Multimillionaire Pedophile Trafficker and Bill Clinton Crony Jeffrey Epstein Gets Merely a Slap on the Wrist

Where's the #MeToo outrage?

Judge Donald W. Hafele consults with Brad Edwards and his attorneys and Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys prior to the malicious prosecution trial against Epstein in Palm Beach County Court Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018.

By Rachel Alexander Published on December 11, 2018

A former assistant U.S. attorney refers to it as “a shockingly lenient deal for a crime of such magnitude.” Multimillionaire hedge fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein mostly got away with one of the most despicable crimes imaginable.

Epstein escaped the consequences of collecting underage girls for sex. He sexually abused and trafficked over 80 girls. The crony of Bill Clinton, know for palling around with Hollywood celebrities, should be spending the rest of his life in prison. Instead, he served merely 13 months in the county jail.

It gets worse. The deal he agreed to also shut down the FBI from looking for other victims or prosecuting other powerful men involved. The court hid the deal from his victims until after the judge approved it. 

He Preyed on Girls

Epstein molested the girls at his mansion in Palm Beach. He engaged them in sex acts sometimes as often as three times a day, the Palm Beach police found. He lured them with offers of money to give him massages, but then coerced them into having sex. Epstein even photographed some. That’s child pornography.

Epstein used some of the girls to recruit other girls. FBI records show that Epstein recruited underage girls from overseas to his parties.

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Courtney Wild was 14 when she was abused by Epstein. She said, “Jeffrey preyed on girls who were in a bad way, girls who were basically homeless. He went after girls who he thought no one would listen to and he was right.’’ Naturally, Epstein’s attorneys tried to blame the victims. They tried to portray them as gold diggers.

Epstein will have to register as a sex offender and provide restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI. That’s all he will suffer.

Alexander Acosta Largely Responsible

How could this pedophile have escaped life in prison? Former U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta, who is now Secretary of the Department of Labor, assisted in orchestrating the deal in 2007. He ran the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida.

The Miami Herald discovered that Epstein provided what the government called “valuable consideration” for unspecified information he supplied to federal investigators. Epstein was a key government witness in the prosecution of securities fraud. This may have played a role in his plea deal.

Rocah observes, “As a federal prosecutor for over 16 years, I can tell you that, aside from cases involving murder and violence, there are two categories of crimes that make a career prosecutor’s blood boil: schemes that target elderly victims for money and allegations that involve using children for sex.”

She says that Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to state crimes instead of federal crimes. That let him avoid the strict mandatory federal minimums of 10 to 15 years in prison per crime. But nothing that she can see called for leniency in Epstein’s situation.


“You beat yourself up mentally and physically,’’ said Jena-Lisa Jones, 30, who said Epstein molested her when she was 14. “You can’t ever stop your thoughts. A word can trigger something. For me, it is the word ‘pure’ because he called me ‘pure’ in that room and then I remember what he did to me in that room.’’

~Miami Herald

A petition has been set up to impeach Acosta. A lawsuit called the federal Crime Victim’s Rights suit was filed in South Florida and would invalidate the unfair deal that was given to Epstein in order to try and send him to federal prison. It argues that the deal was illegal because dozens of Epstein’s victims were never told about it.

The prosecution claims since Epstein was prosecuted under state law, the federal Crime Victim’s Rights don’t apply. The suit has been pending since 2008.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) sent letters to the DOJ demanding a probe of the plea deal. Rocah says the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General needs to look into it.

Strangely, there has been little response from the #MeToo movement. Shouldn’t they be concerned about a man who appears far worse than Harvey Weinstein? Weinstein is likely going to prison for years. Could the discrepancy be because Epstein’s victims were relative nobodies, not Hollywood actresses, so they have less of a voice?

The double standard is appalling.


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  • Jim Walker

    Let that 13 months in Jail be like eternity in hell.

  • Thomopolous

    He served already? This reprobate is already back on the street? It’s shameful that the judicial system in this country is full of activist evil judges looking for a payday. They rule as though there is no judicial oversight whatsoever; which is very little and will continue to do so until there is reform for judicial misconduct. Most likely an Obama or Clinton appointment, but could also be Bush.

  • apollo

    The perverts on the left run our country.

  • Patriot for Christ

    Just wait, there are still some 63,000 sealed indictments ready to be opened any day now, I would venture to say there is one with his name on it. He will be taken to Gitmo to face a military tribunal where there are no plea deals.

    • Gina Lynn


      • John R. Goodson

        WEGA WEGA Q-anons are a bunch of fools making up conspiracy stories. Bunch of hucksters taking gullible conservatives to the cleaners. Trump was a good friend of Epstein.

        • Gina Lynn

          Your opinion.

    • John R. Goodson

      Yea They moving the dates that there going to unseal the documents back. Bunch of fictitious documents that don’t exist.

  • USMCgunner

    Any chance the judge has been to the “Island”?

    • Gina Lynn

      My thoughts exactly. These “lenient” deals are because there are so MANY who are either actively involved or complicit in these crimes!!!! PAIN IS COMING.

  • Woobiefuntime

    He’s also connected to Trump and a bunch of other people.

    • Jill Jacobs

      I doubt he’s connected to Trump if he’s a good friend of the Clintons Supposedly Bil! C. Had been flown to the island 26 times and Hilliary 6 times!! No surprise Epstein got off scott free!!

      • Woobiefuntime

        He is because he mentioned him .and other people place him there. The trumps and Clintons were in the same circle for years. Ivana was friends with Chelsea Clinton for yrs .

      • Mark Hensley

        Eppstein recruited underage girls at mar a lago.
        Trump admitted going to Eppstein parties.
        Trump taped a 14 year old at one of patrons parties.


        • Gina Lynn


    • George Mehnert

      Epstein is connected to many people, but not in the same capacity. If Epstein had been connected to President Trump in that same manner you can bet it would be headline news throughout the world and you can also bet the FBI would not be precluded from investigating it.

      • Woobiefuntime

        They blocked the release of black book that detailed who was more involved in his sex trafficking.

  • George Mehnert

    As a former law enforcement officer who investigated child pornography I can appreciate just how horrendous this is and Epstein being a Clinton crony, nothing surprises me. I only wish logs of the airplane flights where this sort of thing occurred would be made public. If the FBI is prohibited from further investigating such matters perhaps another agency can. In Arizona I was able to testify before the Legislature where we were able to change the law and get possession of child pornography reclassified as a Class 2 felony, exceeded in ARS Title 13 only by first degree murder and possession of heroin for sale. Good job, Rachel.

    • Gina Lynn

      You might try googling it George – Im pretty sure Ive seen snapshots of the log.

  • Mark Hensley

    You forgot to mention the Eppstein party thatbTrump taped a 14 year old at.

  • William R Turner


  • Marsha Allen

    This is such a smear job again against the Clintons. You are not reporting news, your spreading a false agenda. I see you CLEARLY forgot to mention his close friendship with the pedophile donald trump in you so called article. What a bunch of crap.

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