Too Few Pastors Spoke Up. It’s the Real Reason We’re in This Mess Today

By Michael Brown Published on June 9, 2018

I don’t want to sound critical, and I’m not bitter or angry. But I am grieved. And burdened. So I will raise my voice like a trumpet and say it plainly and clearly: The relative silence of our pulpits has helped plunged us into our current moral morass. Do we have the courage and integrity to face this?

I’m not talking about pastors and leaders becoming political. That’s the farthest thing from my mind.

Truth in Love

But I am talking about pastors and leaders becoming prophetic. I am talking about us speaking the truth in love, regardless of cost or consequence. Confronting sin in the church as well as in the society. Conforming to the image of God rather than the image of the world. Concentrating on obedience more than relevance, on pleasing God more than entertaining people.

I’m talking about pastors and leaders who are more concerned with divine approval than with human approval. More interested in making a lasting impact than having a big budget. Following the example of Jesus and the apostles — even if it leads to rejection, persecution, and death — rather than following a successful business model. (Yes, I get it. Sometimes the business world can teach us something. But all too often, what drives us is earthly success rather than kingdom sacrifice.)

Horrific Comments

Of course, I’ve written and spoken on these topics for years, but I’m stirred to do so afresh in light of the reaction to our recent video “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” (If you follow my articles at all, then you’re quite aware of what’s going on. We still your need your help and solidarity.)

We’ve received a torrent of horrific comments. A flood of vile death wishes. The most vulgar, almost unimaginable attacks against God. Responses pouring in by the thousands. YouTube demonetizing the video. Google reminding us of their guidelines against “hateful” content. And commenter after commenter expressing their absolute shock that anyone in our day and age could be so bigoted as to think God made men for women and women for men.

To quote one comment from among thousands (and a milder one at that), “What a c—. He’s stuck in the 40’s and I honestly feel sorry for him. He’s blinded by his lack of intellectual thought process.” Or, in broader terms, from another commenter, “The bible is not honest. It’s a s— middle eastern jew book from crazyland. You monkeys have all been conned.”

That’s what people are thinking. Christian conservatives are living in the dark ages. We’re ancient fossils, soon to be forgotten. We’re out of touch and out of our minds.

This is the response we get for simply laying out what the Church (and Synagogue and Mosque) have believed throughout history, virtually without debate, until recent years.

What Shocks Me

But what shocks me is not that so many people are angry. Or hateful. Or vile.

What shocks me is that so many people are shocked. It’s as if they had no idea we still believe what we have always believed.

But there’s a reason for that.

How many pastors and leaders have preached even one clear message on the Bible and homosexuality in the last year? How many such messages have you seen on TV or heard on the radio or listened to in person?

No wonder so many LGBT’s are surprised. The Church has gone radio silent.

Deafening Silence

Worse still are the ambiguous messages that we preach on the subject. A subject, I remind you, that our kids and grandkids deal with day and night on social media and in school and with friends. A subject ever before us on TV in the movies. A subject shouting at us from the courtrooms of the nation. A subject that affects most of our families and lives.

Yet there is deafening silence from the pulpits. Or the message is so confusing that the one thing that’s clear is that nothing is clear.

In the interest of offending no one, we offend God. In the interest of not wanting to make anyone feel uncomfortable, we help no one escape from discomfort.

A Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Battle

As Paul wrote in another context, “If even lifeless instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played? And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle?” (1 Cor. 14:7-8)

The Church has not gotten ready for the battle of the ages — I mean a moral and spiritual and cultural battle, not a physical battle — because too many pastors and leaders have given “an indistinct sound” (or no sound at all).

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Ironically, for years now, whenever I’m asked to speak on this subject, there’s a line of people waiting to talk with me, many with tears. They need counsel about their gay teen. They need to tell me about the spouse that left them for a same-sex partner.

And every time, I ask myself, “Why is there a line of people waiting for me? Where are the other pastors and leaders and teachers? Why is it that so few are willing to stand?”

I also meet the smiling, even glowing, ex-gays. They too thank me for speaking the truth in love, feeling that I’m wiling to take on their bullies. Otherwise, they often feel alone. How can this be?

The Front Lines

I’ve had publishers tell me, “Your book is great, but we can’t possibly touch it.”

I’ve had PR firms tell me, “This is too hot a topic for us today.”

I’ve had major Christian ministries say, “There’s no way we can go near this. It’s way too controversial.”

And in doing so, they’re doing what Jesus warned about: trying to save their lives rather than obey. Trying to be loved and accepted and financed (!) by the very world that rejected the Savior. Really now, do you think any of us on the front lines here enjoy the filth and opposition we’re exposed to day and night?

Standing for Truth

In the upside-down world in which we live, when I put out a loving, 6-minute, fair-minded, non-bashing, video on the Bible and homosexual practice I get bashed and vilified and mocked and maligned, with a concerted effort made to hurt our ministry work. (This happens to the others who dare stand for truth.) Then, to add insult to injury, I get warned by the media giants about “hateful” content.

Yet the people who weigh in with murderous, hate-filled comments are considered the tolerant, loving ones.

Talk about calling good evil and evil good. Talk about calling light darkness and darkness light.

Yet so much of this has happened because the Church has been largely silent.

Without a burden. Without a voice. Sometimes without a prayer. How can this be?

It’s true that our leaders are doing much good in many ways. It’s also true that we have been compromised, fearful, spineless, and visionless when it comes to one of the greatest moral crises in history.

If we don’t unmuzzle ourselves today, we will be muzzled by others tomorrow. Which will it be?

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  • Chaz


  • Romans 1 makes it clear that homosexuality is not merely a sin, but a sign of God’s wrath being poured out on us – not merely the acts, but the approval of them. Of course, homosexuality isn’t the only issue where the church has failed to speak up. But why would God be pouring out his wrath on us? Aside from turning away from him for years, watering down or even “re-imagining” Scripture, keeping silent in the face of sin for fear of being called a bad name, using the pulpit for feel-good, self-improvement lectures rather than preaching the Bible, and …. Sigh. America needs revival. Don’t think that revival is what others need to do, it is something that has to begin in us as individual Christians, then in the church. I pray that it does.

    • Boris

      Revival. A quarter of a million Americans leaving Christianity forever every month and this guy is fantasizing about revival. The average Christian is about 60 and in 20 years the average Christian will be dead and gone forever as will, this crazy and useless superstition.

      • Kathy

        Can’t always believe the polls or the news reports. My son lives in a large, big city college town and his evangelical church has 3 services every Sunday full of primarily kids who attend that university. I have been to many churches when traveling recently that have been packed to the max.

        • Boris

          It’s not just polls and news reports its statistics from the Southern Baptists, various seminaries and so on. The fundamentalists are driving the more educated among us away from Christianity because of its anti-intellectualism.

          • Miss A

            Yours is more than unbelief there is hate there too

      • I said America “needs” revival. You post simply confirms that statement.

      • Trilemma

        In 20 years there will still be millions of Christians in America and the average age will probably be less than 60. Why useless? The fact that humans are religious must be the result of an evolutionary advantage from being religious.

        • Boris

          Mets are up 2 to 0. I suppose you could make that argument. Then I would counter that it’s time to shed our skin and move on without it.

          • Trilemma

            If evolution wired humans to be religious then religion isn’t going away. But Christianity can be much better than it is even within the confines of the Bible such as Progressive Christianity. Christianity, such as it is, is better than Islam. So, if people have to have a religion, I would rather they picked Christianity.

            One useful thing about religion is that it can create community better than anything else.

          • Boris

            Whatever evolution or mutations can wire they can unwire. The only reason Christianity is better than Islam is because of the rise of secular humanism, skepticism, atheism, deism, free inquiry and free thought in the West which made Christians behave civilized for the first time in history, not that long ago. Community, I don’t know. Maybe in the past.
            Church was a way people could all see each other once a week to share what was new. Now we have transporation and the Internet.

          • Trilemma

            I agree with all you just said. Unfortunately, evolution moves slowly. Islam looks to be a few hundred years behind Christianity in becoming civilized.

            Even though we have transportation and the internet, people still have a need to gather together to experience a sense of community. That’s why some atheists have started having non-religious weekly gatherings called Sunday Assembly.

          • Boris

            Don’t forget about the Pastafarians who gather dressed in full pirate regalia to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I haven’t heard about atheists gathering to do much of anything. Trying to get atheists together for something is a lot like herding cats. Atheists don’t need reinforcement and strength in numbers to hang on to what they don’t believe. I think Christians do. Church serves that purpose.

          • Trilemma

            I realize you believe there’s no god(s) but are there things you do believe in? Also, people who have recently left Christianity or some other religion could use some reinforcement and strength in numbers to hang on.

          • Boris

            I don’t believe in anything that would be considered outside of the intelligible universe. I’m not saying I know there isn’t anything else, maybe other universes or whatever. Or perhaps our universe is part of a larger universe in which we are a cake rising in an oven and when we are done expanding a giant woman will take us out of the oven and serve our cake-universe to her family for dessert. You are correct there are support groups for ex-Christians. This is because people can lose the security net fellowship with other Christians provides not to mention their spouses, friends and relatives.There was no religion in my family and so I’ve never believed in God so I have never experienced that. It must be tough.

          • Miss A

            You may be right that there is no God but as the supposed holder of truth it is not wise to mock and insult Christian’s every chance you get. I for one dont take you seriously at all.

          • Boris

            Yes it is good to insult Christians. It helps other Christians see the light and leave the church. This is a good thing as Christianity is the worst human tragedy to ever come upon this planet.

          • Miss A

            Wow Christianity is the worst tragedy upon this earth? Wow You will never convince me like that.

          • Boris

            Now it’s difficult to convince brainwashed Bible thumpers of anything unless you threaten them with the flames of hell first. Then and only then will they believe what their cult leaders tell them they must believe. Have fun being manipulated by OTHER PEOPLE the rest if your miserable life. I will be doing my own thinking.

    • Dena

      Yes we need revival. It’s not just sin and compromise that has crept in the church. Christianity has become a religious exercise. Many people call themselves Christians, but Jesus isn’t real to them.

      Recently I was shocked to find out that some of my co-workers who say they’re Christians— don’t bother praying. They believe everything that happens in life is by coincidence. Why even bother being a Christian if you believe God doesn’t do anything?!

      • Revival is something that takes place in the church. And boy do we need it! How many churches actually preach the Bible? And how many take their cues from popular culture? Did you know that a slight majority of Americans believe that being “basically good” is what gets you into heaven? That number has to include a lot of “Christians.” Since most people think they are “basically good,” they consider themselves to be in great shape. I am a big fan of supporting missionaries, but we need to be doing a lot more in the area of discipleship and spiritual growth. I fear than many who have convinced themselves that they are saved, but, in fact, are not.

        The Christian church in America is not in great shape, though it does seem that the greatest decline is in those progressive churches than have fled the Bible and what growth there is, is in churches that do preach Scripture. I am going to keep praying for revival, and in the near future, my wife and I plan to be leading a Navigators’ discipleship training course for couples (we are currently taking the course). It isn’t a big, dramatic thing to do, but every little bit helps.

        • Dena

          Not knowing the Bible is probably one of the major roots of the problem. Christians wouldn’t make excuses to sin if they knew the Bible.

          I have some friends and relatives who think since God is good — everyone is going to heaven. They don’t understand the gospel!

  • RBG

    Preachers are filling the ears of congregants with what they want to hear not what the Bible teaches because they want to fill their pews with people. Unfortunately, this will cause many people to fall away and not feel they are accountable for their actions, words or thoughts.This will contribute to a moral decline in our society and to lawlessness because we are not held accountable for anything.

    • Micha_Elyi

      When I want to know what the Bible teaches, I ask the Church. After all, it is the book of the Catholic Christians. They chose the Hebrew Scriptures to accept as authentic, they wrote the Christian Scriptures, they compiled the two as the Bible, their bishops decreed the validity of the Bible, the Catholics preserved the text through horrible persecutions, published it by hand-copying, promulgated it, sent it around the whole of the known world, and translated it into other languages.

      Read the whole Bible. Accept no redacted substitutes for the authentic Bible.

  • Patmos

    It’s really not that hard to speak out against the secular reprobate mind, as it pretty much unravels by it’s own doing. There’s also the matter however of casting pearls before swine, and giving that which is holy unto dogs.

    Had a dream just last night of the feet of the statue from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream being on fire. This stuff is going to wrap up relatively quickly. Not saying people should stop witnessing, just saying make sure you follow the instructions to shake off the dust of them who do not believe, off even the soles of you feet.

    • Chip Crawford

      The scripture says how will they hear without a preacher. If the truth is not spoken, doesn’t that pretty much leave people with the devil’s ideas unchallenged? And I see a lot of “much more” as you see the day coming, not less.

  • RKae

    The problem started a LONG time ago. Christians accepted divorce, adultery and fornication. They now tell their kids, “OK, just be responsible and wear a condom.” After accepting all that, it laid them open to the next thing in the line, and they’re “shocked.” They allowed sins for themselves and now have no argument against the sins of others.

    • Andrew Mason

      Christians, or Christian in Name Only types? I’m not aware of any genuine Christians supporting adultery or fornication, and divorce is only permissible in exceptional circumstances.

      • RKae

        Do you know of any churches that will refuse to perform a marriage for people who have been divorced for shallow reasons?

        ELCA Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, and several others have signed on for support for abortion.

        Most Christians are Christians in name only. They’ll give you lines about “the church remaining relevant” or “getting with the times,” etc.

        The Left has made enormous inroads into taking over the church the same way they took over entertainment, journalism, and education.

        • Andrew Mason

          I fully agree that most Christians are CiNOs. Unfortunately that makes getting the Biblical message out difficult as the majority hold unBiblical or antiBiblical views. CiNOs may be getting with the times, but that also means getting away from God.

          I concur that regressivism has made massive inroads into the church. That complicates things, but doesn’t change the truth.

          As for knowing any churches that refuse to perform marriage for folk who have divorced for shallow reasons, I can’t say I do – not because there aren’t any, but because I don’t know what criteria local churchesministers use for agreeingrefusing to perform marriages. It is further complicated by the fact that nonbelievers who divorce may come to Christ then seek to remarry. Should they be permitted to marry, or are they bound to seek reunion with their former spouse? I know of one couple where the wife’s husband abandoned her for another women – valid grounds for divorce, and her second husband had divorced his then wife whilst not walking with the Lord. The pair had an amazing witness, and walked strongly with the Lord ’til the husband passed away. I would contrast this with those who call themselves Christian then seek a divorce.

          • Micha_Elyi

            The Scriptures tell us point blank, “God hates divorce.” Jesus the Christ does not embrace what God hates for He and the Father are one. Perhaps the people you suppose “come to Christ then seek to remarry” haven’t come to Christ but cling to their substitute for Christ.

            Yes, a Christian is “bound to seek reunion with (the estranged) spouse” for whatever Caesar calls “divorce” does not end a Christian marriage.

        • Dena

          Sex before marriage or cohabitation is not even talked about in churches. When I bring it up to some Christians – they tell me I’m old fashioned.

  • heuristic

    How can you preach the truth when the modern bibles leave out doctrines, the infallibility, preserved, without error Word of God? Modern versions do not preach against sin, sodomites, hell.

    • john appleseed

      ^ The stupidest comment in this thread.
      Perhaps it’s a sodomite trying to make Christians look foolish.

      The KJV was published at the end of an era when publishing the Bible in the language of the people was forbidden.
      Now, KJV idolaters want publishing the Bible in the language of the people to be forbidden.

      Satan wants to hinder folks from reading the Bible. What better way than to limit it to a language no one speaks.

      • Micha_Elyi

        You’re wrong about the history of the KJV. It was the Protestant king who forbade the publication of rival English language bibles, they depressed sales of the version the Protestant king wished to impose on the people.

        Try again.

  • David Hess

    and too few are still speaking up, speaking clearly about these critical topics that the Bible is crystal clear on. fear of man – the opinion of others. praise God for a remnant that hasn’t capitulated!!

  • Irene Neuner

    Yes, pastors do not speak up. They are afraid. To stand strong can only happen if you stand strong in Christ.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Yes, our shepherds could do better. And we the flock could be more sheep and less of the goats.

      Now to depart from the ‘flock’ metaphor, I point out that we lay people must take some responsibility to have our clergy’s back when agents of modern decadent culture attack.

  • Kevin Quillen

    all churches should reject the tax exemption and preach fearlessly.

    • davidrev1911

      “An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, and the
      priests rule at their direction; my people love to have it so, but what will you do when the end comes?” (Jeremiah 5:30-31/ESV)

      “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also…“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” (Matthew 6:19-21, 24/ESV)

      ☆ ☆ ☆

      Tragically Dr. Brown, your own myopic diagnosis re: the underlying cause of the American “Church’s” wholesale spiritual malaise, idolatry, spiritual harlotry etc., is just about as useful in this context, as the proverbial “tail on a sawhorse.”

      Why? Because THE precisely correlative causal mechanism in this humiliating regard for the Body of Christ in God Bless America (about which you’re describing), was the totally VOLUNTARY manner in which the “Church” wound-up essentially falling-upon its own sword, by having become “state-licensed” 501(c)(3) [read: “this-worldly”] corporate business models, ever since we’d chosen this bizarre marriage between church & state through our slavish devotion to the infamous 1954 Johnson Amendment – i.e., meaning our capitulating and/or rejecting the primary responsibility of “holding forth the Word of life” to a reprehensibly lost and dying world, while pursuing the Great Commission.

      You see, the Church in America (up until 1954) had ALWAYS enjoyed the NON-taxable status. Yet we, seemingly with a certain level of intent, and an “eye” toward those insidious mammon-related enticements from the IRS – had to ultimately cease & desist from uncompromisingly engaging in our primary message of speaking-out against the no doubt deeply vexing “public policy” challenges in this country that’s simply “of the world.”

      And no Dr. Brown, I’m not referring to our being obsessively “politically” active either; something of which would be in direct violation of a non-profit’s 501(c)(3) corporate mandate. Actually, in all reality, the so-called biblical Christian in God Bless America is quite the savvy political animal; in spite of our ongoing, decades-long manifestation of rampant biblical illiteracy amongst our professing own.

      However, it’s that ubiquitous second 501(c)(3) NFP-related prong, that’s proven to have been the Church’s Luciferian-motivated undoing; or rather, the abdication of our cultural responsibilities for several decades, namely through and by our misguided/misplaced fear of violating the legal concept called the “Public Policy Doctrine” (e.g., racial discrimination, abortion, same-sex marriage & civil unions, immigration concerns etc.), of which had grown somewhat in the wake of the landmark SCOTUS case, Bob Jones University v. United States, 461 U.S. 574 (1983).

      Hence our corporate and/or individual silence of acceptance, and thus capitulation re: the status-quo of moral anarchy in American culture. Sadly, the Church in America “has blood on its hands,” to borrow somewhat from your 1992 classic, “TCHBOIH” (i.e., the lost here…Acts 20:25-27). And you, Dr. Brown, leading by example, should start by wholesale (Matt. 3:8) repentance where this spiritual harlotry is concerned too! (After all, we “can’t serve two masters,” can we?)

      Perhaps this is WHY the precious “Spirit of Truth” himself, has actually hidden the “real reason” for the Church’s horrendous ills from your eyes throughout all these decades of selfless service to his Kingdom – contra your erroneous assumption in this article’s title?

      You see, it’s just that you, and countless other 501(c)(3) NFP leaders et al., are still part of the problem brother, while you remain collectively mired in the clear-cut violation of say, 2 Cor. 6:14 – through your unnecessary complicity in this corporate 501(c)(3) “two-headed monster.” (BTW: Does that last title sound at all like a valid description of a NT body of believers?)

    • Tim Pan

      …15 I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. 16 So because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of My mouth! 17 You
      say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not
      realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.…

      Rev. 3:15-17

    • Jacob Miller

      >> all churches should reject the tax exemption and preach fearlessly.

      Lots of Evangelical churches hold that homosexuality is wrong. It’s even in some denominational doctrinal statements. I’m not aware of any churches losing their tax exemption because of this.

    • Micha_Elyi

      All “the tax exemption” prohibits is endorsing a particular political candidate from the pulpit. There is nothing in the US Internal Revenue code that denies the Church or any other kind of religious congregation its tax exemption for “preach(ing) fearlessly” about morals and our failure as a nation to hold fast to Christian teaching.

  • Trilemma

    If only God had a way to convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment without having to depend on pastors.

    • punditwannabe

      The Bible?

      • Trilemma

        Holy Spirit.

        And when he comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment: – John 16:8 ESV

        If Dr. Brown thinks we’re in a mess, shouldn’t he blame the Holy spirit for not convicting the world rather than blaming pastors?

        • Nathan James

          and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets. – 1Co 14:32 ESV

  • Bingo! We went to a large, conservative Evangelical church for 10 years, and only once did the topic of homosexuality come up, and that was right after the Obergefell decision in 2015 legalizing the redefinition of marriage. And the senior pastor went out of his way to try not to offend the liberal side of the isle. It was remarkable and is a perfect example of what Mr. Brown is talking about. I’m reading/writing my way through Matthew now, and Jesus never seemed concerned that he might offend people. He spoke the Truth and let the chips fall where they will. It got him killed, and us our salvation.

  • Lacosta Rimkus

    At the time I was a new Christian 8 months or so and I was kicked out of the house I was living in because they felt convicted about their lesbian lifestyle and new where I stood

    • Tim Pan

      The darkness can not abide the light

  • 0pus

    J Osteen was interviewed by one of the network journalists who asked him why he didn’t preach on sexual sin – of course, he just smiled and shrugged it off – “Hey, you know what, that’s not me, that’s not who am I am.” It appears most evangelicals today are where the mainline churches were 30 years ago in culture-conforming. Some of them, like Campolo, are actively condoning sexual sin, while others like Osteen just duck and dodge. Osteen loves preaching to a stadium full of people, he doesn’t want to see that stadium half-empty.

    • Tim Pan

      Olsteen loves to pour the honey , but in fact he is leading the lost to the pit. Woe unto him!

    • john appleseed

      Not just in the US.
      Here in the Philippines, I’m ostracized (you might say Osteencized) by most preachers in our city, because I preach against sins that they’re hesitant to touch.

  • Trilemma

    My guess is that Dr. Brown means too few pastors that believe the exact same things he believes spoke up. I doubt he wants more pastors like Roger Jimenez, Fred Phelps, or Ted R. Weiland on one side or Chuck Queen or Benjamin L. Corey on the other to speak up.

    • Andrés Weaver

      Most of them believe the same things, but they are too cowardly to speak up.

      • Dena

        Unfortunately sometimes silence is approval.

    • Stu Nahan

      lol. Maybe he could team up with Steven Anderson.

  • Bob Schueler

    We all know today’s churches can be entertainment centers espousing a variety of means of keeping the doors open and the leaders employed. Churches with a corporate business model instead of discipleship, mentor and equipping models abound. Accountability from the top down is an all-time low as evidenced by how many pastors had to resign when the Ashley Madison scandal hit full force a few years ago. The list of problems is endless, but I think the real issues facing the church today are immersion in the word of God and the understanding and willingness to accept the personal mission to which we’ve been called as a Christian believer which will include persecution. From ostracization to death, expect it. Joshua 1:8 and 2 Tim 3:12 are two quick verses on both subjects and by no means are the only ones on those subjects. Ultimately, YOU are the church. What you should do with your faith is clearly outlined in the New Testament and it has nothing to do with what you receive and everything on what you should give — selflessly, sacrificially and silently ala 1Pet 3:15. Speak God’s truth — use words if necessary.

    • john appleseed

      Good comment, Bob, except I’d add that words are always necessary. 🙂

  • A pastor at a church of which I no longer attend, told me “You Jeremiah types, like MacArthur, are too judgie.” Yeah. It’s like that.

  • Excellent Michael! I want everyone I know to read this article. I’ve been saying for years many pastors are too reformed for their own good. Bottom line most are afraid and have told me so. They communicate they could not confront #LGBTQchaos sins because they’re not “ex-gay” like me or I am told I’m too prophetic and need to tone it down. I have to ask, where are the great men? Jesus said of John the Baptist that he was greatest of all! If St. Stephen preached today he would get killed today in the most churches, especially if John or Stephen, or even CH Spurgeon preached on #LGBTQchaos today! It would be tragic. Yet many so called scholarly theologians are now empowering “gay Christianity.” Terrible! Oh how we need revival! I was told we need a 1000 more Michael Browns and Stephen Blacks in the Church when they saw that you will be the keynote at the RHN conference. Love you brother Michael Brown!

    • Jacob Miller

      >> they’re not “ex-gay” like me

      I’m new to The Stream and don’t know your story. I’m OK with the gays but I’m OK with the ex-gays, too. I’ve seen some people change.

      Have you written about it before, or can you tell it to me? I’m genuinely interested.

      • john appleseed

        stephenblack DOT org

  • Jacob Miller

    It’s not just an issue of pastoral fear.

    We’re in a time of major cultural transition. But, this isn’t the first time the Church has had to deal with this.

    I’m old enough to remember when Christians segregationists were still common. Lots of pastors stayed silent then, too. I don’t think is was just cowardice — pastors were in the process of changing their minds on the bible and race mixing.

    • Andrés Weaver

      The difference is that pastors have known for a long time that homosexuality is wrong. The pastor of the largest evangelical church in the U. S. said that according to the Bible it is wrong, but we all sin. He said that he and his wife wouldn’t have any trouble attending a gay wedding.

  • David MacKenzie

    Let’s ask another hard question— for all the Biblical witness of the New Testament Church, where are those Evangelical or charismatic congregations that have deliberately attempted to cultivate the prophetic ministry as part of their five-part motivational ministry? I’m not talking just about the people who can give an encouraging word in season, but those prophetic types who are best at speaking the truth to the culture. The reality is that these people are too unsettling, and so the Church suffers. Some of them, too, are canaries in the mine— they were the first to be marginalized by society because they were the first to speak a word contrary to the zeitgeist— both cultural and ecclesiastical.

  • punditwannabe

    “There’s no way we can go near this. It’s way too controversial.” I marvel at this sentiment, it is ignoring the giant elephant in the living room which is: The Bible! The Bible is full of prescriptions and proscriptions that will offend the lawless, oh my, persecution is coming, and quickly.

  • Up_Words

    And in that day the Lord GOD of hosts Called for weeping and for mourning, For baldness and for girding with sackcloth. But instead, joy and gladness, Slaying oxen and killing sheep, Eating meat and drinking wine: “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”

    (Isaiah 22:12-13)

    The verse that follows pronounces a judgment upon God’s people . . . . (shades of Dr. Brown’s closing remarks about our being “muzzled tomorrow. . .”) Instead of true revival, most prefer revelry (Lk. 21:34-36).

    Be encouraged, Dr. Brown, the Lord is keeping a record (Mal. 3:16,17)!

  • Steve Cavalli

    Thank you for speaking the truth, my brother. I highly respect you. The scripture says, “Behold the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people. But know this, that the apostacy must come first, but the Lord shall arise upon YOU and His glory shall be seen upon you.

  • Jameson McGuire

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here. I’ve been in the ministry of my Savior since 1980, but in the late 1990s fell afoul of various churches in the area where I was ministering nothing but the truth. Now, because the “pastors” of all local area churches meet together once a week to discuss “problem people” in their churches I have been black-balled in my home county. There are churches where I’ve been privately told they want me in their pulpits, but are too afraid of backlash from other more “important” and vocal pastors if they do allow me to preach. So much for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and being obedient to our Father.
    So few are willing to stand up and out and preach what is actually in the Bible, fearing repercussions from man, rather than God.

  • Stu Nahan

    This is remarkable hypocrisy coming from the guy who whitewashes the Talmud in a video on his YT channel.

    See here: www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=gtzyw4FnzZE

    Dr. Brown whitewashes the Talmud by appealing to it being a very big book,
    composed of many volumes, and focused on matters of Jewish law. What Dr.
    Brown neglects to tell Christians is that the Talmud – the book that is
    central to Judaism – says that Jesus Christ is burning in hell in hot
    excrement and that Jesus’ mother Mary is a W-H-O-R-E. And, that is just the
    tip of the iceberg insofar as the evil in the Talmud is concerned.

    So, Dr. Brown’s whitewashing of the Talmud & running interference for a
    political ideology known as Zionism which has resulted in land theft,
    genocide, and the maintenance of an open air concentration camp known as
    Gaza, all in the name of Jesus, cries to heaven no less than Christian leaders who want to avoid the topic of homosexuality.

  • Bojaws Dubois

    Here Dr. Brown eloquently displays the cause of the problem. Completely ignoring James 1:22 – 25 he thinks that pastors speaking in church on Sunday morning aren’t saying the right things and that therefore this is the cause of sinful behavior in the U.S. Most of us know that sin is the cause of sinful behavior in the U.S.

    My point is that Dr. Brown thinks that whining about other people’s behavior is going to change something. We’ve whined about Starbucks coffee cups for years, but they still don’t include the image of a snowman on the cups in December, and gay people are still gay.

    My point is that we should follow Biblical examples. When Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, they didn’t say, “Oh, Jesus, we see what you’re saying now.” No. They pushed back harder. They eventually had him killed. Same with Stephen. It was different with Zacchaeus.

    Over and over again the Bible gives us instructions and examples. Look after widows and orphans in their distress. The sheep and the goats. The Good Samaritan was supposed to be an example that we should follow. What suggestions does Paul provide for treatment of enemies. And finally, the last command Jesus gave his disciples before he ascended into Heaven, The Great Commission.

    This is what we should be doing. A man in a suit saying something and then people standing around talking eating coffee and drinking donuts ain’t gonna change nothing.

  • bbb

    Theology seminaries are graduating students who sat and listened to liberal professors who taught progressive social ideals.
    People want to go to church.
    People do NOT want to be subjected to a preacher, pastor, priest, minister who preaches what they think and what they like to preach. Watered-down Christianity is like watered-down justice.
    When Christianity fails to adhere to the inerrancy of the Bible it is no more than a club, like the Elk, Moose or Garden clubs.
    When justice is watered down there is chaos.
    Yes, there are still government agents who sit in churches taking notes or taping sermons and are suing churches for any “political” comment from the dais. Democrat and RINO politicians voted against Trump’s bill to rescind the Johnson Act to prevent any comments from the pulpit that “might be construed as political.”
    Thus, it is fear of man, not God, that muzzles churches.
    Churches do need to bond because if they do not there will be more and more pressure to eliminate all churches and Christians from the USA. That has been done in other Western Civilization nations in the last two decades.
    God’s eyes are watching us, and His judgment is forever and ever.
    Churches don’t even talk about that anymore, either.

  • Nick Stuart

    It’s not just human approval and a big budget many pastors are interested in. They want to protect those pastoral tax breaks and their church’s 501c3 tax exemption.

    • Guest

      Tax exemptions have nothing to do with this subject. This is a spiritual issue that is affecting this world and to speak about it from the pulpit is where it is suppose to be addressed. Tax exemptions should not Trump God’s Word.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Nothing in the IRS code ever prevented your bishop or pastor from preaching against the homosexual social agenda in a church. Nothing.

  • Kileeo Wideman

    As a preacher, writer, speaker and counselor I relate Dr. Brown on every level, plus one; I live with unwanted same-sex attraction. I have begun a ministry that I am working to get off the ground in the area of teaching about God’s radical grace in redeeming my soul from homosexual desires. I’ve stood in that receiving line you described and experienced the same perplexing emotions plus one; I’m too battling to stand in the liberty in which Christ has made me free under the assault of “brethren” who would have me lay down my arms to be embraced by a gospel according to Matthew Vines, Wesley Hill and Justin Lee. But when you a and against them—you stand up for me! Because I have been regenerated by the Spirit of Christ, Jesus voice through you is crystal clear and I respond in faith. Your message gives me more hope than theirs. And it is through your ministry that my arms are resupplied to contend for my faith and my calling in the Lord. Dr. Brown, I give honor to whom honor is due! May the LORD bless and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

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