The Message Shouting to Us From the Kavanaugh Hearings

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

By Michael Brown Published on September 28, 2018

I do not know whether Christine Blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth. But I do know this: Brett Kavanaugh’s impassioned speech, fighting for his life and his family and his reputation and his career, is a wake-up call to us all, especially if we are Christian conservatives. It is high time that we stand up and fight.

Of course, I’m not talking about “fighting” in a worldly, destructive sense. I’m not talking about fighting with hate. Or with intimidation. Or with violence, God forbid.

Rather, it’s time that we stir ourselves out of complacency and take a principled stand for what is right. It’s time that we awaken from our spiritual stupor and get involved in the culture, from our children’s schools to the White House. It’s time that we speak up and speak out and declare Jesus boldly and without shame.

We are beyond the stage of being provoked. We are beyond the stage of being challenged. We are beyond the stage of being opposed. We are beyond the stage of being shamed. To remain silent today is inexcusable.

Hell Hath No Fury

Last week, on the evening of September 19, I start mulling over the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” applying it to the radical pro-abortion movement. That prompted me to write the article, “Prepare for the Wrath of the Pro-Abortion Militants.” The article, which was published the next day, ended with this line: “hell hath no fury like that of the militant pro-abortionists.”

Some of my articles are published on a number of different websites, but the morning of September 20, I went to The Stream to see if it had been posted there yet. It was not yet posted, but already, there was a similar, even stronger, article written by Jennifer Hartline, titled, “It’s Not Kavanaugh. It’s Roe.” And Jennifer ended her article with this line: “Hell hath no fury like ‘women’s rights’ scorned.”

How amazing! Two articles published on the same website the same day, written without any collusion or interaction, focused on the same theme, and ending with the identical thought, in part verbatim. Could it be that God is trying to get our attention?

Fighting for His Life

Think back to the day when Brett Kavanaugh was introduced by President Trump. Think back to the smiling husband and father, standing proudly with his wife and kids. Think back to the wholesome image that was presented.

Then consider what he and his family have gone through since then — who could have imagined this? — and you realize why he was like a tiger in this final Senate hearing. He was literally fighting for his life.

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No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more quiet answers. No more passivity. It was time to speak with emotion and passion and clarity and force. Anything less than that would be capitulation. Anything less than that would be surrender. Anything less than that would be unacceptable and illogical.

It’s the same for God’s people today. Anything less than passion and clarity and force and dedication and determination and fervor is unacceptable and illogical.

To remain silent today is inexcusable.

Again, I don’t know who is telling the truth in this case. I found both Prof. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh persuasive. And I only want the best for the Ford family and the Kavanaugh family. May the Lord sort out the details and bring a positive resolution, whether that means repentance and confession or whether that means healing and restoration.

But the all-out assault against Justice Kavanaugh, an assault that began long before any of these allegations had come to light, is an assault against all people of biblical faith. It is the defaming, slandering, denigrating assault that would have come against any conservative nominee, especially the more that candidate held to biblical principles.

Put another way, what we saw in the Kavanaugh hearings is the tip of the iceberg in the battle for conservative moral values. And those who most vehemently oppose us don’t care about fighting fair. Or pursuing justice. Or following the truth.

Get involved in the culture as if it hung precariously in the balance.

If they can destroy you with lies, so be it. Whatever it takes to advance the cause.

And make no mistake about it. As Brett Kavanaugh just learned, this vicious attack will hit your children (and grandchildren) directly. And if we fail to speak and act and stand, we fail to protect those we love the most.

To repeat: To remain silent today is inexcusable.

The Kavanaugh hearings made that very clear. Bitingly clear. Strikingly clear. Screechingly clear. We have to be tone deaf not to hear it.

So, pray as if we served a God who answers prayer. And preach as if people’s lives depended on our message. And get involved in the culture as if it hung precariously in the balance. And vote in the midterms as if nation’s direction were at stake. And, using the godly, non-violent, love-empowered weapons we have in Jesus, stand and fight, fight, fight.

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  • glorylin

    Praying Praying Praying. The hate now is not much different from hundreds of years ago people were burned at the stake for speaking truth. God is purifying His church.

    • swiftboat

      and our Nation.

      • glorylin


  • John A.

    “He was literally fighting for his life.” You are right, God is talking through this. One of my comments 2 days days ago said, “Political conservatives – and most especially Christian conservatives – better understand we are not in the fight of our lives… we are in a fight FOR our lives.” We can not afford complacency. Great column.

    • My2cents

      Many of the enemy within have exposed themselves, now we see who we must fight. It is totally clear we are in a fight for our lives, for our right to worship our God, for our Constitutional Republic and the freedoms it affords. We must vote in November, definitely for conservatives, but if the only alternative is a Commie Socialist anti-God “D” or a RINO, hold your nose and vote for the RINO because we MUST retain the House and Senate or we can wave bye bye to our Constitutional rights, our God, and yes, something as basic and cherished as the American Dream.

  • NellieIrene

    It is a sad state of affairs when an accusation that has no evidence to support it is employed to publicly destroy a man. This matter should have been dealt with in private. If the new normal is that you can simply accuse someone and THAT makes him guilty, then no man is safe, and our Republic is in jeopardy. This will follow Kavanaugh forever. It will be in his obituary. But his accuser will be lionized. I’m sure Time has already decided on a picture of her for their Person of the Year issue.

    • My2cents

      Good thing she got the makeover, look at the photo of her when she took the polygraph MONTHS ago, she looked like a gray-haired, frumpy 70 year old bag lady. Now she looks like a typical, but haggard 70 year old.

      • NellieIrene

        I’m 58 so I’m getting up there in age myself so I usually don’t like to disparage appearances, but yes, she is showing some mileage on her face.

  • mbabbitt

    Right on!

  • JP

    How true. Christians need to know what the truth is and argue for it while exposing the errors and lies of those who promote propaganda. Its not that hard.

  • Nick Stuart

    Show of hands, who thinks any more than 0.1% of Christians in this country are going to live their lives in a way that demonstrates they understand the seriousness of the situation?

    • Mary Smith

      My tendency is to agree with you, but my faith is in God and we must PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!! He has a strong right arm and He is sovereign over all and I’m asking for His intervention and His heavenly hosts to lead in this righteous battle!

  • Patmos

    “And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God.” -Philippians 1:28

  • Paul

    “So, pray as if we served a God who answers prayer. And preach as if people’s lives depended on our message. And get involved in the culture as if it hung precariously in the balance. And vote in the midterms as if nation’s direction were at stake. And, using the godly, non-violent, love-empowered weapons we have in Jesus, stand and fight, fight, fight.”

    And run in fear when the going gets tough…


    • TruthisLove

      Amen! and part of fighting is get involved in godly candidate/Republicans CAMPAIGNS and help them out for an hour or two (or more if you have the time)!

  • Dena

    Recently I was confronted by young liberal about my faith. She had a lot of good and challenging questions. She thought I was a terrible and bigoted person for thinking that Jesus is the only way to heaven, for believing Hell is a real place and that anyone who hasn’t repented of their sins and made Jesus Lord is going there. I told her I love people and don’t want them to go to Hell, so I tell them about Jesus. I talked to her about a Missions Trip I was on. She thought it was awful that I try to convert anyone to Christianity. She said I was ruining their beliefs and culture.

    I’m praying for her. I’m not good with words. I failed debate in High School. I want her to know that Jesus isn’t just another Religion. That he is real and loves her and can change her life.

    I’m starting to see the importance of speaking up for what we believe. I was shocked to see what today’s society thinks of Christianity. They think we’re intolerant.

    There is a fake Christianity that says that God is a good God and everyone is going to heaven. He would never send anyone to Hell. That you can be a Christian and sin all you want too. Jesus is love and we’re supposed to love and not judge anybody.

    What happened to the Gospel? Tolerance to Sin is destroying our nation. If we believed Hell was a real place – wouldn’t we want to warn the people we love, so they wouldn’t have to go there? We’re being complacent. Soon the Gospel will be considered intolerant and hate speech.

    • Patmos

      “If we believed Hell was a real place – wouldn’t we want to warn the people we love, so they wouldn’t have to go there?”

      Jesus warned about casting pearls before swine and giving that which is holy unto dogs. Given the current state of so many secularists, I think his warning applies today as much as ever. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide, for as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.

      • Dena

        What if the swine are people you deeply care about? Like your relatives and close friends? I want them to know Jesus even though they have their minds made up and difficult to talk too about Jesus. I’ve been praying for them since I was a little kid. I need wisdom.

  • Martin Smith

    The deceit is deep when three
    women are willing to perjure
    themselves to ruin a man’s
    name and reputation . You
    shall not bear false witness ❗

  • tz1

    As I’ve pointed out early and often, IT WORKED ON ROY MOORE and we have a rabid pro-abort, pro-militant-gay Democrat in Doug Jones who will vote against confirming Kavanaugh.

    Thank you persnickety evangelicals of Alabama that just just couldn’t bring themselves to take a chance that 30 year old uncorroborated allegations were NOT true! Better let babies die and our cities turn into Sodom and Gomorrah than vote for someone merely accused of badtouch 30 years ago!

    Where did the Democrats get the idea that Christians could be put off by mere weak allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago? Oh. Never mind.

    I do hope Kavanaugh is confirmed, but if he misses by one vote – the vote Roy Moore would have provided, but Doug Jones does – blame yourselves.

  • Dave

    This is this guy’s fourth column about the Kavanagh sexual assault accusations. This time he frames it as a “battle for conservative moral values”. Meanwhile we’re selling bombs to Saudi Arabia that are being used against civilians in Yemen.

    • Patmos

      Ignore the troll everyone. This “Dave” account is a fake Christian troll.

  • TruthisLove

    Mr. Brown: I totally agree with you! Amen! Except I do not believe Miss Ford at all. I think she was a flat out LIAR and I base it on my experience as a family law attorney who has seen many women lie like crazy falsely accusing the fathers of sexual abuse of kids, or lie about domestic violence, to gain control of the kids or take the money and assets. Women lie VERY OFTEN in family law cases and they very often will accuse someone of sexually abusing the kids or totally making up blatant Lies about domestic violence when it has zero truth and is totally fabricated.
    (Just like Joseph was falsely accused of rape by Potipher’s wife in Genesis).

    Here is why I know 100% Miss Ford (prof.) is lying. How could she still have a quivering, stuttering shaky voice after the alleged touching her body through clothes happened 36 years ago? No way that could happen. She is emotionally distressed from 36 years ago? And she used to go to parties and get drunk often and probably was having lots of sex with boys? No way! Super unrealistic. Why was she smiling so much in her photos (one with sunglasses)? Sure did not look distressed then. And she is a professor of psychology helping people overcome depression and mental stress? She cannot heal her alleged mental distress?

    Her shaky voice nonsense was super unrealistic and super bad acting. Just that alone proves to me she is a Liar and is trying to act out her “feel sorry for the victim women” to deceive everyone. (Make them feel sorry for me because I am a distressed victim.)

    Juanita Broderick was raped totally by Bill Clinton in 1978 and she did not have a shaky voice and be emotionally distressed when she was interviewed 20 years later, and even today 38-40 years later. She talks in a calm rational emotionally controlled tone and she overcame her rape emotional distress well before 20 years later.

    Plus she cannot remember so much of her made up story, shows it is a LIE. She would remember all that if there was an attempted rape. She cannot remember the date, month, address, location, city. All which if she did state could then by shown and proven to be false and a lie, So she conveniently cannot remember. And judge Kavanaugh blew her story away with 4 witnesses who said they have no memory of anything like that ever happening, which is strong evidence she is lying. And his calendar shows Judge Kavanaugh was not even around during the summer of 1982 on the weekends. He was always out of town on football trips and other things.
    And she comes out just before the vote and that is the first anyone ever heard of her story?

    Prof. Ford is a big Skinny Liar to anyone willing to not just look at how nice she was testifying but is thinking about how she said it and what she said and comparing it to all the facts and situation.

  • Kevin Carr

    Make no mistake, this isn’t just about abortion, it is about power, the Democrats want to control as much of the upper echelons of government as possible. Look at the character of the people supporting CBF, and the things they support and promote.

  • koochfive

    Here’s the problem Dr. Brown. Christians need to start speaking up about the Gospel first. The REAL Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins, not the “Jesus wants to make you happy false agape love” gospel. Christians always want to show moral courage in the public square about everything except the Gospel. I think we need to start there.

  • Kevin Quillen

    All churches must give up their tax exemptions and band together to form a giant political action committee to elect Christians to government. We have the means to take our country back. But the question is…..will we?
    The colonial governments required that one profess faith in Christ to hold political office. Not a bad idea.
    Our system of government is suited for a religious people only.

    Moderator….what was wrong with my initial post. Tell me please so I can understand where the limit is?

    • gigi4747

      I do not think we should use the phrase, “tax exemption,” when it comes to churches because it makes it sound as though the govt is being beneficent in not taxing churches. The reality is that we have religious freedom; taxing churches would potentially interfere with that. I think too that all churches would need to do, particularly, the Catholic Church, is simply teach the faithful what the Church teaches. But our priests have been disgracefully negligent. If they lived up to their obligations to teach and lead and model reverence, I believe the political piece would take care of itself.

      • Kevin Quillen

        Actually you have it backward. By giving the tax exemption the government the government gains control over what is said from the pulpit. By giving up the exemption, the church will be free to say what is necessary, openly support candidates, finance said candidates. The church sold out for money and gave government too much control. This is largely why we are in the mess we are in.

      • Jeffrey Job

        As a revert Catholic I have been confounded by silence from the Catholic pulpit on all the hot button moral issues of the day but no more. My opinion is that our leaders don’t believe and the loss of 501(C)3 status is their self decieving excuse. Just like the useless United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Satan is whispering in their ear how all that tax savings could do so much to help the poor yada yada yada.

        I think they are moral degenerates at worst and cowards or fools at best. I once heard an Evangelical comment on this concern for bellys and not souls. He said Catholics find hungry men on the road to hell and turn them into well fed men on the road to hell. They seem fearful of the loss of human respect which saints of the past have written about warning them. I think it was a Bishop who said the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops!

        Now to point fingers at we the laity. The Bible tells us that God gives us the shepherds we deserve so we are obviously complicit in the current unpleasantries we find ourselves in. We are all guilty of silence when we should have been raising hell. But God is merciful so I refer everyone to 2 Chron 7:14. Also Jonah’s little foray into Ninevah.

        Pray- fast and repent, He may yet have mercy on us.

        • SummerSerinity

          I know protastant churches that are even on tv that still have their tax exempt status that openly preach about politics. How is it ok for some but not others. I believe the priests use that as an excuse not to “annoy” anyone in the pews to keep the collections coming in.

        • gigi4747

          Sorry, I am just seeing this reply! Thank you for your thoughts. I was listening today to a podcast from just before the election. A Fr McTeague (?) on Catholic Radio was interviewing Andrew Beckwith of the Mass Family Institute on several issues, one of which was the legislation which added gender identity to the characteristics on the basis of which it is illegal to discriminate. (The law means among other things that men can enter women’s locker rooms, etc.) The repeal lost, which was very upsetting to me. But even more upsetting/infuriating was the near total silence of our priests and bishops on the issue. (Except in a few cases to be on the wrong side.) The priest, at the end of the interview, recommended that people visit the Mass Family Institute website. MFI is a great organization, and I donate to them, but they are evangelicals. I wonder if it occurred to the priest that Catholics should not need to go to Protestant groups to get involved in this kind of civic action.

        • gigi4747

          Also happy that you have come back into communion with the Church!

  • Marty McIntyre

    I hope Kavanaugh was not silent with his family when they ask him if he really carried on like that. Regardless of his GPA, he still could have addressed his drinking. The life we live on the way to the “big decisions” matters. We can’t expect that to be ignored.

    • John L. Battey

      An occasional beer or even a few too many is hardly equivalent to the self-confessed and yet somehow easily forgiven/forgotten illegal cocaine and marijuana usage of Barack Obama. The hypocritical double standard reveals the total lack of any integrity on the Democratic side of the aisle.
      Judge not …
      Let he who is without sin …
      People who live in glass houses are darned stupid to hand out bags of stones.

  • Mary Smith

    I literally spent about 9 hours in the dead of night on Quora debating the facts that have come forth so far i the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing! Almost all were judging Judge Kavanaugh with NO facts or corroborating evidence, even calling him a rapist, although Ford did not even allege that. I am furious and sickened by what I’m seeing all around me. It is past time to kneel and pray and stand up and fight, fight, fight!!! Because if we keep on in our lethargy, especially where voting is concerned as well as our education systems that have been. for far too long, corrupting and propagandizing our kids, we will lose it all! Thank you, Michael Brown for FIGHTING!!!

  • gigi4747

    It will not be easy, but Catholics need to start holding our priests to account. Yes, they are mostly nice guys, I guess, but they have been shamefully negligent in teaching, leading, modeling reverence, etc. They have silenced themselves and in doing so have betrayed the faithful and the world.

    • Jeffrey Job

      As a serious Catholic I say I have wondered for decades why our leaders sound like shills for marxist dems. Now with all the filth and homo heresy being exposed I understand. Thomas Aquinas as well as Romans explains that some effects of unrepentant sin are blinded consciences and weakened corrupted wills. Our pathetic leaders are either directly involved with evil, they are being blackmailed into silence because of some personal sin someone knows about, they have no supernatural faith and just found a cushy job or they are cowards more worried about what the New York Times editorial board thinks than the Judge of their eternal souls. Maybe a few are being prudent and think if they speak they will be removed by their superiors and then will be able to accomplish even less than if they don’t speak.

      I have never heard a sound word from the pulpit about the moral depravity of the left. I have heard support for illegals and Islam being imported and of course support for every welfare scam ever devised. Their own moral compromise explains their silence in support of good and their loud support of evil.

      I am a revert to the Church for over 20 years and I have never been more sickened by the human side of the Catholic Church. As George Orwell said, in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  • chrismoyler

    I believe that Dr Ford did indeed experience the assaultthat she described, which is why her testimony carried conviction.

    But it was NOT Brett Kavanaugh’s.

    This damaged woman is simply being used. After her usefulness ends, she will simply be discarded.

    Thus the deep evil of the present Democrat leadership is being exposed through this process. And traditional Democrat voters will now WALK AWAY in droves, disgusted by what they are seeing.

    • Jim Walker

      nice work to get $750K and more from GoFundMe…

  • Kavanaugh’s Fox News interview portrays himself as a busy student with studies and sports at the helm of his school days. During the Senate Judiciary Hearing, Kavanaugh chose to repeatedly dodge direct questioning about his drinking while a high school and college student. Yet many of his fellow classmates are now saying otherwise. What are all those “grounded” notations on the calendars submitted by Kavanaugh’s attorney? I think his PARENTS need to be questioned by the FBI.

    • SummerSerinity

      Why? 1st do you think that parents know of underage teenage drinking? 2nd Does underage teenage drinking matter after nearly 40 years? 3rd I think he was pointing out that he was always the top in his class, did sports, church and other activities to illustrate that he could not have had much time for over drinking. Did he over drink, probably. But he could not have been a constant drunk and done all that he did. His weekly work even now, with work, his church, his charity work, his promoting female law interns, coaching his kids sports. My goodness my husband and I who both hold advanced degrees and good jobs… looked at each other and felt lazy in comparrison. Honestly if the worst thing they could come up with was that as a teen he may have at some times had too much beer. The man must be impeccable. I know that my past (am Im a good person) could never have been held to that standard. Could yours? And before you say, well no but Im not trying to become a supreme court justice, I would state that I really dont want a justice that has been too perfect listening to our cases. I would like one that understood that sometimes we all fall short of our intentions, that we need guidance, mercy, compassion and one that will follow the rules. ie the constitution because thats who he is, a rule follower. Just my thoughts.

  • John L. Battey

    When the polls open, silence is surrender.
    Thousands who were Democrats a week ago have signed on with the #WalkAway Campaign since Thursday afternoon, and will be thunderously anti-Democrat at the polls next month.

  • Ray

    The clearest lesson to be learned from all of this, seems to be to not hear anything that is not the cause of some kind of present distress. This was hearing evil for the sake of evil. It was about control.

  • SummerSerinity

    And pray to Our Lady, who loves the church. I have started to (almost every day) say the roasary and the chapelet of Divine Mercy. They have them on Youtube. 15 minute rosary and the chapelet takes about 6 minutes. There is no excuse, anyone can find 20 minutes per day. They will deliver us from evil.

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