Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse?

By Michael Brown Published on December 17, 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the words National Geographic? Do you think of exotic pictures from the jungles of Africa or up-close documentation of an erupting volcano or the discovery of a stone-age, Amazon tribe previously lost to civilization? If so, brace yourself.

Avery Jackson’s Story

The January 2017 edition of this venerated publication focuses on the “Gender Revolution,” and it features the photo of a 9-year-old “trans-activist” on the front cover, accompanied by this quote: “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

According to, this young child, named Avery Jackson, “rose to stardom last year when she began documenting her transition with ‘Avery Chats,’ a series of YouTube videos describing how she came to understand her identity at such a young age and eventually came out to her parents as trans.”

Little Avery explained in the first video, “When I was born, doctors said I was a boy, but I knew in my heart I was a girl. So I may have some boy body parts, but that’s not wrong, that is OK.”

As for National Geographic’s interest in all this, Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg explains, “We wanted to look at how traditional gender roles play out all over the world, but also look into gender as a spectrum. There’s lots of coverage on celebrities, but there wasn’t an understanding on real people and the issues we face every day in classrooms or workplaces in regards to gender.”

Supplementing this issue will be a documentary to be released in February, hosted by Katie Couric and further exploring this “gender revolution.”

Second, and more importantly, it is irresponsible for National Geographic to put a confused 9-year-old child on the front cover of their magazine.

How Should We Respond?

First, there will never be a lasting gender revolution.

Male-female relationships form the foundation of all societies, from romance to reproduction to parenting, and without those relationships, which include the celebration of gender distinctives, no society will flourish. One does not need an advanced degree in sociology, anthropology, psychology, or human sexuality to figure this out.

The radical LGBT activists who have declared war on gender or who have sought to demonize the “gender binary” (meaning, recognizing only two genders) have really declared war on themselves.

Facebook may offer more than 50 ways to express your gender, including “Fill in the blank,” and activists may celebrate categories like “gender queer” and “gender blender,” but all this does is further confirm the futility of rebelling against the God-ordained male-female gender order.

It is one thing to recognize that some people are born intersex, with ambiguous or dual genitalia, or that others have chromosomal abnormalities, or that some children, like Avery, are genuinely and deeply confused about their gender identity.

All these people deserve our compassion, and, as human beings created in God’s image, they all deserve the best that science (and practical wisdom) can offer them. But they are the exceptions that prove the rule rather than the exceptions that challenge the rule, and rather than celebrating the exceptions as the new norm we should make a concerted effort to help them find true wholeness.

Second, and more importantly, it is irresponsible for National Geographic to put a confused 9-year-old child on the front cover of their magazine.

It is one thing for this child — obviously with the help of others — to put out Avery Chat YouTube videos. (The description explains that Avery “was assigned male at birth, but has now transitioned into a beautiful young girl. She wanted to tell her story to let other gender non-conforming kids know it’s okay to be proud of who you are.”)

It is another thing for National Geographic to make this child into an overnight, international celebrity — to repeat, Avery is just 9-years-old — and virtually to ignore the cautionary stories of other trans-identified young people (or their parents) and the voices of other medical professionals who claim that Avery has a treatable condition.

Wouldn’t it be far better to find out why this young boy, who is a biological and chromosomal male, is convinced that he is a girl, rather than put him on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty, then perform radical surgery on his genitalia before he is 20 (surgery that will still not allow him the full benefits of being a woman), then keep him on hormones for the rest of his life to stop his body from doing what it naturally wants to do? Is this a “hateful” question to ask?

Gender “Transitions” Can Hurt

In 2012, the Daily Mail ran this headline about Ria Cooper: “‘I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again’: Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment.”

The article tells the sad story of Ria, who was accepted for gender-reassignment at the age of 16, began to transition at 17, but then had a change of heart at 18, “saying that she has found the changes overwhelming and that they have made her deeply unhappy.”

Three years later, The Mirror reported that “Britain’s youngest transgender patient says she can’t get a job ‘because of her past’.”

Apparently, Ria (or, Rihanna) ended up transitioning to female but then began to work as a sex escort to make a living, which is now coming back to haunt her/him.

Perhaps there are deeper issues in Ria’s life that were never addressed, even though, as a teen, Ria underwent serious psychological evaluation before beginning the “transition” process?

The very fact that Ria wanted to become a woman, then decided that he was really not a woman, then ended up as a teenage prostitute, indicates how unstable this young person has been and how a system intended to help him has apparently done more harm than good. Doesn’t your heart break for kids like this?

On a similar note, is it possible that the severe depression sometimes experienced by 16-year-old Jazz Jennings, now a transgender reality TV star, indicates that Jazz has deeper issues that need to be addressed? In Jazz’s own words: “Sucks to think that I have to rely on medications to be emotionally balanced. My body is crap, and I feel it.”

Such is the way of PC correctness. To challenge LGBT activism is to risk losing your livelihood.

I’m quite aware that trans-activists will share hundreds of success stories with us — some of them with heartbreaking chapters along the road to “success” — and that they really do want to help those who struggle with their gender identity. I do not brand them as intrinsically evil, any more than I brand little Avery as intrinsically evil for struggling with his gender identity.

But I find it utterly irresponsible for trans-activists and their allies to suppress the hundreds of sex-change horror stories (see here for some poignant examples), to discount the voices of highly-trained professionals who reject the transgender talking points (according to one psychiatry professor, “‘Transgenderism’ Is Mass Hysteria Similar To 1980s-Era Junk Science”), and to exalt the deep and intense feelings of a little child over the realities of biology and genetics.

Is this how science is done?

Complicity in Child Abuse?

Ironically (but predictably), Dr. Kenneth Zucker, one of the foremost authorities on transgender issues and a man who considers a happy outcome to be the mark of success — meaning, if sex-change surgery yields the best result, so be it – was fired for failing to embrace the latest trans-activist theories. In other words, because Zucker’s research indicated that most young children who identify as transgender no longer identify as such once they go through puberty (even if some eventually identify as gay), and because he would have first sought to help Avery be at home in his male body, he was an enemy to be eliminated.

Such is the way of PC correctness. To challenge LGBT activism is to risk losing your livelihood.

But let’s focus again on the children. Writing for Crisis Magazine on December 12, 2016, Elise Erhard notes, “Last May, Dr. Kathleen Levinstein, a professor of social work at the University of Michigan, wrote a heartbreaking piece about her autistic daughter, a teenaged girl who became convinced that she was really a man trapped inside a woman’s body. With encouragement from transgender activists at the local organization of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), the vulnerable young woman took sex-altering hormones and cut off her breasts. Dr. Levinstein now grieves the mutilation of her daughter’s body and the increased psychological confusion her daughter is experiencing as a result of the hormones.”

Initially, Dr. Levinstein was supportive of her daughter’s actions, but her views have now changed dramatically, saying of her daughter, “She has been taken advantage of. Healthy organs were amputated. … It is a crime not just against women, but particularly against disabled women. So many of these young women who are ‘transitioning’ are also autistic.”

In November, 2009, shortly before I appeared on the “Tyra Banks Show” to discuss the issue of transgender children, I emailed Dr. Paul McHugh, a heralded Johns Hopkins psychologist and a staunch opponent of sex-change surgery who is despised by the transgender community, asking him if his views had changed. He responded: “I hold that interfering medically or surgically with the natural development of young people claiming to be ‘transgendered’ is a form of child abuse.”

Is National Geographic now complicit in this “child abuse” by making a confused young child an international celebrity?

That is between National Geographic and God, although the magazine’s readers will come to their own conclusions. I can only rue their celebration of the “gender revolution” and pray for God’s best for Avery.

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  • Patmos

    Paul was not lying when he said God will send great delusion… I mean, it’s one thing to be under a delusion. It’s another to not call it what it is. We have delusion on top of delusion, a GREAT delusion.

    • Gregory Peterson

      That makes much sense to me, given the context of the verse.. And, why would you think that just because you’re quoting Paul, that you, yourself, are not under “a GREAT delusion.”

      The context, as near as I can tell, is that the Thessalonians apparently were falsely being taught that Christ had returned. That was the the wicked great delusion, the “Great Apostasy,” setting them up to accept and worship a false messiah. You probably shouldn’t believe it if it’s taught to you today, too.

      It’s difficult to see how transgender teens are ‘delighted in wickedness’ for being as they are. They, in one culturally mediated understanding or other, have likely have always been with us. It’s about time that we, in our culture and in our time, start giving them a little respect and understanding, rather than callously crush them under minority stress. .

  • galatians328

    Thanks for your important article.

    In public health practice we have come to know many transgender adults. Many are much calmer, kinder to self and others, healthy (in mind, behavior, etc) after transition than before. Transition is a personal process and not uniform among the great diversity of transgender persons. Many do NOT have any surgery because they don’t want surgery even if they could afford it. Most benefit from management of hormones with help of endocrinologist. All benefit from some level of mental health counseling.

    So, first, your must – if you are serious commentator on issues of gender dysphoria – you MUST meet transgender people to learn about their health, to learn about the many different choices each makes, and the learn the stories of their health across their life course. IT IS NOT HARD TO MEET TRANSGENDER people if you are sincere to meet with respect and care. If you just want to meet out of PERVERTED curiosity or to PREACH at people … they you would be a TOTAL CREEP!

    Next, you must – if you are a serious journalist on issues of gender dysphoria- you MUST become familiar with the international standards guide WPATH, and any specific standards of care in American medicine. You are boldly commenting on mental health standards, surgery standards, endocrinology standards, etc … have you become familiar with the medical standards treating gender dysphoria?

    Then, you must – if you are serious about public health policy for gender dysphoria – you MUST discuss the quality, competence, accessibility, and affordability of mental health care – FOR ALL, ACROSS THE LIFECOURSE. Which states have that? which don’t? Why?

    And, you must – if you wish to make claims of child abuse – you MUST become familiar with the states’ bodies of law about child abuse. Child abuse is taken seriously – highly seriously! – in every body of state law. Your article should provide discussion of several bodies of state law. After all, IF – because the reader is not sure IF you are truly concerned for children on mostly concerned about your article!? – IF … IF you are concerned about real children struggling with any sort of gender dysphoria and their care you’ll need to explain how there well being is protected in a particular body of state law in the state in which the child lives, and/or where their parent(s)/guardian(s) reside.

    We’ll see if you are TRULY concerned with the health and well being of each and every individual persons with gender dysphoria.

    Trotting out the stupid ‘straw man’/’boogey man’ argument – as you do – citing ‘LGBT activism’ and ‘transgender activism’ doesn’t show any TRUE concern for the health and well being of each and every individual persons with gender dysphoria. We can assure that the many transgender people that we know are just as wary of ‘activists’, ‘doctors’, ‘journalists’ or anyone who fails to meet, respect and treat each one as an individual human person deserving of respect for their human dignity. AND the many transgender people that I know are especially caring and concerned about young persons and their parents. In fact I have observed frequently that transgender adults who have worked through transition – at the level they regard to be complete for themselves – do NOT push anything on anyone; rather they have often been the most CONSERVATIVE asking the person considering transition to take many steps to think, think again, seek counseling, pastoral care (yep, I’ve met many faithful Christians, devoted Roman Catholics, devoted Protestants, etc who are transgender), and other insight.

    • Patmos

      “or to PREACH at people … they you would be a TOTAL CREEP!”

      So Jesus was a creep then? Paul was a creep? Peter? Eliminating preaching would be nonsensical, for how can they hear without a preacher?

      Jesus said if you continue in my word you are my disciples indeed, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Furthermore his disciples returned to him telling him that the devils are subject to them by his name, and he told them he saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.

      The good news of Christ is not that we can turn grace into license, but rather that by faith we are raised up and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, this even after we were dead in trespasses and sin.

      Galatians 3:28 (your username) by the way is not an affirmation of transgenderism, it is an acknowledgement that there is no division among believers, no special treatment for one over another as God is no respecter of persons. For the good news of Christ was sent to conform us to the image of him, not conform God’s word to the image of us.

      • galatians328

        Please discern when reading.

        ‘Preaching at people’ is not ‘preaching the Good News’. ‘Preaching at’ implies being filled with ego. ‘Preaching the Good News’ is filled with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

        Have you been so brain-deaded by the generally sad state of American education, the brain-washing strategies of most radio talk shows and tv shows, and the fake news burgeoning across the Internet … that you have no discernment?

      • galatians328

        Oh, so you want to talk about ‘costly grace’ vs. ‘cheap grace’? … at the same time that Trump and his Administration are full of love and kisses with the Genocidal Satanic Lord Putin, responsible for masterminding the genocide of Syrian Christians who are descendants from the ancient Israelites, Jesus of Nazareth, Mary, Joseph, all their siblings, and cousins … all ancient Israelites, not White People? And what do you like the Lord Jesus Christ, Glorified in the Heaven of Heavens, welcoming the many Syrian martyrs to the Satanic Lord Putin, endorsed by Trump, Putin’s lapdog who wants to lick and play with Putins’ balls?

        • Susan Matthiesen

          Good grief. You are one sick puppy. Filled with biased rubbish.

          • galatians328

            Please detail which points are incorrect? … otherwise we can call you the same nasty names, can’t we, without any evidence!? … yeah we can but we won’t because we present rational argument and you did NOT!

          • Gregory Peterson

            It’s interesting that people are trying to make ‘galatians328’ invisible and silent…which of course, is the usual white conservative Evangelical response to minority people they wish to oppress and exploit.

      • Jim Walker

        “”Galatians 3:28 (your username) – There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”

        by the way is not an affirmation of transgenderism, it is an acknowledgement that there is no division among believers, no special treatment for one over another as God is no respecter of persons. For the good news of Christ was sent to conform us to the image of him, not conform God’s word to the image of us.”

        How can he who calls himself “a follower of Jesus Christ” misunderstand this verse twisting it to say God approve transgenderism ?

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    You can’t drive a car, buy alcohol, attend mature themed movies or vote in this country w/out meeting the requirement of reaching a certain age. There is good reason for that. All of these require a certain level of maturity to go w/the responsibility associated w/each choice. Why is a 9 year old prevented from driving a car or buying a beer? To sensible people the answer is obvious. A 9 year old has not developed the life skill’s necessary to handle the consequences of what these choices require. How preposterous to presume the maturity of a 9 year old is sufficient to address such a monumental & possibly irreversible choice as gender reassignment. Sure, there may be some really serious challenges facing the child who is dealing w/gender identity issues. Last time I checked though, no mention of transgender issues was listed as a life threatening disease like cancer. In other words the “patient” has the “luxury” of time to make a responsible choice. I don’t discount the exasperation many in this predicament may be experiencing as they navigate life’s journey. The question that needs to be addressed , is how much more exasperating would it be to have to regret a choice from which there is no return or at the very least a most difficult one. Oh, if only it were a perfect world … it’s not. Those of us who profess faith in an inimitable Creator, should understand that His design for that creation is indeed perfect. When physical or emotional or any other factor ( unseen or otherwise ) challenge that perfect design, we who have tasted of His goodness are enabled to weather the storm & come out stronger for it as our true identity is confirmed in Him.

  • Joseph

    How come LGBT never stop to think ”We live in a fallen world after all so maybe that’s why I’m like this” no. they always have to immediately go to the born that way conclusion. why not think of other explanations? why does it always have to be the ‘I was born this way’?

    • Gregory Peterson

      Maybe you’ve never stopped to think ‘We live in a fallen world after all so maybe that’s why I’m like this,” “this” being someone who anonymously creates minority stress for LGBT people with such self-privileging abuse of scripture.

  • Shaune Scott

    Clearly, nine-year-olds should be running the world, because they have the wisdom and discernment to make life-altering decisions for themselves–not! Why are we, as a society, being force-fed the premise that a male “feels” like a female, and vice versa? No man can “feel” like a woman, because he has never been one. No man was ever a little girl, or went through maturation into adult womanhood. This is madness! We are now celebrating people with serious psychological disturbances as normal, and our children, via media, the education establishment, etc., are being taught that the truth is not before them, but that it is whatever someone decides is true. This is a frightening state of affairs.

    • Gregory Peterson

      That, of course, is true. However…it’s not that simple. I never understood myself as a female with a male’s body, so I was never a little transgender girl.

      On the other hand, I have sisters and female cousins, so I could see how they lived their lives as little girls. I was never a little girl, but I understood some of what it was like to be a little girl.

      Gender dysphoria is a condition, not a serious psychological disturbance, though how society treats transgender people can push them into serious psychological disturbances more than to us cisgender people.

      • Shaune Scott

        From what I understand (although I am no expert), true gender dysphoria is a psychological condition, which can respond to treatment. Unfortunately, the surrender to feelings, with no objective criteria, which is now demanded of society of large, has consequences that we all may find difficult to live with.

        • Gregory Peterson

          I wish more people hadn’t surrendered to their feelings of an entitlement to white privilege and voted for now Pres. Elect Trump…so maybe you’re on to something there.

          However, when Dr. Brown PhD chose to use, Rihanna Cooper (with his own link to a newer article on her rather than the older link that he had meant to use), he pretty much disproved his own argument rather than strengthened it. For once, his usual carelessness and lack of intellectual integrity very much worked against him.

          Not to mention that if she had become a “trendy gay man,” thinking that would end her social isolation and the alienation from her family (at that time), as well as the frustration from the mood swings as her body got use to the hormone treatment, Dr. Brown PhD would still condemn him for being an out Gay man with a family that apparently would have accept him as Gay.

          So at least with people like Dr. Michael “Race-Baiter” Brown PhD, she couldn’t have won as a him or a her. There would be no pleasing the Dr. B PhD not MD.

          Either as a transgender woman or as a Gay man, she is a threat to his rather obvious tawdry fantasies of a divinely ordained entitlement to white heterosexual male privilege and a patriarchal status quo ante.

  • Susan Matthiesen

    Because of XX (female) and XY (male) chromosomes in every cell in our bodies, any geneticist, given a DNA sample, would be able to identify a human person as man/male or woman/female. Therefore no matter how many operations Bruce Jenner has had or will ever have, he will always be male. (Sorry, Caitlyn!). Bruce can get breast reconstruction surgery to give himself breasts, he can have a sex change operation to give himself female genitals, but he will still be a man with XY chromosomes in every cell in his body.

    Chastity Bono will always be a woman. (Sorry, Chaz!) Chastity has had her breasts shaved off and is taking testosterone and looks like a man, but with her XX chromosomes in every cell in her body identifying her as a woman, she will always be exactly that – a woman. A female.

    Obviously, therefore, the transgender agenda is a big lie, since scientifically, a man can never ever be a woman and a woman can never ever be a man. Thanks be to God and His implanting of XX or XY chromosomes in every cell in our bodies, it’s impossible.

    • Tom Rath

      And those people who do NOT have 46,XX or 46,XY (either at all or exclusively) in their bodies? Swyer Syndrome? Klinefelter? Turner? Mosaicism? Chimerism? You may want to do some basic research into human sex karyotypes.

    • Tom Rath

      Susan, please check your disqus for replies to older posts. Thanks!

    • Tom Rath

      I had replied to this post this morning on in reference to XX
      and XY being the only human sex karyotypes with information regarding
      several variations that exist (i.e., that biological sex is not binary)
      such as Swyer Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter, Mosaicism,
      Chimerism, etc., many of which occur in statistically significant
      numbers (similar to Down Syndrome).

      Anyway, the powers here decided they wanted to protect(?) you from this info so my reply
      to you was deleted. You certainly don’t come across as anyone who needs a
      “safe space” from information! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Gregory Peterson

      Even though there are only two sex chromosomes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are only two sexes. There is much more to being a human male or female… or ‘other’… than that.

  • Joseph

    @galatians328 ” Trump, Putin’s lapdog who wants to lick and play with Putins balls?” I’ve noticed that all ”christians” who support this perverted LGBT movement always talk like you do. they are nasty, foul mouthed and just plain rude. these people are not Christian

  • Joseph

    Tom Rath, intersex, hermaphrodite, etc. has nothing to do with transgenderism. people who were born one gender and say they are the other is illogical. transgenderism is man-made. if you were born a man than you are a man. if you were born a woman than you are a woman

    • Joseph

      Tom Rath what facts? no one is born transgender. hermaphrodite and intersex however. I agree with you there

      • Tom Rath

        Susan’s misconception about all being born being either 46,XX or 46,XY (i.e., that biological sex is binary). There are several exceptions.

    • Tom Rath

      So, if I reply to Susan again will it be deleted again?

    • Tom Rath

      And what is the basis for that determination? We know that biological sex isn’t binary (see deleted posts), so why is it a stretch to assume the psychological factors related to sex/gender identity must be binary?

    • Joseph

      Tom Rath. is there a reason why you keep responding to me? no matter how I report you you keep coming back. I am reporting your posts from my posts for a reason. I don’t want to talk to me anymore.

      • Tom Rath

        Mea culpa. I erroneously believed my replies were being being deleted by someone because THEY didn’t you to have the information. Apologies. Merry Christmas!

    • Gregory Peterson

      Of course you can’t make a biblical argument about that as the people of the Bible knew nothing about DNA and your genetic makeup, though perhaps not all that much less than you.

      Biblical patriarchy depended upon strictly patrolling and controlling gender roles, free male domination of un-free people and female submissiveness. They knew nothing of sperm cells and the human ovum, or the astronomically high number of combinations that resulted in a random sperm cell fertilizing a random egg, among the millions, if not billions, if not more, of possible outcomes that resulted in you being you and not some other child born to your mother.

      I don’t live in that pre-scientific authoritarian patriarchy and I don’t want to, either.

      There are only two sex chromosomes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are only two sexes… not to mention that all men and transgender women have the ‘female’ “X” sex chromosome.

  • Joseph

    That guy is face palming at National Geographic for doing something so stupid and for believing in something so ridiculous such as ”transgenderism”

  • Jim Walker

    Have the parents ever thought that their child is demon possessed ?

    • Gregory Peterson

      Oh good grief.

  • Wayne Cook

    Stopped subscribing to Nat Geo when they first dabbled in politics decades ago. They turned a stunning photograpy magazine into another Time with more pictures. Ughh.

  • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

    I would LOVE to see/hear Brown with a gender expert or human sexuality expert. Using words written in context of ancient cultures (3400 – 2000 years ago) on male-female roles to assess today’s understanding of both gender and sexuality is completely irresponsible.

    Not only does Brown continually condemn and shame people for trying to be who God made them to be, he incites others to join him in his culpable ignorance.

    I would not imagine however that an academic would waste their time dialoguing with Brown who does not even possess the most basic understanding on gender and sexuality.

    Perhaps those who agree with Brown should limit yourselves to the biblical prescription and cultural understandings of health issues millennia ago?

    But, no. You’d want the latest understanding and expert input. On these topics related to the , uniqueness, dignity and humanity of others, you read as if we have learned NOTHING about human sexuality and gender over 2000 years and still operate in cultures of extreme patriarchy.

    This ignorance is becoming part of Brown’s legacy. A legacy of destruction and ignorance towards those who do not fit in his severely limited understanding.

    Make you way to a medical gender conference Brown and “challenge” the experts with your knowledge. Let us know how that goes when you are engaging experts.

    You push people from God with your arrogance and ignorance which you export to others.

    • Zac H

      Did we read the same article? He quoted several experts and gave a couple anecdotes but zero references to scripture. Yes, Brown mentions God – by saying these folks are made in His image and deserve our compassion. How is this condemnation and shame? I think you selectively ignored the expert opinions and goodwill on Brown’s part because it didn’t conform to your view on this matter.

    • Eye Know

      If your last sentence was true, then liberal churches would be growing.

      But they aren’t. They’re shrinking.

  • Gregory Peterson

    “Male-female relationships form the foundation of all societies, from romance to reproduction to parenting, and without those relationships, which include the celebration of gender distinctives, no society will flourish.”

    Well, yes and no. It’s pair bonding that is the foundation of all societies. LGBT people can do that, too. Most pair bonds will be female-male, but not all. Younger women in heterosexual relationships will likely lead to the couple having children, but they do not exist on an island by themselves, especially in today’s age. There are high tech and age old methods for infertile couples to have children, too.

    While there are only two sex chromosomes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are only two sexes…not to mention that the people of the Bible couldn’t have know about them. Some of my own neighbors are ‘Two Spirits’ people, and their families love and accept them as that. Other societies see a third sex, sometimes even more sexes. Your culturally, morally and intellectually blinkered self simply refuses to see what others can. People are simply too complex to just sort out by their sex chromosomes.

    It takes all of us, even childless adults, to raise children and help us care for the infirm and the elderly. We have infertile grandmothers, unlike with other species, I think, because they help raise children and care for other adults who are ill.

    I had a couple of childless female teachers when I was a kid who helped educate me. The Gay health and safety officer in your area helps keep you, me and everyone’s children healthier. There are Gay police officers who help keep them safer. Gay couples raise foster children, and so on.

    Bullying transgender teens because, as near as I can tell, of your tawdry fantasies of a Christian patriarchal status quo ante is pretty pathetic. They can grow up to become valuable, contributing members of society… if they aren’t crushed under the minority stress that people such as yourself selfishly and unjustly create and encourage.

  • Gregory Peterson

    “In 2012, the Daily Mail ran this headline about Ria Cooper: “‘I was born a boy, became a girl, and now I want to be a boy again’: Britain’s youngest sex swap patient to reverse her sex change treatment.”

    Your link goes to a 30 Dec. 2015 ‘Daily Mail’ article:

    Britain’s youngest transgender patient says she can’t get a job ‘because of her past’

    Rihanna Cooper, now 21, claims an employer googled her name and found out she once did escort work

    That article does not support your argument on transgender people… but very much illustrates the heavy burdens of youthful indiscretions, social isolation and minority stress.

    And speaking of social isolation, the 2012 article that you wanted to link to but didn’t reports that she was unhappy with the mood swings that the hormones were giving her and how much anguish she suffered from being alienated from her family by her transition.

    “She believes she will have better luck in love as a ‘trendy’ gay man, and that returning to being a male will help heal the damaged relationships with her family.

    ‘I don’t want to live in isolation, away from everyone I love. This is the only way forward. I just want to be happy and this is my last chance.’”

    Judging from the Dec. 2015 link that undercuts your own argument, she is apparently no longer alienated from her mother, at least, and is not living as a “trendy gay man” (not that there is anything wrong with that). She is living as a woman who wants to put her past mistakes behind her, of which transitioning to a woman was not one of them.

  • CbinJ

    Thank you for being the voice of sanity in an insane world Dr. Brown. As usual, you hit the nail right on the head.
    These child abusers should be prosecuted. The fact is: quacks and bad parents are destroying children, and society not only sits by and does nothing, but encourages it. Reality exists. People who refuse to conform to reality will be sorely disappointed. Those decievers and the great Deceiver who insist that reality does not exist will face Justice for their crimes against God and individuals. Really, that is what faith is all about, that there is Justice and it will be served. I hope one day that this abused child will awaken to his victimhood and fight for the side of Truth against those lies that harmed him.

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