The Pushback Against Transanity is Coming from the Left

By Michael Brown Published on March 12, 2019

We all know that the best male athletes are faster and stronger than the best female athletes. This is Biology 101, not advanced Rocket Science. Still, it was striking for me to see the disparity between the fastest mile run by a man (3:43.3, by Hicham El El Guerrouj) and the fastest mile run by a woman (4:12.56 by Svetlana Masterkova). That’s quite a difference!

Already in 1965, Jim Ryun set a world record for high school students by running a mile in 3.55.3, a record that is 17 seconds faster than the top female athlete in the world still has ever run.

Calling Out Unfair Competitive Advantages Leads to Unfair Criticism

What would happen if a top male runner identified as female? He would instantly shatter all female records. And that would be totally unfair to these women who have trained so hard and sacrificed so much for so many years.

That’s why it’s not surprising that female athletes, including Martina Navratilova, a prominent lesbian, and Sharron Davies, a British Olympic swimmer, have raised their voices to cry foul.

In response, Navratilova came under fierce attacks from others in the LGBTQ community, forcing her to backtrack from her initial comments and apologize for calling trans athletes “cheats.”

This prompted Piers Morgan, hardly a defender of the right and over the years a steady ally to gay activism, to come to her defense.

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Speaking of Serena Williams, arguably the greatest women’s tennis player of all time, he wrote, that “it’s not ‘sexist’ to say the top 1000 men would beat Serena – it’s a cold, hard, statistical fact.”

Oh, those pesky, facts! They simply don’t go away.

He continued: “Now imagine a scenario where a 25-year-old male player ranked say, No. 200 in the world, and earning around $100,000 a year, suddenly decides he wants to identify as female – either for genuine transgender reasons or for duplicitous, fraudulent, cynically commercial reasons – and now wishes to compete against women.

“That player, if he underwent hormonal treatment to reduce his testosterone levels to the required levels, could spend the next 3/4 years playing as a woman on the women’s tour.

“He, now she, would instantly be the best female tennis player that’s ever lived.

“She would destroy Serena Williams, and every other woman player.”


And that’s why it’s no surprise that a March 10 headline on the UK’s Telegraph announced, “Two thirds of British public think it is cheating for women born male to compete in women’s sport, says poll.”

Radical Feminists are Also Getting Riled

But there’s more.

Radical feminists have raised their voices to protest the idea that a biological male who identifies as a woman is now legitimately female, devoting an entire book to the subject. The book is titled Female Erasure, with a foreword by feminist icon Germaine Greer.

She wrote, “Men who adopt femininity may believe that they are achieving femaleness, but femaleness is a tougher destiny than they can know or guess. Femaleness is demanding and painful, whether at menarche, menstruation, childbed or menopause, and born women have no choice but to deal with it. . . . . Femininity is a de-sexed masquerade. Men can be as good at it and better than women, but that does not make them women.”

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that lesbian feminist Julia Beck “testified before Congress against the gender identity provisions in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Meant to protect transgender people, these provisions actually act as a ‘misogynistic trojan horse,’ undermining key protections for women and girls.”

And “Beck herself recalled facing threats of violence due to her opposition to transgender activism.”

She said, “People on the Left have tried to silence me by using threats and other tactics of intimidation, a kind of hatred that most lesbians would expect to receive from people on the Right. I’ve been told to die in a fire, to get raped, and to choke on ‘lady [expletive]’ by members of the GBT community.”

So, not only does the left turn on its own the moment one of its sacred cows is threatened, but those on the left with eyes to see have no choice but to speak up. Transanity is undoing their entire movement.

Even Some Homosexual Activists are Getting Into the Act

That’s why it’s not surprising the influential gay journalist Andrew Sullivan has also raised his voice. Said Sullivan, “If you abandon biology in the matter of sex and gender altogether, you undermine the very meaning of homosexuality.”

Indeed, he said, “If you follow the current ideology of gender as entirely fluid, you actually subvert and undermine core arguments in defense of gay rights.”

It seems, then, that transgender activism is undermining feminism, undermining the gay rights movement, and undermining common sense.

The unraveling is at hand. Mother Nature can be quite stubborn and dogmatic.

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