Navy Begins Transgender Indoctrination

The Navy is requiring staff and midshipmen to watch transgender training videos.

By Peter Sprigg Published on December 18, 2016

With only a few weeks left of Barack Obama’s presidency, his administration is doing all it can to solidify the radical changes it has introduced — especially in the armed forces. After winning repeal in 2010 (from a lame duck Congress) of the law against homosexuality in the armed forces, the administration set out in 2016 to complete its extreme LGBT makeover of the military by opening the doors to transgender service members as well. Defense Secretary Ash Carter revoked longstanding policies against transgender military service on July 1, 2016, and a year later, on July 1, 2017, the armed forces are currently scheduled to begin actively recruiting persons who identify as transgender.

series of regulations have since been handed down explaining how “gender transition” will be handled in the military, as well as what medical treatments will be made available to the spouses and children of service members. Now, however, the direct indoctrination of the force into accepting this radical agenda has begun.

First, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the U.S. Naval Academy would be offering 90-minute “Transgender 101” classes to both staff and midshipmen. The training was to be conducted by two Google employees, Kevin Perry and Marnie Florin. Florin is reportedly a “diversity consultant” who “identifies as gender neutral and goes by the pronouns ‘ze’ or ‘they.’”

While the training at the Academy was described as optional, it may only be a test run. The Free Beacon reports, “All active duty sailors must complete transgender training by January 31.”

The report also noted, “Midshipmen and staff who take the training course will get the opportunity to display cards outside their door that show they are allies of the LGBT community.” (Yet only four months ago, a military court upheld the court-martial of a Marine who dared to post a single Bible verse by her work station.)

Family Research Council has been contacted by service members expressing concern about “transgender training” in the military. One enlisted naval reservist spoke to me on December 14 about the transgender training he recently experienced during a drill weekend at a Naval Reserve Center on the west coast. This session did not feature any transgender “diversity consultants” — rather, it was the Commanding Officer of the Center who presented a 45-minute PowerPoint.

Attendees were informed that the issue is “not up for negotiation or debate.” To service members who may have religious objections to the new policy, the CO said, “Talk to me and I’ll help you.” Help you find an accommodation that will allow you to act upon your deeply-held religious beliefs? Oh, no — “help you get out of the Navy.”

The reservists were told that not only will they be required to serve with colleagues who identify as transgender, but they will also be expected to use the pronouns of the person’s choice. In other words, those who believe (correctly) that one’s male-ness or female-ness is a God-given biological characteristic that is identified at birth (and fixed even earlier) will be required to speak lies in order to avoid showing “disrespect.” This is ironic at best (and tragic at worst), given the emphasis that the military usually places on integrity, honesty, and truth.

I mentioned to the reservist that the military’s hostility to religious viewpoints would likely damage recruiting in the very parts of the country where people are most likely to consider a military career, such as the Bible Belt. He agreed, noting that “west coast liberals aren’t pounding the doors to join the military.”

Although transgender activists vehemently deny that any privacy problems arise from allowing those with gender dysphoria to use bathrooms, sleeping and bathing facilities designated for the opposite biological sex, the Navy is implicitly making concessions to such problems. In new policy guidance announced November 7, the Navy stated, “There will be new modesty policies to allow for increased privacy in berthing, shower and head facilities.”

I recently wrote an op-ed explaining the medical reasons why allowing people who have had, or are having, hormone therapy and or gender reassignment surgery to serve in the military is a threat to readiness and the ability to deploy anywhere in the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that it is a threat to freedom of thought, speech, and religion as well.


Peter Sprigg is Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council.

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  • Gary

    One of the first things Trump should do upon taking office is to put an end to this insanity and fire whoever he can that is responsible. I understand that the pagan Obama is largely responsible, but I’m sure he had help.

  • Joseph

    hey Navy, Obama is almost leaving soon. you can stop this insanity now.

  • Joseph

    Political Correctness is never good

  • galatians328

    Mr/Ms/whatever your preferred gender identifiers Sprigg:

    Is this the best argument you can make:

    those who believe (correctly) that one’s male-ness or female-ness is a God-given biological characteristic that is identified at birth (and fixed even earlier) will be required to speak lies in order to avoid showing “disrespect.”

    because that argument is no different than saying it this way:

    those who believe (correctly by their beliefs) that one’s color is a God-given biological characteristic to be looked at through a hierarchy of races will be required to speak lies – saying taking orders from an inferior race – in order to avoid showing “disrespect”

    those who believe (correctly by their beliefs) that one’s height or right handedness is a God-given biological characteristic to be looked at through a hierarchy of height – taller being better! – and handedness – right-handed being better! – will be required to speak lies – saluting a shorter person, or shaking hands with the ‘bad’ hand – in order to avoid showing “disrespect”


    If you do not answer these example you appear to be a partisan-prejudiced hack at public policy, a moral idiot, and a likely FAKE NEWS demagogue.

  • Joseph

    I am tired of people like galatians328 trying to pass themselves of as Christians when it is clear that they are not. spouting unbiblical liberal nonsense

    • Liz Litts

      It’s a Troll

  • Dean Bruckner

    These Marxist totalitarians are ruining our country and our military. Stop this destructive nonsense now!

  • Patmos

    The Commander in Chief is supposed to help the military, not hurt it. Obama should be tried for treason.

  • dotEdus

    Is there any way to get copies of the materials and videos that the Navy is using to train personnel in this ideology? Would it take a Freedom of Information Act request, or would that not apply to military information?

    • Dena

      I tried to post a link to the video, but it was blocked by moderation. I don’t think you can post web links

      • dotEdus

        Can you go to the Stream’s Facebook page and post the link under where they’ve posted the above article there?

  • Dena

    I work for the Federal Government for the Department of Agriculture. We had to go through transgender training and watch an hour long video. In the video we’re told to find our own bathroom if we have a problem with a man using a women’s bathroom. We are also told what we cannot say at work. We have to use the pronouns of that persons choosing, we cannot imply that a person isn’t born transgender or gay (they state this as being factual with no science to back it up), we can’t imply there is a gay agenda politically, can’t say the words transgendered or transgenders. If I do any of the above a claim can be filed against me. The video I watched was on YouTube from the Department of Agriculture, but you need direct link to watch it. I think most people at my work didn’t watch the whole thing then signed off for watching it. After watching it I felt my freedoms of speech, thought and religion were violated.

    • eddiestardust

      Hang in there…help is on the way….

      • Phil Ossiferz Stone

        We’ll see.

    • Gary

      If I had a job like yours, I don’t think I would have it for long. Can you not find a job that won’t try to force this perversion on you?

    • Royce E. Van Blaricome

      Dena, I would correct you with the one premise you made several times in that you “can’t” do this or that. The truth is you can do it and what you probably meant to say is that you “can’t do it and keep my job”. Nobody can force you to use the desired pronouns to live out the lie.

      And THAT is going to become increasingly worse. THIS is what every Christian faces on a regular basis. It’s part of dying to yourself and living by faith. We all must make choices and decisions as to whether to put Christ FIRST or ourselves and God is squeezing, applying pressure, to force those decisions on an ever increasing basis.

      There are probably few things in life that test our faith more than having to decide whether to take a stand on God’s truths and likely losing your job or acquiescing in order to provide for yourself.

      Jesus says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt. 6:33) What are “these things” that Jesus is talking about? The passages directly above tell us. He is referring to the necessities of life. Food, shelter, clothing.

      So, do you believe that or not? There is no need to answer me on that but it is a question that is of paramount importance.

      I will say that it concerns me that you stated you felt your freedom of speech, thought, and religion were violated but there is no mention at all of Christ at all? Are you as concerned about your obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ as you are about those? Are you as concerned about being an Image Bearer of Christ, an Ambassador of Christ, and a follower of Christ as you are about those?

      • Dena

        Yes of course. Jesus is the most important above my job.

        Before we had to go through transgender training we had a conversation in our lunch room about a 14 year old girl deciding to be a boy. My friend thought this was the most wonderful thing and should be celebrated and encouraged. This little girls parents were encouraging her to make the transition. I spoke up because this is awful. I was concerned about this little girls welfare and felt it was wrong for people to encourage her to live a lie and become something she isn’t. Right away everyone in the lunchroom was angry at me for using the wrong pronouns and insisted I call this girl a he. It turned into an argument over pronouns. They said my thinking was old fashioned. I apologized afterward for the argument, but was concerned about this little girl welfare. I know people can get help with gender disphoria through counceling. My counsin got help and became a Christian and is so happy now. That offended them further because my co-workers insisted that people are born gay or transgender and cannot change. They insisted counceling is abuse. I looked this up and said there is no science proving that case.

        Then a few weeks latter we all had to go through this transgender training. People at work know where I stand. If I must speak up again – I will regardless of the cost. Throw me in jail, lose my job – I don’t care. I must stand for what is right, but I pray that I use wisdom in how I say it and that I remain respectful.

        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          Amen, Dena! Amen!

          Just remember, there animosity isn’t really toward you. Their hatred is for Jesus and the Truth. You will just be the recipient when you shine your light because you stand in the place for Jesus.

          And remember, Wide & Easy is the road to Destruction but VERY narrow is the path to Life and VERY few will find it. Don’t be discouraged or confused, or even surprise, when many claim to be Christian and hate you for standing with the Truth too.

          Stay strong, Sister, and be encouraged. Go with God and continue to fight the good fight.

        • PilgrimGirl

          We may not be born outwardly gay or transgender, but the Word tells us that we are all born spiritually dead God haters that come forth from the womb speaking lies and going our own way. Sin is the symptom; our nature is the problem. Gender Counseling may change the behavior but it won’t change the nature. The Pharisees were quite religious yet our Lord told them they cleaned the outside of the cup but inwardly they were full of dead men’s bones.

  • Kevin Carr

    This forces people that know who and what they are to shut up and color, these type of actions are those of totalitarians. Obama has done major damage to the military and it will likely take a decade or more to fix. Outside enemies only wish they could have done such destruction.

  • blackfeather

    the question remains…who would you “go through a door with”? …in other words, would you trust a tranny to have your back on the front lines? uh huh.

  • Jim Steele

    makes you want to vomit. I can only hope his daughters are kidnapped by vicious cannibal lesbians..

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    As a 20yr Retired Navy Veteran, I can tell you this has NOTHING to do with what’s best for the Military, National Security, or the country as a whole. The Military has always been grounds for which Social Experimentation and Social Change can be used in order to put forth an agenda that will enable something to be accepted by Society as a whole.

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