What Pence for VP Means to Christians and Conservatives — With the Left Already on the Attack

By Alan Eason Published on July 15, 2016

It’s official. Donald Trump has named Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, as his running mate, making him potentially the next vice president of the United States. If we stop right there, the impact is staggering. If elected, the next vice president would be a proven Christian conservative, with Tea Party roots, who has already withstood storms of criticism from the pro-choice and LGBT activists. He would be a heartbeat away from the presidency and a strong contender in the next presidential election cycle.

Even before election day, Pence’s record will be center stage as this election cycle heats white hot. If conservatives were wondering whether social issues would move to the center of the discussion, the Left has already made that certain. Within minutes of the hints on Thursday that Pence was Trump’s pick they threw down the gauntlet on the governor.

The irony is that many conservatives have been upset with Mike Pence ever since he backed down a little over a year ago in the face of an LGBT and corporate backlash over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which he signed in March, 2015. The RFRA was passed to help protect Christians and others who could not conscientiously participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies in their professions. Pence ended up also backing a hastily-written bill to amend the RFRA in a manner many felt caved in to the LGBT lobby.

Although that pushed him out of favor with many conservatives, it did not mollify the Left in the least. When Trump’s choice of Pence leaked to Roll Call and a few other media outlets Thursday, Twitter was lit up immediately by outraged members of the LGBT community saying things like “Trump chooses a ‘hater,'” and trying to cast Pence as an enemy of most progressive causes.

The personal attacks accelerated when Trump made his announcement Friday morning. The LGBT activists were the first out the gate, followed by the pro-choice activists. It seemed that the scripts were already written and the narrative was already spinning, especially on social media.

Everything was grist for the mill, even a “logo” which appeared soon after the announcement. Comments on Twitter began with scorn and then intensified to the point of vulgarity on top of roars of derision from many who are prone to seeing sexual innuendo in anything done by social conservatives, especially Christians.


(When you start reading the retweets and other comments, it gets much worse.)

It has been noted that this logo was not from the official Trump campaign but from a GOP fundraising committee. But that news only came after thousands had their laughs at the “sexually repressed Right,” a common part of the secular Left’s ‘Narrative.’

The attack did not only come on social media.

HillaryforAmerica.com quickly released a video even before the Trump campaign had updated its web page with news of the selection. The video linked below highlights the fight between LGBT activists and pro-choicers and the state of Indiana last year.

 The major media was also quick to speak: The New York Times was ready with: Mike Pence: A Conservative Proudly Out of Sync With His Times, an article likening Pence to a “frozen man” and a seeming effort to Dan-Quayle-ize him.  The Washington Post had a list of unsavory to the Left items about Pence including links to the Koch brothers, Tea Party roots, Cruz endorsement and, of course, Indiana’s RFRA law.

Surprisingly, it was The LA Times that put out a more balanced assessment: Trump chooses Mike Pence as his running mate, a pick that could soothe nervous Republicans. They quoted both John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman: “As governor, Pence personally spearheaded an anti-LGBT law that legalized discrimination against the LGBT community, alienated businesses, caused boycotts, lost investments and embarrassed Hoosiers — a law he was later forced to revise …” and Paul Ryan: “Mike Pence comes from the heart of the conservative movement — and the heart of America … I can think of no better choice for our vice presidential candidate. We need someone who is steady and secure in his principles, someone who can cut through the noise and make a compelling case for conservatism.”

We can see how the battle lines are being drawn.

So far, little has been said about Trump himself in the process, except for accusations that the choice was a proof of his “bigotry” and crowing that he had made himself a fool on behalf of the Right. It has been mostly a venom fest on Pence. (It should not be forgotten that Donald Trump, when venom is being spilled, has a reputation of weighing in with force. Stay tuned.)

For social conservatives, here is the larger question: Will Christians and conservatives rally to the fight, if not for Trump, at least for Mike Pence and for the issues they believe in? Will they stand up at least for the principles he brings to the table in this campaign, regardless of their various opinions of Donald Trump?

It looks like the battle is already set and the Left has quickly made the first shots across the field.

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