NYT Reports on Progress for Protecting Women and the Unborn

The New York Times reports a surge in legislative victories for the pro-life movement.

By Anika Smith Published on May 8, 2015

Today The New York Times has good news for the pro-life movement — but because it’s the Grey Lady, the story frame is that this is just a lot of bad news for women trying to get abortions. (Never mind studies that show more than half of women who abort feel pressured into it, and that 65% face a much higher risk for depression.)

Anna Paprocki, staff counsel for Americans United for Life, which opposes abortion, said, “The Supreme Court has been clear on this: Not every burden is unconstitutional.” She added, “A lot of the arguments made by the abortion industry against any regulation are red herrings.”

Ms. Paprocki’s group drafted 50 pieces of “model legislation” this year, which made their way to statehouses across the nation. The most frequently proposed bills from these suggestions included limitations on later-term abortions, clinic regulations, hospital admitting privilege requirements for clinic doctors and regulations on abortion-inducing drugs, Americans United for Life said in a report on the 2015 legislative session.

The heroes in this story aren’t just policy groups like Americans United for Life. They’re also the (young, female) legislators who make the life a priority, and the everyday citizens who show up and testify in support of these bills defending the unborn. Here’s the story in Florida, which enacted a law in late April requiring a reflection period before following through on an abortion:

Jennifer Sullivan, a freshman legislator who at 23 is the youngest woman in the Florida House, sponsored the bill.

“I have personally seen those women who are being practically dragged to a clinic against their will,” she said.

. . .

Beth Harrison, 33, a personal trainer in Tavares, Fla., testified at a legislative hearing last month that she deeply regretted having an abortion 10 years ago and urged lawmakers to enact the waiting period.

“When they did the ultrasound, the screen was behind me and I happened to turn around and look at it,” Ms. Harrison, who thinks abortion should be illegal, said in an interview. “I saw this baby and I was freaking out.”

These women offer a compelling witness that can’t simply be ignored by the mainstream media. Read the full story here, and be inspired in the fight for life.

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