An Open Letter to Critics of President Trump

By Michael Brown Published on January 19, 2017

As one who issued numerous warnings about candidate Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, on radio, in writing, and on video, I’m sympathetic to your concerns.

You see him as an incredibly dangerous loose cannon, as someone who could start a world war with his tweets, as a mean-spirited man unfit for the presidency, as a divider not a uniter. You might even see him as a potential dictator, rising up like a new Hitler in an increasingly xenophobic, angry, and fearful America.

How on earth, you wonder, did Donald Trump become the president of the United States? How did this narcissistic, playboy businessman become the most powerful leader in the world?

To repeat: I’m sympathetic to your concerns and I understand why you feel like this, and even as someone who voted for Trump, I never dissed the Never Trumpers.

But now that Donald Trump will be our 45th president — yes, get used to hearing “President Trump” — may I have a word with you?

Attitude and Expectation

The first issue is one of attitude.

During the 2008 Democratic primaries, I warned my radio listeners that Barack Obama would be the most radical pro-abortion, pro-gay-agenda president in our nation’s history. Over the subsequent months, I also questioned where he stood with Israel.

More than 8 years later, I’m sad to say — not happy to say — that I was right. (Honestly, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of president he would be.)

During his presidency, I often told my listeners, “I’m praying that he will be the greatest president we’ve ever had, but right now, I don’t see that at all. I have grave concerns.”

So, I’m encouraging you to have a godly attitude towards our new president. I’m encouraging you to pray for him with the heartfelt desire that God will make him into a great president rather than for you to stand on the sidelines, rooting for his fall. According to the Scriptures, the former attitude is godly; the latter is not.

Let your attitude, then, as a past critic be: “I have grave concerns about President Trump, but I’m hoping that I’m wrong about my concerns.”

If you really care about America and are a person of prayer, that should be your mind set.

The second issue is one of expectation.

Could it be that Trump is not quite the man you think he is? Could it be that he has more going for him than you realize? Could it be that many Americans had solid reasons to vote for him and that he could get a lot done for the good of our nation? Could it be that, despite his very rough edges and non-presidential tweets, God is already working in his heart?

  • From all that we can see, he is very serious about:
  • Appointing strong conservatives to the Supreme Court
  • Standing for life, beginning in the womb
  • Moving our embassy to Jerusalem and standing up to radical Islam
  • Fighting for our religious liberties
  • Rebuilding our inner cities
  • Taking on the political establishment
  • Strengthening our security and our economy
  • Exposing the biased media

Asking God How We Should View President Trump

I also believe he really wants to be the president of all Americans, despite his divisive words, and I truly believe he wants to recapture many of the things that have made our nation great over the decades. And, as a biblically-based conservative, I believe he has already made a number of excellent personnel choices, in particular in his cabinet picks, and he continues to keep his door open to evangelical Christian leaders. In my book, these are encouraging signs.

And so, while it is true that we have no guarantee of what will happen once he begins to govern, I believe we have ample reason to expect the best rather than the worst. Perhaps you can find it in your heart to be at least a little positive?

Perhaps you can ask yourself, “What if I was a pro-Trumper rather than an anti-Trumper? What good would I see in him? What potential would I see in him?” Perhaps you can tweak your attitude just a little?

We tend to defend the weaknesses of those we like and attack the weaknesses of those we don’t like, meaning that we use different standards on different people. This is unrighteous and unethical, also obscuring the clarity of our vision.

Why not ask God how He wants you to view President Trump, and then, with full awareness of his potential failings and still-glaring faults, why not pray for him with hope and root for his success than this failure?

Once Donald Trump became the Republican candidate, I said, “I hope I get to eat my negative words about Trump,” rather than, “I can’t wait to say, ‘I told you so!’”

I’m urging you to do the same. After all, four or 8 years from now, wouldn’t it far better to say, “I’m so glad I was wrong about President Trump,” than to say, “I told you he was not fit to be president”?

Please join me in praying for and hoping for the success of our 45th president and new Commander in Chief.

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  • azsxdcf1

    I always wanted Trump, and walked away from last night’s outstanding broadcast video of the inaugural celebration singing silently: “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord… Glory, Glory Hallelujah!…Glory, Glory Hallelujah!”… A VERY Christian song!

    I even watched (for the first time in a very long time!) CNN where the broadcast of the fireworks was better – and was tickled to hear the announcer afterwards talk about the song: “Glory, Glory Hallelujah!” … prolly NOT knowing the proper Title: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”


  • Paul Mc Donald

    after 8 long yrs of obamanation we the people can humble ourselves before god and under god our land will thrive again praise our father he has heard our prayers and gave us a Cyrus amen.

    • Kate Snyder

      This is God’s judgment on America. The Cyrus analogy is a prophetic myth. The god you speak of is the god of this world. Maybe you will see your error when Trump leads us into WW3 with nuclear weapons. That should be humbling for the deluded Christians that voted for him.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        I agree with you and i sincerely hope we are both wrong but I have grave concerns that we won’t be.

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Who is “our”? I certainly hope you aren’t assuming that can be defined by all Christians.

      The vast majority of Trump supporters who professed to be Christian that I talked with did so for absolutely Unbiblical reasons. One of the most mentioned reasons for voting for Trump was Fear. (2nd Tim. 1:7 & Matt. 6:34) It was woven thru innumerable comments. Another top theme in comments was identifying more as a citizen of this country than of the Kingdom and putting it first (Matt. 6:33) And then there were a variety of statements that would violate the 1st Commandment “You shall have no other god before me.”

      For those Christians gloating about their victory on Trump winning, I’d like to give you something to consider. Jesus said, ““If your right hand makes you stumble, cut it off and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to go into hell” and “Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” Now I am NOT saying that any Christian who voted for Trump is in danger of losing their salvation for doing so BUT did you at all consider what Eternal Rewards you may have forfeited for doing so?

      I will be the first to admit that I’m quite pleased with almost everything Trump has done thus far. BUT there is always a calm before the storm. Look at Trump’s appointments. His appointment for Secretary of State may do many great things for the Economy and Jobs BUT do you know that he was a supporter of Abortion and Planned Parenthood? Look at Gen. Mattis. No doubt he will take the fight to the Enemy in a new, refreshing, and probably winning way BUT did you see him crawfish on the issue of Homosexuals and Transsexuals in the Military? BOTH are still a violation of the UCMJ. That is Law! So what will he really do? That is yet to be seen.

      This hypocrisy was fully displayed during the speech by Peter Thiel at the RNC. The same crowd that booed Cruz off the stage for saying “Vote your convictions” and became so unruly as to have the need for Heidi to be physically escorted out of the hall previously the same day gave a rounding applause to Peter Thiel. Thiel, a man who is co-founder of PayPal and reneged on his promise to build an office in NC after the “Bathroom Bill” was passed. Cruz booed for falsely accused of not living up to his promise and Thiel applauded for wrongly breaking his. Cruz booed for exhorting the crowd to vote their conscience and Thiel applauded for bragging about his Homosexuality and obviously searing his. Cruz booed for exhorting the crowd to vote for Constitutional Conservatives that create jobs and Thiel applauded for breaking his promise and taking hundreds or thousands of jobs away from NC. Cruz was roundly booed for standing on principle and integrity and for not giving some gushy, malarkey-laden speech that would have been lying about Trumps wonderful attributes while Thiel received thunderous applaud on announcing he’s “proud to be gay” AFTER just a couple days before the GOP putting a plank in their platform defining Marriage as between one man and one woman. Are we to believe that Thiel and Trump actually support that plank? So who’s the real hypocrite?

      And there is one HUGE theological truth that many seem to be missing. By all visual evidence Trump is an Unbeliever and the tree is rotten to it’s root. Therefore, Eph. 2:1-4 makes it VERY clear who and what Trump is following and according to that which is walks. To assign that as an answer to prayer is nonsensical and foolish. Unless, of course, one were praying for God to bring a leader that will bring further Judgment upon us. Which, ironically, would be pretty consistent with the entire theme of Scripture when the People choose their own way.

      All that said, Dr. Brown is right. We should all be praying for Trump to be a successful President while defining “success” as that which brings glory to God and helps to lead the People to God as well as realizing what Kingdom they actually belong to.

  • Autrey Windle

    I was so mad I was not going to vote for the fist time in 40 years until I remembered the supreme court. I, like you, am impressed with his appointments so far and philosophical direction for America. I didn’t like a lot of things presidents have done in my history, but they are the president and I am an American so I prayed, bit my nails and screamed at the tv or newspaper. I pray now that the really crazy people who bully those they disagree with will either ride out the term gracefully or surrender their citizenship and go somewhere else so all of us and they can be at peace. May God continue to bless America and reach the heart of our president at every turn.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    True ,Mr. Brown. However I would suspect that there’s a fair number of PEOTUS critics who are somewhat less concerned about God’s thoughts on the matter than they are w/say …CNN’s …

    • Linda

      Excuse me. We are well able to decide whether Trump is fit for office based solely on his very own words – spoken words and tweeted words. I don’t need CNN to explain him to me, my own eyes and ears tell me he is wholly unfit and full of pride and deceit.

      • Andrew Ryan

        Yup, he hung himself with his own words and actions.

  • Gary

    My concern about Trump is that he will be more liberal than I hope he will. We’ll see how it goes, but I would not be surprised if he turns out to be a disappointment to conservatives.

    • Andrew Ryan

      Paying for the wall through a tax on Americans – does that disappoint conservatives ?

  • Andrew Ryan

    “Fighting for our religious liberties”

    How can someone who promised to bar entry to the United States on the basis of religion be said to be fighting for religious liberties?

    “Strengthening our security and our economy”

    Where’s the money coming from? If he’s cutting taxes and enlarging the military, that’s going to increase the deficit. How is boosting debt supposed to strengthen the economy? How is Trump’s sabre-rattling with China supposed to improve security? Are you not concerned at all about how pally he is with Putin?

    • Dean Bruckner

      Islam is not a “religion” in the meaning it is used in our founding documents. It is a comprehensive, totalitarian political religious, societal and cultural system that is embodied in Sharia Law, which stands directly against both the Constitution of the United States and the oath of American citizenship. Indeed, the oath explicitly denounces the contents of Sharia Law.

      As far as Putin, he got everything he wanted from Obama and Clinton; what more could he get from Trump?

      • Andrew Ryan

        It’s a religion Dean. You might as well claim some people aren’t really human so aren’t covered by ‘all men are created equal’. Islam was around when America was founded, if they’d wanted to discuss it there and make exceptions for it, they could have done.

        What more could Putin get? Watch and you’ll find out. If he’s already got all he wants, why did he actually say he favours Trump? He knows he can continue his expansionist plans without even a word of censure from America.

      • Kate Snyder

        Islam is a religion. Any Christian who isn’t outraged by the idea of a Muslim registry never gets to utter the words “religious freedom” again. The document followers of Jesus Christ adhere to is the Bible. We are to welcome the stranger. We are to love, feed and clothe our enemies. No one can serve two masters. Worship God only or serve the state. One can’t do both.

    • Mo86

      @ Andrew Ryan

      “How can someone who promised to bar entry to the United States on the basis of religion be said to be fighting for religious liberties?”

      He did?

      • Andrew Ryan


    • It’s not that conservatives want to cut taxes. They love to tax and spend just like liberals, it’s just that they have different priorities. They want to spend on stuff they like–that’s the difference.

      • Andrew Ryan

        Right as always, Bob.

  • Denise Velarde

    God puts kings on thrones and removes them – we do not have hope in a man – we have hope in Yeshua – give the president a chance

  • Linda

    All he does is look for ways to brag about himself, nothing more. And he lies like a rug. I appreciate Michael Brown’s sentiments and his letter, but day 1 of the administration had Sean Spicer holding a ridiculous tantrum about crowd size for the press (without taking questions), then day 2 had Conway defending the crowd size untruths as “alternative facts”. Trump ruined any chance of starting positively by having a hissy-fit over photos of crowds…and we are asked to respect him and keep giving him more and more chances? No thank you.

  • Kate Snyder

    We are crying out for courageous leaders with backbone and spiritual discernment. Unfortunately, those that voted for Trump have lost their voice and authority to advise the church on political matters. So many Christians were forced to leave their churches because they knew Trump was not “anointed by God to save America.”

    You wrote, of Obama: “I’m praying that he will be the greatest president we’ve ever had, but right now, I don’t see that at all. I have grave concerns.”

    That’s exactly how many Christians think of President Trump, who has only raised more serious doubts and concerns since November 8. This isn’t an issue of wrong attitudes. We have ample reason to expect the worst. Praying for God to remove him from office is not ungodly or unbiblical, it’s how the Holy Spirit is guiding many to intercede in this dark hour — that he will self-destruct and go the way of Nixon, and he’s already headed in that direction. The CREW lawsuit is just the beginning.

    President Trump is in partnership with biased media, so he’s in no position to expose them. His chief advisor is Steve Bannon. Breitbart News is definitely biased. I don’t know of one unbiased news source anywhere – print, online, TV or radio. All sources have a bias, yet there is truth to be found in most reputable news outlets. I thank God for freedom of the press and the First Amendment. Trump does not. He has a love/hate relationship with the media. He pathologically craves media attention and hates them at the same time. He wants to control and muzzle the press. The way he has treated the media is horrible and hypocritical because he lies more than he says CNN does. Saturday night, Sean Spicer angrily told falsehoods on the size of the inaugural crowd and then on Sunday, Kellyanne Conway said Spicer gave us “alternative facts.” What a Freudian slip that was! It’s so Orwellian. But that’s where Trump has taken us, into his post-truth world that borders on insanity. Spicer was sent out to protect the hypersensitive ego of his boss. Trump *must* believe he had the largest inaugural crowd in American history, even if it isn’t true. He continues to spread the falsehood that he won the election in a landslide. Narcissistic personality disorder is no joke, it’s chaotic and damaging, and it’s one of the main reasons he’s extremely dangerous.

    Our republic must have a free and independent press. Authoritarian tyrants attempt to silence the media and control information via government propaganda. These are their techniques, all of which Trump has used:

    1. Berate the media
    2. Blacklist critical media
    3. Turn the public against the media
    4. Condemn satirical of critical comments
    5. Threaten the media directly
    6. Limit media access
    7. Bypass the media and communicate with the public directly

    I will continue to warn Christians about President Trump. He’s a false prophet that has divided churches, families, spouses, friends and coworkers. False teachings, false prophecies, false dreams and false visions have circulated about him that Christians have received as if they were actually from God. The deception is great. The Religious Right has done more to destroy the salt and light testimony of the church than anything I’ve witnessed in the past 50 years.

    • Linda

      You are a sister in the Lord. Any time I tried to warn or beseech people not to say that Trump is a Godly choice (they think he’s a “baby Christian because they believe he asked Jesus into his life during the campaign), they accuse me of judging. It is not judging that causes me not to accept his atrocious carnality, it is Holy Spirit discernment. Even If true that a credentialled Minister led Trump in saying the sinners prayer, anybody can give lip service without heart conversion. It is not possible that a man who was born again and made Jesus his Lord, even if less than a year ago, would not be showing some signs and starting to bear some fruit. A converted spirit would surely have made a public apology for his many wrongs by now. A converted man who tweets at all hours of the day and night would surely have tweeted something about his faith or used scripture by now. I have come to believe this is well and truly a cultic spirit and Trump is the cult leader. Trust me, I have listened with eager ears and researched and prayed trying to understand how it is that good Christian men endorsed Trump, and a cult is my conclusion. The propaganda techniques used by Vladimir Putin are being used in the American government today. I’m not too proud to admit I’m wrong down the road if things turn around, but so far I haven’t seen a glimmer of a reason to believe. I am pro-life, pro-Israel and conservative on immigration, but so were all of the 16 other GOP candidates that could have been chosen, and I do not buy the line that Trump was the only one who could have defeated Hillary, therefore, all his horrible traits are justified.

      • Kate Snyder

        Linda — Thanks for your comment. Other than prayer, the best way to help believers trapped in the cult of Trumpism is to start slowly to educate them. Be a loving vehicle to patiently deliver facts. Begin with the most obvious and easily refuted deceptions, like Trump’s baseless claim that 3-5 million illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote. This false claim is not supported by any verifiable facts. It’s unsubstantiated and conspiratorial but Trump is obsessed with rank and dominance. His narcissistic personality disorder won’t allow him to admit he was the biggest loser of the popular vote in American history. He’ll refuse to accept that defeat and persist in his delusional fixation that 3-5 million “illegals” committed a felonious act by voting for Hillary, even though study after study after study has shown that widespread voter fraud does not occur. There is no evidence whatsoever of massive voter fraud in the 2016 election. If it had happened it would be a scandal of astronomical proportions, and it would undermine the legitimacy of his own victory. Trump won, there’s no dispute about that. Yet ironically, he has a problem with the outcome of the election. You can point people to political science professor Dr. Brian Schaffner of UMass. Trump has misinterpreted data from his study to float his conspiracy theory. Shaffner said none of the non-citizens in his study voted. The other study that’s been misused is the 2012 Pew report, which is available online. Dead people are still on the voter rolls but that doesn’t mean they voted. My parents and sisters and other relatives are deceased (and many for a long time) but I can guarantee you they didn’t vote last November. It’s a matter of updating the voter rolls and nothing more. Voter fraud does occur but, when compared to the number of people who vote legally, it’s relatively rare. Trump spread the racist birther myth for over five years and never publicly apologized to Obama for what he did. He has a weakness for conspiracy theories and uses them for political purposes. If you can show Trump’s followers how unpredictable and unstable he is then you’ll have an open door to present more facts to them.

  • littleeif

    I voted for the Republican Party platform, and when I did a mark on my ballot happened to land beside Mr. Trump’s name. I think concerned about life issues and religious liberty need to maintain some daylight and perspective between themselves and the President. If his character and temperament bring him to the place they tend to, our dearest causes too closely associated with him go along for the ride.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    I was #NeverTrump and I did not vote for him because I do not believe he was Biblically qualified for me to vote for him as a follower of Christ. That said, he is now our President and I will support him and defend him when I am able to do so and I will criticize him and not support him when that is called for.

    My prayer is that his becoming POTUS and acquiring the massive responsibilities that he has, not the least of which is the lives of all those in the Military, will move him to surrender his life to Christ and a greater dependence upon God.

  • I’m a little confused. Is this a political site? Or a Christian site?

    The conflation of the two puzzles me, especially when the Constitution clearly defines a secular public square. That’s a good thing for Christians, not a bad thing, but when a political discussion has loads of God talk in it, I’m wondering what’s going on.

  • Andrew Ryan

    Any updates from people on this? Obama spoke at one the prayer breakfasts about how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed his life. Trump used today’s prayer breakfast to take shots at Schwarzenegger’s ratings on Celebrity Apprentice.

    This is the guy who says he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness for his sins, and when asked in an interview “Who is God to you?” replied:

    “Well I say God is the ultimate. You know you look at this? Here we are on the Pacific Ocean. How did I ever own this? I bought it fifteen years ago. I made one of the great deals they say ever. I have no more mortgage on it as I will certify and represent to you. And I was able to buy this and make a great deal. That’s what I want to do for the country. Make great deals”

    Does anyone still think Trump is a religious man, let alone a Christian?

    • Linda

      Plenty have drunk the Trump Kool-aid and continue to be under the influence. I don’t see a sobering up yet, but it may come when Mexico does not pay for the wall, if it’s ever even built, and when all those promised jobs don’t materialize. Until then, I hope the peaceful demonstrations by good people continue to grow as they speak volumes.

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