The Nuttiest Moments From the Democrat National Convention

From a protester catching his clothes on fire while burning an American flag, to weeping Bernie supporters, the convention has been a bit of a freak show.

By Rachel Alexander Published on July 28, 2016

The 2016 Democratic National Convention has produced a treasure trove of nuttiness. It began with the surprising and embarrassing, and quickly moved on to all-in moonbat crazy. It’s worthy collecting the nuttiness in one place, so here goes.

It all started the day before the convention with the firing of the DNC’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The DNC’s emails had been hacked, revealing that she and her comrades were using the DNC to boost Hillary Clinton and torpedo Bernie Sanders. One of the hacked emails from the party of tolerance suggested they should let drop to Southern Baptist Democrats that Bernie is Jewish and likely an atheist. After the hacked emails emerged, Wasserman Schultz gave a pre-convention speech and was practically booed off the stage by Sanders supporters.

Thousands of Bernie supporters also showed up outside the convention to protest the Hillary nomination. They marched through the streets of Philadelphia to FDR Park, danced, chanted “Just Go to Jail Hillary,” and waved signs with upbeat messages like “Handcuffs for Hillary.”

Perhaps put off by the restraint of these protesters, Black Lives Matter went a step further, yelling, “F*** Hillary Clinton, she’s killing black people.”

Actors Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Shailene Woodley and Rosario Dawson were among the emotional Bernie backers.

Dozens of those feeling the Bern ended up getting arrested for trying to climb the barricades to enter the convention area. On the convention’s final day, some made it over before also getting arrested. (They can tell their grandkids about this.)

Inside the convention, a lot of the Sanders delegates walked out after Clinton was declared the nominee, and staged a sit-in in the media tent.

One protester’s clothes caught on fire as he was trying to stomp out an American flag he had set on fire.

Which convention slogan is the most utterly meaningless?
“Rise Together”
“Stronger Together”
“Girl Power”
“Change Maker”
“Do the Most Good”
“We Want Free Stuff” (OK the last one really wasn’t there, but it should have been)

Many Sanders supporters could be seen crying during his speech. Jennifer Hall, a supporter who was outside protesting, said that after Clinton was declared the nominee, “We can all cry and keep going.” Saturday Night Live noted that a disproportionate number of the weepers were white females. No explanation for this was offered.

While a pastor was giving the opening prayer to start the convention, the crowd booed and chanted when she mentioned Clinton’s name. The booing of Clinton continued through the convention almost every time her name was mentioned. During his speech, when Sanders urged his fans to support her, they booed him too.

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta was also booed, drowning out parts of his speech. The crowd chanted, “No more war” and “lies.”

An “Interfaith Prayer Room” reportedly featured only Muslim paraphernalia, with mats on the floor to pray and a sanitizing station for Muslims to wash before they pray.

One delegate wore a dress with large photos of Barack Obama all over it. One woman walked around with a homemade, life-size casket strapped to her waist, to promote awareness to addiction and mental health.

Bill Clinton gave a speech bragging about his wonderful marriage and about taking a young Chelsea to see all six Police Academy movies back to back. (The latter ones may be so bad as to constitute child abuse). His face was so smooth he appeared to have had as much plastic surgery as Joe Biden. Same with Howard Dean. It’s a good thing Democrats are so critical of body shaming, isn’t it?

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