A Message to the Bigots in Scotland

The Scottish government and Police Scotland funded billboard as part of their One Scotland campaign, condemning hate crimes and encouraging people to report hate crimes. The campaign specifically targets what it alleges is religious bigotry as a lack of "faith in respect and love."

By Michael Brown Published on October 11, 2018

A new billboard campaign in Scotland is calling out “homophobes” and “transphobes,” focusing in particular on religious “bigots.” In reality, it is the billboard campaign that is fear-based and bigoted.

One billboard reads: “Dear bigots, division seems to be what you believe in. We don’t want your religious hate on our buses, on our streets and in our communities. We don’t want you spreading your intolerance. Or making people’s lives a misery because of their religious dress. You may not have faith in respect and love, but we do. That’s why if we see or hear your hate, we’re reporting you. End of sermon. Yours, Scotland.”

Another reads: “Dear transphobes, do you think it’s right to harass people in the street? Right to push transgender people around in clubs? Right to humiliate, intimidate and threaten them online? Well we don’t. That’s why if we see you doing harm, we’re reporting you. We believe people should be allowed to be themselves. Except if they’re spreading hate. Yours, Scotland.”

And still another: “Dear homophobes, we have a phobia of your behaviour. If you torment people because of who they love, shout word that we are not going to write, or use violence because you don’t like who someone is holding hands with, you should be worried. If we see or hear your abuse, we’re calling the police. That’s because love lives in this country, not hate. Yours, Scotland.”

Hate Speech: The New (Ambiguous) Priority

On the one hand, we stand with Scotland in denouncing any harassment of those who identify as LGBT. And we condemn any violence against those same people. Categorically, absolutely, and without caveat.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of many in Scotland, simply reading the Bible on a street corner could be considered “harassment.” Quoting Scripture could be deemed verbal “violence.” And even delivering a sermon condemning homosexual practice as sin could be viewed as tormenting someone because of “who they love.”

“We are moving towards an Orwellian State where the in the name of love we are taught to hate all who do not agree with the State’s philosophy.” — David Robertson

As the “Word to the Bigots” billboard makes clear, it is “religious hate” that is being targeted and religious “intolerance” that is the culprit. The message is loud and clear. Those who oppose homosexuality or transgenderism do not “have faith in respect and love.”

And note again the language of the “transphobes” billboard: You do not have the right to “do harm” or “spread hate.”

What, exactly, does that mean? And who, precisely, gets to define this? In the words of Police Chief Superintendent John McKenzie, “Police Scotland treats all hate-related crimes and incidents as a priority.”

Perhaps that street preacher’s sermon will be the government’s next “priority”?

A Christian Minister Takes Action

Thankfully, one Christian minister in Scotland, David Robertson, decided to take action.

He began by exposing the hypocritical nature of these posters, writing, “The posters say ‘love lives in this country, not hate’ — whilst encouraging people to hate anyone who dares to disagree with their new State morality.  They should say ‘insanity lives in this country’. We are moving towards an Orwellian State where the in the name of love we are taught to hate all who do not agree with the State’s philosophy.”

As a case in point, he cited this remarkable incident: “If you doubt this is happening — take the case of the feminist activist Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull who put up a poster with the following words: “Woman, women, noun, adult human female.” Dr Adrian Harrop complained that it was transphobic and would make trans people feel ‘unsafe’. So the company apologized, the poster was removed and the police are investigating.”

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Then, he went one step further. He reported the Scottish Police and the Scottish Government, the organizers of the billboard campaign, for a “Hate Incident”!

“I have just fulfilled my civic duty,” he wrote, “and reported both Police Scotland and the Scottish Government for a ‘Hate Incident’ following this incident described yesterday. The ‘Hate’ Police are Now Here.” (This refers to the previous comments, just cited.)

He explained, “By your own criteria your posters, especially the one on religion is a hate incident. I perceive it as being motivated by hate and prejudice.

Anti-Religious Bigotry

“Why? In my day-to-day life I experience a great deal of anti-Christian prejudice, fuelled by ignorance and prejudice. Your poster will just add to that. You imply that it is religious people who are responsible for what you call homophobia and transphobia (although you don’t define what you mean by these terms — is being opposed to SSM ‘homophobia’?  Is believing that a woman is a ‘female adult human’ transphobia? By not defining your terms you have of course left room for people to claim your support for anything that they determine is ‘phobic’).”

He then cited examples of hate mail he receives, as well as pointed out many other groups which are mistreated (such as the disabled) without a government campaign to protect them from hate.

Will others in Scotland have their eyes open as well? Or will anti-religious bigotry run rampant in the name of faith in respect and love? (Yes, this really is Orwellian.)

“Away with the bigots!”

On Feb. 23, 155 AD, the Christian leader Polycarp was martyred before a large, jeering crowd.

In those days, Christians were called atheists because they refused to acknowledge Caesar as lord or worship the Roman pantheon. Consequently, Christians were called on to renounce their faith and say, “Away with the atheists!”

As recorded in the Martyrdom of Polycarp, the old bishop stood before the crowd, about to be burned alive. He was told: “Swear by the genius of Caesar, repent, say: ‘Away with the Atheists!’; but Polycarp, with a stern countenance looked on all the crowd of lawless heathen in the arena, and waving his hand at them, he groaned and looked up to heaven and said: “Away with the Atheists!”

In that same spirit I say, “Away with the bigots!” If you talk about faith in respect and love, then you need to practice it.


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  • Patmos

    When you’re so confused as to not be able to tell the difference between lust and love, these billboards are what you get.

    I’ve posted this here a number of times now, but we are smack dab in the middle of the prophecy Paul laid out in 2nd Thessalonians:

    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    Notice that: Strong delusion, and pleasure in unrighteousness. The cause and the lie that people will mistakenly believe is found a few verses up, the revealing of the son of perdition, who will sit in the temple of God showing that he is God. Still a ways away from that, but in order to build that false religion there needs to be a foundation, and major denominations in America have already gone under reconstruction.

    • Up_Words

      Forgive me, but I am confused about your commentary on lust and love.
      Are you saying that the billboards are justifiable? Please explain what
      this confusion is.

      • Patmos

        Same sex attraction is lust it’s not love. Heterosexual couples confuse this too by the way, they let lust be what supposedly bonds them.

        I cannot emphasize that prophecy of Paul’s enough, STRONG delusion, where people call evil good and good evil.

        • Up_Words

          You left the impression that the billboards were justifiable. Dr. Brown is largely in agreement with your statement, I am sure. I do not detect “confusion” in his remarks.

          • Patmos

            “you left the impression that the billboards were justifiable”

            Well, they are justifiable to those under STRONG delusion, as it’s that delusion that led to them. That was and is my point. If you got the impression that they are justified otherwise, you got the wrong impression.

    • Spear

      And all of this “Hatred” against the True Disciples of Christ was forewarned to us by Jesus, Himself. We will be subjected to persecution and tribulation.

      “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for may sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for real is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.” Matt. 5:11-12


      “These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world YE SHALL HAVE tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

      So all this “hatred” coming at us from the pit of hell should already be prepared for. Jesus told us to be prepared for this day. Are we? Are you?

      Get Spiritually prepared. It’s coming. It’s here. It’s heating up fast. Remember, Jesus said, “Think not that I come to bring peace on earth. I come not to bring peace but a sword.” Matt. 10:34

      Sharing the Truth of the Gospel is War to a world that considers Truth, Hate.

      • Patmos

        That’s such a peculiar and seemingly counter intuitive thing as well, to rejoice and be EXCEEDINGLY glad under such circumstances, but it also helps keep you in the Spirit and it’s by the Spirit and power through which people are saved.

        Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice, Paul wrote to the Philippians.

        The indictment of the world does not carry any weight whatsoever. So why let these billboards or anything else be your judge?

        Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth, Paul wrote to the Romans.

        • They aren’t. narcissism is based in self hatred, and the inflated ego is a defense mechanism to maintain their delusion of perfection despite all evidence to the contrary

  • Kevin Vail

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. When Shariah becomes the law in the UK all this will disappear with the homosexuals being tossed off of buildings.

    • Ah, so you worship power to go along with your satanism.

      • Andrew Mason

        I think he’s more pointing out the rod the Left are creating for their own back. Not only do the Left militantly promote LGBTism, they also promote the colonisation of the West by Muslims. When Islam becomes dominate then Islamic values will take over and homosexuality will become a death penalty crime. The Left refuse to see the danger they are creating. Does it make a difference whether Christians are persecuted under LGBT Sharia law or Islamic Sharia law? Not as far as I can tell, but at least Islamic Sharia law can be seen as punishment for a country that spat in God’s face and persecuted His faithful.

        • kevin is a known satanist neitzchean. he doesn’t post often, but it is often enough to notice him.

          Those who are narcissists like him will always fixate on groups they perceive as “powerful,” which usually just means the most bloodthirsty or savage groups. This is seen in your kind as well, shown by your fawning right here over mohammedans because they kill your political enemies; missing that they are worse persecution than any of the “leftists” who only attack you because you let them do it. It won’t be you that is persecuted as you plan to join the mohammedans at the first opportunity.

          Really, there is only a hair of difference between you and him. The poor kevin sees the absurdity inherent in the untenable protestant heresy, but he hates the Church because narcissism hates the Truth and loves the novelty and emotionalism. The protestant is just a gnostic that has a suburban, false-pious veneer to cover up their belief that that they have usurped God and made Him servant to them.

          Of course, kevin has been so broken down that he can no longer keep up the delusion that God is his puppet controlled by his internal monologue; he’s just too pathetic for him to even pretend anymore that it is possible. Therefore like neitzche, his weakness leads him to fixate on the novelty that is savages murdering and raping because he deep down wants to do the same. murdering and raping is actually an act of weakness, but none involved know any better.

          Knowing he does not have the physical prowess to do the same as them, he eagerly awaits the chance to live vicariously through them. This has happened with just about every prot group and their children since prot nations swore and oath to the caliphate 500 years ago.

          • Andrew Mason

            I probably shouldn’t be surprised by your wrongheadedness but you do contrive such elaborate fantasies.

            How you get to fawning over ‘Mohammedans’ I’ve no clue. As for worse persecution than Leftists, really? How do you compare the persecution seen in Stalinist Russia or modern China to that in Iran or Indonesia? The death toll for Atheism from the last century alone is vastly higher than that of Islam’s.

          • Do you have an argument against me? your attack could be against anything at all.

            The mohammedan is into mass slavery, mass murder is a side thing for them. But like I said, you plan to join them.

          • Andrew Mason

            Argument against you? Well since you repeated it, how about your contention that I plan on joining the Muslims? On what basis do you make that assertion? Jesus is Lord, but Islam teaches He was merely a prophet. You cannot be faithful to Him and side with Islam. All you have for your assertion is your own belief, and that’s contradicted by my statements here. It would seem you’re condemning me on the basis of what you believe to be true, rather than on the available evidence.

  • Jed

    No names.
    Just like —> Jack Philips six cheerleaders Bundy individual individuals <— behind the idea of the posters are NOT named.
    And the source of funding for the poster campaign — is NOT named.

    But the one individual pastor taking a stand IS named.
    —— ——– ——— ——-
    Hard to fight the oppression if there is no one individual to call to account.

  • Jed

    In one evening I could turn in about 200 race-based and ‘gender-based’ ‘hate crimes’ with evidence from university course syllabi and scholarship criteria.
    Someone should do that … I mean, literally flood the system with single reports for every syllabus and scholarship discovered … and use the ‘third-party’ concept to get crowds of people to submit reports based on the SAME single incident.
    The Scotland Police claim an obligation to investigate for evidence … a course syllabus or a scholarship posting would seem to meet that requirement.

  • Jed

    Irony alert….
    Foreign visitors must register with the Scotland Police …
    Not ALL foreign visitors, of course …. ….
    …. ……… … just those from Muslim countries, and
    ……… …. a few poor countries from South America and Eastern Europe
    You know, where folks have a bit more melanin than your average indigenous Scot.

  • Yossi

    … the attitude of those posting the signs is somewhat reminiscent of how things were under Communism in Eastern Europe and the USSR. They defined Communism as something inherently good and right, and so those opposing it were framed, not just as being supportive of a different and inferior system of governance, but as “opposing the people” and “enemies of the state.” The signs similarly convey the idea that opposition to homosexuality and transgenderism is inherently wrong, and that those who believe that way are not just given to a a different, perhaps archaic way of thinking, but are motivated by animus and to be silenced “for the good of the people.”

    • It is communism, not just “like communism.”

  • Raymond of Canada

    Thank God for the comments section. I was thinking Scotland had lost all commonsense.

  • MichaelGC

    That’s funny, because the Asher’s Baking Company of Northern Ireland, sued by a homosexual for refusing to bake a cake with the Sesame Street characters Bert & Ernie and the message “support gay marriage” just won their case before the UK’s highest court. Before the last ruling, the Christian defendants had lost at the trial and every appeal.

    The Equalities Commission spent $250K euros trying to crush the couple, but lost. I wonder what the Scottish SJWs so zealously pushing their poster campaign have to say about that?

    BTW, the creator of Bert & Ernie insists that they are not gay, so the gay guy pursuing this now-famous case is being awful presumptuous with someone else’s intellectual property.

  • O’Pinyon

    We are experiencing a new Inquisition.

    • No you aren’t.

      • MichaelGC

        The courts have kept it in check for now.

        • The Inquisition was the foundation for law enforcement, counterterrorism, and the court system.

          That you project onto it a childish anti-Catholic lie does not change what it was and is.

          • O’Pinyon

            Our current Inquisition is worse than the original one.

          • The original Inquisition created the legal system, and is the basis for due process and evidence gathering.

          • O’Pinyon

            There is a lot of good in our legal system, and I’m all for due process and proper evidence-gathering. May they all improve and not be misappropriated.

  • Joseph Powell

    And the ‘rainbow fascists’ strike again.
    First tolerance.
    Then acceptance.
    Then ‘marriage’.
    Are the deviants coming after the kids next?
    I pity their sickness…

  • mia

    Never have a spirit of fear. Speak the truth in love. We are conquerors in Christ! Those that hear the Truth from us will thank the Lord one day. So again, fear not!

  • All the unlawful arrests in Scotland over years and not one law suit against the police has brought us here.
    If Scotland ignore this they are toast.

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