Seven Things the Donald Trump Wrecking Ball Has Exposed in Our Culture

By Michael Brown Published on October 13, 2016

It was former governor Jeb Bush who first referred to Donald Trump as the “chaos candidate.” Now, Lance Wallnau, an out-of-the-box Christian thinker and businessman, has dubbed Trump “God’s chaos candidate,” writing a book by this title (with the subtitle, “Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling”).

Wallnau believes that God is using Trump as a “wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness,” claiming, “His emergence is such a destabilizing threat to the vast deal making machinery embedded in both parties that he has the unique distinction of being rejected by both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans at the same time.”

Whether Wallnau is right in all of his beliefs remains to be seen (I’m scheduled to interview him next Wednesday, October 19, live, from 2-3 PM, EST, and I’ll be sure to ask him lots of probing questions, since he strongly supports Trump for president), but what is clear to me is that God is using Trump as a wrecking ball of sorts, and the results are not pretty.

What has this human wrecking ball helped expose?

1) Trump has helped to expose the carnality of the culture.

It was Donald Trump who initially delighted his crowds by dropping F- bombs, and it is Donald Trump whose borderline profane tweets ignite his followers today. The crasser, the better!

But Trump is not alone in his carnality. His words and actions have encouraged his supporters to engage in the most profane rhetoric, as they not only defend him but also feel empowered by his example.

2) Trump has helped to expose the superficiality of the culture.

Candidate Trump remains a reality TV star, and much of his political appeal is tied to his rock star status.

To be sure, candidate Obama took on rock star status during his first presidential campaign, but as undeserved as Obama’s stardom was, it had a very different feel than the stardom of Trump. That’s why I wrote back in May that he was “a National Enquirer candidate for a Jerry Springer generation.”

Now, in saying this, I do not mean that Trump has not struck a chord with many Americans, for whom he has provided a voice, and I don’t mean that people are not voting for him because of his policies. I simply mean that his candidacy has helped bring our superficiality to the surface.

3) Trump has helped to expose the vulgarity of our culture.

Forget about the release of the 2005 videotape with Trump’s horrific comments about women. That’s news from 11 years ago.

We’re talking about the candidate who boasted about the size of his manhood during a debate in the primaries.

And now, with his opponent’s husband being an even easier target, the most recent presidential debate (I use the term “presidential” with hesitation) degenerated into rhetoric like, “Yeah, what I said was bad, but what he did was even worse.”

The other day, I spent a few seconds browsing the Drudge Report and then the Huffington Post, in both cases just looking at the most prominent headlines, after which I felt like I needed to take a shower to get the dirt and grime off of me. These websites were absolutely in the gutter.

Does anyone think that if the battle for the White House was between, say, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders, that the headlines would be as vulgar and debased? (And yes, on Drudge, there are now accusations of impropriety directed against President Obama as well.)

4) Trump has helped to expose an unhealthy nationalism.

I certainly recognize that many Americans are deeply upset with the direction of our nation (for good reason), and Trump has appealed to their frustration and anger, promising to turn the ship around.

But Trump has also helped stir up an almost rabid, America-first nationalism (whether intentionally or not), one that can easily lead to xenophobia, racism, and more, one that feeds on these very attitudes and mindsets. In keeping with this, a White Supremacist website claimed that it was “the Jews” who were behind the release of the damning 2005 video tape.

I am not connecting Trump with this website (obviously) and I am not stating that he himself is a racist or a xenophobe. I’m simply saying that his campaign has caused these sentiments to surface with a vengeance.

5) Trump has helped to expose the corruption of the political system.

There are many Christians who feel that the Hillary vs. Trump presidential race is a sure sign of divine judgment on America, as if God is giving us over to our foolishness.

At the same time, Trump’s refusal to play the standard political game has helped reveal the power of the political establishment, both Republican and Democrat, and with that, the corruption of the political establishment. Will we ever look at these parties in the same way again?

6) Trump has helped to expose the massive divisions among evangelicals.

This is not just a matter of a difference of opinion. It is a matter of one evangelical leader claiming that any Christian who votes for Trump is guilty of idolatry and another evangelical leader claiming that any Christian who does not vote for Trump will be held accountable by God and will have the blood of the unborn on his or her hands.

One group asks, “As a Christian, how can you possibly vote for such a narcissitic, proud, vulgar, potty-mouthed, short-tempered, inexperienced man who is absolutely unfit for the presidency?”

The other group responds, “As a Christian, how can you not vote against Hillary Clinton and how can you not recognize that we’re not electing a Pastor in Chief but a Commander in Chief? God is raising up Trump!”

Again, I’m not blaming Donald Trump for these divisions (and I’ve barely scratched the surface in detailing them). To the contrary, these divisions were already there (even down to the meaning of “evangelical”); Trump’s presidential run has just helped to reveal them.

7) Trump has helped to expose the collusion of the liberal media with the Democrat Party.

I don’t doubt for a moment that if Ted Cruz was the Republican candidate, the liberal media would be doing everything in its power to bring him down, and this would have been true 10 years ago (and longer) as well as today.

But it appears that the media that gave Trump endless, free time on its networks during the primaries is the same media now seeking to bring him down, lending credence to the allegation that the liberal networks (at least some of them) helped prop Trump up during the primaries because he would be the easiest target to bring down in the general election.

Whether or not this is true, the media’s radical liberal bias and pro-Hillary sentiments cannot be denied, to the point of almost being shouted out by the moderators during the presidential debates. Or should we think nothing of a moderator arguing a policy position with Trump, as if he was debating her  (Martha Raddatz) rather than Hillary?

The bottom line for me is simple, regardless of who you plan to vote for (and I don’t write this to discourage a vote for Trump): God has used Trump to expose a lot of what is wrong with America, and it is not a pretty sight.

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  • Christian Cowboy

    Trump has helped turn my interest away from the Presidential election. I can’t wait for it to be over – it is an embarrassment to this nation.

    • Aaron Brown

      I can relate to your sentiments. At this point, I think that it is best that we worry about keeping the House and Senate.

    • m-nj

      the election came up last night right before a Bible study i attend. fortunately, as i was the person leading worship before the study, i was able to pray out loud to acknowledge that God is STILL IN CONTROL, and that He will work all this apparent mess out for His glory and for the benefit of His people. hey, we already survived 8 years of Mr. O…

      • SophieA

        Amen! If we all can take these five words to heart, God has everything in control, we’d live with more inner peace and would be freer to know, love, and serve God. In moments of great clarity from God’s point of view, I am reminded that all world leaders are mere puppets to fulfill God’s ultimate plan. Imagining our leaders as marionettes is liberating. God puts them in places of power and removes them according to His will. By all means, though, we still must do our part to vote for the candidate who is more likely to protect life and liberty, especially religious liberty. For without life and liberty there can be no pursuit of happiness. You make a great point that we have survived this president for eight years, so with God’s grace, we can survive whatever comes next. We may yet get a taste of what it was like to be a Christian under the oppression of Roman emperors such as Nero. But even then God was still then as He will be in control. Your Bible study is blessed to have a leader as you.

    • spadestick

      Great another deplorable voter for Hillary! well done!

      • Christian Cowboy

        No where do I say who I am voting for. And I take offense at being called deplorable – just as Trump supporters rightly take offense.

        • Akelea

          Here’s another quote from Dr Brown’s article in which he slurs Trump supporters. “But Trump is not alone in his carnality. His words and actions have encouraged his supporters to engage in the most profane rhetoric, as they not only defend him but also feel empowered by his example.” Now not only are we deplorable who support Trump but we are also profaners, according to Brown. How dare Brown insult Americans because they follow Trump.

          • Dena

            It has been documented and on the news where Trump supporters resorting to violence or behaving badly. Of course not all supporters are that way, but it’s sad Trump seems to draw some of these types to his rallies. Trump has also encouraged his followers to attack people, so it’s not a surprise to see it actually happen. You can also google this as well.

          • Akelea

            obviously you are a Hillary supporter and trying to discredit Trump and his followers.
            I have nothing further to say to you except perhaps you can google were Hillary lied and broke the law.

          • Dena

            No I’m not a Clinton supporter. I’ll never vote for Clinton. I’m having a hard time voting for Trump, but weighing my options. I’m either going to vote for Trump or vote 3rd party. Trump lacks character and integrity. Clinton is corrupt. I don’t see Dr Brown saying anything false here about Trump in his article. It’s all over the news and from multiple sources.

        • spadestick

          Stop trying to hide your support for Hillary

  • 8) Trump is helping to expose the travesty of the 18th-century founders usurpation of Yahweh’s exclusive election authority.

    Both Donald and Hillary: The inevitable consequence of the constitutional framers banning Christian tests in Article 6, thereby eliminating mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders. America has been doomed to nothing but nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals ever since. Sound familiar?

    The 18th-century founders usurped Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (Deuteronomy 17:15), thereby turning it over to We the People, the majority of whom, according to Matthew 7:13-14, are in the broad way leading to destruction. Talk about a D U M B idea! Just where do you suppose that’s going to get us? Perhaps the precipice of moral depravity and destruction!?!

    No wonder following every election, America only becomes more ungodly, less Christian, and further enslaved regardless whether a donkey or an elephant is elected.

    For more, see blog article “Salvation by Election.” Click on my picture, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

    Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • spadestick

      So who you voting for smarty pants? You talk too much.

  • Great article Doc that says the things that needed to be called out. Our culture has been on a downward trend for a long time, and the Liberals are just as vulgar and ugly, if not more. Would be a good exercise to say what the Democrats nominating a Clinton again says about our culture as well. Whatever happens in this election, we as the Church have work to do! And no matter who is elected President, the church is meant to not only survive in the difficult but to adapt and thrive!

  • D.Vo

    I see an editing mistake: “And now, with his running mate’s husband being an even easier target…” I don’t think you meant “Mike Pence’s husband.” That should probably read: “…his opponent’s husband…” i.e. Bill Clinton.

  • Gary

    America is a corrupt, immoral and divided country. Exposing that is a good thing, imo. Pretending everything is fine and that we are the “united states” is not helpful. But, I don’t think there is any painless cure for what is wrong with the country. If it is fixed, it will require LOTS of unpleasant things. But, if it isn’t fixed it cannot continue down the road it is going indefinitely. If it disintegrates, there will be lots of unpleasantness with that too.

  • spadestick

    He’s a changed man – the whole election process has humbled him, if you guys can’t see it, then you don’t know grace.

  • Wanda Alger

    Interesting that Jesus did the very same thing – exposed the corruption and division already at work, even within the religious system of that day. He also caused riots, was called a blasphemer, accused of consorting with sinners, considered offensive when he told them to eat His body and drink His blood, etc. As has been said, “God will often offend the mind to reach the heart.” The question is – are we demonizing something that Holy Spirit is orchestrating?

    • RoundRocker

      How dare you compare Trump to Christ! Blasphemy!

      • Chip Crawford

        We are to do the things Jesus did, follow his works and practices as an example. That’s not blasphemy.

        • RoundRocker

          Yes we are to follow His example. Trump clearly doesn’t. To compare him to Christ is a joke.

          • spadestick

            Nobody is comparing him to Christ – only you are drawing such conclusions or alluding to it, which is your own foolishness.

          • Nelson Banuchi


    • J Smith

      Wanda: Trump’s own behavior demonizes him.

      I am very uncomfortable with so many Christians hyperspiritualizing this or any election, no matter who they’re voting for. Trump is not Christ. He is a misogynist obsessed with attaining power, and Clinton is also obsessed with attaining power though she may not be as blatant.

      Jesus was not obsessed with acquiring/building businesses at all costs, then running them into the ground and saving his own lifestyle by declaring bankruptcy. And marrying younger and younger women? Jesus reached out to the women of His time and treated them fairly.

      Have you ever seen Atlantic City? It’s a perfect example of what a mess he makes and how much poverty surrounds the casinos. And it’s far from the family friendly atmosphere that the right claims to value so highly. It’s just ugly. Jesus offered hope to the downtrodden. Trump has created the circumstances that take advantage of the downtrodden.

      I don’t like Hilary Clinton. She’s a criminal as well. I won’t be voting for her or Trump.

  • Akelea

    Lance, please confront Dr Brown about making statements without a direct quote that he can use to back it up. Other wise it is just slander. the following is what Brown said in his article. ” We’re talking about the candidate who boasted about the size of his manhood during a debate in the primaries.”. I don’t remember him saying anything like this. Brown is not credible in my eyes.
    Here’s another quote from Dr Brown’s article in which he slurs Trump supporters. “But Trump is not alone in his carnality. His words and actions have encouraged his supporters to engage in the most profane rhetoric, as they not only defend him but also feel empowered by his example.” Now not only are we deplorable who support Trump but we are also profaners, according to Brown. How dare Brown insult Americans because they follow Trump.

    • Chip Crawford

      Trump did make the size of manhood remark during the primary. I have heard it replayed a time or two. This is not my favorite article of Mr. Brown and I do not understand his #1 as perhaps he has experienced. However, this one is an exception for that, as his articles are particularly heartfelt and heart inspiring. I have heard some of his radio broadcast also, and have to say that I find him to be a sound and good brother in the Lord. I don’t think he intends to or is actually insulting followers of Trump here. We have been conditioned to take offense very easily in our culture. Perhaps we should guard against that, especially among our own company.

      • Akelea

        he used a broad brush to paint all Trump followers as being profane. Perhaps you can share the quote if it was truly said. It must be in writing somewhere. IF not then do not say that Trump made the quote.

        • Dena

          Some Trump followers are profane and have been during rallies. I don’t see Dr Brown painting ALL Trump followers of being that way.

          • Akelea

            What part of this don’t you understand? He does not say some or part of his supporters. “But Trump is not alone in his carnality. His words and actions have encouraged his supporters to engage in the most profane rhetoric, as they not only defend him but also feel empowered by his example.”
            Some of Hillary supporters are profane too.

        • RoundRocker

          Easy to find- look up something like “Trump talks about the size of his manhood during debate”. There are videos of his comments during the debate on CNN, Youtube, Time, Fox…

          • spadestick

            Oh give it up won’t you? What’s the point of parroting and retweeting what the media keeps doing… why don’t you spend your time wisely exposing the wicked corruption that the Klingtons represent. We obviously know which side your vouching for by all this parroting. Remember the 1st accuser of all ages.

      • Akelea

        also do not presume to think you can or should tell me how to take offense or not. I do take offense and perhaps you should guard against being a know it all.

        • Dena

          You can google it. There are many articles, and videos on Trump bragging about his manhood during the primary debate with Rubio. I tried to post a link to a CNN article and Fox News, but it got blocked.

          • Akelea

            why should I google a comment made by Brown? He can justify and verify his own comments.

    • M Didaskalos

      Trump’s unprovoked (he brought it up at the outset of the debate; no moderator or other candidate on the debate stage had mentioned it) remark about his manhood is widely known and easily accessible to anyone who doubts that Trump said it. Dr. Brown needn’t have provided a quote here.

      [CNN story March 4] “Look at those hands, are they small hands?” the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination said, raising them for viewers to see. “And, he [Marco Rubio, previously] referred to my hands — ‘if they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

  • HisChild

    I’ve been saying for quite some time now that Trump will cause the collapse of our corrupt political system. I haven’t listened to Wallnau since while Cruz was still in the running, I believe it was Lance who said God’s anointing for president was on him. False prophet.

    • Deborah Hill

      I just heard a video clip of Wallnau stating that Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio were his preferred candidates but he felt God telling him that Trump was anointed to be our next president. He said it was something he sensed even though Trump wasn’t his favorite candidate. So, can you provide a link showing where he made this other statement?

  • danieltb

    re: Unhealthy Nationalism
    I think the article could do with recognizing and affirming a healthy “nationalism”–so much has already been done, on so many fronts, to characterize “nationalism” as “backwards” and “dangerous”.

    “Globalist” forces, represented by those in the ranks of both the Left and the Right, are, by reason of their aims (i.e., “globalism”), at war with our national identity and sovereignty–manifesting in a war against the Constitution (thus, of necessity, the way of life it represents and affords–“freedom of religion”, etc.,). Is this so far beyond the pale as to deserve dismissal–wasn’t it considered a realistic probability when the founders wrote, “…enemies, foreign and domestic”?

    It is true that there is an unhealthy nationalism, but that fact should not at all be allowed to be appropriated in such a way as would discount or undercut a healthy nationalism that recognizes the cruciality of the preservation of our national identity and sovereignty (represented, again, by the Constitution)–a nationalism which, because of the concerns the author has expressed, it should be said is being championed by fine Jewish Americans like Jay Sekulow.

    • danieltb

      Also, excepting for the fact that nothing can happen outside of God’s power (according to Job 1 and 2, God even took credit for satan’s attack on Job–“although you incited Me against him” [Job 2:3]–this same reality, I think, being borne out elsewhere [2 Sa 24:1; 1 Ch 21:1]), I would hesitate to say “Trump is God’s man”–I see no reason to pin Trump on “God”. We just need to elect him.

  • Jim Walker

    I do not agree to some things mentioned in this article.

    4) Trump has helped to expose an unhealthy nationalism.
    Trump has also helped stir up an almost rabid, America-first nationalism (whether intentionally or not), one that can easily lead to xenophobia, racism, and more, one that feeds on these very attitudes and mindsets”

    I believe Globalization is the key to the empowerment of the NWO, aka One World Government, aka, End Times prophecy begins. The process of globalization is happening in EU, and soon to be AEC (Asean Economic Community), brings down all trade borders and allowing free movement of business, labor.
    I know that day WILL come, but not without a fight.

    Nationalistic movements can stop the spread of globalization. The Jews in the old testament were told to sanctify themselves, so can this be considered Xenophobic ? I know this is a poor comparison but USA has been the Golden Goose laying the gold eggs and being the Big Brother of the world, has brought this great country to its knees with a U$20T debt.
    This Golden Goose is laying the golden eggs on loan.

    US needs to heal its war torn wounds, a huge fiscal debt and the only way is to stop Globalization.
    I’m not from the US, I see how USA has fallen from its glory days.

    Trump’s tax plan helps US economy to grow (it also helps is company to save) and frankly as an outsider, I hate his policies which is so good for US and so bad for the outside world but its time or else the Golden Goose will be only good in an oven.

  • Jim Walker

    1) Trump has helped to expose the carnality of the culture
    “But Trump is not alone in his carnality. His words and actions have encouraged his supporters to engage in the most profane rhetoric, as they not only defend him but also feel empowered by his example”

    I have been following this Presidential election for 10 months and I’m not even from the US.
    The only profane rhetoric I hear and see only comes from the Anti-Trump protesters, Spewing F*** Trump, ironically hold placards “Love TRUMPS Hate”. I have seen very very few youtube videos of Trump supporters being vulgar but loads of vulgarities from protesters.

    Therefore, Dr Brown this is another point that you did not do much research and totally wrong.

    • RoundRocker

      You haven’t looked very hard if you haven’t seen videos of Trump supporters spewing vulgarities, hate, racism, misogyny. Look up the NY Times video from Aug 3rd for starters.

      • Jim Walker

        just one ? pls just type in youtube Anti- trump and you get floodgates of vulgarities. for every one you can find for trump’s you get 10x from anti-trump.

        • RoundRocker

          I said “for starters”, there are others if you actually look. You said “the only profane rhetoric I hear and see comes from the anti-Trump protesters”. It only takes one example to prove you wrong. In fact, you already demonstrated that statement was a lie yourself when you said ” I have seen very very few youtube videos of Trump supporters being vulgar…”, so you have, in fact, seen youtube videos of Trump supporters being vulgar.

          • spadestick

            Go back to your corner you Hillary supporter RoundRocker. You are just trying to discourage people to vote. A non vote is a vote for Hillary.

          • RoundRocker

            Just because I oppose Trump doesn’t make me a Clinton supporter. There are other candidates running. Candidates without so much baggage.

          • spadestick

            There is no grey, a non vote or a vote for others IS a vote for Klinton, even a fool knows that. The whole establishment and media is behind that witch and have made sure that all bases are covered including deluded people like you are stupid enough to do that.

          • RoundRocker

            A vote for Clinton is a vote for Clinton. A vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote for Johnson or Stein. A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. A non-vote is a non-vote. And last I heard, it’s my right as an American to vote for whom I choose or not vote at all.

          • spadestick

            Whatever, you go do what you want, the Criminal needs all the help she can get.

          • spadestick

            man you’re ignorant!

          • Jim Walker

            If you have spend the time I watch all the videos from both sides then you come and debate me.

    • Jack Spratt

      Are you insane??

      • Jim Walker

        I’m not. I’ve watch so many videos maybe a thousand. And I do try to search videos that Trump supporters being vulgar, it’s just too few and most are the same ones posted by different people.

  • Nelson Banuchi

    “Yeah, what I said was bad, but what he did was even worse.”

    Comments like the above made by Trump always remind me of Anderson Cooper’s Town Hall interview with him awhile back when, as Trump was arguing that someone started some argument (can’t remember exactly right now), Trump said that the other guy started it and Anderson told him that he argues like a 5-year-old.

    Oh, so you caught that little exchange started by Raddatz, also. Yeah, I though that was so inappropriate. I get the feeling someone nudged her because she stopped short or, perhaps, she caught herself. Don’t necessarily blame her since Trump’s obvious lies and off-the-wall comments may sometimes wanna make you wring his neck.

    Finally, although Trump may be “God’s chaos candidate,” it should be emphasized that it is no excuse to vote for him. One can still vote for someone else other than Hillary. Shucks, I’ll write my name on the ballot. I can’t be any worse a candidate then either Trump or Hillary.

  • Elaine

    Donald is a wrecking ball alright. He is wrecking our country. This election is a humiliation.

    • Joe Wilson

      Perhaps you haven’t noticed- the “wrecking of our country ” is almost complete due to the militant left, supported by the repub elite.

    • Len Guarna Jr.

      He hasn’t done anything to wreck our country. He just illustrates what is wrong with our country, but the left doesn’t want to hear it b/c they are in denial. On the other hand, HRC has been wrecking our country (to her own benefit) for over 30 years.

    • spadestick

      He’s wrecking the Phony Campaign together with wikileaks alright.

  • Joe Wilson

    Let’s start with Michael Brown,
    You seem to be trying to disguise your left leanings, but, not so well! If you were being neutral as you seem to propose, you would not leave out the utter violent left that DT is facing, and the ultra vulgarities coming from the dem hoards! Which leads me to some questions- What is your opinion of those left leaning Christians? I have a very hard time understanding how they justify voting for the despicable (in some cases) communist, godless crooks in the dem party! And is it not obvious whom they are standing shoulder to shoulder with for the whole world to see?

  • spadestick

    You don’t seem to understand that a non vote IS a vote for Hitlery, you guys love her so much, you can keep your Killary.

    • RoundRocker

      A non-vote is a non-vote. How is it “a non-vote is a vote for Hillary” and not “a non-vote is a vote for Donald”? Could you explain how a non-vote is a vote? There are other candidates running.

      • spadestick

        please go back to your hideyhole, don’t vote for all I care, or vote for the other losing candidates… your support for her is already decided… you obviously don’t understand how this election is rigged in total favour of her majesty queen crook. the source code on her website has an open invitation for hackers to hack the election and Obama is putting the Clinton owned DHS in charge of the voting stations, how much more rigged is that!?

  • Nels

    4) Trump has helped to expose an unhealthy nationalism.

    Nationalism is healthy for a nation. We cannot secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity if we throw open our borders to third world savages and export our jobs to the third world.

    6) Trump has helped to expose the massive divisions among evangelicals.

    The division is between Christians and Churchians. Christians don’t like Trump, but recognize that he is God’s tool for setting things right. Churchians are not Christians, don’t like Trump, and are terribly afraid that he is God’s tool for setting things right and will upset their applecarts.

    7) Trump has helped to expose the collusion of the liberal media with the Democrat Party.

    Americans always knew this. Now even ruling class cuckservatives cannot deny it.

  • Darcus Rogers Landry

    I will be very interested to see this interview. Thank you for writing this.

  • eMarie

    Wow, good article. Could not agree more. Thank you for putting words to what has been in the back of my mind about the situation with these two candidates. Trump’s popularity puzzled me, but this is where we are as a nation, so very far from God, and those of us who are His people, ARE SO FAR FROM GOD”S IDEAL, we have lost even the idea of walking in the spirit and not in the flesh. As evidenced by some of the commenters not understanding what you mean by “carnality”.
    It is interesting, also, how the sins of the political machine backing Clinton are being exposed, as the majority of the media rallies behind Clinton in spite of the obvious high level/high finance and corrupt political activities of the Clinton foundation, many actions that are directly against the stated left wing progressive agenda. It amazes me. It may be that the cup of these people is filling up that God might bring them down, perhaps Trump is the tool God will use to help that happen.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Unfortunately, Trump is hardly gonna be the wrecking ball to PC. Once Hillary is elected (in large part because of what the Trumpites gave us as a candidate) this country will see PC like we’ve never seen it before.

    That said, great article as usual. I’ve been saying for some time now that the greatest thing Trump has done for this country is reveal who the Posers are. These seven points are spot on and I think cover it all pretty well.

    Sadly, they highlight any “good” that Trump has done.

  • spadestick

    There’s too much moderation and censorship in the comments here, it is even such that I get upvotes for comments that have not been approved yet to the point of bias towards Hillary Clinton’s Phony Campaign. Sad, just sad.



      • spadestick

        Yes and no. Non-vote for trump doesn’t equate to non-vote for hillary. Everything is rigged towards her. The Soros owned machines see to that.

  • RuthER

    I appreciate that Dr Brown has made me think a little more critically of my support for Trump. I stay as far away from television and the mainstream media as possible because, for me, that is the best way to recognize truth when the lies come along. (Also my abstinence makes it easier to be offended by what is generally on the air, even before Election 2016!) I try to never rely on the media as a source of truth, and guard against agreeing too quickly (or disagreeing) with any arguments. However, I feel that it’s my job as a citizen to vote, and so in recent weeks I have had to be exposed to this bizarre campaign. Mainly I decided that the debates would help me out. (I didn’t even know about the infamous 2005 video until Debate #2.) I feel that my hope for continued religious liberty, policies that will help alleviate poverty (where current policies help maintain it), and of course, supporting the sanctity of life, is represented by Trump. I do not believe what the government does, or whom America elects, has anything to do with the power or the spread of the Gospel. Jesus is the only solution for our cultural woes. I do believe that Hillary’s America will be a strong link to the second coming of Christ, during which there is a mass deception so insidious that even the followers of Christ are confused.

  • Rich Thomas

    maybe we need to take another look at Israels Kings before we get all high and mighty… and the scriptures shows us God uses imperfect vessels for his Glory all through the scriptures… these things are written for our admonition… changing the supreme court to God fearing pro life, pro covenant of the land for the next 30 to 40 years = 1/3 of the governance over the people = ..reversing the disrespect for Israel and not dividing the land as a policy is a God priority – what should Gods people choose… Nothing or take all the ground you can get each time you can get it and HOLD the Ground ..or status quo… and HOLD them to Account for promises… further, beware of legalism, making your own little set of rules regarding a situation, where there is Not a scriptural mandate… the civil offices of the land are to be gods Sword, and the office in the church has specific qualifying guidelines, we are not measuring the qualifiers of an elder… for president… it would be great if all lived in the fear of the Lord perfect in all their ways.. I am sure all those deciding on trump or not or Clinton or not are Perfected in all their ways..come on people… we are being regenerated… if we say we have no sin (miss the mark) we make Him a liar .. God looks on the not judge by outward appearance but judge righteous judgment… there is only One righteous Judge i am aware of… sins of ones mouth may deceive has with OBAMA 2 x – 8 years.. his mouth was smooth..but his heart darkened… so which Heart does the Lord have trumps or or the other will make MORAL decisions (policies) that effect us all for at least 4 years ..probably 8 – appoint supreme court judges that will decide things for 30 to 40 years…

  • Joe Wilson

    I’m a bit surprised RT, that you haven’t found answers to your questions by now. You seem to be leaning on your own understanding.
    Christ taught “Holy Spirit brings us into all understanding ” . its abundantly clear which is the moral of the two! We can waffle around in confusion, but we know that’s not of God. The HS confirms to us in a still small way, usually twice or three times His will.
    I see the posts re: this election, “the lesser of two evils ” almost as though God is not in control. However, I believe the will of God is always before us. It’s just “eyes to see and ears to hear.

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