARAL?

According to NARAL (via Twitter), Doritos was guilty of gender stereotyping (using “sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight”).

Worse still, Doritos was guilty of using “#antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” How dare anyone humanize a developing human being in the womb! NARAL took a lot of heat for its absurd, heartless tweet.

But NARAL didn’t back down. If the fetus can be humanized, then abortion cannot be justified.

There’s a Reason We Humanize Them

As I wrote in response to the NARAL tweet, there’s a reason that the vast majority of women who see their ultrasound choose not to abort their babies.

There’s a reason that expectant moms send pictures of that ultrasound with the exciting news, “It’s a boy!” (or, “It’s a girl!”), pointing out the little hands, feet nose and ears.

There’s a reason the wife grabs her husband’s hand and puts it on her stomach as the baby jumps, so he can experience a little of what she’s feeling as that bundle of new life moves around.

There’s a reason many parents pick a name for their child as soon as they hear whether they’re having a boy or girl, even though there are months to go before the little one appears.

“Humanizing fetuses” is no more an “antichoice tactic” than wanting to humanize Jews during the Holocaust in Germany.

There’s a reason some women will mourn for years over a miscarriage, even if took place in the early months of a pregnancy.

And there’s a reason that pro-abortionists fight so strenuously against laws requiring abortion clinics to show the mother an ultrasound before going ahead with the murderous act.

It’s because that fetus is a human being, carefully formed and made, full of life and potential. A fetus is the unique creation of God and that mother and father.

“Humanizing fetuses” is no more an “antichoice tactic” than wanting to humanize Jews during the Holocaust in Germany, or wanting to humanize Africans during the slave trade in America.

Cold-Hearted Culture

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton ignited a firestorm of controversy by stating that “the unborn person does not have constitutional rights.”

Pro-lifers were critical because Clinton acknowledged the personhood of the fetus yet claimed it had no rights. Pro-abortionists were critical because she dared to humanize the fetus (shades of NARAL and Doritos!).

Further evidence of this “hardened core that shocks the conscience” is the “Shout Your Abortion” movement. 

In the words of Diana Arellano, community engagement manager for Planned Parenthood of Illinois, “Hillary Clinton further stigmatizes abortion. She calls a fetus an ‘unborn child’ and calls for later term restrictions.” Indeed, “Guidelines issued by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, for instance, discourage the use of terms such as ‘baby,’ ‘dead fetus,’ ‘unborn baby’ and ‘unborn child’ when discussing abortion, instead recommending ‘embryo,’ ‘fetus’ and ‘the pregnancy.’”

At all costs, avoid recognizing the humanity of that child in the womb.

Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn is a strong pro-life advocate who chairs the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. She rightly stated that “the analytical coldness with which [Clinton] dismissed rights of unborn children reveals a type of hardened core that shocks the conscience.”

Further evidence of this “hardened core that shocks the conscience” is the “Shout Your Abortion” movement. It encourages women to get on social media and proclaim without shame, “I had an abortion and I’m proud of it!”

It would be one thing if women shared the agony they went through over their decision to abort their babies. It would be one thing if they said, “Don’t be so quick to condemn me. You don’t know the challenges I faced and the trauma I endured.” It is another thing entirely when they celebrate their decision to abort. Surely that represents the deadening of the soul and the searing of the conscience.

Image of God, No Matter What

What is the simple truth that can end abortion? It is found in Genesis chapter 1. There we learn that human beings are created in the image of God. That says it all.

We are different than the animals. We are made to rule. We have the ability to create. We are moral and rational. We can love good and hate evil. We have a sense of justice. We have purpose and destiny.

None of this makes sense if we are simply the end-products of a random, unguided evolutionary process, the fittest of the fit to survive so far.

None of this makes sense if we are simply “carbon units.”

None of this makes sense if we are merely material beings and our brains are nothing more than millions of firing neurons.

If we are made in God’s image, then every human life is sacred. It doesn’t matter how fragile that life may be.

Carbon units cannot grasp the concept of justice, nor can they self-analyze, reflect, or dream of a better world.

Carbon units simply exist without consciousness. Carbon units have no purpose or destiny or meaning.

But if we are made in God’s image, then He is the ultimate Creator and we are all creatures, dependent on Him, not the reverse.

If we are made in God’s image, then our sense of justice and fairness and purity and mercy comes from Him, along with our hatred of evil and love for good.

And if we are made in God’s image, then every human life is sacred. It doesn’t matter how fragile that life may be. It doesn’t matter how unimportant, irrelevant, unneeded, insignificant or unattractive that life may appear to be.

Embracing this simple truth — that all of us, beginning with that baby in the woman, are created in the image of God with purpose and destiny — will help put an end to abortion.


(Excerpted and adapted from Saving a Sick America: A Prescription for Moral and Cultural Reformation.)

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  • Laura Ann Register

    It is not just a fetus, that little boy or girl is a HUMAN BEING, they feel pain, they have a heart beat, they are breathing, yes, at the time while in the womb they are living off of the embilical cord, they are still alive! The reason a woman may mourn months or years after having an abortion is because they know that it was wrong in the first place and that a part of them is gone for ever. The one thing that comforted me after I had a miscarriage was that I was told that Jesus raises our babies for us whether they died by a miscarriage or by abortion, they are alive either way. The Devil has tried to stop humanity since God kicked him out of Heaven and in all honesty he is trying to stop it through the LGBT”S and abortion and any other way he can come up with. Please, stop and think before you decide that the baby is nothing more than a clump of tissue or cells or that it’s nothing more than a tumor or cyst, because they are not. Any one reading this really needs to stop and thank God that “You” are here and that your mother did not Abort you. Anyone who has survived an attempted abortion will tell you that they felt real pain during the process, nurses who have worked in those clinics will tell you the horror and sadness they saw.

  • tether

    Sometimes the truth is inconvenient but it is still the truth.

  • Elizabeth Litts

    My daughter experenced three miscarragess this year-and we as a family mourned them all. They were not just ‘a clump of cells’ they were my grandchildren and I am looking forward to meeting them in Heaven. That is why I get annoyed at the pro-aborts when they glibly say ‘well what about miscarrages?” Truth never changes.

  • Elizabeth Litts

    My daughter experenced three miscarrages this year and we all mourned them as a family–they were not just ‘clumps of cells’ they were our grandchildren and I look forward to meeting them in Heaven.

  • Dan Ylinen

    If you believe in God and that He is the author of life, you have to ask yourself this question before considering an abortion, “What is God’s intended outcome at conception?” It really is that simple. His intended outcome is life. He is God. We are not. If you don’t believe in God, however, you get to make up your own rules, at least for the amount of time your granted on this earth. Thereafter, you will give an account of that time. I pray that everyone involved in deciding between life and death will pause and realize that it is not their decision to make, but rather allow the Creator to do something amazing with through the potential difficulty that brought them to this place. We also have to ask, “What is God’s design for caring for that life should conception occur?” It is the family. If this little child comes about outside the guidelines of marriage, that too must be considered. We live in a pleasure-seeking culture who has little to no appetite for the ways of God. Again, if you don’t believe He exists, your free, for now. If you do, you must grapple with this second question as well. Praying that spiritual eyes and ears are opened to His voice that is calling out, “Choose life…choose Me.”

  • Shawn Blinke

    Isn’t it funny how the murderers at Planned Murderhood “feel” that a baby growing and developing in the womb is NOT a life or even alive, yet if just ONE bacteria or ameba were found on Mars or any other planet, they would be the FIRST ONES to say there IS LIFE on other planets? That we are not alone in the universe. Talk about hypocrisy and irony.

  • Andy6M

    Sadly, there are even those who will acknowledge the full humanity of the unborn and still promote abortion as an unqualified good. Canada’s infamous abortion doctor Henry Morgantaler is one such individual. He believed if a child was unwanted, or about to be born into a rough family, it was better off not being born.

    Hopefully for those believers that can somehow accept supporting abortion the idea that an unborn baby is imprinted with God’s image, just as they are, will turn the tide in their thinking. Unfortunately I fear not.

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