Mr. President, Right Now We Need a Unifier, Not Just a Fighter

By Michael Brown Published on August 17, 2017

Mr. President, I write this with the utmost respect, knowing the weight of responsibility you carry and understanding how divided we are right now as a nation. My appeal to you, sir, is straightforward: Please help unify our country.

In your own words during the campaign, “I’m a unifier, I know people find that a little hard to believe, but I am a unifier. … I will be a great unifier for our country.”

Mr. President, we need you to be that man today.

Many of us who voted for you did so because you are tenacious, because you won’t be intimidated, because you don’t back down, because you are willing to take on the establishment — be it the political establishment or the media establishment. Rarely in my life have I seen someone as fearless and determined as you. That’s why you took on the odds and proved everyone wrong by winning the presidential election.

There were even prophetic words saying that would you be a divine wrecking ball of sorts, a message that resonated with many of us. That is also part of who you are, and that is something we need you to be.

Our nation needs healing right now. Will you please help lead the way?

But there are times to be a wrecking ball and times to be a statesman. Today, our nation needs you to be a statesman. Will you rise to the occasion?

It’s one thing to face down the Kim Jong Un’s of this world, to let them know that they dare not mess with America with you at the helm. It’s another thing to bring healing to a hurting, divided people. Our nation needs healing right now. Will you please help lead the way?

At the moment, our nation needs someone more compassionate than combative, a true and effective peacemaker. You can be that man.

I understand that, in certain ways, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You will never satisfy the secular media. Some media outlets are even accusing you of being a Nazi sympathizer and a voice for the KKK. This is evil and repugnant. I, along with other people of conscience, stand wholeheartedly against it.

I think I understand what happened with your handling of Charlottesville. You first saw two factions fighting, both representing something abhorrent in your eyes, so you spoke out against evil on all sides.

Then, when confronted with your failure to denounce white supremacists by name, you did what you didn’t do in your first statement. You made yourself categorically clear. This was not enough for the media, who said it was too little, too late. So you fought back, trying to justify your first comments. Perhaps that’s how things unfolded in your own heart and mind.

Do you remember offering a sincere apology for some things you said during the campaign? That made you bigger, not smaller, more effective, not less.

But right now, we desperately need you to step above the fray, to ignore false accusations for the moment, and to stand tall as the most powerful elected official on the planet. This is the path of wisdom.

After all, the question is not what’s best for you but what’s best for the American people. And if some of the media act like children, you be the adult in the room.

Do you remember offering a sincere apology for some things you said during the campaign, saying that you regretted some of your words? That made you bigger, not smaller, more powerful, not weaker, more effective, not less.

The same would happen today if you apologized for appearing to be combative at such a difficult time in our history and said that all of us as Americans must stand together against hatred and violence. And you are committed to help lead the way.

You could reiterate your absolute abhorrence of all white supremacist movements. Then appeal to those on the left to find a peaceful, non-violent approach to expressing their opposition, making clear that violent responses, on the left or the right, are unacceptable.

You could even quote Dr. King, who reminded us that darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can drive out darkness. Inspire us to become that light, that shining “city set on a hill.”

Mr. President, during the primaries, I was one of your strongest evangelical critics. But when it became clear you were going to be the Republican candidate, and with the recognition that God might indeed have chosen you to be our 45th president, I began to pull for you. I hoped and prayed that you would be a blessing to our nation.

In that regard, as a leader who was recently welcomed at the White House by some of your staff for an open and frank discussion, I deeply appreciate many of the things you’ve already done. Shall I simply say the words “Neil Gorsuch”?

Doing the right thing today — acting in wisdom, standing as a statesman, speaking as a unifier — could mark a great turning point in your presidency.

At the same time, as evangelical Christians, we have serious concerns. Some of them are very weighty. But we believe that, with God’s help, you can remove those concerns and be the man we’re praying for you to be.

I know many of the leaders you invited to be your faith advisors. I have the utmost respect for them and for their ability to offer you timely wisdom and council. They are men and women of courage, compassion, conviction and unconditional, redeeming love. Be assured they will always speak the truth to you.

On behalf of the millions of evangelicals who voted for you, I appeal to you to listen to the advice these faith leaders are so able and ready to communicate to you.

I genuinely hope that you will read this letter and give it prayerful consideration. Doing the right thing today — acting in wisdom, standing as a statesman, speaking as a unifier — could mark a great turning point in your presidency.

How would Washington behave today? What would Lincoln do? How would Reagan respond?

It is time, sir, for you become to a unifier of the nation, not just a fighter. This will be for the good of a nation in turmoil and will be a jewel in your legacy in the years to come.

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  • BTP

    For everything there is a season. Sissy-boy worrying about how to avoid a fight is how we got in this mess in the first place. Sorry.

    • I admire that stance, but really this only hurts his greater agenda.

      • BTP

        What is the greater agenda?

        • Ending Obamacare, real healthcare reform, tax cuts, infrastructure, immigration reform.

          • BTP

            Funny. Seriously, though, what is the greater agenda?

            I mean, you have taken a look at this criminal congress this year, right? You are aware that ending Obamacare – that thing the GOP has campaigned on for seven years – completely failed? There’s really no chance of any of those things happening.

          • First off Trump knows he will not get re-elected without any accomplishments. Obamacare repeal was only one vote short. I haven’t given up hope.

  • Linda

    Too late. He is not the man for the job, never was. His nominators made a horrible mistake and angry voters elected him. No good decisions are ever made in anger and Trump’s following developed from anger. It is over.

    • Myth Buster

      Couldn’t agree with you more. He told the audience what they wished to hear, modifying his positions throughout the early stages of his campaign until reaching a collective narrative that would gain him the most votes. Then, upon getting into office flip-flopped on some of his promises, totally dropping some all together and he took the country in a direction many would have not thought morally or historically possible. Only a small minority believe that double-downing on stupidity is a wise idea. Now we have buyer’s remorse. Trump is just down to his hardcore base. He’s lost the independents, some of the right wing conservatives and almost all of his crossover voters. There’s just a little over three years left and his presidency will be all over.

      • Patmos

        Yeah but, he’s smarter then you.

        Get a life.

        • Myth Buster

          Really. The idiot still thinks he had the largest inauguration crowd ever. Intelligent people know this was not so. What do you think? Get a brain.

          • Lucas Jackson

            These people have drank the pitchers of cool-aide. Facts mean nothing to them. Math, science, accurate history and logic are way over their heads. I just pop into the website to read what the crazies are thinking. Just because Trump told the Pershing story yesterday and it’s been disproved, they’ll still believe it.

          • Chip Crawford

            No, ugly, we know the story is false and Mr. Trump’s act needs a lot of work.

      • Wayne Cook

        According to Pew Resarch, his “shrinking base” is over 100 million. Your acid whining is noxious.

        • Myth Buster

          He currently has a 33% approval rating and only 24% of the country trust him. Yes, his “shrinking base” is over 100 million, but there is well over 300 million living in the country. Your acid inability to grasp basic math is noxious.

          • Dire Distress

            Trump’s approval rating is at its lowest since he took office with only 35% of Americans giving him a positive rating, according to a Marist Poll released Wednesday. Although he is still popular among righties, his key constituency, his job performance rating has dropped among strong Republicans from 91% in June to 79% now. He’s losing ground with only six months in office.

          • Chip Crawford

            Sure, like the ground he is said to have lost according to polling before last November’s election?

          • Dire Distress

            Is this your best come-back or logic? There were actually larger numbers of stupid people that believed Trump’s promises last November. We’re now just looking at the special education Trump supporters still loyal to him. Things change. It’s like Evolution. The smarter people have moved on.

        • Dragon Slayer

          Do some research and then take a math class. Things will make more sense to you then and you will not so easily be manipulated.

          • Wayne Cook

            You’ve drawn your conclusions, no amount of research would reach you’re already poisoned vacuum.

          • Dragon Slayer

            Sorry, my little minion. Four in ten Americans now support the impeachment of President Donald Trump — a ten point jump in the last six months — according to a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). Nixon didn’t even get those low numbers. You need to climb out of your box occasionally.

          • Chip Crawford

            Say, are these the same folks who polled the 2016 Presidential race?

          • Dragon Slayer

            Yes, they are. Do you know how the polls work? You don’t seem to grasp that knowledge or understanding the 2016 polling data. You sound like a Fox News watcher. Would that all be true?

          • Wayne Cook

            I’m a degreed professional with 48 years experience…I doubt you come within a light year of my credentials.

          • Dragon Slayer

            Your fantasy degree from Trump University doesn’t count. “I’m a degreed professional with 48 years experience.” LOL!!!!!!

          • Dire Distress

            Good one!!!!!!! Forgot about those worthless Trump University degrees.

          • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

            You must be in Dire Distress why don’t you go take some meds or whatever it is you do to kill brain cells…not many left, Good Job!

          • Chip Crawford

            It’s beyond your thought capacity that anyone could achieve to that level, I see. Say, be careful where you spit that tobacco juice. Blind derision has the most disgusting responses.

          • Dragon Slayer

            Oh Wow! Now that was a deep thought.

          • Linda

            I never said his followers were uneducated. But they are fooled and foolish.

          • Wayne Cook

            Actually, you did, but you are unable to distinguish between logic and anger, education and foolishness. You set yourself up as judge and jury of both and you simply don’t have the qualifications to do that. You, dear ma’am, aren’t either educated or wise. Have a nice day.

          • Menachem Mevashir

            “You, dear ma’am, aren’t either educated or wise.”

            Properly expressed as: “You, dear ma’am, are neither educated nor wise.”

            How educated did you say you are Cookie?

          • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

            Linda, maybe you did not say that but I will say that detractors like you are ignorant and need to remove the MSM Kool-aid IV while you still have some brains cells remaining!

          • Wayne Cook

            Wow, you are on a roll, Maria!

          • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

            Dragon Slayer stop trolling a conservative thread, troll! Nasty paid Soros Puppet!!! President Trump is winning…BIGLEY!!!

        • Linda

          And all the titans of business who quit the presidential councils? They did that because millions of their customers support Trump? Even Campbells Soup can’t stomach him!!

        • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

          Great one Wayne Cook!!! Love it! Clearly these morons are trolls, and maybe even paid Soros puppets. The more they hate and bloviate the more our POTUS grows his base! These idiots are probably relying on the same fake MSM polls that said KIllary would win by 80-100% BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

          • Wayne Cook


      • Dragon Slayer

        Two years ago in a tweet Trump said the Confederate stuff needs to come down; now he’s saying it should stay up. I’ve got whiplash.

      • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

        Myth Buster…how ironic since you obviously are full of lies and obfuscation! You are so full of crap, take your bloviation and folderol and tell it to the George Soros puppets. our awesome POTUS is not only retaining his base, he is growing it, troll!!! So if our POTUS is down to his “hardcore base” why does have 30 – 50 thousand patriots attend every single rally! you are a repugnant, mendacious miscreant…probably another despicable paid Soros puppet!!

        • Myth Buster

          Okay, during the campaign Trump said he’d build a wall and Mexico would pay for it and all the little Trmpsters cheered, as the intelligent people scratched their heads in amazement at the stupidity. Now, Trump is saying the taxpayer will be paying for it or he’ll shut the government down, as all the intelligent people scratching their heads in amazement at the continued stupidity. Did you do a lot of howling last night when he said he’d shut down the government?

    • Chip Crawford

      I see extra haters have been brought in for this …

    • Menachem Mevashir

      Nice comment Linda.

      I campaigned for Trump and voted for him, mostly out of anger towards Hillary and the Demoncrats.

      In a way I wanted someone in office who would destroy the entire political system. I think that was the dark side to my vote.

      But now that this is happening I regret it.

      As a young Jew growing up in America I always wondered how a smart and sophisticated nation like Germany could have elected Hitler.

      With Trump in office I now understand.

      • Menachem Mevashir

        Interesting that in the 1933 elections, about 80% of German Jews voted for Hitler!

    • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

      Linda, hey hater, what are you doing posting on this thread troll Few if any agree wtih you so please just take your nasty unwanted comments and go to tell it to the Antifa or BAMN or Obama, or Hillary or George Soros, they will welcome your nasty folderol!

  • Liberty4Evr

    President Trump,
    We love You. We are Praying for you. And we are Proud of You. Please keep up the work that you have been called to. Do not listen to the Nay Sayers. You are were you are supposed to be doing what you have been Called to do. It is my fellow Countrymen that need to unite behind you and the values that has made this country Strong. Aquiessing to the voice of your critics weakens not only yourself but also this Country. Please do not listen to “the men without chests.”

    • You should read The True Believer by Eric Hoffer. It’s about YOU.

  • Patmos

    Sorry Dr. Brown, the left is in no sort of stable mental state to be reconciled to. It simply cannot happen. I see no reasonable voice coming from that side of the spectrum. They have lost all credibility, and have been devoured by their own in a ironic twist of their political correctness coming home to roost. Long gone are the respectable Democrats who fight for worthy causes, the ones who grew up asking not what their country could do for them, and they have been replaced with a mishmash of reprobates, shallow minded social justice warriors, and burned out hippies.

    • Bryan

      Your take on the state of mind of the left may be spot on. However, the point of reconciliation and forgiveness has more to do with the one that does it than the one who receives it. Because as Paul says, …forgiving others just as God, through Christ, has forgiven you.
      It takes a strong person to begin a process of reconciliation. And besides, it heaps burning coals on the heads of your enemies when you do.

  • timeout31

    Baloney! We do not need a unifier. We need 1) People of God to pray 2) A leader who will get up and tell the truth. Which is what Trump is doing.

    He is taking flack for telling the truth!! Those who are dividing the country are: 1) the press with their lies in all media and their hatred for all things CORRECT, like America 2) the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Being unifiers has done little for we the people except enslave us.

    NO! We need a fighter. It is not just the left. Republican politicians and even those fat cats are simply defending their turf. They do not want to heal the land. They want to ensure their power….It is not Trump who needs to change or offer the olive branch. It is the establishment cesspool.

    Totally wrong on this one.

  • timeout31

    This is the truth! What is certain is that the violence could easily have been prevented
    with the common sense strategies civilized cities put in place. America
    deserves much better from its media and its elected officials. The
    only person remembering why he is there is Donald Trump.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well, the wisdom of Solomon, the genius of Paul & the grace of God would not be enough to soothe these “savage beasts” out for a kill. Jesus Himself knowing the hearts of those who opposed Him refused to” cast His pearls before swine”. Trump is no Jesus but he is the POTUS & w/that comes a responsibility not entirely unlike that of the greatest leader ever to set foot upon this world. Jesus knew when to be diplomatic & He knew when to get in your face. Bottom line He only did what He saw his Father do. Jesus’s adversaries did not shape the Master’s strategy. He was not moved by their ignorance , unbelief & “obstructionist” mentality. Trump likewise needs to stand his ground in the face of the “resistance” & not be party to their delusion through any efforts to placate them. This can be accomplished w/out compromising civility, tact & political good will. So perhaps it’s not a unifier thats needed right now but a champion for the freedoms this country stands for. After all , how can two walk together unless they be agreed …?!

    • Menachem Mevashir

      Trump boasted of never having repented for anything.

      It is a totally obscene to compare him to Jesus.

      The only connection he has to Jesus is to the excrement that Jesus produced after a good meal.


    • Menachem Mevashir

      Since you’re into the eclipse, check this out:

      The great solar eclipse falls on Rosh Chodesh Elul this year

      Elul is the beginning of the month of mercy and teshuva leading into the Jewish High Holy Days

      From a Jewish mystical perspective, the eclipse is a very positive sign, when the moon, symbolizing the people of G+D or Bride of Messiah, comes into complete unity with the Sun, symbolizing G+D and the King of Righteousness. The darkness serves to guard their privacy in this sacred moment.

      So look for big changes on our planet!


      • Gary

        What kind of changes?

  • Hmmm…

    I’m really not sure about this. There’s Trump the man, the flawed candidate turned flawed office holder. There are the gifts and strengths to stand up to the opposition and do the heavy lifting needed to remove the log jams and get us going forward. He appears to authorize his feelings to make calls that should be weighed mentally, with a heart and with wise counsel. As far as his pride and braggadocio and wanting praise, pettiness to those who disagree even with him, well, on that: he has sown to the wind; and maybe this is the whirlwind.

    But the harsh judgment arrayed against the current government, of whoever is leading at all levels, is poison, truly evil poison. It started with the way HRC conducted her campaign, with the harshest rhetoric I remember or in a long time. That pulled on Trump’s lower nature, but the continuation of the death knoll striking at every turn by the Democratic leaders is culpable in this current strife and division climate in our nation.

    I keep thinking about the two former Bush presidents saying that hatred has no place in our country. Absolutely! But why are they alright with the manifest hatred coming from the Democratic opposition, which includes most media outlets? and goes to a hired band of thugs to carry out violence on their behalf?

    That’s why the role of the Antifa (misnomer) is so culpable in many’s minds, including in this recent debacle, because they’ve got the eyes to see that the group is sponsored by the Democratic resistance for that purpose. It is incorpoated at a level never before introduced in the life stream of the nation. It was raised against Trump campaign rally goers, on college campuses against conservative speakers, in the streets protesting the outcome of the election — just rebellion that justifies its “cause” against the rule of law. They are a direct arm of the Democratic party and their resist policy, which is still their only policy … Their mere accusation is deemed reality …

  • Very good advice. I wish Trump would take it. And I agree with Trump about both sides to blame. But that argument will never get traction today. He needs to be more politically savvy.

    • Hmmm…

      Wouldn’t that be more politically expedient? That’s what has kept us treading water, and then having it push us backward. No, going along isn’t always the thing to do, to compromise. But this issue may be one of needing to get wise counsel and listen to it. There is more to these arenas than he has figured out most of the time, and he is needful of counsel from those with a rounder perspective.

      • This is a distraction from his agenda. I don’t see how this helps

        • Hmmm…

          Hey, being the President is not just about passing an agenda. As the article rightfully states, unifying the country, comforting, addressing crisis falls within the oversight role. It’s part of his job. A lot of people think he messed up, which is up for debate, but there is a deeper divide over it. He is supposed to help with “this.”

          • Yiu never win when you step into race issues. Even Obama suffered.

          • Hmmm…

            Presidents get criticized for not stepping up right away to speak a calming word to the country when crisis occurs. He’s not just a political operative, you know. He’s the leader of the country, its people. He’s having problems because he did seem to some to take sides. But he had to give a word. If you call that stepping into it, he’s supposed to.

          • Listen I think Trump got it right. But look how it got turned on him. It’s a no win. Say some calming words that are boiler plate and move on.

  • tz1

    It takes both sides to “unify”.
    Should we give up on abortion and permanently fund Planned Parenthood? If that is one of the other side’s demands?

    This evil has been happening for decades. We have to give up our principles and allow every grave evil in the name of “unity”.

    Name even ONE THING the left has ever given up over the period.

    The left imposes something like “Gay Marriage” then calls for unity.
    They force contraception and abortifacient coverage in Obamacare and call for unity.

    Christ asked what unity can happen between light and darkness. – We can only dim or extinguish the light. Is that really what you are calling for, the eclipse of all that is true, good, and beautiful in the name of unity?

    • Hmmm…

      This resonates with me. The Democrats are astonishing with their demands, accusations and recriminations, while working against what is being attempted to be done and not providing anything themselves. As Chris Wallace pointed out on his Sunday program a few weeks ago, he listed what the Republicans were willing to bend on, then asked Nancy Pelosi what they were willing to give, and nothing came forth. They have strident demands, even insisting their agenda and perspective, and something they refer to as “their values” be enacted. It takes somebody with as much brass as that bunch to even things out. No, I see that so clearly.

  • Gary

    Oh, come on Brown! You can’t expect Trump, or anyone else, to unite the country. In order for people to be united they must agree, and there is no agreement to be had between leftists and conservatives. Face reality.

  • Mommy Says

    With all due respect, Doctor, it’s THE CHURCH who should unify. That’s OUR assignment. AND to advance the Kingdom of God. The president is president for all the people, as Mr. Trump truly is. He is not the president of professional, paid thugs and malcontents, and the judases within. Bush made a big deal of trying to unify. He was scorned, and the country divided. Double that, triple that, with Obama who only sided with judases. It’s not up to the president, it’s up to US. BTW, light cannot unify with darkness. It can only show the way, convert, AND disciple.

  • Menachem Mevashir

    Michael Brown’s name is truly apt. As in Brown-nosing.

    Trump is the best weapon satan ever came up with to destroy Christianity.

    This man who boasts of never having repented of anything in his life;

    Who made his fortune running casinos that swindle people by making them think it’s fun to lose their money on games that are forbidden by the bible;

    Who is pompous and hateful and a serial adulterer.

    By associating yourself with this monster, you have done more to discredit the message of Christ than even the Catholic Church with its inquisitions Crusades and Pogroms.

    Good work Mike.

    Now wipe that brown stuff off your nose…

    • Chip Crawford

      Liberal portions of judging and hate speech served up with pompous aplomb.

      • Menachem Mevashir

        You mean “hate speech” is anything that identifies unsavory facts about President DJ?

        Don’t you see: Trump has profited off of losers like you his whole life. Casinos only make money by preying on the hopes and wishes of desperate and stupid people.

        Trump uses fools like you (and me, when I voted for him) to lubricate his yellowbrick road.

        And then he laughs all the way to the bank.

        • Menachem Mevashir

          Trump is President P T Barnum who says:

          “There’s a sucker born every minute … and they all voted for me!”

        • Chip Crawford

          No, I do not mean that, ugly. I mean we had two very flawed candidates, and one had to choose. Many voters and now hopers for their country going forward had slim to none in their choice, and went with slim. Everyone knows about the low side of the equation, but truly informed people know that’s not all there is to the man and what we know of HRC is a sure thing down the rabbit hole, truly leaving Kansas for good. It is so easy, so cheap and easy to do what you are doing.

      • Menachem Mevashir

        The wicked rich use race and international conflict to divert attention from how they are hijacking the national economy and leaving everyone else in a feeding frenzy over crumbs.

        Trump loves Wall Street and all the filthy rich.

        His ban on Muslim countries conveniently excludes the two countries where he has business interests and also that produce the most extremist forms of Islam: Saudi Arabia and Indonesia!

        Don’t be a sucker.

        The enemy is not North Korea or ISIS.

        It’s the rich of every country against all the rest of us.

      • Menachem Mevashir

        Pastors love to say: “Jesus never condemned money, only love of money…”

        To which we may retort: “How much money does a person need just to prove s/he doesn’t really love it?”

  • Menachem Mevashir

    Trump boasted of never having repented for anything.

    It is a totally obscene to compare him to Jesus.

    The only connection he has to Jesus is to the excrement that Jesus produced after a good meal.


  • pseudo-intellectual

    The Left will not accept any “unifier” who does not fully support its agenda.

  • Menachem Mevashir


    Karl Marx had his Communist Manifesto. My manifesto is partially in tribute to Marx’s astute analysis of the evils of the Western economic system. Marx also aspired to the biblical ideal of communalism, as expressed in the Book of Acts Chapters Two and Four, but failed to implement it due to his commitment to atheistic materialism. Marx didn’t realize that this idealized way of living depends on its members experiencing a change of heart that only Jesus Christ can perform.

    The election of Donald J. Trump bodes well if we can only look at it with a discerning eye. Trump, for all his repulsive characteristics, is not the problem but actually reflects the internal rot and degeneracy of our entire society. And we should rejoice that G+D is making this manifest to us at this time, since it allows us to recognize the problem and collectively repent of our complicity in an evil socio-economic system.

    Likewise the uproar over Confederate monuments perfectly dovetails with this process of lifting up the skirts of America to reveal her uncleanness. The fact is that the entire American economic system, what I call Cancer Capitalism, is based on slavery and unfair exploitation of labor. Prosperity in America comes at the stiff price of abuse of its workers.

    In the antebellum South, the slaves were Negroes captured in Africa and brought here in chains. Today the slaves are Third-World wage slaves toiling for pittance in factories outsourced by corporate America and its Wall Street owners and masters.

    In both cases, the white middle class is hurt because it cannot compete economically with workers who either work for free as chattel slaves (the true meaning of America’s Free Market economy) or for pennies overseas as corporate wage slaves. And in both cases the white middle class resents and harbors extreme anger and hatred against these workers who usurp their jobs and their livelihoods.

    In both cases, too, the ruling class tries to devise ways to divert white anger from them onto convenient scapegoat targets. In the antebellum South racism was institutionalized by the plantation owners and by their political and academic apologists, who buttressed the system through law and pseudo-intellectualism. Under this system poor whites were encouraged to vent their anger on Negroes rather than on the plantation owners who had hijacked the economy to serve their own greedy interests.

    Today it appears Trump (and the Republican Party as a whole) is attempting to do the same thing. In a bid to deflect white working class anger away from Trump’s Wall Street pals, who also have hijacked the economy to serve their own narrow interests, Trump promotes xenophobia, hatred of racial and ethnic minorities, and demonization of Islam. (Of course, Trump conveniently excludes from his travel ban two of the most fundamentalist and reactionary Muslim societies, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, probably because of his extensive business interests with them.) This is a smoke and mirrors campaign to distract suffering workers from the true source of their grievances and discontent.

    Trump also can rely upon the Christian Right to promote and inflame hot button morality issues that at heart also are economic in nature. This ensures that the Christian middle class will vote against their own economic interests to support the financiers running the globalized plantation wage slave system that undermines the American Dream.

    Trump made his fortune on casinos which seduce foolish and desperate people to gamble their money away and then assures them that it’s fun to lose their money in this futile and sinful endeavor. Trump is a serial adulterer, shameless business sheisster, with a coarse vulgar and ignorant persona. Yet the leaders of the Christian Right, the Pastortutes, line up behind him like a bunch of docile choir boys waiting to be abused by their priest. Christian support for Trump (in an understandable move to repudiate the policies of the Demoncrats) has done more to damage the reputation of Christianity in the eyes of the world than the Spanish Inquisition, and Catholic holy wars, crusades and pogroms.
    These Christian Pastortutes don’t recognize that most of their favorite morality issues, that they trumpet so self-righteously, are economic at heart. Both abortion and the fracturing of the American family are due to economic pressures resulting in extreme hardship raising a family. The Christocrites who lead the American church will pontificate about many things, but they never will discuss, much less promote, the biblical mandate to pay workers a fair and living wage.

    In a normal economic system, all members of society toil together for the collective needs of everyone. But in America’s greed driven system, workers are mere commodities to exploit and throw away and to be used to enrich the tiny minority of owners. Jesus refuted and rebuked this system clearly when He taught that YOU CANNOT LOVE G+D AND MAMMON! But Trump’s pastoral call girls dilute this clear message by whining: Jesus never said money is evil, just love of money! To which we can rightfully ask: HOW MUCH MONEY DOES A PERSON NEED JUST TO PROVE THAT HE DOESN’T REALLY LOVE IT?!

    The total solar eclipse that will traverse the continental United States tomorrow about noon time (high noon for the corrupt and evil American system) comes at an amazing time. It falls on Rosh Chodesh Elul, the first day of the new Hebrew month leading into the High Holy Days. It is a time of prayer and repentance leading into the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah 30 days later, when the whole world is judged, and the Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur 40 days from tomorrow. This also is likely the time when Jesus was born and couldn’t be a more auspicious time for His Return to our troubled turbulent and tortured planet.

    We can only pray that the King of Righteousness and the Prince of Peace will rescue us from the encroaching criminality of the Trump Presidency even as we are thankful that this evil President DJ Barnum, who says There’s a sucker born every minute … and they all voted for me!, has helped manifest the true face of American society and culture to a shocked and horrified world.


    PS When evolutionists say that mutations drive evolution by enhancing the genome, that is tantamount to a murderer claiming that he stabbed his victim to death in order to perform plastic surgery! Google: Miller-Urey experiment refutes evolution from primordial muck, A E Wilder Smith on the impossibility of chemical evolution, sickle cell trait refutes adaptive advantage of mutations, arch-evolutionist Eugenie Scott admits random mutation coupled with natural selection is a false paradigm, fruit fly radiation experiments prove mutations are always deleterious or fatal, never beneficial. DNA is designed like a spring to reflect its role as a genetic shock absorber, allowing limited adaptation to environmental stressors but preventing macro-evolutionary changes to the species!

    • Menachem Mevashir

      If you want to see the links in this essay, please write to me at:

      Thanks and G+D Bless You All!

    • Menachem Mevashir

      A version of this appears online with links: 4shared * com/web/preview/pdf/jrFFgNRFca

  • Scott Hethcox

    Dr. Brown,
    I grew up a Ronald Regan Republican and a conservative Christian and I think Ronald Regan is rolling around in his grave with with disgust at how Trump has represented The Republican Party and the Office of President of the United States. Never have I ever seen a leader possess such Pride, Arrogance and divisiveness. Where are the fruits of the spirit ? Could you ever see Jesus speak with such recklessness and stupidity ? Evangelical Christians were deceived into voting for a true Wolf in Sheep’s clothing !! It’s time for our Christian Leaders to take a much stronger stance against Trump’s off the teleprompter hate speech !! Have our Christian Leaders bowed the knee to Gold & Power ? I appreciate you being with soft touch the first Man of God to raise a red Flag to address this issue. My Jesus looks nothing like Donald Trump.

    • Maria Alvarez Sternlicht

      Scott Hethcox, speak for yourself sir! I happen to love and appreciate the way my President has handled himself, especially against all that have viciously opposed him…the left, the MSM, RINOS, the deep state and if that is not enough conservatives such as yourself! Instead of blathering your negative folderol why don’t you take your grievances to the Lord and offer up a prayer for our President while you are at it! There is enough bloviation being spewed without Christians adding to it…true believers that is. I could ask you the same question, where are the fruits of the spirit in your post? I strongly urge you to meditate on Matthew 7 and take a look at that i-beam you are sporting!

    • Donald Trump is our President, NOT our Savior!
      Thankfully. Jesus looks nothing like any of US depraved sinners.

      • Hmmm…

        Like your first line; needed point.
        As for the second – The saved cannot be depraved, and the NT calls them saints thereafter, not sinners. The finished work of the Lord Jesus does better work than that. Besides, we are made in the image and likeness of God, accepted in the beloved. There’s a place for humility, but let’s not downgrade what should be celebrated! our lifting up. It takes guts to believe the bible — so great salvation.

  • bbb

    Jesus Christ said he did not come to change the laws or to unify people, but to fulfill the laws and to divide: brother against brother, father against son, mother-in law against daughter-in-law.
    Those who knew that accepting Christ was a 100% deal understood that many in families there would be members who turned on each other because it is human nature to want to have one’s own way and one’s own ideology.
    What is the price of unification?
    Obama did not unify, he successfully divided women from men, black from white, Mexicans from Americans, rich from poor and Christians from secularists.
    But why was he successful?
    President Trump will have to ride through his Presidency with WW3 looming overhead. If this nation cannot unify to call upon the name of the Lord for our salvation and protection, then Trump is not to blame.
    But Christ’s churches have “sanctuary” signs on them, not sayings that unify. Churches are in the business of social welfare, of food drives or clothing drives and yet the many churches I have visited over the last few years are NOT preaching or teaching the inerrant Word of the Bible.
    In the books “Left Behind” many church congregations are left in the midst of a cataclysmic vanishing to claim that the devil took all the church parishioners who disappeared in the Rapture. At the time I thought it would be few. Now I know it will be many whose churches have failed them.
    Is Trump really to blame for the last three decades of secular curriculum in schools, banning God from our kids, for the weaponizing of every agency and bureau in DC against the average citizens?
    Unification has never happened historically. Trump is right to shut down a government that is so broken it cannot function anyway, and I am all for it.

  • Unity, except based upon Christ for the remnant as individuals and Yahweh’s perfect law of liberty for society, will only prove to be a contemporary instance of the Tower of Babel.

    “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

    See also 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

    Until contemporary Christianity recognizes their own double mindedness and repent of promoting the biblically seditious Constitution as the law of the land, there’s little hope for the rest of America.

    This is today’s Mt. Carmel issue. Choose ye this day whom you’ll serve. If We the People be God, serve them. If Yahweh be God, serve Him. Time to choose between the document that begins “We the People” and the one that begins “In the beginning God.”

    For more, see blog article “Today’s Mt. Carmel Christians.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on title.

    Then Chapter 3 “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH” of the free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 3.

  • Cornelia Cree

    Poor Miachel. Time to get out of the office. Come down here to Haywood County NC. We are not interested in unification. Look to Obama for that – unfied around leading from behind. No, we need correction, change and new direction. ASfter that, we unify.

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